Dr. Pimple Popper Gets Sprayed With Cyst Juice In The Season 2 Finale

Every week on Dr. Pimple Popper , dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, meets with men and women suffering from rare, often confidence-crushing skin conditions. The boils they carry are massive. The cysts are bubbling up to balloon-sized. But it's the people underneath the incredible lumps and growths that make the show worth watching. Just cover your eyes through the pus-filled eruptions, if you must. We're sad to see season two of TLC's Dr. Pimple Popper series come to an end, but on the upside, the...
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Derma-E Acne Blemish

The most popular anti-acne products from the drugstore can be so drying on your skin that you might actually be inclined to stop using them, which means that they won’t really have time to do... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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This Is the Only Lotion I've Ever Tried That Doesn't Make My Body Feel Greasy

I am obsessive about my skin care - at least, when it comes to my face. I'm diligent about taking off my makeup before bed and applying my daily serums, but if I'm honest, the rest of my body is a different story. For one, I like to work out in the morning, which means I like to shower in the morning. And normally, applying lotion means I need to sit for at least five minutes before I can put my clothes on. I have neither the time nor the patience for this, so more often than not, while my face...
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The Talented Female Photographers of Berlin

Today is the very first time in history that the International Women’s Day is celebrated in Berlin as an official public holiday. What better occasion could there be to introduce you to a hand-picked selection of our favorite female photographers in Berlin? As with many creative guides on iHeartBerlin, with this article, we want to create a supportive space to celebrate the many many talents, that Berlin has to offer. Especially in the field of photography and visual content creation, there is a...
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Spring Break Dressing Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

After spending the last five months focusing solely on how to stay warm, it can be a little tricky to get back in a less-is-more mindset when it comes to clothes. Thankfully, there's a certain mid-March vacation scheduled that's designed solely to help us transition. Spring break might look different now that we're all grown up and out of school. But hey, when life gives you lemons (and two weeks of vacation), you might as well use them for a tropical getaway. There's just one thing: what the h...
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Celebrate International Women's Day With These Beauty Deals

With a record number of women in Congress, women-owned businesses growing 2.5 times faster than the national average, and great minds like that of Melinda Gates working to achieve economic equality, it's clear women are not messing around when it comes to toppling the patriarchy (Beyoncé was right when she said we run this mutha...). And with all the ladies rising to the top, we’re getting closer and closer to closing the ridiculous pay gap that has women earning about 20% less, too.In short, t...
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This Is the Best Blowdryer I've Ever Used – and It's on Sale Right Now

Dermstore is having a major sale right now and it includes many cult-status hair tools, including my personal favorite T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer. This blow dryer has been the only one I've used since I got it two years ago, and I'm unwilling to give it up for anything else. I hate having to dry my hair at all, but the Cura Luxe makes it so much easier and is jam-packed with features. First off, the dryer is lightweight, so my weak arms don't start aching halfway through my blow out, and also quie...
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Mandy Moore's Chic Bob Haircut Will Inspire SO Many People to Book an Appointment

Every once in a while, a celebrity cuts their hair and it looks so good, it's shocking they haven't had this style their entire lives. That was exactly the case for Mandy Moore, who debuted a new bob haircut this week. The This Is Us actress chopped her shoulder-length hair to a chin-grazing length, and it has us ready to book an appointment to do the same. Moore went to her go-to stylist Ashley Streicher for the upgraded look, which also included a dye job using Garnier Nutrisse products. While...
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The Sexy Tattoo Trend Taking Over Hollywood Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Björk dedicated an entire song to hers, forever affirming the notion that it doesn't get much sexier than the spine of your back. Now, the oft-forgotten erogenous zone is having a renaissance - this time as the coolest new spot to get a tattoo. Should you need proof of its appeal before you get inked along the vertebrae, well . . . good (because, you know, that sh*t is permanent). But after you see Halle Berry's leafy back design, Lady Gaga's take on the trend with "la vie en rose," and more ahe...
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PHOTOS: In case you stayed home, here’s what you missed at Miami’s Winter Party

