The Art of Letting Go (to Heal a Broken Heart)

by Humble the Poet, author of Unlearn “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” ― Dorothy Allison I loved him like a brother, and he treated me as such. He told me I was a genius and that the world needed to hear my music. He was a ball of passion, and when he spoke it always felt like a battle cry to fight for a better life. I was working as a teacher, spending my summers with struggling artists who gave me that energy and community I craved. When I met him i...
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The Best Swimsuits for Tall Women

The Best Swimsuits for Tall Women Finding the perfect swimsuit is tough no matter what body type you have. But as a tall woman, your concerns are more than finding the silhouette that flatters. You might struggle to find a one-piece that even covers your body, or a bikini that doesn’t look like a throwback from the 2000s’ low-rise era. Tall Swimwear for Long Torsos The one-piece challenge Your length from shoulders to crotch turns heads, yes, but likely keeps you out of the running for many one-...
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Demi Lovato's Bob Haircut Is Fresh, Sleek, and Oh-So Perfect For Spring

Demi Lovato just did some major Spring cleaning - on her hair, that is. After growing her hair out for quite some time, the 26-year-old star chopped it into a fresh, blunt lob that's now officially at the top of our hair inspiration board. The "Confident" singer revealed her transformation on Instagram Stories, sharing before-and-after snaps to prove just how drastic the change is. Whereas her hair used to extend well past her shoulders and had rust-colored ends, it now hits just above her shoul...
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These incredible adventures at sea give new meaning to “cruising”

If you still aren’t sure where to go this summer, here are four cruises you might want to consider...
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10 Meghan Markle-Inspired Baby Gifts For Those Who Are Royally Obsessed

News flash: Meghan Markle is due any day now. (You can thank us later for clueing you in to this under-reported royal event.) For the few who have been following along this whole time, you're likely familiar with the Duchess's streamlined, elegant pregnancy looks — and we’re sure the choices she’ll make for her baby will be no exception. Alright, feigned disinterest aside, we're more than a tad curious about what she possibly could have received at her Serena Williams-hosted baby shower — if on...
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Homoelegans Like a Jewel

  Freddie Mercury, the legendary voice from The Queen, is the inspiration for yet another fragrance from the Italian brand Homoelegans. This house always chooses a remarkable artist to draw inspiration from, and this time it comes in pure grandeur and sparkle, oh and a moustache! Like a Jewel is the name of the new fragrance, and this time, all information is kept secret, possibly forever. The p... Read full article: Homoelegans Like a Jewel from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Saint Morits: The Strange Story

  Perfume house Saint Morits Paris is interesting for two reasons. First, because it  was founded in 1735, when it was selling fragrant floral and lavender waters, lipstick, powder, blush, fragrant sachets and perfumed handkerchiefs. Second, because after its restoration in the 21st century it started supplying limited edition fragrances to the noble families of Grimaldi and Habsburg in Europe, ... Read full article: Saint Morits: The Strange Story from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Are LGBTQ seniors dying of loneliness? It’s possible, research says

UW researcher Karen Fredriksen Goldsen has found that one-third of older LGBTQ people are single and acutely lonely — so much so that their lives might be in danger.
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After Fenty Beauty Changed Makeup, Is Rihanna Coming For Skin Care?

First she came for makeup. Then she came for lingerie. And now, it looks like Rihanna is coming for skin care.According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, the trademark "Fenty Skin " was officially filed with the federal agency on March 25th, 2019. The filing covers skin care, body care, personal care products, and accessories like kits and tools — and, in our opinion, they can't come soon enough.This isn't the first time that rumors have swirled about a Rihanna skin-car...
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Link Love: Two Women on Going Grey

Alyson Walsh of That’s Not My Age has been documenting her process of transitioning to grey hair for a while now. I particularly liked what she said in her latest blog post on the subject: “Part of the fear of going grey when you’re over-50, is that the change (of hair colour) will make you look older. I know I look my age and I’m happy with that. With age, comes self-acceptance and increased confidence. Admittedly, there are times when my hair is tied back and I catch my make-up-less-self in th...
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This Face Mask Was a Home Run For My Skin After a Week Filled With Hot Dogs and Beer

As a baseball fan, I was psyched to get a pass that allowed me standing-room access to all Mets home games - unfortunately, my complexion hasn't been enjoying this season as much as I have. After one sunburned day game and two overly windy evening games (at all of which I ate a hot dog and drank Bud Light), my skin was practically begging for some TLC. That's where the Tula Skincare Major Glow Mask ($35) stepped up to the plate. The gel mask contains probiotics to help calm inflammation and papa...
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10 Stunning Makeup Looks That You Can Easily Recreate For Prom

