5 places to soak in natural beauty–and a cocktail or three

It can get wet in Seattle--and so can the bars!
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Bring Your Favorite Beauty Products Wherever You Go With These 95 Travel-Size Must Haves

Packing for a long weekend is one of the most stressful tasks a beauty junkie can endure. Editing down your favorite goods (do you really need a dry shampoo and a texture spray?) can be daunting and take hours if you're not prepared. You also may be confused about what to splurge on (skin care!) and what to save on (hairspray, trust us) when it comes to buying travel-size products. To help you get ready for long Summer weekends, we are offering up the ultimate selection of beauty minis. Basical...
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Bring Your Favorite Beauty Products Wherever You Go With These 94 Travel-Size Must Haves

Packing for a long weekend is one of the most stressful tasks a beauty junkie can endure. Editing down your favorite goods (do you really need a dry shampoo and a texture spray?) can be daunting and take hours if you're not prepared. You also may be confused about what to splurge on (skin care!) and what to save on (hairspray, trust us) when it comes to buying travel-size products. To help you get ready for long Summer weekends, we are offering up the ultimate selection of beauty minis. Basical...
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What Does “Harm To Ongoing Matter” In The Mueller Report Mean, Exactly?

The Mueller report was finally released to the public today and while it had a number of very interesting revelations, it also contained some heavy redactions, including some pages that were almost completely blacked out. These redactions were justified on the basis that whatever information they were covering up could cause "harm to ongoing matter."The internet was quick to pick up the phrase and run with it, deciding that "harm to ongoing matter" was a really great band name in addition to a ...
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Compliments On Your Amazon Swimsuit Are Almost As Gratifying As How Little You Paid For It

Thanks to a reliable flock of detail-oriented reviewers, Amazon has become the answer for nearly all of our purchasing queries. From the things you’d expect (household appliances, groceries, books) to the thoroughly surprising finds (fresh flowers, wedding rings!?, bridesmaid dresses), there seems to be nothing that can’t be supplied by the behemoth e-tailer. We spend a lot of office hours inspecting this do-everything site and carefully read through the endorsements of its browsing critics to ...
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Beauty by POPSUGAR Glossy Stx Are Here - See What Editors Have to Say About Them

POPSUGAR staffers have long loved the Beauty by POPSUGAR Sweet Stx, but when they finally got to try the new glossy version, Beauty by POPSUGAR Sweet Stx Glossy Lip Color ($20), they couldn't wait to share their thoughts. The products have a shiny finish and buildable color that comes in an easy-to-apply stick formula. Although they have the buttery texture of a lip balm, these colors give you the same effect as a gloss without the dreaded sticky factor. The smooth application is likely due to t...
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I Tested the Latest At-Home Waxing Kits in the Name of Journalism So You Don't Have To

For me, the worst part about getting a Brazilian wax isn't the pain. (Which, if you haven't heard, feels like a bolt of lightning traveling from your butthole to the back of your throat, where the audible gasp you'll inevitably be making originates.) Rather, it's the act of voluntarily spending the time and money each month to have a nice lady in pink floral scrubs completely ruin your day. I reserve these tender moments only for special occasions. For every other time I need a wax, I lean on D...
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A New Subway and Train Map for Berlin

The Berlin transit map is probably one of the very first images a newcomer in the city gets familiar with. For a variety of reasons – the most obvious one being that it’s the ultimate guide when you’re coming back from a night out and your phone dies. But did you ever question the design of the map? Were your tired eyes ever lost along the rigid straight lines? Well, the bright minds behind the New Berlin Rapid Transit Route Map project thought the current official map needed some updating – rea...
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Get American Flag Gear Ahead of the 4th of July

We all know that it’s only April, but it’s never too late to plan ahead. With 4th of July less than three months away, there’s no better time than now to get ready. My family have always gone out the way during the 4th of July holiday. Of course, we do the fireworks and cooking on the grill, but we’re usually dressed alike. Normally, we only do a t-shirt, but this year will be a little different. Instead of a plain flag shirt, we’re going with more style with Fourth of July Sh...
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4 Steps to Invest in Your Financial Future

