TIFF 2019: Endings, Beginnings After Party with HUGO BOSS

Endings, Beginnings TIFF After Party with HUGO BOSS, attended by Drake Doremus, Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan, Sebastian Stan, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Shamier Anderson. Visit Style Blog to read more.
Tags: Food, Fashion, Jamie Dornan, Toronto, Events, Shailene Woodley, Tiff, Celebrity Fashion, Montecito, Drake Doremus, Sebastian Stan, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jay Strut, Hugo Boss, Shamier Anderson, Lindsay Sloane

Time to feel effects of going off long term hormonal birth control?

Hi! I was put on the birth control pill (Ortho Cyclin) as a teenager for terrible cramps which kept me out of school, throwing up all pain meds, and literally rolling on the floor asking to die.I stayed on them for 22 years, despite not needing them for actual birth control (my partner and I are both women) because I feared that I would have symptoms like I did before I went on the pill. I decided after my July period to go off the pill as an experiment. I'm nearing 40 and there are health ri...
Tags: Sex, Tsepnraiynag, Ortho Cyclin

Woman in semi-comatose state after using skin cream from Mexico

A 47-year-old mom of five is in a semi-comatose state after getting mercury poisoning from a tainted skincare cream from Mexico.
Tags: Mexico, Sex

Urban Decay NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette

press sample, affiliate links Sugar, ah honey honey… You are my candy girl… And you got me wanting you. The Archies said it best when they sang those lyrics back in 1969 and I can’t stop singing along with the new Urban Decay NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette in my hands. Just about every makeup girl LIVES for a NAKED eyeshadow palette. When the new NAKED R...
Tags: Makeup, Beauty, Lizzo, Macy, UD, Eyeshadow, Urban Decay, Sephora Ulta

What zoomers think about 9/11

Have you heard the term zoomers? It’s what Generation Z calls themselves. I remember resisting using the term millennial because I thought it was absurdly self-aggrandizing. But now I see that the moniker is perfectly aligned to Millennial thinking. The first time I heard my son refer to himself as a zoomer I said, “What? Zoomer? What’s that?” “Boomer. Get it?” “But you hate boomers. You want to disenfranchise them.” Note: that is not an exaggeration. There are conversations all over the Int...
Tags: US, Careers, Justin Bieber, George Bush, World Trade Center, Pete Davidson, Pete, Zoomer, Pete Davidson His dad

'Every day felt like Christmas': Woman shares what life is like after losing 66 pounds

After getting into an Ivy League-graduate school and receiving a promotion at work, Venn Hering decided it was time to focus on her next goal: getting into the best shape of her life.
Tags: Sex, Ivy League, Venn Hering

Pluralsight: Building and Managing Your Career Plan Testimonial

Over the weekend I got a really cool testimonial on one of my 31 live Pluralsight courses. First I’ll share the testimonial, and then I’ll comment on why this was special. Maurie wrote: “I just completed Jason Alba’s course “Building and Managing Your Career Plan“. It is excellent. The content is EXACTLY on point. The presentation is very professional–no endless stream of bullet points that Jason just reads, Relevant icons that reinforce the message. Sparkling examples delivered as a multitude...
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