To all the men wanting to talk their wives into sex toys

Don’t you want them? Vixen Johnny and Magic Wand Original, coming at you. I can see through you, and I don’t like what I see. You email me under the guise of caring. Of wanting your wife to experience something new in the bedroom. You love her, your wife — you make sure to state that outright. You tell me her age, and yours, for some inexplicable reason. She’s gorgeous, and you’ve been married for many years. You’ve tried to convince her to try sex toys before, but there’s just one naggi...
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5 Steps to Get Buy-In from Your Colleagues (and Your Boss)

Many people do not seem to recognize that getting buy-in for their ideas is not only key to organizational success--but also to personal and career success. This is an issue that does not seem to go away or get old. Furthermore, the inter-disciplinary set-up of businesses today just makes the competency both more difficult and more valuable. Surprisingly, there is a definite process for how actionable recommendations evolve and gain acceptance. When I say “process” I’m revealing that much of co...
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Going Clear: Modern Transparent Chairs You Can Actually Afford

Clear, plastic furniture is not a concept that I was immediately warm to. The hyper-modern aesthetic just wasn’t cute to me. It felt contrived, overly ironic, and challenging for my design imagination to work with. It wasn’t until several years after I saw my first Ghost Chair – a now-historical piece of functional art by Phillipe Starcke, and the OG see-through furniture – that I finally understood my problem: I was viewing clear furniture as a theme instead of an accent. You don’t fill an enti...
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How to Apologize For Messing Up At Work

Messing up at work need not be the end of the world, even in a high-pressure law department. Quick and accurate communication can do wonders for trust-building and mitigating fallout, and focus is key to preventing future distracted lawyering. “One of the worst feelings at work is when you realize you totally messed up. You stare in disbelief at first hoping that you didn’t really make as big of a mistake as you think you did. Then, with a pit in your stomach, you calculate all the ways you c...
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