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We chat with Laura Zielinsky, author of a new poly erotic novel 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:15 Host chat We’ll be speaking at It’s Complicated in Tulsa, OK, April 6th #sopoco2019 Soly Poly Unconference is happening in San Francisco, CA May 4-5, 2019 3:30 Interview: Laura Zielinsky, author of We Are Three We interview Laura Zielinksy, author of new poly erotic novel We Three: One and One and One Makes Three. Book summary: Er...
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3 True Berlin Stories of Ridiculous Dating Fails

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu.  I once compared the struggle of finding a soulmate in Berlin to doing groceries on a Sunday in that it only seems possible on limited occasions and in selected spots. Without acquiring a detailed schedule, you may just end up investing much hope and energy into an effort that won’t get you any further than the glass door through which you can only cast a longing gaze on what could have been. But since growing bitter seems to be the cardinal sin of undesired sing...
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Going To Coachella? Consider This Your Beauty Survival Kit

If you're kicking off festival season at Coachella and have no clue what to wear, you're not alone. Planning an Instagram-ready look that is comfortable and cute can be complicated – sneakers or boots? romper or shorts? crop top or concert tee? But mapping out your beauty game plan, on the other hand, is actually fun. After all, no good festival look is complete without the hair, body, and makeup swag to really set it off. The good news is: Anything goes when it comes to festival beauty.You can...
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8 Ways to Develop Your Own Personal Style

Not everyone is a natural at styling themselves. In fact, there are probably more people who are at least semi-clueless about how to dress in a way that demonstrates a sense of personal style. If you feel stuck in a rut with your current wardrobe or you look around at some of your peers and wish you could put together outfits as easily as it seems they can, know that it is within your grasp to develop your own personal sense of style. But first, you’ll need a few pointers about how ...
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Read This Before Dyeing Your Blonde Hair Brown

It's a tale as old as hair color: Many years, dozens of touch-up appointments, several rounds of Olaplex, and you’ve finally made the decision to go back to your natural hair color. Not that the latest trendy shade of blonde hasn't been fun, but at a certain point the expense and damage gets old, especially when your hair is naturally dark brown or black.But before you call your colorist and drop the big news, there are a few things to prepare yourself for ahead of the appointment. After years...
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Spring Nail Colors & Fun Styles for Gel & Acrylic Nails

Every season we need new ideas to decorate our natural nails or acrylic nails and this season is no different – except that it is! Heading out of winter, and feeling the sun on us (well, most of us with any luck), things are looking spring-like. Muted pastels seem fitting for the beginning of the season and I’ve been waiting all winter to break out those shades! Another must-try nail color that would be great for Easter is Sally Hansen Hoppily Ever After Duo Pack with Jelly Belly...
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I Was Wearing the Wrong Liquid Foundation Tone For Years, and You Might Be, Too

There are some beauty products that many of us have been using for years, and others that may never make their way into our daily routine - what even is BB cream? Liquid foundation is one of those necessity makeup items - in my book, anyway - and one that I've been using since I discovered its blemish-covering magic. However, it was just recently that I realized I had been making a fundamental mistake when choosing a liquid foundation. I'm not a professional makeup artist, but I know my wa...
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Subscriptions for Mom: The Gifts that Keep Giving

Subscriptions for Mom: The Gifts that Keep Giving Thanks to the tech age, scoring high-impact Mother’s Day gifts has never been easier. Shopping for mom has taken a turn for the simple now that subscriptions are in the game. A subscription gift has its advantages, for sure. As a shopper, you don’t have to worry about the delivery aspect of things — which is huge if mom lives out of town. Plus, the gift itself is more about the surprise factor, and automatically minimizes any pressure you might f...
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Lacquer Up Like It's 2002 - Laneige's New Lip Balms Are Basically Modern Juicy Tubes

The modern-day equivalent of the Juicy Tube has arrived. Laneige recently released a slightly slick lip balm that's reminiscent of the Lancome lip gloss that lived in every teenager's purse in the 2000s. The Glowy Lip Balm ($15) shares the same tube packaging and comes in four scents: grapefruit, berry, peach, and pear. What's nice about the lip balm is that it has a similar consistency to the fan-favorite Lip Sleeping Mask - the brand's creamy overnight lip treatment - but slightly thinner and...
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Must-Try Spring Fashion Trends for 2019

