A Guide to Yoga & Mindfulness in Berlin Curated by Trusted Yoga Experts

photo: Hendrik Thul.  I am more than happy to notice our society’s new obsession with self-development, mindfulness and general mental hygiene. “Self Care” is not a niche anymore, it has become more of a common need. Even in Berlin, where our generation rather used to give in to pleasure and partying than nurturing thoughts on self-reflection. Now, practicing morning meditation daily with the or going for a healthy breakfast has become a trusted routine for many. Yoga – the mother of physica...
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Join The Global Climate Strike this Friday

Thanks to FridaysForFuture initiated by the young Greta Thunberg, the climate crisis has entered the common consciousness as an issue that concerns everyone. The Berlin edition of the upcoming Global Climate Strike is a chance for all of us to show our resistance against the fossil fuel industry. The website of the Global Climat Strike provides detailed information about the movement. It also lists multiple events connected to the Climate Strike that take place in Berlin. Apart from the big G...
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Scientists may have found the cure for the common cold

Here’s some good news as we head into cold and flu season: Scientists may have found the cure for the common cold.
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A Guide to Shopping at Sex Toy Shops

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews A Guide to Shopping at Sex Toy Shops Whether you are shopping for your first sex toy, or looking for the next best pleasure product to add to your collection, the first thing you need to decide is where to shop. These... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews A Guide to Shopping at Sex Toy Shops
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How to Propose an Open Relationship

Raise the topic gradually. Talk about famous attractive people.
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