How The Cast Of Us Transformed Into Their Tethered Doppelgängers

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the movie Us.Just when you thought it was impossible for Jordan Peele to scare you any more than he did with 2017's Get Out, he decided to make something that's sure to spook you faster than the shrill tap of a teacup. While Get Out is technically considered a social thriller, Peele's latest brainchild, Us, is a nosedive into the horror genre. Don't believe it? Then you haven't met The Tethered yet.Peele had a clear vision for the sinister doppelgängers...
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Sunday Firesides: Feelings Follow Action

Around here, we’re pretty bullish on the power of motivation. 90% of the time I do the things I do – even those that seemingly require discipline like working out and just plain working – because I feel like doing them.  But every once in a while, my feelings fail me: I’m tired and grumpy, and don’t want to get under a 300-lb barbell; I’ve been invited to some social event, and would rather stay home; an old lady from church needs help moving, and I just want to relax. In these situations, I re...
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A resource of possible use and interest: the Museum of Menstruation.

(Crossposted to little_details .)The Museum of Menstruation--a grand rambling cross-referential time suck covering cultural, historical, medical, and commercial aspects of the topic, and aspiring to be the Junior Woodchucks' Guide on the subject--is a monument to the geekish obsessive special interest of one Harry Findlay; my prior attempts to post this have been spamspanked, so relevant links are going into the comment section. [Author: full_metal_ox]
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These Are Hands-Down, Without A Doubt, ThirdLove's Top 10 Bras

Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.If you feel like you've been hearing a lot about ThirdLove recently, there's a reason why — customers are evangelical about the brand's bras and are quick to sing its praises. Many of them had been overlooked by traditional bra-makers for decades and are now fanatical about...
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A Week In Austin, TX, On A Joint $154,500 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: an analyst working in banking who makes $44,500 per year ($154,500 when combined with her husband) and spends some of her money this week on Cheetos.Occupation: AnalystIndustry: BankingAge: 24Location: Austin, TXMy Salary: $44,500My Husband's Salary: ...
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Style Out There: For Black Women, Afrofuturist Fashion Is More Than A Costume

Afrofuturism Brings A Tribal Past Into A Technological Future Afrofuturism is one of those terms that’s recently floated out of niche fandoms and entered into the mainstream, largely thanks to the mega-popularity of movies like Black Panther, artists like Janelle Monae, and events like Afropunk. These creations — most of them a product of African-American pop culture — are part of a defiant, creative generation of people from the African diaspora who mix sci-fi sensibilities with age-old ...
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Brie Larson’s Unicorn Store Dives Deep Into Millennial Angst — & It’s Coming To Netflix Really Soon

Brie Larson conquered the box office this month as a history-making, intergalactic superhero. Now, the Captain Marvel star is ready to take over your Netflix binge-watch.Unicorn Store, which begins streaming next month, stars Larson and fellow Captain Marvel alum Samuel L. Jackson, marking the duo’s first on-screen reunion since the Marvel Studios blockbuster — although this seems like less of a “ Top Gun buddy comedy” and more of a “Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory” kind of situation. The film ...
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With Netflix’s “Special,” Ryan O’Connell brings the first gay and disabled male character to TV

"We first went out with it and cable networks were like, ‘Gay? Cerebral Palsy? Love, but no.’”
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Save money by stemming ‘subscription creep’

Here's how to spring-clean recurring charges so you can spend on things that matter to you more.
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Hairstyles with Bangs: Bangs for Any Face

Hairstyles with Bangs: Bangs for Any Face If you’ve had bangs as an adult, it’s likely that you’re either growing your bangs out or thinking about cutting them off again. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break out of — and I say that from experience. I’ve had all the hairstyles with bangs, from long to short and blunt to swept. I’ve also cut bangs immediately after I spent a year growing my last set out. I can’t speak to the psychology of bangs compulsion, but I can tell you this. These days, hairsty...
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When Will Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia Report Be Released?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election arrived on the attorney general’s desk at end of business Friday.So far, the content of Mueller’s report remains top-secret to the public — we don’t even have a page count yet. Mueller delivered the report to Attorney General William Barr, who is presumably sorting through for any evidence of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia or a cause for further indictments, among any other string of legal actions t...
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8 LGBTQ artists who deserve some love from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Although it's never been a bastion of gay pride, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame occasionally bestows props on LGBTQ legends.
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Race car legend Hurley Haywood on coming out, getting married and Patrick Dempsey

The notoriously private racing champion opens up about being gay, his career, and his new documentary biopic, 'Hurley.'
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Forget Trump: The nation’s capital comes to life each spring with boys, blossoms & parties

Spring could be the best time to visit our nation’s capital.
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7 Reasons To Add Goat Milk To Your Spring Skin-Care Routine

Alternative "milks" are everywhere these days. If you can make a milk out of something, you can find it at your local Whole Foods: oats, cashews, macadamia nuts, even quinoa. But there's a sleeper hit on the milk front that you don't hear about nearly as often. Goat milk might not sound like something you want to pour into your coffee, but you should consider adding it to your skin-care routine, especially if you have sensitive skin.The age-old ingredient (Cleopatra is thought to have bathed in...
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Excerpt: Why are Giraffes mostly homosexual?

