Veridique: A Clean And Affordable K-Beauty Range You’ll Love

I’m so impressed with the products I’ve tried from Veridique. This is a relatively new K-beauty brand that is clean and natural. I’m currently using three of their products and they are all extremely gentle and works well for any skin type, even those with sensitive skin. And the best part? The products are all...Read More Related posts: Snowberry Beauty: anti-aging skin care range I’m in love with John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo Antipodes cleansers answer prayer for clean, r...
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My Top 5 Book Picks

When I reached out to dozens of colleagues to ask what their favorite people management book was, The One Minute Manager received the most mentions. Consider this super-short book a “management for dummies” that’s really very smart. My all-time favorite book on networking. As you might guess from the title, Never Eat Alone is about why you need […] The post My Top 5 Book Picks appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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Personal Liberty is Dead

I was sick today but the taxman won’t care about that. He doesn’t even care that I have been paying tax from the day I took my first job, very honestly 1. This taxman wants to know its me who is paying tax. I still don’t know who he thought was paying the tax for a decade now! Anyway to do tax returns this year one needs “voluntary” Aadhaar number. I had to surrender my personal liberty so I can pay my taxes, like an honest citizen. God (if you exist) save this country. I have fever and my stoma...
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Best Sex Positions To Hit The G Spot

Ahhh, the G-spot. The holy grail of female orgasms. It’s a dreamy little place that can drive a woman mad with pleasure when stimulated just right. But, that illustrious sweet spot isn’t always easy to find. Especially during penetrative sex. A man’s penis is just not that dexterous to hit the G-spot every time during sex. Luckily, a little creativity, and a few tweaks, in the bedroom can help with that! Here are our tips for the best sex positions to hit the G-spot, and start having some of the...
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