Pop-Twink sensation Joey Suarez on how small-town prides are fighting oppression

GayCities kiki'ed with the cutie-pie about his upcoming Pride performances, the best gay-friendly offerings of San Antonio, and the importance of provincial prides.
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Floral Fragrances at ESXENCE-2019: A Garden of Many Exquisite Flowers

I noted the following three main trends at ESXENCE-2019 in my head: First of all, the brands presented more easier too understand, high quality, beautiful fragrances that sounded quite clear, as if perfumers had suddenly decided to follow Guy Robert's "formula for success: First and foremost, a perfume must smell good." Secondly, there appeared more modern fragrances that are rendered in a vint... Read full article: Floral Fragrances at ESXENCE-2019: A Garden of Many Exquisite Flowers from Fra...
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Social Media Finally Broke Into The Bachelorette — & Made It Better

One of the best Bachelor(ette) ideas floating around on the interwebs and in IRL conversations is pretty simple: Let the lead actually look their contestants up on the internet. Such a tradition-breaking move doesn’t even have to happen in the premiere. After all, a big draw of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is, hypothetically, the possibility of people falling for someone they would never even consider under normal circumstances. The complete sensory-deprivation of Bachelor Nation is one th...
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Black-Tie Dresses That Will Stand Out In A Sea Of Tuxedos

That much-anticipated invitation finally came — arriving in the actual mail (not your digital inbox), your name was written by hand on the envelope and the event's details printed on heavy cardstock. You can hardly wait to attend your first big formal party, but those two little words stamped at the very bottom of the page strike fear into your formerly enthusiastic heart: “black tie.” If this phrase fills your head with images of stiff cake-topper gowns, elbow-length gloves, and a few too many...
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The Surprising Beauty Moments You Can Expect on This Season of The Bachelorette

In the case of season 15 Bachelorette Hannah Brown vs. 33 potential suitors, it seems the ante has officially been bumped up a notch. Not only has ABC given fans insight into the men's deepest secrets (like a self-proclaimed love for Justin Bieber and, you know, the casual spawning of 114 children), but Gina Modica said Brown's beauty game will also be just as juicy. "I think people will be surprised to see how many different looks she can carry," said Modica. Despite the neutral makeup you'l...
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Of Course Beyoncé Looks Flawless With Her New Dark Hair - What Else Did We Expect?

Grab your phone because you're going to want to call your hairdresser ASAP to recreate Beyoncé's new look. Yes, it's flawless. The singer beauty icon stepped out for a sporty date night with JAY-Z on Friday, at the same time debuting her new dark hair - so say goodbye to blond Beyoncé. Her long, dark waves perfectly complement her skin-tight moon-print outfit and little black sunglasses. Needless to say, we are loving Beyoncé as a brunette, so check out her new hair for yourself ahead. Re...
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Non-Boring Makeup Ideas to Wear on Graduation Day That Are SO Easy to Do

Your graduation is right around the corner, and if your outfit (which is sitting right beneath your gown), your nails (which may be hidden by your lengthy sleeves), and your hairstyle (which is pinned below your hat) have all gotten ample attention - why shouldn't your makeup? On this list, you'll find simple ways to upgrade your go-to neutral eye shadow look, make memories with an iridescent highlighter, and integrate flecks of - dare we say - glitter into your makeup look for the big day. Rea...
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Michael B. Jordan Says This Scent Reminds Him of a Time He Was “Trying to Get Girls”

Being Michael B. Jordan takes a few key things: talent, good genes, and some reliable grooming products - one of which is cologne. As Coach Fragrances' newest face, Jordan admitted that he had been mulling over memories associated with scents. "Scent to me is like time travel," he told POPSUGAR. Some smells bring him right back to elementary school, while others remind him of catching buses to Willowbrook or Woodbridge, which are malls he frequented as a teen. No matter the beauty product Jordan...
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This Amazing Photo Project Compares Berlin Then And Now