Thanks to the internet the world is more transparent than ever, but that doesn’t mean things are easy. Jobs are changing, the population is growing, and the prospect of social security may as well be a mirage. These things and more make it essential for everyone to think about and plan for their financial future. Let’s look at four straightforward ways to do so. Pay Down Debt You might be thinking, how does paying off debt have anything to do with investing?—but hear me out. In...
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Sunscreen Reviewers Dish On Their Skin-Protection MVPs

Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.The sun has certainly set on days of slathering our bods in baby oil to get that, "bronzed-glow," complexion. In 2019 we know damn well that using SPF is an essential practice in healthy-skincare, especially when damaging UV rays are part of the equation — and with the arri...
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The Tiny Detail You Missed From Elisabeth Moss' Look In Her Smell

Elisabeth Moss may be best known for her chilling role as Offred in the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, but the actress recently ditched her white bonnet and red cape for smudged eyeliner and ironic tattoos in Her Smell.In the film, Moss is Becky Something, a grunge-band frontwoman on the precipice of career downfall. After watching Something unleash a barrage of emotions onscreen, her dramatic collapse takes center stage — so much so that, in the midst of her meltdowns,...
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5 Reasons Why You Need A Popcorn Maker

Popcorn comes in handy when you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows but you don’t want to cook a meal. This is because these foods help in killing the boredom that sometimes rocks our screens. As a matter of fact, popcorn is as old as humanity. Nowadays you can make your own popcorn at home, meaning you don’t have to wait until you go to the movies. All you need is a popcorn maker machine. In fact, preparing popcorn takes less than five minutes.  However, most people believ...
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Russian Street Style Star Miraslavo Duma Was Named In The Mueller Report

Miroslava Duma is in hot water again. The disgraced blogger and street style star was implicated in the 448-page Mueller report. On Thursday, news broke that the Russian editor was mentioned as “a contact of Ivanka Trump’s from the fashion industry” who “first passed along invitations for Ivanka Trump and candidate Trump” to the 2016 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The mention was spotted by Bloomberg reporter Kim Bhasin and shared on Twitter by The Fashion Law’s Julie Zerbo and R...
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Byredo Sundazed

The Swedish niche brand Byredo, recognizable by their minimalist packaging and less is more philosophy, will launch its new perfume creation called Sundazed in May 2019. Sundazed is made to demonstrate the headiness and lusciousness of the sun and the blissful summer atmosphere that arises after a long period of the Nordic winter. Citrus notes of Californian lemon and mandarin, a heart of white f... Read full article: Byredo Sundazed from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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I Truly Could Not Live Without Dry Shampoo, and This One From Target Is My Holy Grail

I recently saw dry shampoo as the go-to hair product for Virgos on one of those zodiac sign prediction things. This was 100 percent true for me, because it's a staple I use every single week and can't imagine not having on my vanity. If you can relate, I thought I'd provide a friendly PSA that Kristin Ess's Style Reviving Dry Shampoo ($14) is my favorite out of the dozens I've tried. It was first recommended to me by a friend whose beauty opinions I very much trust, and the reasonable price tag...
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We're Stuck on These Cactus Makeup Brushes From Tarte's Sugar Rush Line

Tarte has passed on the brand's penchant for making cute-as-hell makeup brushes (remember the wine glass iterations?) to its new sister brand, Sugar Rush. Along with the rest of the line, which features makeup and skincare products with good-for-you ingredients in mind, is one product you'll want to stick with. The Tarte Sugar Rush Desert Dreamers Brush Set ($23) features three cacti-shaped brushes with pretty pink bristles. Not only is the set Instagram-worthy, but it's also super versatile. Th...
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Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Scent Your Future, Created By Givaudan in Five Fragrances

Continuing our reports on the special perfume art-projects presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2019, we should mention the futuristic Givaudan project named Scent Your Future. It was done by the Givaudan United Arab Emirates team, and it has special features that are very close to The Middle East customers’ habits. The presentation of the art-project starts with a holographic screen, where eve... Read full article: Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Scent Your Future, Created By Givaudan in Five F...
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7 Sunglasses Trends To Wear This Summer

Sunglasses: they’re complicated. Finding one that you love and treasure is a process. The good news? The sunglasses market is blossoming with fruity colors and fresh shapes.A trusty pair of sunnies can pull your whole look together. They’re also a great way to experiment with a trend without committing. Throw on a bold pair of colored sunglasses to testing the waters on a color before indulging fully with a clothing item. Although seemingly simple, sunglasses come in all kinds of varieties and ...
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New featurette offers a glimpse of the weird and surreal look of ‘Rocketman’

