The (not so) harrowing tale of my IUD insertion

The morning of my IUD insertion began with me desperately driving across town to retrieve a sex toy. I didn’t necessarily want to masturbate, but I needed to. It had occurred to me the night before: fuck, what if penetration is forbidden following the procedure? I needed to finish testing the Velvet Thruster Mini prior to my trip to sex toy trade show ANME, where I’d be participating in an influencers’ meeting with the company. That was less than a week away, and the toy was stranded at my girlf...
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10 Best Condoms for Her in 2019

Condoms are vital to safe sex, but that’s nothing new. That being said, condoms aren’t just there to make sex safer, but can also make sex more pleasurable. This article focuses on the best condoms for her pleasure and will help you pick the perfect condoms to improve the bedroom experience. First, we’ll cover some of the most important things to remember when buying condoms. Afterwards, we’ve listed some of the best condoms for her which will help you boost performance, improve stimulation and ...
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Straight From the Source: Learning What’s Cool for Back-to-School with Goodwill

Despite being well into my 30s, I never forget that August means back-to-school shopping. In fact, I regularly and enthusiastically encourage grown adults to continue their back-to-school shopping patterns for as long as possible. Keeping yourself in clothes that make you feel good is a priority that frequently gets lost once we leave the expressive world of teen wardrobes, and that’s a real shame. In fact, I think that we should be encouraging ourselves to be *gasp*… more like teens when it com...
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It’s Time to Apply Weekend Bag to Your Style

For some unfathomable reason, there is a form of hillbilly attitude to men and bags. It is sometimes implied that it would be strange and silly for men to be interested in bags. Of course, it is idiotic, and we can jointly hope that those who feel so ahead of men’s bags will disappear before they have done too much damage. The truth is that bags are extremely interesting for men too, and a stylish bag can be just as important for an outfit as the bracelet or watch. Admittedly, it is not common...
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