Did Blake Lively Just Reveal Her Third Pregnancy?

Congratulations are reportedly in order for beloved celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Per People, Lively hit the red carpet at Reynold's Detective Pikachu premiere, sporting a dress that channeled the adorable Pokemon Reynolds portrays in the upcoming noir film. (It will never not be weird that Reynolds is playing a Pikachu.) Fans couldn't help but notice that Lively was holding her stomach — and that Reynolds was looking lovingly at his wife's belly. (Refinery29 reached out to a...
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May the Force Be With Your Fingers: 7 Easy Star Wars Nail Art Ideas

One of the easiest ways to show off your devotion to Star Wars is with nail art themed around the out-of-this-world movies. For megafans, that means plenty of R2D2 thumbs, lightsaber index fingers, and Chewbacca pinkies. Don't know where to start? Luckily, lovers of the films have been practicing their skills and showing off their exceptional designs so you can get inspired for some looks of your own. To perfect your art, pick up a skinny paint brush, a dotting tool, and even a toothpick to draw...
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Eos Is Launching a Watermelon Frosé Lip Balm, and Our Lips Are Just So Grateful

There's a reason you won't find a single lip balm in Eos's new collection that you won't want to try. The new flavors in Eos's FlavorLab line are: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lychee Martini, Watermelon Frosé, Lavender Latte, and Beach Coconut. If each one sounds delicious to you, that's because Soyoung Kang, CMO at Eos, had big goals for them. FlavorLab is the brand's annual release of its crème de la crème flavor profiles and her thought process - as the lead of a brand known to release lip balms wi...
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Why Everyone Needs A "Mom" Bag In Their Arsenal

You remember the bag. It sat in the car between the driver and passenger seat, always by your mom’s side as she chauffeured you to school on her way to work, or made the pilgrimage to the pizzeria after soccer practice with you and your three best friends in the backseat. It wasn’t huge, but it was big enough to hold a wealth of necessities for everyone in your family, and it was equipped with seemingly endless pockets and dividers to keep everything organized. Tissues, bandages, peanut butter ...
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Cardi B’s Secret to Her Bombshell Eyelash Look Is Actually So Simple

Cardi B's makeup at the Billboard Music Awards was dramatic - but not in the way you'd expect. The music artist, known for wearing hyperpigmented brights across her eyes, actually wore flesh-toned hues to the ceremony, and left the drama to her lashes. Cardi B's longtime go-to makeup artist Erika La Pearl created her extralong voluminous lash look with a simple trick. "I used two lashes to [add to] the wow factor," La Pearl told POPSUGAR. She used the House of Lashes eyelashes in Starlet, and t...
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PHOTOS: Meet the sextabulous men of Los Angeles up close & personal

The photos for this article were shot in sunny Los Angeles, California.
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Clear Mascara Is The Essential Your Makeup Kit Is Missing

Beyoncé has given us a lot over the years — Dangerously In Love, the 2009 Inaugural Ball performance for the Obamas, and a few iconic Vogue covers that will forever sit on our coffee tables. Through all that, she's also given us some serious hair and makeup inspiration, and we take a lot of notes from Bey's beauty handbook. So, when she posted an up-close selfie of a subtle cat-eye with bare lashes, our only thought was: Is this what we're doing now?Typically, we consider our ultra-black mascar...
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Falsettos star Nick Adams says his former agent told him his decision to come out was a “hurdle”

We talk about working as an out actor, the emotional demands of the show and how to maintain a healthy relationship long-distance.
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A Decade Later and We're Still Applauding These Beauty Looks From the 2009 Met Gala

When it comes to the annual Met Gala, playing it safe never pays off. It's the risk takers whose looks are remembered 10 years later, and even if some people aren't feeling their look, there are still going to be plenty that applaud it - fashion is subjective, after all! To celebrate Met Gala 2019, we've rounded up the best looks from the decade before and all of the eccentric hairpieces, metallic eyeliner, and daring lip stains that 2009 inspired. Not everyone may agree with the beauty looks we...
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How to Get a Visa to Live in Berlin

photos: Vismante Ruzgaite.  No matter how great their love for Berlin is, many non-EU expats agree that the visa process can be quite off-putting. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge that many of the most brilliant members of our community have to deal with. We’ve spoken to some of them – who also happen to be dear friends – and, basing on their personal experiences, we’ve put together a rough overview of the most common visa types.  While this article isn’t aimed at helping you navigate through ...
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We Tried Kylie Cosmetics' Kybrow Products, and Here's What We Really Thought