Spring is here, and it brings many pleasantries, including new design trends. Following, we are going to discuss what new trends will be introduced in Spring 2019, and how it will drive our women crazy. So stick with us! Spring Fashion Trends A dress is functional before its elegant. There are some minor design changes when you transit from winter to spring. Every year, these minor changes get an update to cater to the modern audience. 2019 is no different, and with that said, we ...
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8 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Big This Spring

Jewelry can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Whether a pearl necklace or a colorful bracelet, jewelry is usually the last item we add to our looks. And more often than not, we skip it all together. I only recently started taking out my everyday earrings and choosing a different pair based on my outfit.Jewelry trends are even harder to navigate. They're quieter than clothing trends and they can take a few seasons to stick. But this spring, jewelry is enjoying an extra fun, extra colorful, ex...
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Biden, Beto & Bernie Are Leading The Polls. Are Women Reluctant To Support Women?

The latest Quinnipiac University National Poll finds the "B" boys at the top: 29% favor Sen. Joe Biden (who has not entered the race, but is expected to), 19% prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders, and 12% pick former Rep. Beto O'Rourke. Sen. Kamala Harris is not far behind at 8%, although according to RealClearPolitics, which averages several polls, she is ahead of Beto."Hungry for a candidate to take on President Donald Trump, Democrats and Democratic leaners put the three B's, Biden, Bernie, and Beto, ...
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Lena Dunham's Is Reclaiming the Word "Sick" With Her Newest Tattoo

Lena Dunham just debuted an empowering new tattoo. The actress, author, and director's newest ink is the word "Sick," written in script across the nape of her neck, and illustrated to look like it is made of rope. She captioned the photo, "Sometimes the thing you're most scared of being called is the best thing you can call yourself. Thank you @havenstudiobk for labeling me . . . and to my sisters in this dizzying but starry slog - I am lasso'd to you!" While Dunham has not directly named the r...
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PICS: The hot homoerotic heroes of Wonder Con 2019

As always, this event explored nerd culture through exhibitions, panels, and some eye-popping comic book cosplay. So, for all you geeks who missed it in person, here’s a collection of this year’s hottest queer cosplay.
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Miami agents say they’re not worried about climate change

An online magazine reporter went undercover as a homebuyer in Miami to find out what Realtors had to say about flooding and sea-level rise. The piece ultimately doesn't explicitly push any one remedy or another for these various problems. However, the author does mention talking to a friend, a native of Miami, who hints that perhaps the city is beyond saving.
Tags: Florida, Climate Change, Environment, Lifestyle, Global Warming, Radio, Sea Level Rise, Natural Disaster, Miami, Flooding, Industry News, News Brief

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream Review

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream is a nightly anti-wrinkle cream moisturizer that is clinically shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture while you sleep. This product contains 98.9% natural ingredients....
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Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Took To Good Morning America To Show Off Their Fashion Expertise

With only a few hours left until the red carpet premiere, it's no surprise that the whole world is watching the Game of Thrones cast's every move. It's been nearly two years since White Walkers turned Viserion into a killer undead dragon; the Wall, which protects all of the Seven Kingdoms from the zombie apocalypse, was completely destroyed; and sister duo, Sansa and Arya Stark teamed up to slay Littlefinger during the show's penultimate season finale. But while we've been twiddling our thumbs ...
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19 Breakout Hair-Color Looks To Inspire The Perfect Spring Highlights

Imagine it's Friday night, and you're at the bar tapping your nails on the counter waiting for your next gin and tonic. Your eyes land on the girl standing next to you. Well, not so much her as her hair: glossy, caramel-tinted waves throw haphazardly in a deep side part that, to the untrained eye, would read as God-gifted or sun-bleached from vacation. But you know the truth: It's the work of a good colorist.Even if you can't afford the crème de la crème when it comes to your salon — because he...
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Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil

Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil is a concentrated blend of rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil, which are all naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. Specifically, rosehip seed oil contains provitamin A, mostly as beta carotene. Beta...
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Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Serum Review

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum is a multi-tasking formula that targets uneven skin tone and discoloration. It is claimed to promote the appearance of collagen-rich skin by visibly smoothing, brightening, and minimizing discoloration. This serum contains tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, an...
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Cicatricure Eye Cream Review

