What you need to know about suicide prevention: A doctor weighs in

Clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo on signs to look out for that could indicate you or a loved one might be at risk for suicide.
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How To Fade Jeans [September 2019]

If you have ever ordered jeans online, you know that the wash can sometimes look…well…different. Sometimes jeans are too dark. Sometimes too lights. And sometimes they are the wrong color altogether. Below, we laid out a comprehensive guide to lightening your jeans — including some of the best and easiest methods. Let’s go! Research / Frequent Questions Intro How To Fade Jeans With Vinegar How Do You Fade Jeans With Lemon Juice? How To Lighten Jeans Evenly? How Do You Lighten Dark ...
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The leading method of suicide in America is firearms. Here's how gun-control policies can help

While discussions of guns and policy almost always break down into contentious debates, there’s one subtopic on which all sides can seemingly agree: the relationship between firearms and suicide.
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Ken Burns — A Master Filmmaker on Creative Process, the Long Game, and the Noumenal (#386)

“There’s always the certainty that the opposite of what I might believe in might also be true.” — Ken Burns Ken Burns (@KenBurns) has been making documentary films for more than 40 years. Since the Academy Award nominated Brooklyn Bridge in 1981, Ken has gone on to direct and produce some of the most acclaimed […]
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5 Ways to Deal with a Job that Sucks

Guest post from Steve Farber: A buddy of mine has a step-daughter who works three or four 12-hour shifts each week as a clerk in a hospital emergency room. She’s a single mom with three kids, all still at home, all still outgrowing their shoes every other week, and all seemingly capable of eating Walmart’s entire grocery section in a single sitting. She took the job in part because it paid a couple of bucks an hour more than her previous job and because she liked the idea of helping people who...
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Evaluation Time: Your Social Impact Entertainment Report

You probably know this anecdotally: Good advertising influences people’s drink preferences, their electronics purchases and more. But what if we told you the media itself affects our thoughts and beliefs on socioeconomic or political issues?  Grab your ass with both hands. Great ready to read our evaluations of various social impact entertainment report. Oh, hell yeah! We’re big fans of all kinds of Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) here at FUNKY BROWN CHICK, Inc. But how do we truly kno...
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Too Busy?

Meet the All-American family: a house in the suburbs, nice cars, 2.5 kids, both parents working, kids on a team for soccer, baseball, dance, quite a bit of debt on credit cards, a mortgage, and routine, vanilla sex once a week (usually). Or put another way, schedules run the show. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself […] The post Too Busy? appeared first on SMR Nation.
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Pluralsight for Job Seekers? #Yep

This post is part of a series of posts through next Friday, to promote (push!) the $100 off at Pluralsight. Instead of paying $299/year you can pay $199 a year and have access to their rich library of over 6,000 courses. Most of them are technical, and most of them are for technologists. But back in 2012, when they invited me to do my first course, they showed that they value soft skills and professional development. There are now around 200 soft skills or professional development courses in th...
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Can You Become A Better Manager By Doing Less?

Talent and hard work are not all that is required to get ahead Image Credit: Christina zur Nedden As a manager, your goal at work is to get ahead. You want to be seen as a star performer who gets things done. You want your work to be viewed as being of the highest quality and you want your management to come looking for you when they have a slot open up for promotions. The big question that you are facing is the same one that we are all trying to answer: just exactly what do you have to do ...
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