Is vitamin E oil causing vaping-related lung illnesses? New York State Dept. investigates

The New York State Dept. of Health is investigating vitamin E oil as a possible cause of the mysterious, severe respiratory illnesses linked to vaping.
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Mom of mixed-race child creates ‘Brown Skin Matters’ Instagram to help doctors

A new Instagram account called Brown Skin Matters, started by a mom, helps families of color identify pediatric skin conditions — and possibly save lives.
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6 Best Non-latex Condoms in 2019

For people with latex allergies, finding a good condom can be a challenge. They’re often more expensive and sometimes don’t protect you from certain STD’s either. Luckily, this article is all about the best non-latex condoms, and is for everyone who’s allergic to latex, hates the smell/taste or just generally wants to try something different! First, we go into some of the things to look out for when buying non-latex condoms, and what the more important features are. After this, we’ve listed some...
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Job Search Program: What a Job Search Strategy Looks Like (Part 7: Project Update) #favoriteFriday

In this favoriteFriday post I say “The results of this step is, really, career management.” And you know how much I love career management! This is the last of this series of favoriteFriday posts where I talk about Hannah Morgan’s 6 Steps to Job Search Success. This is a critical step… the first step we did an assessment, this is like a debrief, and a post assessment. Don’t skip this step! Check out my post about it here: Job Search Strategy: Project Update (6)
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Pre Fall Beauty Essentials is coming to you from above the clouds…

Pre Fall Beauty Essentials is coming to you from above the clouds. As I fly from London to NYC I’m inspired to write… of my favorite places in the world is being above the clouds. I feel so free here and that’s how my skin is feeling. I’ve been experimenting this summer with skincare from […] Pre Fall Beauty Essentials is coming to you from above the clouds…
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The Forgotten Transitions: New Managers, New Responsibilities

In an ideal world, every employee would be solidly prepared for a transition involving a promotion or new roles and responsibilities. And yet so often, we leave this to chance. We hope that the person in charge will make sure the employee has all of the right information, tools, and support to perform the new job effectively. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t happen. Employees are expected to figure it out, and many get overwhelmed, burned out, and demotivated in the process. Exacerbating the pr...
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I redesigned my site. Hooray!

You know how Marie Kondo tells you to go through your closet and throw out all your clothes because you want to start a new part of life? I did that with my website. If you’re the impetuous type, you throw out your clothes and buy new ones later. I did that, too. After twenty years of blogging and redesign, after redesign, after redesign, my site is like sedimentary rock. You can see the remnants of features long gone. And when the developers are digging around, invariably they pull out one ...
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