Cyclical Fashion & Sustainability in Austin, Texas

Our Unedited Chat with The Edit Advisory’s Creative Advisor, Trend Analyst and Founder, Krystal De LisiContinue reading on Austin Startups »
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Mary Kay Naturally Review

In August of 2019, global beauty brand Mary Kay launched their first-ever range of natural skin care products known as Mary Kay Naturally. The line was inspired by the increasing consumer demand for natural products, and the brand’s belief that “nature is rich with skin-benefiting wonders”. Key...
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Popular heartburn drug may be tainted with cancer-causing chemical

A generic version of a popular heartburn medication that contains ranitidine — the generic version of Novartis’ Zantac — may be contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical.
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Tristan Harris — Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention (#387)

“Big Brother isn’t watching. He’s singing and dancing. He’s pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother’s busy holding your attention every moment you’re awake. He’s making sure you’re always distracted. He’s making sure you’re fully absorbed. He’s making sure your imagination withers. Until it’s as useful as your appendix.” — Chuck Palahniuk Tristan Harris […]
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‘I thought my heart failure was just asthma’: How regular exercise and medical therapy helped one man to 'feel a lot better'

John Sousa had asthma in the past, so he wasn’t overly concerned when he suddenly had trouble breathing in the summer of 2016. But his inhaler didn’t seem to be doing much to help.
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My Friends are Spending $30K on Their Wedding — And I’m Keeping My Mouth Shut

Thirty thousand dollars. I heard that figure and my jaw dropped. That’s the amount that a couple of my friends are spending on their upcoming wedding. Every time I hear about some new detail of the plans for the wedding, there’s a little voice in my head that starts commenting on the bottom line. But here’s the thing — it’s not my wedding. I’m not going to say a word because my friends are adults and seem to be pretty pleased with what they’re getting for their money. The High Cost of Wedd...
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What If Your Story Changes?

“Hey babe, what if next summer we set off on an adventure as a family and travel around the country in an RV for a year or two?” “I could see doing that.” A couple of hours later my wife comes to me … “There has to be a bigger reason to do this. Simply […] The post What If Your Story Changes? appeared first on SMR Nation.
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New study finds cancer-causing chemicals in tap water

A new Environmental Working Group study says there are contaminants in drinking water that could increase the risk of cancer.
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How Can Managers Get Workers To Stop Looking At Their Phones?

Trying to keep distractions away from staff can sometimes seem impossible Image Credit: petantik So here’s a quick quiz for you. How many times each day do the members of your team take out their phone and look at them? It turns out that the answer is 2,617 times per day that we all tap, poke, pinch, or swipe our phones. From a manager point-of-view, just exactly how much time does all of this take? The answer is 2 hours and 25 minutes each and every day. The bad news for you is that most o...
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Why Buddhism?

I just finished reading Buddha or Karl Marx By Dr. Ambedkar. It’s just a long essay or Booklet. The thing that caught my attention is the summary of Buddhist Tripiṭaka. I think this summary is the best I have read about Buddhism and why its required. The below points are quoted from Buddha or Karl Marx. Why Buddhism? Religion is necessary for a free Society. Not every Religion is worth having. Religion must relate to facts of life and not to theories and speculations about God, or Soul or H...
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Stuart Broad v David Warner

Stuart Broad dismisses David Warner (via ECB video) Today on Cricket 365, we’re asking (and then answering) the question, ‘Which of Stuart Broad’s seven David Warner dismissals was the most enjoyable and why?’ Here’s a link to the article so that you can easily find and then read it. Related posts: Stuart Broad snatches the all-rounder baton off Andrew Flintoff Why David Warner doesn’t do ‘reading’ It’s a fine line between love and hate for David Warner
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10 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Fall

press sample, bought by me, affiliate links With the official launch of the fall season just a few days away, there are some things I am looking forward to— none of them have to do with pumpkin spice. I’m over that. Though I do have a few pumpkin related skin treats that I look forward to pulling out this time of year, I have quite a few fall basics I love and regimens that I fall back into this time of year. ...
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