The creative team also reiterated the film will be "as honest as possible."
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6 Temporary Hair Colors That'll Rinse Out After Coachella

We spend time on Instagram every season following the best stylists and saving beautiful dye jobs on our quest for the coolest and most universally-flattering techniques and trends. But festival season is one time of year where anything goes — especially when it comes to beauty.Sure, you might have the perfect outfit picked out, but what's a dope neon biker set without the hair to match? It's like being a leopard without the spots, or channeling Cardi B without a colorful wig. Your hair, howeve...
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7 Tips To Get Your Home Summer-Ready

Summer is just around the corner, and your home can be ready for the heat and fun of this season if you put some essential tasks on your to-do list. When it’s warm and sticky outside, you can tackle some projects to keep your home looking great and feeling cool inside. Here are the best ways you can get your house ready for the summer season this year with a little spring cleaning. Clean Your Gutters The summer season means lots of thunderstorms and occasional downpours. Before the...
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Ring the Alarm: You Can Finally Shop the Eye Makeup Beyoncé Wore at Coachella

Netflix's release of Beyonce's Homecoming in its HD viewing quality lifted any partition between you and every last detail of her 2018 Coachella performance. What you can't miss now - if you didn't already see it in person - is her glittery eye makeup look. Her eye makeup was courtesy of her go-to makeup artist Sir John, who swept on a mix of two Spacepaste shades by Lemonhead. He spread Houdini ($22) (an iridescent lavender chrome) across the entire lid, then added Dirty Penny ($22) (a multidim...
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15 Engagement Rings For The Bride Who Likes To Keep Things Classic

No two brides are exactly alike. There are the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedys of the world, donning the most elegant of slip dresses for their walk down the aisle; the Kim Kardashians, whose lavish weddings are designed to break the Internet; or the Beyoncés who don't even leave their home when they get hitched — and the list goes on and on. But no matter what kind of bride you are, if you want the best chance of not regretting your wedding details, we suggest keeping things simple — no matter what ...
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Effective July 15, British porn consumers will be required entrust their sexual tastes to private companies' badly secured databases

Back when David Cameron was Prime Minister, he took advice from Patrick Rock (later revealed to be a a trafficker in images depicting the abuse of children) on how to stop children from seeing internet pornography. The solution they arrived at was bananas: every adult service in the UK would have to verify the identity of every user they had, assuring themselves that anyone who tried to look at porn was over 18. As the unworkability of this idea became more obvious, the UK government tried ...
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Milk Makeup's New Waterproof Mascara Is Better Than The Original

It was only one year ago that Milk Makeup launched its Kush Mascara, a certified vegan mascara that credited cannabis sativa seed oil as its hero ingredient. Despite being a bit controversial, the mascara garnered tons of fans — including me — thanks to its conditioning and thickening abilities. There was just one problem: It wasn't waterproof.Kush's hemp-derived formula was such a hit because of how conditioning it proved to be for lashes. But for anyone with oily eyelids, the product proved t...
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Celebrate the Return of Festival Season With Iridescent Nail Polish

Some people spend hours planning their outfits for festival season, but we devote the same kind of time and energy on our beauty looks. When it comes to nail polish, there's only one way for us to go this season, and it's iridescent. With these 15 polishes on, you can't help but smile every time you look down at your nails. Related: 55 Instagrammable Essentials to Wear to Your Next Music Festival
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Donald Glover’s ‘Dusty Ass’ Adidas ads are cracking up Instagram

Donald Glover stays busy. On the heels of his headlining performance at Coachella last week along with the recent release of his much-hyped indie flick “Guava Island,” co-starring alongside Rihanna, the ubiquitous actor-writer-musician managed to also make time to collaborate with Adidas on a shoe line. He promoted the venture on Instagram with five new...
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Wake and Bake - Try These Weed-Infused Spa Treatments For 4/20

With April 20 around the corner, it's time to get your plans in order. Instead of partaking in 4/20's established tradition, this year test out other forms of cannabis consumption. Today's beauty shelves are stocked with products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil, the non-psychoactive ingredient derived from hemp that helps manage anxiety. And now that 10 states and Washington DC have legalized recreational use of cannabis, it's clear that the stigma surrounding marijuana is starting to shift. ...
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