NARS Audacious and the Neutral Lip

Perfume PosseNARS Audacious and the Neutral Lip I’ve spent the last week focused on an office special event and helping both my older daughters relocate.  The weather is juuuuust on the cusp of changing to actual spring here, at which point I will feel the insatiable urge… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseNARS Audacious and the Neutral Lip
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Jewelry Worth Diving Under The Sea(shell) For

We could all use a little memento of the beach in our daily lives, if only to center us when the urban walls start closing in. And if a stringed necklace made up of shells is the way to do it, well, we're here for it. Puka shells are climbing their way back, so maybe it's time we give seashell jewelry a little reconsideration. But stash your repressed memories of Surfer Steve and his necklace back where they came from. Think of the resurgence as puka 2.0, featuring cowrie shells in their full f...
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4 Instagram-Approved Looks To Help You Master Neon This Spring

When it comes to controversial trends, neon 's at the top of the list. But despite its infamous past, we've recently been seeing the reflective color scheme in a new, gentler light. Among other kitschy trends, from beaded bags to cowrie shell jewelry, neon has found a way to shed its tacky history and take on a more sophisticated approach (thanks for the kick in the butt, Kim). And since we now have the (slime) green light to tackle our spring wardrobes, we're keen to get this reinvented color-...
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Kim Kardashian Reveals the Reality of Her Psoriasis With Brutally Honest Photo

Kim bravely showed her face during a psoriasis flare-up and people are applauding her honestly.
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The Best New Sunscreens to Try This Summer, According to Dermatologists

It's not as elaborate as the whole cheating-to-get-into-college scheme, but the sun you know and love is plotting against the health of your skin. The good news? Protecting yourself from harm runs zero risk of legal action and could not be easier, so long as you've got a good sunscreen on hand. (If only the admissions offices at Stanford and Georgetown could say the same.) The reason is simple: SPF is, as every dermatologist will tell you, the best mode of defense against those UV rays that do ...
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Behold: Every Discounted Beauty Product To Buy During Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Ulta Beauty's 21 Days of Beauty Sale (a.k.a the most wonderful time of the year) is finally here. If you have no idea what we're talking about, we've got you covered: For the next three weeks, the mega-retailer is slashing the prices on your favorite makeup and skin care brands including Tarte, MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Mario Badescu, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Everything from best-selling eye shadow palettes to the tools for your best eyebrows ever will be 50 percent off. You can even scor...
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This 5-Minute Hair Mask Made My Hair the Glossiest It's Ever Been

It's hard to think of something better than an affordable five-minute hair treatment that also happens to give you the shine of a $300 gloss and blowout session with your stylist. That's what you get with the Joico Defy Damage Protective Masque ($22). This new mask dispenses from its tube as a slippery semitransparent cream that smells clean and floral. As you massage it through wet hair, it slides down strands and detangles them from one another. I saturated my hair from its midlength to its e...
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7 Highlighter Sticks To Try If You Love Glossier's Haloscope

When Glossier first launched in 2014, no one really cared about minimalism — at least, millennials weren't talking about it yet. Then, the straight-to-consumer beauty brand began to redefine what it meant to want a less-is-more look. And while Glossier fans love the all-purpose balm and tinted brow gel, it was the sweat-in-a-stick highlighter, Haloscope, that secured the first cult-like following for the brand.What about this highlighter stick is so special? What does it do that the hundreds up...
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These 45 Festival Makeup Ideas Are All the Inspo You'll Need For the Weekend

Festival season is around the corner and the most important accessory (besides a water bottle) is your makeup. That means it's the time of year we start scouring our Instagram and Pinterest feeds for inspiration on what fun festival hair and sweat-proof makeup to wear while we jump around in the crowd during our favorite artists' sets. (You can find us front and center at Ariana Grande's stage at Coachella.) Between all of the unforgettable performances at last year's Coachella, Bonnaroo, and L...
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14 Spring Cleaning Dos & Don'ts — According To Experts