Produced by the National LGBTQ Task Force, the Winter Party is a week-long series of events that draws more than 10,000 attendees from across the world and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit the LGBTQ community.
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Discover a New Side of Berlin with these Awesome Female Hosts

Sponsored.  When people come to visit Berlin they don’t necessarily want to tick off the major sights of the city. Many visitors want something different: that edgy Berlin feeling and way of life the city has become famous for. This real side of Berlin is best experienced by mingling with the local people who live and breathe the city’s heart and soul. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we have combed through Airbnb’s extensive catalog of experiences to identify some of Be...
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How Puerto Rico Became The Latest Battleground For Abortion Rights

Ana* says she always dreamed of being a mother. But, when she got pregnant at 21 while still in college, she knew it was not the right time to become a parent. “I simply didn’t want to bring a child into the world without me being ready to offer them everything they deserve,” Ana, now 25, told Refinery29. Immediately after discovering she was pregnant, she went to her health provider in the metro area of Puerto Rico to ask for an abortion. They scheduled her appointment for two weeks later and ...
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6 Celebrities That Have Tattoos So Massive, We're Shook

Celebrities are masters of hiding enormous tattoos in plain sight (If they weren't, why would we still be amazed every time we see Rihanna's tattoo she got way back in 2012?). We often forget that some of our favorite stars have tattoos so large that, even on the second (and third and fourth) time we've seen them, we're left stunned. From Ariana's enormous crescent moon to Halle Berry's spinal ink, see six celebrities with humongous tattoos.
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Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Is Coming, and the Discounts on These Brands Will Be Massive

It's almost that time of year - 21 Days of Beauty is three glorious weeks of discounts at Ulta Beauty as the megaretailer slashes the prices on some of its best-selling collections. This year, the prices of select makeup and skincare products by Tarte, MAC Cosmetics, Becca Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Mario Badescu will be up to 50 percent off, while brands like Lorac, StriVectin, Shiseido, and Kate Somerville will be up to 40 percent off. The discounts don't just end at the goodies by the brand...
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Prada Candy Night

"The latest chapter in Prada Candy’s story reveals a new facet of her character. An addictive cocktail of femininity, at once wildly liberated and elegantly refined, now Prada Candy Night explores the world after dark." (via) Prada Candy Night comes out in March 2019 as the new edition within the youthful Prada Candy line. From a young girl to a daring and independent Prada woman, Prada Candy... Read full article: Prada Candy Night from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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4 On-Trend Outfits For Every Kind Of Festivalgoer

With the return of festival season comes the annual influx of glittery makeup launches, step-by-step fishtail-braid tutorials, and highly anticipated artist lineups. And while we'll undoubtedly spot a few familiar flower crowns in the crowd this year, we have to admit that festival fashion has come a long way since its once strictly fringe-and-floral days. A sartorial stomping ground for self-expression — free from the constraints of the daily grind — the concert circuit today never fails to s...
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How To Get A Curly Perm Without Looking Like Your Mom's #TBT

Before we were obsessed with lobs, lace-front wigs, and rainbow-colored hair, there were perms. Curly perms, to be precise; the dramatically teased, extra-wavy hair that occupied the heads of your mom, grandma, and celebrities like Cher, and the look of choice for period films like Grease and Flashdance.Given today's trends, you might think that the curly perm is best reserved for your mom's #TBT photos — but it's actually alive and well, and better-looking than ever before. For straight hair t...
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Add this all-in-one natural skincare to your bathroom counter

Imagine having silky smooth, intensely hydrated skin, even in the dead of winter. This dream can be a reality with Lalicious, a brand we discovered earlier this year at the Indie Beauty Expo. We instantly fell in love with the company’s whipped sugar scrubs, body butters and our personal favorite, a magical product known as the “velour body melt.” With a passion for luxurious, cruelty-free skincare at an accessible price point, Lalicious has made a permanent home in our daily skincare routines....
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17 Tattoos That Celebrate The Power Of Women