In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner expanded her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, to a brand-new category. She released a range of eyebrow products that includes everything you need to get full, perfectly groomed brows à la the Jenner-Kardashian family - and we mean everything. The collection includes a grooming gel, powder (which includes two shades), pencil, pomade, highlight, and dual-ended brush (one end has a spoolie, while the other has an angled brush). Three editors put each item to the te...
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4 Cool Nail Color Trends That Are Basically Like Summer in a Bottle

It's like what Elle Woods said: Summer gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands - they just don't. (Or something like that.) The same thing applies to the color of your nails. When you look down at your hands, the shade you're wearing can have a profound, physiological effect on your mood - just like sunlight, sex, or exercise. That makes painting on an electric orange or cool blue polish the perfect way to get ready for the season. It's scienc...
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The Activewear This Hip-Hop Dance Star Swears By

Watching 27-year-old Mette Towley dance is a heart-racing experience. Slow, graceful strides quickly turn into hypnotizing hip movements and bass-chasing body rolls — the kind of physical spell that'll leave you subconsciously swaying at the edge of your seat. It's no wonder her talent has earned her screen time in some pretty major music videos. Aside from Towley's natural agility and strength, the ability to move freely — without any distractions — is essential when it comes to nailing her b...
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We Found Amazon's 10 Highest-Rated Skincare Products So You Don't Have To

When it comes to skincare products, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm picky. I have problematic, acne-prone skin, and a lot of products break me out. That being said, I spent years perfecting my skincare routine, and for a lot of it, I always thought brand names and high prices meant they were better. I was totally wrong. Working at POPSUGAR and being surrounded by top-notch beauty experts helped me learn it's much more about the ingredients and lack of harmful chemicals. Now, some of my favorit...
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9 Neon Nail Colors That'll Bring Summer To Your Fingers

After you've scheduled a haircut and swapped your heavy moisturizer for a lighter gel formula, a manicure is the next logical (not to mention mood-boosting) task to check off your spring to-do list. Whether you're spending your tax return on a treat-yourself salon service — gels plus nail art — or planning to DIY before your spring social calendar gets packed, the polish color trend of the moment is the same all around: the brighter, the better.Simply put, vibrant, magenta fingernails are just ...
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Give Mom Exactly What She Wants With These Beauty Gift Sets

Remember when coming home with an “I Love Mom” drawing and a DIY macaroni necklace was enough of a present for Mother’s Day? Well, those days are long gone. Now, you’re discussing arguing in the siblings group chat and scouring Google to plan a unique gift. After years of birthdays, Christmases, and Mother’s Days, you’re running out of creative juice, and trust us, she doesn’t need another cookbook.But there is something that we're pretty sure the woman in your life could never get enough of,...
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10 Top-Rated Skincare Products Amazon Customers Can't Stop Buying

When it comes to skincare products, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm picky. I have problematic, acne-prone skin, and a lot of products break me out. That being said, I spent years perfecting my skincare routine, and for a lot of it, I always thought brand names and high prices meant they were better. I was totally wrong. Working at POPSUGAR and being surrounded by top-notch beauty experts helped me learn it's much more about the ingredients and lack of harmful chemicals. Now, some of my favorit...
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Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts For Pregnant Moms-To-Be

If you have a partner or loved one who’s pregnant, you don’t have to wait for the baby to be born to celebrate Mother’s Day. While you’ll want to skip the sushi and fancy bottle of wine, we’re all in favor of celebrating pregnant moms-to-be on Mother’s Day. That could mean a sweet letter, a day of pampering, a romantic date night, or a thoughtful gift.In a Reddit thread about gifts for pregnant moms-to-be, women wrote about the memorable gifts their partners gave them when they were pregnant. S...
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Gentle May

Waiting for paint to dry on the rather large braced wood panel above. I'm always impatient to work once I get started but even acrylic takes some time to dry. So I grabbed my phone and caught some of the May garden to share with you. Making good on my promise to revive this blog. There's always a lot going on in the studio and the yard. These are the peppers hardening off in the protective cloche John has set up for them. Here they are protected from all shocks of light or temperat...
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Kid Cudi and Travis Scott Just Got Matching Tattoos

