Loneliness: An Increasingly Recognized Health Problem

Article Published by SmartBrief Loneliness is a growing problem in U.S. society, but fortunately it is one that is beginning to receive the attention that it deserves. I had the privilege of contributing comments to a recent article published by SmartBrief, which explored the impact of loneliness and how organizations can address it. Read the full article and consider what steps you can take to address the problem of loneliness in your community. The post Loneliness: An Increasingly Recognized H...
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Is This Thing On?

OMG you guys. It’s been a while. It may have even been a while and a half, I am not even sure. I fell asleep and I woke up and it was the year 3076, blogs were obsoletes and I was actually deceased.  Yet here I am. Ever the crafty one, I built a time-machine in 3076 (yes from beyond the grave) and I beamed myself back to 2019. I found a tiny 11″ laptop and a sofa and I figured: why not? I came back here to ask you and ask myself some very fundamental questions, such as: do I even still lik...
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Get a Raise Last Year? Choose Savings Inflation and Not Lifestyle Inflation

Getting an annual raise or a promotion that comes with a higher salary is a great feeling. It makes you feel appreciated for what you do, and, if your finances were tight, it brings a sigh of relief. What’s the first thing people tend to think of immediately after a raise? What to do with the extra income, of course, and usually, where to spend that sum. It’s not the immediate reward that’s the biggest problem though. Going out to a nice restaurant, taking the weekend away, or even purchasing a...
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Your Next Big Job – Who To Talk To

Your next big job may not come from an in-house counsel board as many positions never go public and are filled via word of mouth. When you are are looking, don’t forget to talk to those closest to home – your next gig may be closer than you think. Don’t forget to continuously evaluate whether you are in the right spot for your career goals, and keep close contact with a legal recruiter you know and trust. “If you’re looking for a new job…“Which influential person would I invite for a networki...
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Hypertension: The No. 1 sign you have high blood pressure, according to a cardiologist

Hypertension is known as the “silent killer” and it’s not something that you want to mess with.
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The World’s Largest Psychedelic Research Center (#385)

This is something I’ve been working on for ~1.5 years and something diligent scientists have been working toward for 20+ years. This episode features a recording of the press conference announcing the launch of the world’s largest psychedelic research center and the U.S.’s first psychedelic research center, The Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns […]
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Block, Rinse, Repeat

Ten years ago, I was writing about a new chapter in our lives as a family. My oldest was 5 and starting Kindergarten, my daughter was a toddler, and I hadn’t even entertained the thought of adding a third child to our family! The worries and issues were different and living online was different. I was brand new to Twitter, and the online world was essentially new for all of us. Mommy blogging was as brand new and bright eyed as my babies. My girls! (As in most photos I share publicly onlin...
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From the Atlantic's James Fallows. . . to Pete Buttigieg

In the Fall of Rome, Good News for America. The October Atlantic just arrived and I was immediately intrigued by James Fallows fascinating article. Actually, it's a response to Peter Mellon's, The World of Late Antiquity and the new book, Walter Scheidel's Escape from Rome. Fallows argues that though the US government is essentially sterile and self-paralyzed, he's found a terrific amount of resilience in state and local governments. In fact, he's found that state and local g...
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New Chief Happiness Officer Academy announced for Copenhagen in December

Participants from 16 countries at the CHO Academy in June 2019 in Copenhagen Our regular CHO Academy in June sold out very quickly and had a long waiting list so we added an extra one in November. That one is now also sold out, so we’ve added an extra extra Academy in Copenhagen on December 8-11 2019. If you want a deep dive into the theory and practice of creating happy workplaces then this is the training for you. Previous participants loved the training, and said things like: “Without a doubt...
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When LinkedIn Doesn’t Matter In The Job Search

I was talking to my friend Susan Joyce, owner of, and she was telling me about someone in their job search. She said something profound… as she was talking about this person and how they were (or weren’t) using LinkedIn: “I don’t think it matters what he puts in LinkedIn. He is so well connected, he had his list of target companies,…” She went on to talk about how this person is really into networking. Of course, this person might not say it that way, but the reality is that a lot o...
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To Know the Love of Christ

What do you pray for your church? I find Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians interesting: For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth an...
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7 Tips for Success in 7 Minutes

We share 7 tips for success to celebrate the 7th anniversary of BIGG Success in a Minute, our syndicated radio feature, by sharing 7 favorite episodes. Brought to you by Seven years ago today, BIGG Success in a Minute – our syndicated radio feature with Envision Networks – hit the airwaves for the first […] The post 7 Tips for Success in 7 Minutes appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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New status symbols of middle age

The last time I wrote a post with this title, I wrote that women need a stay-at-home husband. And clearly, I was wrong, because later research showed that women who are breadwinners with stay-at-home husbands are headed for divorce. And so was I. So I think what I’m best at is showing what we think we want, regardless of whether it’s actually good to want these things. 1. A traditional marriage You probably know that men report being a few inches taller than they are, and tall women report b...
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