Cicatricure Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream that is said to help improve the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, and reduce puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes. It is formulated with phytonadione, commonly known as vitamin K. Vitamin K is required to produce prothrombin, a...
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Like a Pink Cloud at Sunset: Exploring Fluffiness in Scent

  What is fluffy? Most of us would define it by naming things that are fluffy: clouds, whipped cream, a powder puff, a baby chick, or freshly laundered terry cloth towels. For your benefit (and mine), I will here define fluffy from the official Oxford English Dictionary (online):   Of, like, or covered with fluff; or (of food) light in texture and containing air; or Frivolous or silly; lack... Read full article: Like a Pink Cloud at Sunset: Exploring Fluffiness in Scent from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Miu Miu’s Spring Show Featured A Wig Cap — & People Aren’t Happy About It

Miuccia Prada debuted Miu Miu's spring 2019 collection last October, and it featured "E-Miu-ticons" or pieces designed to “reinvigorate the dialogue between Miu Miu, Paris, and its inhabitants,” according to press materials from the brand. But the videos created as part of an installation for the set of our spring show for the collection features an item that some consider culturally insensitive. In a video accompanying the handbags and jewelry, two models are shown, side by side, wearing what...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Prada, Miuccia Prada, Cavalli, Advisory Council, Miu Miu, WWD, Miuccia, Miu Miu Paris, The Black Image Corporation

Miu Miu Is Advertising A Wig Cap — & People Aren't Happy About It

Miuccia Prada debuted Miu Miu's spring 2019 collection last October, and it featured "E-Miu-ticons" or pieces designed to “reinvigorate the dialogue between Miu Miu, Paris, and its inhabitants,” according to press materials from the brand. But a new advertisement for the collection features an item that some consider culturally insensitive. In a video accompanying the handbags and jewelry, two models are shown, side by side, wearing what appear to be either wave or wig caps — an item typically...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Prada, Miuccia Prada, Cavalli, Advisory Council, Miu Miu, WWD, Miuccia, People Aren, Miu Miu Paris, The Black Image Corporation

One of Hailey Baldwin’s Favorite Body Scrubs Smells Like a Straight-Up Cinnamon Bun

Whether you're looking to get glowing skin like Hailey Baldwin's or just love the warm, sugary scent of a cinnamon bun, the model has the body scrub for you. Baldwin posted an Instagram story of two products by California-based body care brand Epicuren - the Epicuren Coconut Hydrating Milk ($21) and Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Polish ($38). "Okay . . . this isn't an ad, but these are really two of my all-time favorite body products. Smells sooooooo so good @epicuren," she wrote on the pictu...
Tags: California, Beauty, Skin Care, Hailey Baldwin, Baldwin, Beauty Trends, Epicuren Coconut Hydrating Milk 21, Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar

Tracy Morgan has compelling evidence that Jussie Smollett is lying and it’s all in the sandwich

"He disappears for like two seconds, then he reappears with the noose on his neck still holding the Subway sandwich!"
Tags: Jimmy Fallon, Life, Lifestyle, Hoax, Tracy Morgan, Hate Crime, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Jussie Smollett

Wei Royal Ming Firming And Hydrating Cream Review

Wei Beauty created their Royal Ming Collection in order to bring the beauty secrets of the Ming Royal Family to everyday consumers. Their products feature luxurious ingredients and formulations that have been in use for decades. One of their most well known products from this range is the Wei Royal...
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Serious Skin Care Reverse Lift Cream Review

If you’re on the hunt for a moisturizer that helps to plump and firm the skin, you may want to check out the Serious Skin Care Reverse Lift Cream. As we age, unfortunately some of our essential skin processes begin to slow down. This includes the production of vital compounds including collagen and...
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Wei Royal Ming Empress Cream Review

If you’re looking to really dive into luxury skincare, why not try a product inspired by royalty itself? The WEI Royal Ming Empress Cream was inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, and uses some of the same, highly sought after herbal prescriptions that were created exclusively to suit the Royal...
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30 Instagram-Worthy Hairstyles To Try In April

Remember way back in January, when your optimism was at an all-time high. You were actually excited about going to the gym. You were downloading meditation apps and making a list of all the books you wanted to read. And when you were scrolling through Instagram and saw a hairstyle you loved, the reaction was, "I can totally do this."Yeah, that new year feeling is completely gone.We blame alarm clocks — oh, and breezy weather, which makes us just want to put on a hat. It's so easy to fall back i...
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