Berlin is a city with such a rich and turbulent history that tracing the appearance of its particular corners over time can become an extremely fascinating hobby. We have just discovered a great photography project that does exactly that through contrasting pictures of the exact same spots in Berlin captured today and in a random moment in the past. Read on to see some of the most captivating sets of photos and find more about the project itself. Berlin can make the impression of a place that...
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Andalou Creamy Cleanser Review

If you’re looking for a cleanser that’s both brightening and nourishing, we’ve got just the one for you. The Andalou Creamy Cleanser with Meyer Lemon and Vitamin C was designed to offer a brightening, soothing and hydrating cleanse to those with tired, dull or dehydrated looking skin. The formula...
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Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Rarely do we see a brand take notes from their customers to heart so much, that they release their products with an even more potent formula. This is exactly the story of the Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask, which, as they say, is the best Dead Sea Mud Mask they could make. This …...
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18 Canvas Sneakers For Painting The Town This Summer

Why do we love canvas shoes? It may have something to do with their throwback connotations. Before synthetic fibers became the trainer standard, canvas was the durable and rugged athletic material of choice — it was even used to make the very first pair of Adidas in 1920. The most iconic cloth styles — from the Champion to the Chuck Taylor and the Authentic — predate most of the current high-tech fabrication tennis shoes by a few generations, and are still in style rotation for good reason: thi...
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These 5 Interview Questions Will Help You Find the Perfect Employee

Interviewing a new potential employee can be a tedious process, especially once you get to determining if they're the right fit for the position and the company.  Making sure you ask great questions that give you insight into how the candidate can fill the role and whether they have the skills you need will save time, energy, and stress – and help you find the perfect person who will smash the job.  Here are five questions you should ask in the interview to determine who is the perfect person ...
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How To Make Exercise Fun for Busy Moms

As a mom, it’s likely that your days are filled with looking after the kids, household chores, not to mention trying to maintain a healthy work and social life balance. When it comes to exercise for busy moms, it can be all too easy to leave it on the back burner, however, there are various benefits that you can receive from being active. Here are a few ways on how to make exercise fun for busy moms. Challenge Yourself Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread. If you don’t lik...
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Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum Review

Antioxidants are so often one of the most underrated ingredients in skincare. This category of ingredients helps to promote healing and protect the skin from a number of external factors that can impact overall skin health. These include stress, pollution, free radicals and sun damage, all of which...
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Maison Francis Kurkdjian L'eau À la Rose

Maison Francis Kurkdjian presents the new version of À la Rose, fragrance that was launched in 2014 for the Asia Pacific market. L'eau À la Rose comes out in 2019 as Kurkdjian's "new tribute to femininity." Inspired by the painting of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun that shows a portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette holding a Centifolia rose in her hand, master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian wanted to crea... Read full article: Maison Francis Kurkdjian L'eau À la Rose from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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Millie Bobby Brown's Swingy Ombré Ponytail Is the Stuff Summer Hair Dreams Are Made Of

You'd be forgiven to mistake Millie Bobby Brown's latest hair and makeup look for one fresh off the runway. The sky-high ponytail and pretty-pink draping were a match made in beauty heaven. She might only be 15, but she certainly knows her way around colorful makeup and sophisticated hairstyles. For the premiere of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in Beijing, Brown complemented her floral Valentino gown with matching pink makeup tones and a swingy ponytail. For the makeup, Kelsey Deenihan applied...
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‘Project Runway’ host Tim Gunn backs City Council fur ban

A prominent fashionista and television personality will testify in support of a fur ban proposed by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, The Post has learned. Tim Gunn, who hosted the hit reality TV show “Project Runway” for 16 years, will throw his weight behind Johnson’s anti-fur bill at a City Hall hearing on Wednesday. Gunn...
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The Merchant of Venice Red Potion

  The Majestic Murano Line by The Merchant Of Venice is enriched with another creation, looking passionate and very attractive in a new red flacon. RED POTION resumes the elegance and nobility that characterized the society of the Serenissima. The richness of this original fragrance is underlined with a transparent cap that completes the mystery of the more than wonderful red bottle. As the b... Read full article: The Merchant of Venice Red Potion from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Experts Weigh In On the Best Curly Hair Products For Summer