Our apartments are shining and spotless, all of our belongings are systematically color-coded, and not an inch of precious space is overcrowded or wasted...In our dreams. In reality, most of us weren't born home organization superstars; our apartments actually look more like a Miss Havisham wedding chamber nightmare than the above fantasy. But since the ice has melted and buds are beginning to bloom, we can't hide underneath layers of dust any longer — it's time to do the damn spring cleaning t...
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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get An Under-Boob Tattoo

Despite the tattoo mania that ensued last summer, the hottest season is the least ideal time to get a tattoo. You may want to show off your new thigh or ankle ink the second you get a beach day, but factors like excessive sun exposure, chlorine, and sweaty friction can negatively affect how your new tattoo turns out. For that reason — and really that reason only — we're thankful it's still winter (okay, almost spring).Without a damp bathing suit or pool in sight, we can officially declare it pe...
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Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic Nails, Straight From Cardi B's Manicurist

For some people, acrylic nails can be very intimidating and cause fears about weakening your natural nails. However, with celebrities like Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner wearing them almost religiously, it's no wonder people are increasingly interested in giving the treatment a try. The technique is super versatile because you can add length to your nails, which then can be shaped into coffins, squares, stilettos, or almonds to suit your manicure tastes (more on how that's achieved ah...
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I'm Throwing Out All My Skincare Products, Because This Line Is Frankly All I Need

As someone who lives in a bustling city in New Jersey but needs to spend time outdoors to ensure my sanity, there are few things I enjoy more than hiking in the woods for a few hours. And while escaping the demands of real life and putting off everyone else's bullsh*t until the foreseeable future just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other is a form of self-care I can't really function without, being trapped in the woods without a dependable skincare routine is less than ideal. Fortu...
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Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman Might Go To Jail, But That Doesn't Mean Their Careers Are Over

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have gone AWOL. The two actresses at the center of the college admissions scandal have posted their bail ($1 million and $250,000, respectively) after being charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud. Loughlin has also been removed from her current projects on Netflix and Hallmark. The final nail in the coffin? Social media. Both women have now scrubbed their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Huffman has also taken down...
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This $3 Viral Amazon Accessory Is Crashing Our Instagram Feeds

For those of us who shop professionally, Amazon is a source of delight and discovery, offering up problem-solving products we never knew existed and surprisingly fashion-forward wardrobe staples. Ever since the e-tailer produced a puffer coat that took the internet (by way of the Upper East Side) by storm last year, we’ve been hot on the trail of the site’s next big hit. And, by golly, we've found it with the Amazon pearl barrette.We’ve been noticing the inexpensive but eye-catching item poppin...
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Amazon's Latest Viral Fashion Item Is All Over Instagram

For those of us who shop professionally, Amazon is a source of delight and discovery, offering up problem-solving products we never knew existed and surprisingly fashion-forward wardrobe staples. Ever since the e-tailer produced a puffer coat that took the internet (by way of the Upper East Side) by storm last year, we’ve been hot on the trail of the site’s next big hit. And, by golly, we've found it with the Amazon pearl barrette.We’ve been noticing the inexpensive but eye-catching item poppin...
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Considering Tape-In Extensions? Read This First

Extensions are complex. First of all, there are hundreds of hair types to choose from depending on the look you're going for — long, short, curly, and every color you can imagine. And if you thought picking out the right extensions was hard enough, the methods used to install them are equally unique.You have a few options: The sew-in method, which actually sews wefts of hair to your natural hair; clip-ins that are fastened with barrette-like attachments; micro links, which are individual extens...
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Champagne Hair Color Is the Celebratory Hue We Can't Get Enough Of

Just like the bubbly congratulatory beverage that it's named after, champagne hair color is a good time. The pastel pink-blond hue will be a major trend for Spring, so we reached out to celebrity hairstylist Linet K to find out just how to pull off the trend. When heading to the salon, keep in mind the strain you'll be putting your hair through if it isn't already platinum. "Clients should understand that it's a double process," she said. You'll need to lighten your hair either all over or add ...
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Victoria’s Secret revives racy swimwear line after three-year hiatus