Right about now every high-school senior is studiously prepping for final exams and filling out all the appropriate pre-college paperwork — not. If you see a teenager toting a computer, they're just as likely to be scrolling through Pinterest for formal outfit ideas and arranging post-prom plans in the group chat as they are to be cramming for that math final.And if you're the one scrolling through prom ideas on a study break, don't forget to save some ideas for your makeup. While you probably ...
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All the Celebrities Who Have Gone Blond This Year

Jada Pinkett Smith, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, and Brie Larson. What do they all have in common? If you thought "they're all extremely good-looking," you're not wrong. But I'm referring to the fact that they all recently made a major hair change - they went to the blond side. (Or, for people like Cyrus and Larson, the blonder side.) I regret to inform you that I am not calling this a "trend" because trends come and go, and deciding to color your hair blond isn't going anywhere anyti...
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Like a Shot of Sunshine, This $4 Mask Brightened Up My Complexion in Just 10 Minutes

The Dearpacker Black Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask ($4) is the full package: it gave me an unmatched sensory experience and a complexion boost that lasted until the next day. I say that even though my first few minutes with it were a little messy. After ripping open the pouch, I made the mistake of not being careful when pulling the two-piece mask out, as all of its excess serum dripped from its pouch onto my lap (don't worry, it was an easy cleanup). I placed both jiggling parts onto my face, mak...
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If You Have Short, Wispy Lashes That Point Downward, You’ll Love This $7 Mascara

I was stunned every time I looked into the eyes of the first guy I ever dated. We were 15, I spent what seemed like hours doing my makeup for our dates, and somehow, his lashes were always prettier than mine. They were thick, long, and curved upward so that they framed his bright blue eyes perfectly. Mine, on the other hand, had always been straight, thin, and pointed downward. The most recent love affair I've had though is with CoverGirl's Lash Blast Active ($7). Housed in an orange tube (one ...
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Still Figuring Out How to Do a Cat Eye? L'Oreal Just Made Your New Favorite Liner

Winged eyeliner can be seriously intimidating – if you're not careful while you apply it, it's easy to get the liquid liner all over your face. I've been wearing cat eyes on a near daily basis since high school but I remember practicing for many hours before daring to wear it in public. Thankfully L'oreal has created a product that would've come in handy while I was learning how to perfect my wing: The L'oreal Infallible Flash Cat Eye ($10, available May 15). This handy pen-tip liner makes apply...
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It's National Pet Day — Be A Good Human & Treat Your Pals

Although we passionately believe that every day is National Pet Day, today actually is National Pet Day (according to the National Today authorities) — and we are MF ready to celebrate it with our furry, scaly, and feathery friends. Whether you want to reward your pal with a multi-present party or you just want to pick up a little, "thinking of you," something, we've crafted a shoppable guide to the most delightful NPD essentials to reward them in a unique style.Ahead find 22 pet purchases from...
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7 Plus-Size Friendly Workwear Brands You Should Be Shopping

Working 9-to-5 (or in today's landscape, 8-to-7), comes with enough challenges. Finding work-appropriate clothes that fit — and fit well — shouldn't be one of them. When you're downing a coffee and racing through your commute to make a morning meeting, peeking down to notice your boobs have caused your ill-fitting shirt's buttons to pop open (again) should be a thing of the past. Luckily, the seven retailers ahead specialize in workwear collections meant to help curvy and plus-size women get th...
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Desperately Need Some R&R? Try One Of These Beauty Masks On For Size

An hour prior to writing this, I went on a mission — a beauty mission that is — to discover the ultimate self-care ritual. Partly because, like many millennials, I could really use the R&R (morning commutes in NYC are no joke), and partly because I was just genuinely curious. So, I meandered the R29 office and asked my colleagues the following question: What's your most indulgent beauty treatment? Nine times out of 10, their immediate answer was some sort of mask. Considering my idea of a turnt...
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I Flew Twice in 48 Hours, and This Mask Saved My Irritated Skin

I recently went on a two-day business trip to another city and was told I'd be flying twice in 48 hours. That meant my skin would be exposed to quite a bit of icky airplane air. In an effort to combat the effects of the flights on my complexion (which usually are breakouts and uneven texture), I brought along the new Lano Face Base The Aussie Flyer Leave-On Recovery Mask ($24). Made with all-natural lanolin, the mask promised to seal moisture into my skin and soothe my stressed-out complexion. T...
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When Did Going To Court Become A Fashion Show?

