Reflection On The Legacy of Mufti Umer Esmail | Imam Azhar Subedar

“An ocean of knowledge which once resided on the seabed of humbleness has now submerged below it, forever.” “Why didn’t you tell me!! You call me your younger brother, but you couldn’t even tell me you were ailing?!” I could’ve called you or visited you so I could apologize for all the pain I caused you; thank you for all the good you did for me throughout my life despite all that pain. if nothing else, just so I could say goodbye to you.” (My selfish mind continued to cry out as I stood in fron...
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11 Questions with the Most Curious Man in Hollywood

The following is a guest post from Brian Grazer (@briangrazer), an Oscar-winning movie and television producer and New York Times bestselling author. His work has been nominated for 43 Academy Awards and 195 Emmys, including A Beautiful Mind, 24, Apollo 13, Splash, Arrested Development, Empire, 8 Mile, Friday Night Lights, American Gangster, Frost/Nixon, Genius, and many […]
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Scientists may have found a way to reverse aging in new drug trial

A drug treatment helped reverse aging by 2.5 years, on average, according to a new study.
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Best Hair Gel for Kids: Reviews and Buying Guide

On the hunt for a great hair gel for your kid? You’re in luck. We’ve got an awesome list of hair gels that will no doubt have your kid’s hair looking stylish. You might be tempted to let them use your hair gel or pick up one at the store, but hold up. When it... Read More » The post Best Hair Gel for Kids: Reviews and Buying Guide appeared first on .
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Best Deodorant for Kids: Reviews and Buying Guide

Body odor. It’s bound to happen. Right around the time kids enter puberty, you might start noticing that your dear darling smells a bit, which is to be expected and totally natural. It also means that it’s probably time to start using deodorant. But, your child is still a child after all, and you’re probably looking... Read More » The post Best Deodorant for Kids: Reviews and Buying Guide appeared first on .
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25 Amazing Audio Books For Kids

Do you find yourself wishing your kids would do more reading? Are you tired of those long family road trips with nothing but Disney singalongs for entertainment? Or maybe you wish you had an excuse to re-read some childhood favorites without looking immature? Audiobooks! They are the answer! They’re easy to listen to, so your... Read More » The post 25 Amazing Audio Books For Kids appeared first on .
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How to Make Great Employees Stay at Small Businesses

Employee turnover disrupts the workplace and has a significant effect on small businesses. One resignation can cause a huge loss to the team. Not only in costs, but also in time, team morale and profitability. You can hire great employees, but retaining them is a different story. Here are seven things you can do to keep your employees happy in the workplace.   Reachable HR department There are some things your employees may not feel comfortable approaching you with. Whatever the reason, having ...
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15 Little Things You Need to Focus on Less to Get Ahead Today

You become a true master of your life when you learn how to master your focus—where your attention goes. This morning, after back surgery nearly a year ago, one of my neighborhood friends finally took his first few unassisted steps. His doctor says he should be back on his feet full-time in about two months; he just needs to build up the muscle in his legs again. When I asked my friend what he’s looking forward to most about being back on his feet, he said, “Long walks with my wife.” His resp...
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Pluralsight $100 off: Now Is The Time To Upgrade on Pluralsight

Every once in a while Pluralsight goes on sale. Now is that once in a while. The normal price is $299 for the personal plan, so this is a 33% savings and definitely worth it. (the premium plan is normally $449/year, and with this discount it is $349). Upgrade here. “What?!?!?!”, you ask? “Get Pluralsight for a whole freaking year for only $199? That is absurd!!” Yes, yes it is. Very absurd. Nutso. But it’s true. And now is the time to jump on it. Here’s the email I got from Pluralsight: Hi J...
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Gen X, The Forgotten Middle Child: Is it any wonder that our theme song is “Don’t You Forget About Me?”

If you want to know how Gen X feels, look no further than a recent news segment. As CBSNLive reported on generations, their chart looked…well, wrong. Hmmm…what could be missing? Just Gen X. Forgotten. Again. That’s right; it often feels as if we don’t exist AT ALL. It is not uncommon in my workshops on […] The post Gen X, The Forgotten Middle Child: Is it any wonder that our theme song is “Don’t You Forget About Me?” appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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Runway Hair Gets Real with TRESemmé® 

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own. As New York Fashion Week is here, all eyes are on the trends. I always look at the makeup and hair trends coming down the runways and try to recreate a few of my favorite looks.I love trying to recreate some of the hair looks and translate them to real-life. Because the runway isn’t real-life, I need help with products and tools. Some products that I depend on to work the trends and give me confidence to rock it is TRESemmé® pr...
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