Historically, the assertion that homosexuality is contra naturam—against nature—has been made in order to justify that persecution. Whatever the nature of homophobic bigotry, science is not on your side. As we have seen, homosexuality is natural, and it’s everywhere.
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lingerie Decoded – Different types of Bra every girl should know!

Know different Bra and underwear types as per your body and Outfit! How many times have you picked up a sexy outfit and put it right back because you don’t know what bra to wear with it? How many times... The post lingerie Decoded – Different types of Bra every girl should know! appeared first on Fashion Mate.
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Giorgio Armani Light di Gioia

The Acqua di Gioia collection of the GIORGIO ARMANI perfume line began in 2010 when was the first Acqua di Gioia edition launched on the market. Acqua di Gioia fragrance was intented to go into a different direction than the iconic Acqua di Gio line and it was inspired by the beauty of nature. The composition of the first edition at that time was compared with a woman who is ''strong, dignified... Read full article: Giorgio Armani Light di Gioia from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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Jil Sander Sun Summer Edition 2019

The fragrance dedicated to the bright, warm and tingling sun rays and warmth of the sun launched in 1989 is Sun by the house of Jil Sander. The fragrance abounds with sparkling citruses, an unusual floral bouquet  heart warmed  by balmy, dense, and sweet accords in the base. The creation by Pierre Bourdon, to this day, has its devotees who love to wear this lovely and intense sunny scen... Read full article: Jil Sander Sun Summer Edition 2019 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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Rant & Rave: Crosswalk lights for safety

Readers rant about rude swearing person, rave about safe crosswalks
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Parents push transgender son to write about transition in college essay

Are they overstepping? Yes, writes Carolyn Hax.
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Dwayne Bravo has a new list-of-things-he-likes-set-to-music out

You could, if you were so inclined, call it a song. We’re calling it a list-of-things-Dwayne-Bravo-likes-set-to-music. This isn’t meant as a slight. We just think it’s more accurate. As well as being a cricketer, Dwayne Bravo is arguably the world’s foremost purveyor of lists-of-things-set-to-music. First he did Champion. (Lyrical format: “X is a champion”.) Then he did We Are The Kings, which only listed Chennai Super Kings players and therefore had to be padded ou...
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Become a Real Servant with Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel Lingerie

Capitalizing off the success of the profitable Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel film, Super Groupies has produced some special lingerie themed around three Fate/stay night characters, perfect for real-world maidens seeking to impress a mate or for males simply wanting new avenues to explore. Lingerie sets for Matou Sakura, Saber and Tohsaka Rin will be available […]
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Nordic walking: a pilgrims’ route from Oslo to Trondheim

This medieval pilgrim trail has a much lower profile than the Camino. And that’s a good thing for those who like to enjoy Norway’s beauty in solitudeWe were deep in the Gudbrands valley, several hundred kilometres along St Olav’s Way in Norway, when Stig Grytting got the call. Sitting outside his 13th-century farmhouse, drinking wine and eating homemade bread, he was talking about renovations to the building when the call came. Not the voice of God, you understand, but the buzz of his mobile pho...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Pastor, Why Do You Want a Big Church? In this post I hope to explore the pastor’s desire for a big church. Three Ways We Impede Gospel Ministry in Deprived Communities I am delighted more people are talking about church in deprived communities. This is long overdue. But there are still several ways we continue view and treat deprived communities that are not serving the cause of gospel ministry. Matthew 18 is Not Instructive for Book Reviews...
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'The Brexodus is under way': meet the Brits leaving the UK

In the year after the Brexit vote, 17,000 British people sought citizenship of another EU country – and many have since upped and left. Five ‘Brexiles’ explain why they’re starting a new life overseasLast month, after a decade of living in London, my husband and I packed up the contents of our two-bedroom flat and moved to France with our 15-month-old son. With another baby on the way, we’re renting an apartment in Toulouse while we look for a more permanent setup. Leaving friends and family beh...
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Party Look for Pears — Under $125

Party Look for Pears — Under $125 Specs: Style: Subtle and sophisticated Body type: Pear Occasion: Party Pieces: Belted Colorblocked A-line Dress, $39.53, Macy’s Snake Embossed, Lace-up Stiletto Heels, $24, Shein Wisteria Woven Box Clutch, $48, Anthropologie The post Party Look for Pears — Under $125 appeared first on The Budget Fashionista.
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