As much as we love Summer, the hot and humid temperatures can wreak havoc on curly hair - causing frizz, dryness, and even breakage. But, don't worry: there are methods and products that can help maintain bounce and health for your curls. We had POPSUGAR editors, as well as New York-based hairstylist Emely Miranda, weigh in on the best curly hair products for this Summer. "Moisture is key," Miranda said. "Using a weekly hair mask and more cream-based products will block out humidity, lock in mo...
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Kate Hudson: Why Not All Celebrity Brands Are Created Equal

If it seems like there’s a lot of celebrities launching or endorsing stuff right now, you’re not wrong. Just ask Kate Hudson, the Oscar-nominated actress and now successful fashion entrepreneur behind athleisure company Fabletics. “We're in a time where everybody wants to sell something,” she tells Refinery29’s global editor-in-chief and co-founder Christene Barberich on this week’s UnStyled. “It's a great place to make a living; you can endorse products, as an actor, and use your platform. And...
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Too Faced Pineapple Glow Moisturizing & Brightening Face Mask & Triple Scoop Hyper-Reflective Highlighting Palette Coming This Summer

Some strange part of me wants to try the new Too Faced Pineapple Glow Moisturizing & Brightening Face Mask even though I know how poorly formulated the Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask is. You see, I’m a massive fan of Herbivore Brighten Pineapple Enzyme + Gemstone Instant Glow Mask so some part of me is like what if Too Faced’s formula is some hidden brilliant diamond in the rough! Pineapple extract are a great source of enzymes and they happen to gently exfoliate skin. ...
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Because Paying $35 for A Bobbi Brown Makeup Set Plus Free Shipping is Making My Monday Pretty Sweet

‘ello, ‘ello Happy Monday! I hope all the mamas had a super Mother’s Day yesterday! I’m a furbaby mom so that counts a little right? No matter what kind of mom you are be it a dad playing the role of mom, a single mom, a traditional stay at home mom, a working mom, a single mom, I sure do hope your day was special and I hope your children reminded you that you’re a superhero! I’m trying to wake up over here. It’s hard on a Monday but shopping helps haha…! I’m browsing this Bobbi Brown Warm ...
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How to Choose the Right False Eyelashes For Your Desired Beauty Look

False eyelashes can be seriously intimidating, even if you've mastered applying them. While staring at pairs of lashes in the store, you might have no idea what each pair actually will look like on, or if you'll even like them. We reached out to Jade Munson, global ambassador and educator for Ardell Lashes, and Kelli J. Bartlett, artist director of Glamsquad, to find out exactly how to pick out the right lashes for your desired look. Whether you want a pair that will give you a natural "are thos...
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The 7 Breakout Bridal Beauty Trends For Summer 2019

Whether it's a simple signing at city hall, in a sprawling field with flowers in your hair, or at a big banquet hall with a cathedral veil and a pipe organ, chances are if you want to get married at some point, you've thought about what your dream day would look like. Because even if you're nowhere close to legally binding yourself to someone else, there's no harm in curating the perfect wedding Pinterest board filled with crafty centerpieces you'll probably never actually glue together.And sin...
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More gay and bi men come forward, alleging unwanted rectal exams by USC doctor

Dr. Kelly would ask if his patients were into "twinks" or older men, their preferred sexual practices, positions and if they ever used sex toys.
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Whoopi Goldberg is launching a new size-inclusive fashion line

The EGOT is taking the leap from New York Fashion Week front row regular to fashion entrepreneur.
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Felicity Huffman Pleaded Guilty In The College Admissions Scandal

Felicity Huffman to federal conspiracy charges on Monday afternoon for her role in the college admissions scandal. Prosecutors said the Desperate Housewives actress paid the scheme's ringleader William “Rick” Singer $15,000 to doctor her daughter Sofia Grace Macy's SAT score.Huffman agreed to plead guilty last month to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. She is married to actor William H. Macy, who has not been charged in the case, but has appeared in court as sup...
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