You've probably already seen photos of the Avengers-themed birthday bash Kylie Jenner threw her boyfriend, Travis Scott, but what you might have missed was that tattoo artist JonBoy was there to give him and his friends some fresh ink. Among the guests at the party was Kid Cudi, fellow rapper and occasional collaborator with Scott. The pair received matching "Rager" tattoos, written in red ink, sealing their friendship forever. Perhaps not coincidentally, Cudi has a song from 2010 titled "Mr. Ra...
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10 Celebrity Moms Who Got Sentimental Tattoos For Their Kids

For Mother's Day, it's customary for your child to pay you a visit, send you a handwritten card that will inevitably bring you to tears, or gift you a relaxing spa treatment. But just because it's tradition for them to shower you with presents on the special day doesn't mean you can't treat herself to a little something, too, like a tattoo.Whether you're already covered in ink or you're looking for your very first tattoo, there are plenty of options for mothers — and moms-to-be — out there. You...
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53 New Bath & Body Works Products Coming to Stores This Summer

Summer scents are finally arriving at Bath & Body Works, which means soon you'll be able to swap your caramel cold brew products for some sea mist and citrus ones. Love sweet scents? It's time to try out Island Papaya. More of a fresh-smell fan? Take a whiff of Eucalyptus Rain. Regardless of your preferences, you'll be able to find a smell you'll fall in love with in a packaging that suits your home decor tastes. You can even add a cute flamingo-shaped loofah to your shower if you're so inclined...
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Not Everyone is Going to Like Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

It’s time for my Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser review! Excited? Don’t be! Because not everyone is actually going to like the Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser formula! Oh my god! Panic! Mass hysteria! First off, Drunk Elephant has a stellar reputation so anything they do is by default gets labeled as brilliant and awesome and innovative before anyone even tries it! Secondly, I think people are obsessed with cleansing balms at the moment and if you’re a Dr...
Tags: Asia, US, Beauty, Skincare, Sephora, Cleanser, Don, Clinique, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup, Coconut Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm Review, Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm, Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser ReviewDrunk

8 Fresh Roll-On Fragrances To Stash In Your Belt Bag This Summer

Unlike your tiny travel shampoo or your TSA-safe micro-tube of toothpaste, there's something low-key sexy about a rollerball perfume. More than just a carry-on essential (because no one is getting their full-sized bottle of Gucci Bloom through airport security), you can slip a skinny glass bottle into the side pocket of any purse for an instant refresh when you're standing at the crosswalk on a warm morning, or trying to shake off that stale airplane feeling before heading straight from hotel ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Tsa, Maya Angelou, Sephora, Ulta, Sephora Like, Gucci Bloom, Tocca Maya, Maison Margiela 'RE PLICA ' Beach Walk Rollerball, Burberry Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Rollerball, Stella McCartney Stella Peony Rollerball

Real estate executive pleads guilty to home-flipping fraud, faces 200 years in prison

The owner of a Los Angeles real estate firm pleaded guilty to running a home-flipping scheme that scammed 25 victims out of $2 million.
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This backpack is made from locally sourced cork and recycled materials

The world’s landfills are piling up. While we hear a lot about how the fashion industry contributes to this problem, the topic is less focused on accessories. Yet purses, bags and backpacks also contribute to the fast fashion environment with quickly fading styles and manufacturing pollution. One company is bucking this trend with a backpack made from naturally sustainable cork and recycled materials. The Jajamän cork backpack is a completely vegan option for conscientious consumers looking fo...
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17 Affordable McMansion-Type Rentals For Big Group Getaways

If travel-planning wasn't stressful enough already, try throwing ten-plus people into the mix — because big group getaway season is upon us. From extended family reunions to wedding parties and multi-couples' retreats, spring through summer is primetime for combined-trips. The main questions on our minds when spearheading these massive get-togethers: Where the hell will everyone stay and how much is it going to cost? The answer, as it turns out, isn't so overwhelming after all.We hunted through...
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The New Moon Is In Taurus, So Go Ahead And Indulge

We’re kicking off the month of May with an astrological event that’s all about new beginnings: a new moon. As you may know, the new moon is a time during the month when we can’t see the moon from earth. Our latest new moon occurs on Saturday, May 4. The new moon is in Taurus, a sign that’s all about groundedness, pleasure, and indulgence."As always, the new moon is a time when we can sit with the shadows, with ourselves and with our stillness," explains Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch:...
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