Lady Gaga knows: Tattoos have a way of getting people talking. And as much as we like using our voices, certain designs that are especially bold or emblematic are a great way to make a statement without words — and serve as the perfect ice breaker for conversations about the struggles, inequalities, and outdated social expectations women face every day.Perhaps that's why we've seen an uptick recently in women declaring their devotion to the cause in a more permanent way. For every person on Ins...
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Gen Z Rising: How This New Generation Will Transform the Workplace

Generation Z is the first generation that can barely remember a time before smartphones and the internet. They hold many qualities in common with millennials, but have been greatly influenced by coming of age during the Great Recession. Understanding how these factors make them unique is the first step to understanding how they will change the workplace.Understanding How Generation Z Differs from Millennials Millennials grew up in a digital world, but Gen Zers are true digital natives and, ...
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11 Brand-New Launches To Score At Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty Sale

We've been around the block enough to know the Ulta Beauty Annual 21-Day Sale is not a drill. This is the time of year to grab crazy deals on makeup and skin care without the burden of dealing with amateur hour holiday shoppers. But this year, Ulta is outdoing itself by dropping brand-new launches at the same time — many of which are exclusive to the retailer, and a few that haven't even landed in stores yet. (Can you say Too Faced Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner?)Among other goodies are Urba...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Coachella, Ulta, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Peter Thomas Roth, Ulta Beauty, Better Than Sex Mascara, Bri Luna, Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera, Too Faced Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner, Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Opti Mystic

8 Ways to Get the Smoothest Skin of Your Life by Summer

While you've probably developed a multistep, carefully curated skincare regimen worthy of a #shelfie, chances are you might be neglecting the skin on your body. It would take a long time to slather serum from head to toe, but there are a handful of bodycare products that will smooth, moisturize, exfoliate, and brighten your skin just in time for you to whip out your short-shorts and tank tops. Ahead are lotions, scrubs, and treatments designed to make your body looks its best and feel the softes...
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What to Watch: sexy stalkers, queer wedding planner, and student rebellions

From "The Ramones" to Bollywood, everything you need for a sexy evening of streaming.
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? What Does “Vouch” Mean And What It Means To You

A quick way to be truly appreciated. So how does it work? Photo by Edu Lauton Which of the following scenarios is more powerful? 1) You meet someone at a networking event, and introduce yourself and what you do. 2) You meet someone at a networking event, and while you're talking, an unexpected 3rd person joins the conversation if only to say how much they appreciate what you do. That's the power of vouching for someone. At a local Internet conference a few years back, I struck up a conversat...
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Sponsored: Easy steps to rebuild your work team’s flagging momentum

“We are able to meet in person only two to three times per year. Each time we come back fired up, but then energy fades pretty quickly.”
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24 Swimsuit Cover-Ups To Wear On & Off The Beach

When it comes to prepping for your next tropical vacation — or for some of us, a simple afternoon at the closest beach-like locale — it's easy to get distracted by all of the swimwear options available. Bikini or one-piece? High-waisted bottoms or string? Nab five bargain buys or splurge on that one style you've spotted one too many times on Instagram? But there's one beachwear essential that's been more than overlooked. While a swimsuit is key, it'd be nothing outside the pool area without a g...
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New from Nest: Four Body Mists

In 2005, entrepreneur Laura Slatkin launched the brand NEST Fragrances, aimed at true scent aficionados. Her aim was to design a luxury lifestyle brand for scent lovers who appreciate and desire fragrances that have a real presence, captivate the senses, and linger confidently. "From citrus to woody and aromatic to fruity, each one of our fragrances has its own distinct personality and creates a ... Read full article: New from Nest: Four Body Mists from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Why I Deadlift With My Feet So Close Together

Whenever I post a video of me deadlifting on Instagram, I get bombarded with questions asking why my feet are so close together. A few years ago, my coach, Matt Reynolds, changed my stance width, toe angle, and how I set my back to help me lift the most amount of weight. To answer all those questions that I get about why my feet are so close together, I decided to come out of YouTube hibernation and make a video with Matt explaining why I deadlift the way I do.  With these deadlift adjustmen...
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