ProjectOnHerOwn Story booths in Cubbon Park

When we started ProjectOnHerOwn, our intention was to reach as many people as possible. We knew we couldn’t just do online events. We needed offline (IRL) events. We had multiple options but we choose Cubbon Park because it was convenient, easy to get permission1 and people are friendly and approachable. That last point is important as most of us2 didn’t have any experience in doing such a public event. It also seemed fun to have phone booths in a park, that will tell you stories. I don’t rememb...
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Why Trump Is a Lot Weaker Than He Thinks

Again and again my acquaintances, liberal and even some of my Republican friends are running scared about what Trump is doing to our democracy and its institutions. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ignoring the mess Trump has created or even its impact on our culture, but I find that some, perhaps much, of the fear is overwrought. So, one way to understand what’s going on in the US is, first, to step out of our democracy and look at parallels around the world. Trump is not unique, but in many ways co...
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The New Frontier Cookbook Tour! by The Pioneer Woman

My new cookbook, The New Frontier, will be out in less than two months! I remember when I first started it over a year ago, it felt like it would be forever before it finally came. And then I blinked and here we are–exactly eight weeks away. (And ten years–yes, ten!–since my first cookbook was released. I can’t believe it.)   Part of the fun and joy of releasing a new cookbook is the fact that I’ll get to travel to different places to meet so many fantastic folks. I’ve spent the past few weeks...
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