“It’s bold. It’s sexy. It’s paradise found.” That’s how Victoria’s Secret hypes the official return of its swimwear line on Instagram. After a three-year hiatus, the lingerie giant just re-launched its once $525 million dollar category online, with a new collection featuring new high-waist bikinis and one pieces with Brazilian-cut legs and asymmetrical silhouettes. The...
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Spotlight on Maison Louis Marie

When visiting a shopping mall, making a stop at at least three stores carrying fragrances is a must for me, even if there's only time for a quick glance. Recently I swiftly jumped in and out of Sephora, to see if anything new would catch my eye. And something did, actually: a selection of Eaux de Parfum and perfume oils from the house Maison Louis Marie.  A quick check in our database revealed... Read full article: Spotlight on Maison Louis Marie from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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4 Tips For Getting Braces As An Adult

How do you react when standing in front of the mirror and seeing yourself smiling happily? Well, if you have a good teeth then it will be a nice feeling to see your smile. Otherwise, it may not. Ideally, people should have well laid out dental alignment. However, for some, it is not the case due to several issues including crowded smiles or improperly growing teeth. To rectify such, orthodontists developed braces to help correct some of these dental problems. Children are the ones most ...
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People Are Now ‘Cheesing’ Their Dogs and the Results Are Hilarious

This is about to be your new favorite thing.
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Chronicle Books' New The Go-To Notebook with Mohawk Paper

Anyone else love notebooks like me? Well I have some exciting news here. Chronicle Books has just launched a new notebook line called The Go-To Notebook ($22.95 each on Amazon) featuring Mohawk Superfine Paper that's milled right in the USA. Yes you heard me correctly, Mohawk paper! I'm a huge fan of Mohawk paper for their quality and writing texture. I never have to worry about bleed-through (pen test is below in this post). Choose from Sage Blue, Persimmon Orange (both pictured above), Brick ...
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Diane von Furstenberg paints the town with artist Ashley Longshore

When Diane von Furstenberg first met glitter-loving artist Ashley Longshore over tea in London, to discuss a collaboration for International Women’s Month, the designer admits she was taken aback by Longshore’s boldness. “She’s a little bit over the top, but it’s her,” DVF tells Threads. “And she owns it and I love that. She is...
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‘Project Runway’ mentor Christian Siriano dishes on Michelle Obama’s style

If anyone knows how to help former First Lady Michelle Obama make it work, it’s Christian Siriano. “She’s having even more fun with fashion now,” the designer and new “Project Runway” mentor tells Threads. Obama recently stepped out during her book tour in a superglam black brocade pantsuit custom-made by Siriano. “She’s remembering that life...
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Christian Cowan turns Paris Hilton into a Powerpuff Girl

Cutting-edge creative Christian Cowan debuted his Powerpuff Girls collection last week in celebration of the cartoon’s 20th anniversary. And the designer has already cooked up his own dream team of super-heroes to fight evil (and bad fashion). “Cardi B would have to be the first one because Cardi actually wears a buttercup necklace made of...
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Helena Christensen and Ashley Graham star in Dolce & Gabbana’s new spring campaign

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have worked together on their namesake label since 1985. But that doesn’t mean the two men don’t sometimes butt heads. “Of course, we often argue,” Dolce tells Threads, “but we always find our perfect balance. Actually, the best ideas are born from discussions.” There’s little debate that the brand’s vibrant...
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V Magazine and Oliver Peoples Make Recycling Sexy

Fashion advertising is an area in need of innovation. The outfits change with the seasons but the advertising is well past its due date. Therefore, this new short film directed by Grant Greenberg and produced by Derby for V Magazine and eyewear maker Oliver Peoples is one to watch. New York’s Sims Municipal Recycling Center […] The post V Magazine and Oliver Peoples Make Recycling Sexy appeared first on Adpulp.
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Dame Edna doubles down on anti-transgender comments

The drag comic, real name Barry Humphries, refused to apologize for labeling transgender women "mutilated men."
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