Why the Health of Your Doctor Matters

By Michael Lee Stallard and Katharine P. Stallard It is customary for your doctor to ask you how you are doing when he or she enters the exam room. We’ve come to expect it. Typically, it is the opening question in a conversation to assess how you are really doing. But how often do you ask your doctor the same question? A Heavy Load Practicing medicine these days is stressful. Demands of productivity drive increasing numbers of patient visits or procedures on a given day. In addition to carin...
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Emergency – 2

1. No state government 2. A state converted to UT under president rule 3. Army deployed in civilian areas 4. Politicians arrested 5. All communications are blocked 6. State rules modified without the people of the state participating 7. No opposition to support people If we are not in emergency then what are we in? Just like Emergency – 1. This will have long term effects on how Indian Constitution holds its integrity. India lost a part of its soul today.
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18 Important Reminders About Living Up to People’s Expectations

Your needs matter. Don’t ignore them. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everyone else. A life spent ceaselessly trying to please people who are perhaps incapable of ever being pleased, or trying too hard to always be seen as doing “what’s expected of you,” is a sure road to a regretful existence. Marc and I were on this road once, but I’m happy to say we’re paving our own path now based on our own needs, morals and values. And today I hope to insp...
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How to Negotiate With a Narcissist

Negotiating with narcissists — people who only care about their self-interests — is a skill all lawyers need to master. Surprising as it may seem, there is an extremely rare chance that a lawyer will have to negotiate with a narcissistic lawyer. Yes, shocking to hear, we know, but as the Scouts say “always be prepared” and always negotiate like a boss. “We live in an increasingly narcissistic society. Narcissists are people who have an overwhelming need to be admired. They tend to lack empath...
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AI's Relationship to Team Collaboration

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is all the rage in business. Owners hoping for more efficient operations and better team collaboration are eager to take advantage of smart machines, but where should you start? First described by Stanford computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956, artificial intelligence refers to computer simulation of human intelligence. Let's explore the categories of AI most businesses are implementing today, as well as the things to keep in mind when considering AI-based ...
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