Year-End Giving: How to Get Ahead of the Game

Create a end of year giving strategy and get ahead of the game. Where did the time go? It’s time to start thinking about your year-end giving plan! Given 30% of all annual donations are given during this time, having a good year-end giving strategy is so very important. Sources report that more than 50% of organizations don’t begin planning their year-end giving campaign until October. With #GivingTuesday – now the unofficial start of the winter giving season – only weeks away at that p...
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Legal Hiring Managers: You Snooze, You Lose

Legal hiring managers who are snoozing are losing, as the hottest legal market since the late 1990s shows no signs of abating. Legal hiring managers must be efficient, organized and diligent to land the candidates they want and to beat out their competition. Even if you are in-house already, make sure your legal hiring managers are at the top of their game so that you can . “Depending on where you live, the legal market ranges from toasty to sizzling. The economy seems to be holding steady a...
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Hugs Across America

My friend LuAnn Buechler, who gives super warm hugs, is preparing to travel around the USA sharing hugs during the time of the 2020 Presidential Campaign. She’s stepping up to create more positivity and connection with Hugs Across America during a time of political divisiveness.Here’s a description of what she’s doing:The ihug movement is meant to give hope to people, like me, who want to live in a more positive environment. Who is tired of the negative political environment in our country setti...
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How Managers Can Achieve A Sense Of Calm

Managers are starting to embrace meditation to reduce stress and boost productivity Image Credit: Best Picko Let’s face it: being a manager can be a very stressful job. People are always asking us for things and we are trying to do our best to use our manager skills to manage our team. If we are not careful, the stress associated with the job can become so much that it starts to affect our relationships and potentially even our health. Managers need a way to deal with all of this stress and...
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Origins Clear Improvement Pore Clearing Moisturizer

press sample, affiliate links It’s a myth that only oily skin gets breakouts. It’s a fact that all skin types can suffer from breakouts. Most skin care products made for breakouts contain ingredients that dry out the skin, so if you have normal to dry skin, watch out. If you have dry skin, you really need to be aware and look for products that hydrate the skin or add in additional hydrating products. Origins recently added to the successful Clear Improvement line that is really good at doing bo...
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