Smart-Casual Outfit for Petites — Under $150

Smart-Casual Outfit for Petites — Under $150 Specs: Style: Smart casual Body type: Petite Style: Subtle and sophisticated Pieces: Worthington Boucle Jacket, $49.99, JCPenney Vince Camuto Sleeveless Rumple Blouse, $35.40, Nordstrom Kut from the Kloth Diana Skinny Jean, $39.90, Nordstrom Wild Diva Lounge Kendra Western Ankle Boot, $20.08, Nordstrom Rack The post Smart-Casual Outfit for Petites — Under $150 appeared first on The Budget Fashionista.
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Spring Jewelry Trends: Which to Wear & Which to Ignore

Spring Jewelry Trends: Which to Wear & Which to Ignore Fashion designers will have you wearing 12-inch dangling earrings and thick charms this season, but I’m taking a different approach. Frankly, I’m over the heavy jewelry look. I don’t care much that Valentino models wore giant, chunky hoops on the runway or that Sonia Rykel models draped charmed body chains across their torsos. I’ll take a dainty necklace and bracelet over the chunky counterpart any day of the week. Springtime is also the sea...
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The New Tool That Makes At-Home Manicures a Cinch For Both Hands

As I'm sitting down with Sarah Gibson Tuttle, creator of Olive & June in Beverly Hills, she's observing everything going on around her while giving me a mile-a-minute explanation of a new product she's launching: The Poppy ($16). She's making sure two guests (in town from Switzerland) get their next appointments set with gel and nail art. She's conversing with Erin Foster, who is at the checkout desk, telling her not to worry about paying - she's taken care of. Tuttle is waiting for her own nail...
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This New Tool Makes At-Home Manicures a Cinch For Both Hands

As I'm sitting down with Sarah Gibson Tuttle, creator of Olive & June in Beverly Hills, she's observing everything going on around her while giving me a mile-a-minute explanation of a new product she's launching: The Poppy ($16). She's making sure two guests (in town from Switzerland) get their next appointments set with gel and nail art. She's conversing with Erin Foster, who is at the checkout desk, telling her not to worry about paying - she's taken care of. Tuttle is waiting for her own nail...
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You Can't NOT Think of My Little Pony When You See Taylor Swift's Pink Ponytail

Taylor Swift brought a heavy dose of color to the iHeartRadio Music Awards - in more ways than one. The "Delicate" singer lit up the red carpet in a purple sequined romper and iridescent butterfly heels, and her beauty look was just as worthy of every heart-eye emoji. Swift rocked an electric blue cat-eye and bright pink lipstick, the latter of which matched the ends of her hair. Yep, that's right - she dyed the tips of her tousled ponytail bright pink, thus solidifying her status as an actual u...
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Can Su:M37° Secret Essence Replace SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

Copyright © Sometime at the end of last year, I finished a 230ml bottle of Su:M37° Secret Essence Advanced Sync Program. It was a limited edition and I’d paid quite a bit for that bottle. I used it once in the morning every day and it lasted me almost a year! I didn’t fall in...Read More Related posts: Organic Olive Essence: Facial Gel Cleanser Natural instant face brightening facial treatment Canmake Eyelash Essence: overnight growth DIY Beauty: hot facial compress for c...
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Here’s the high-priced advice college applicants buy that doesn’t trigger the FBI

Porcelain Pencils by Katharine Morling The FBI just announced a sting operation that caught 50 rich and famous parents paying millions of dollars to bribe and cheat to get their under-qualified kids into top colleges (and, mysteriously, some not-top colleges). Last year a magnet school in Louisiana, which had been celebrated for getting poor minority students into top schools year after year admitted to lying and cheating to get the kids in. I’ve been convinced that the college system is br...
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Beautyblender’s New Primer Cut 3 - Yes, 3 - Steps Out of My Makeup Routine

Beautyblender Selfie Shield Primer ($32) is the hardest-working primer you'll ever use. Let me explain. After twisting off the top of the travel-friendly bottle, I gave it a small squeeze that dispensed a dime-size amount of the oil onto my palm. I then took two fingers of my free hand to pick the liquid up and sweep it across my face. It slicked easily across my skin, and quickly absorbed to leave my skin looking dewy (and not at all greasy or tacky). After a few seconds of letting it melt into...
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Lupita Nyong'o's Us Screening Beauty Look Is Both Gorgeous and Terrifying