Right now in popular culture, we're fascinated by women who seem to have gotten away with something. Whether it's Elizabeth Holmes fooling investors and the media, Anna Delvey claiming to be a German heiress, or Lori Loughlin's alleged college admissions scam, we can't stop looking at these women — and more specifically, what they are wearing.Last Wednesday, Loughlin was photographed on her way to a court appearance in Boston. The actress, famous for her role on Full House as Aunt Becky and a ...
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Zoroastrian ‘fire temple’ opens in Houston

On a typical-looking stretch of southwest Houston — down the street from Kwik Kar Lube and Storage Choice, across from a privacy fence hiding cookie-cutter McMansions — a Zoroastrian fire temple opened last week: a brand-new, sparkling-white place where priests from one of the world’s oldest religions tend a holy flame. By Lisa Gray, Priest Zerkxis Bhandara tends a fire at Houston’s new Atash Kadeh. Zerkxis Bhandara, a Zoroastrian priest, stands at the san...
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UY: The Label That’s Making Waves on the Streets of Berlin

The Berlin-based all-black-everything design collective number one takes on the city in their new photo series. Staying true to their drapey and genderfluid aesthetic the Neukölln collective UY sends an array of diverse personalities from the studio into the urban jungle, creating visual disruptions and unexpected synergies in front of the lens. UY –  that’s Scandinavian minimalism fused with Middle Eastern influences in front of a rough Berlin backdrop. The collective, founded by Idan, a Tel...
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This Woman Made a Parody About '90s Beauty Gurus, and WOW, the Accuracy

As many of you have sifted through the endless amount of makeup tutorials that are currently resting at your fingertips on the internet, it's possible that you've tried to remember at least once or twice what life was like before you had the luxury of learning how to contour and sculpt your face via 20-minute-long YouTube videos. You may have also wondered what kinds of tips and tricks beauty influencers would have trickled down to you had they been around in the '90s. Luckily for all t...
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Here's What The Game Of Thrones Cast Is Worth

To the delight of millions of fans across the world, Game of Thrones will return to HBO for its final season this Sunday, April 15. The show has arguably transformed the world of entertainment, setting a new bar for television, and this season will be the last time viewers get to immerse themselves in a world that so many have come to love.The much-anticipated final season has fans everywhere feeling both joy and sadness that the eight-year adventure into Westeros is coming to an end. Since 201...
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This & Other Stories Launch Just Made Wedding Season So. Much. Better.

Wedding season is nearly here, meaning that a summer of champagne toasts, bridesmaid dresses, and high heel-induced pain is no doubt ahead of you. And while a social calendar full of weddings can be challenging (just ask any serial bridesmaid), it does have its perks — namely a game-changing wedding capsule from & Other Stories.The mass retailer recently debuted a limited-edition bridal collection, which means the days of wishing you hadn't checked 'yes' on that wedding invite is a thing of the...
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8 Ways To Wear Goddess Locs To Your Next Music Festival

Faux locs are the unsung hero of protective hairstyles. Typically it takes months to loc hair and years until the locs reach shoulder length. But with a few hours and packs of Marley hair, you can get the same effect. And like many other protective styles, you won't have to worry about styling for a month — at least.One of our favorite takes on faux locs is the "goddess" style, which was created by Dr. Kari Williams. Williams previously told Refinery29 that goddess locs use various types of hum...
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Alexander Wang’s New Uniqlo Collection Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Alexander Wang has long played by his own rules. Drawing inspiration from his gang of New York cool kids, his shows are always buzzing with the energy of the city, whether it's in the form of a robot as the star of his front row (Sophia was snapped front row in Wang's boxy blazer at his fall 2019 show) or having models stomp down his catwalks in pigtails and biker boots. Even in times of turbulence he's marching to the beat of his own drum: he's dropped out of the New York Fashion Week schedu...
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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortion Once A Fetal Heartbeat Is Detected

Ohio just became the third state this year to enact a ban on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which typically happens at around six weeks of gestation — a point in which many women don't even know they're pregnant.Republican Gov. Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 23 into law Thursday, just one day after it passed in the Ohio House of Representatives. Versions of this legislation, which are commonly known as "heartbeat bills," were vetoed twice before by former Gov. John Kasich, most re...
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