Mental Health at Work: Workplace Design Matters for All Generations

My speaking engagements frequently take me to college campuses, where I have the opportunity to connect with professors and administrators about the hot topics on their campuses. For the past few years, I’ve been struck by the number of times leaders at a wide variety of colleges and universities have talked to me about the […] The post Mental Health at Work: Workplace Design Matters for All Generations appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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There are 2 types of flu shots to choose from: Which one should you get?

They’re known as the trivalent vaccine and the quadrivalent vaccine.
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Talent Assembly as Recruitment 2.0

For most of recruiting’s history, in some ways all jobs were created equal. If your organization needed a human worker, you solicited qualified candidates to work full-time, onsite at your location, with the expectation that they’d be there for the foreseeable future. Traditional employees still exist, of course. But due to a combination of demographic shifts and technology advances, the recruitment role has become exponentially more complicated. I’ve talked about the rise of the gig economy for...
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7 Things We Hold On To (Long After It’s Time To Let Go)

by Erica Layne, author of The Minimalist Way “That which you hold, holds you.” ― Tom Robbins Jeanne Marie had moved her wedding shoes from apartment to apartment, home to home—for more than fifteen moves over thirty-five years. In her twenties, she’d shopped exhaustively for the right pair, trying on dozens of shoes before landing on the perfect strappy sandals, the pair that would follow her around for the next three and a half decades. She’d always hoped to wear them again, maybe for an an...
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Top 5 global trends in HR

Human Resources is such an essential part of so many organizations. It determines the policies and procedures of the company, that directly affect the employees. However, there are specific global trends right now that are changing HR. As the world becomes smaller, human resources are evolving. Regardless of the size of the organization, there are ways that HR has changed, and trends that they need to adapt to. Here are some of the most notable global trends that are affecting HR.   Diversity ...
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Find Bliss in this natural, cruelty-free and affordable skincare

As self care continues to rise in popularity and importance, it is increasingly easy to get your hands on high-quality skincare. But the kicker is finding products that work without breaking the bank or relying on nasty chemicals and fillers. Bliss, a long-standing skincare and spa company, has been making natural, cruelty-free offerings for years, so we decided to test out some of its top sellers to find just how well these budget-friendly, natural skincare products work. We received six items...
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