Anyone who's seen a trailer for Jordan Peele's new horror flick Us knows it's going to be pretty goddamn horrifying, but what is more unexpected is the beauty look star Lupita Nyong'o wore to the screening. The actress wore makeup that can only be described as a sexy bride of Frankenstein, complete with metallic black lips and eye shadow and scarlet blush. One of the most shocking aspects of her look was the crimson contact lenses the star wore, giving her an almost undead appearance. In fact, ...
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Givenchy - L'Atelier de Givenchy Myrrhe Carmin

The latest addition to the L'Atelier de Givenchy collection, released in March 2019, is named Myrrhe Carmin. Unlike the previous perfumes in this line, the bottle is lacquered in black and decorated with red details for a dramatic effect and a "gothic allure." (Harrods) Givenchy 'Night Noir' FW18campaign shot by Steven Meisel The new oriental fragrance with opening notes of "cold spices", ginger... Read full article: Givenchy - L'Atelier de Givenchy Myrrhe Carmin from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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The Puzzle of Cheap Billionaires

Why would a rich man cut corners on the most intimate of investments?
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How to Make Smart Financial Decisions

3 things to keep in mind when making financial decisions, so you can enjoy life more, now and later. We discussed financial decisions on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion. George Krueger (aka “The Professor”) was quoted in an excellent article on U.S. News and World Report about opportunity costs, […] The post How to Make Smart Financial Decisions appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Link Love: Personal Style of Creative Women

Recently, I discovered the Personal Style series published on The Fold’s website, and I’m enjoying these articles because they not only show the personal style of women I wasn’t yet familiar with, but at the same time we also learn a bit more about their work and life philosophy. Here’s a look at three of them: Singer/songwriter Shelby Earl. Jewellery designer Irene Wood. Dancer and choreographer Kisha Vaughan. Fab Links from Our Members L’Abeille got a laugh out of this, and thinks Fabbers ...
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Want Longer Natural Hair? 5 Expert-Approved Ways To Maximize Growth

In a perfect world, we'd do the big chop on a Saturday and wake up with coils down to our waist by Tuesday. But the way hair growth (and shrinkage) is set up, that's a distant, impossible dream. And waiting for inches to appear brings a new meaning to the phrase, "trying my patience.""Generally, hair grows about half an inch per month," says Yolanda Lenzy, MD, of Lenzy Dermatology in Massachusetts. And unfortunately, there's not much you can do to speed things up, because genetics are the main ...
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Lori Loughlin's Fashion Designer Husband Mossimo Giannulli Has His Own College Scam Story

On Thursday, Lori Loughlin was freed from jail amidst an ongoing, headline-grabbing saga that sounds like it was ripped from a multi-episode arc of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.Actresses Felicity Huffman and Full House 's Loughlin are among 33 parents (totaling to a staggering 50 people in six states) who have been charged with allegedly paying bribes (approximately $25 million, all told) to get their children accepted into elite schools.It gets wilder with each detail: People were photoshoppin...
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Probiotics in Your Skin Care: Is It the Next Best Thing or a Total Fad?

Probiotic skin care is the new buzzword on the block. Probiotic beauty products claim to calm and soothe the skin, but there's one lingering question: do they actually work? The short answer: it's complicated. What Are Probiotics? Before delving into the skincare side of things, we first quizzed the experts on what the primary function of a probiotic is. Dermatologist and author of The Skincare Bible, Dr. Anjali Mahto, MD, explained that probiotics are "micro-organisms" that harness a surge o...
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A Corporate Confession on Grumbling

Photo by Ismael Paramo on Unsplash My church is currently 25 sermons into a series on Exodus. It’s been amazing. Each week we’ve been reminded what a mighty deliverer God is for his people. No situation, however dire, comes close to challenging his ability to rescue. Enslaved by the most powerful ruler in the world? No problem. Fearing the angel of death? Just put some blood on your doorpost. Trapped between an approaching army and a shoreline? Watch God work. Uncertain about what ...
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How To Actually Get Rid Of A Keloid — According To A Dermatologist

