4 Reasons You Need to Keep Doing Hard Things to Be Happy, Healthy and Successful

You need to do hard things to be happy, healthy and successful. Because the hard things ultimately build you up and change your life. If you already feel like you’re at the end your rope today with little slack left to hold on to, realize your mind is lying to you. It has imprisoned you by reciting self-defeating stories in your head—stories about your mistakes and what you should have done differently. And you’ve begun to believe that you’re really stuck. But you’re NOT. You are alive in an ...
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Guiding Your Team Through Evolving Work Structures

Whether you’ve been with the same organization or moved around, if you’ve been a manager for a while, you have probably experienced a lot of changes regarding how, where, and when people work. The boundaries for what’s acceptable and what isn’t have shifted dramatically over the last 10 years, and many agree that the waters are growing even murkier. As we approach 2020, every organization is different with respect to policies on flexwork, technology-facilitated collaboration, virtual teaming, co...
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The Inevitability of Genius

Everyone who saw what happened at Headingley yesterday - and many who didn't - will have their take on it. This is mine.With one thing and another - the demands of a job which doesn't allow me to watch cricket, mainly - unless I'm at a game these days, opportunities to sit down and watch Test cricket, in all its compelling glory, for hour upon hour, are relatively rare. On Saturday afternoon, and again yesterday, I was able to do so. I was reminded of my childhood - days of Soul Limbo, and Pe...
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Speaking at 2019 Vegas WordCamp

I’m looking forward to speaking at WordCamp Las Vegas September 7-8, 2019. My talk is titled: Counterintuitive Lessons From 15 Years of Personal Growth Blogging.There are 30 tickets left for anyone who wants to attend, so they will probably sell out. It’s only $50 for the whole weekend, which is a nice deal for anyone who wants to up-level their WordPress knowledge and skills. I’ve gone to the Vegas WordCamp as an attendee the past two times and found it worthwhile each time.I believe this will ...
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Transition to Fall: 10 Ways to Style Your Cardigans

  The weather’s cooling down, and one of the first orders of business—along with restocking the pumpkin spice candles and getting the bonfire ready, of course—is to make sure you’re prepped for cardigan season . The open-front sweater is one of the most crucial components of a well-crafted cool-weather wardrobe, expected in situations ranging from running errands to running shows, commanding the boardroom to commanding happy hour. We’re here to help you get cardie-ready so you can slay all s...
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Lawyering May Not Be The Best Choice For Happiness

Lawyering does not equal happiness, or at least that’s what one author is saying. And he also casts doubt on early retirement and home ownership. Pshaw! Haters gonna hate! Maybe the study did not distinguish between Biglaw life and the idyllic bliss of in-house attorneys who gaze at rainbows and unicorns all day. “If you want to be happy, being a lawyer may not be the best choice, according to an author who has studied happiness research. Retiring early and buying a home may also be poor choi...
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My Fall Hair Care + Color Routine

This post has been sponsored by Keratin Color. All thoughts and opinions are my own. With fall right around the corner, I thought I would share a few things I have been doing to maintain my hair color and keep it in great condition. After a summer of subjecting my hair to all the elements, I have been taking extra care of my hair.I recently shared how I depend on Silky Blonde Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color from Dollar General and it’s been a game-changer for my hair. I swear, thanks to the salon-i...
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