The aftermath of a piercing should be an uncomplicated experience — but it's not unheard of to get an infection, or for an unidentified fleshy bump to pop up right near your brand-new piercing hole. While the former warrants a visit to the doctor, that bump isn't generally something you should panic about: It's most likely just a harmless keloid.So, what exactly is a keloid? Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, explains that it's an area of irregular fibrous tissue that usually forms at the site of ...
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What to Watch: cross-cultural romance, classic thriller & bloody scandal

Everything you need while you sip, or while you recover this St. Patrick's Day.
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The Best Places To Cry At Work, According To A Person Who Cries A Lot

If you have never cried at work, in my opinion you are a robot. Everything makes me cry these days. The news? Come on. Gillette commercials? I'm wrecked. Onions? Forget about it! Climate change? Buh-bye, game over, I need to excuse myself from this brainstorm to go cry on the toilet, can someone please send me notes of what I miss?It may be that I have over-productive tear ducts. Or maybe it's just that I'm a woman. (Haven't you heard? Women are emotional, and that is why there is a gender wage...
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This Cleanser Makes My Skin So Clear and Bright, I Don't Need to Wear Face Makeup

My dream? To go bare-faced without worrying about blemishes. It has always seemed unachievable because I'm constantly battling dark spots and acne. Luckily, that all changed because of one unexpected product: the OSEA Malibu Ocean Cleanser ($44). I always thought I was using the wrong serums and creams, but my mistake started with the very first step of my skincare routine: cleansing. This mineral-rich organic seaweed gel cleanser gets rid of excess oil and impurities from my face without drying...
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Stop What You're Doing — & Other Stories Is Having A Sale

Boy, has & Other Stories been on its A-game lately. Between singlehandedly keeping us up-to-date on the latest trends (from boilersuits to leather pants to safari vests) and supplying us with all the expensive-looking, but not-so-expensive costing basics we could ever need, it'd be a test to find an item on the site that we don't want to get our hands on. Alas, after a month of Stubhubbing overpriced Coachella tickets (for Ari, of course), putting down first and last on a swanky new pad and spl...
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Once-a-month injection to treat HIV passes two initial trials

Researchers in Seattle unveiled study results that offer hope to men with HIV, as well as those on PrEP.
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Agents with concealed carry permits restrain armed intruder

After armed standoff with an intruder, a father-son real estate duo has reignited a longstanding conversation about agents and guns.
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You're Going to Lose Your Mind (Just a Little) Now That Maren Morris Is Blond

Maren Morris is now blond - and not just a little. The country star revealed her new golden hair color while performing at her album release party on March 11 at the iHeartRadio Theater. While the "Middle" singer has been sporting a blond ombré style for a while, she chopped her hair into a chin-length bob in February and then followed up by coloring her hair blond with shadow roots this month. She looks so good as a blonde that we hope she takes the platinum plunge soon and turns even her roots...
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21 Bantu Knot Looks That Will Make You Consider Wearing Them Every Single Day

A bantu knot, as popularized in parts of Africa, is a section of hair that's twisted or braided and later wrapped around itself to form a small bun at the top of one's head. You might simply think of them as a convenient way to give your natural hair a dramatic set of curls sans heat, but they also serve as a really chic protective style that's perfect for keeping hair out of your face and off your shoulders for a few days. As a bonus, they're also very easy to customize with different part desi...
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This ‘sexy’ mother of the bride dress has everyone talking

Who said the mother of the bride has to be conservative and demure? Bulgarian brand Tonena certainly doesn’t think so. The designer has unveiled its ” sexy mother of the bride dress” on Etsy and it has people lost for words. Retailing for $2,390, the handmaid gown features an open back, off-the-shoulder lacy sleeves and...
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Oprah On Work: The Key To Success Is Making Others Feel Heard 

Last week, thousands gathered at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City for the Qualtrics X4 Experience Management Summit, where leaders from some of the world’s biggest companies, along with some very high-profile names, came together to share their cutting-edge "breakthroughs" for entrepreneurial success.Over the course of the summit, the keynote speakers — including Sir Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith, President Barack Obama, and Oprah — weighed in on topics ranging from...
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