ENDY 100 Night Review

When was the last time you bought a mattress? For most of us, it’s likely when you purchased one for the kids. Like most things, as parents, we tend to put ourselves last. With a recent room-switcheroo between our three kids this summer (my teenager finally achieved his goal of a basement bedroom), we had a decision to make. Finally, get a new King mattress for our bedroom and then transfer our mattress to the basement for him, or continue with the current mattresses? I figured it was a good tim...
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Core Conversations on Start Finishing: How to Regain a Sense of Self in Parenthood

Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of our core conversations on Charlie’s book Start Finishing. In our last conversation, Mike Ambassador Bruny talked about mentors and beneficiaries. In today’s conversation, Barb Suarez talks about honoring yourself in your new normal of parenthood.  There’s this prevailing myth about becoming a parent that those who’ve gone before seem to enjoy sharing with the uninitiated: “Having a baby means you’ll never get to do anything you love — personally or profe...
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'When you’re obese, you’re invisible': Woman on how her life changed after losing 240 pounds

By high school graduation, Corey Hyland weighed 400 pounds. She lost 240 pounds first through dropping beef, pork, and soda, and then by counting calories and exercising, but she still struggles with her body image.
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The Fight For Climate Justice Unites over 270.000 People in Berlin

The Global Climate Strike took place earlier today in Berlin, as well as in many other cities across the globe. Fridays for Future, the movement started by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, announced that around 270.000 people went to the streets in Berlin, which is a number much higher than anticipated. It was for sure the biggest demonstration I have ever been to, even bigger than the Europe demo in the Spring and the #unteilbar demo last Autumn (not counting Christopher Street Day). This...
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Jillian Michaels shares how changing her diet helped her PCOS: ‘I haven’t had an issue in about 20 years’

Health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels is opening up about struggling with the hormonal disorder PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) as a teenager, and how changing her diet helped.
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10 effective ways to hire and retain millennial employees

How To Keep Your Staff Happy At Work Do you want to make your staff happy at work? Do you want to make sure that the new member of the crew wants to hang around longer instead of jumping ship for a better opportunity? I have some helpful tips on how you can do that, especially when it pertains to your newest recruits, particularly Millenials that are natural go-getters.   1) Some companies like to draw their employees in with various perks, including catered lunches every day and happy hours at...
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NARS Audacious Fragrance

press sample, affiliate links Something unexpected happened this week… I received the most beautiful box and prints. An entire collection of prints captured by NARS’ Founder and Creative Director François Nars. The prints were made as a contrast in dark and light and sensuality; they are breathtaking. Beneath the prints was a brand new fragrance — a first, from NARS. Audacious Fragrance is François Nars’ first-ever signature fragrance. I am actually surprised that it took this long for him to l...
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Video: A new angle on a perfectly normal Steve Smith defensive stroke

Bert sent us this rather wonderful footage of Steve Smith safely countering a Jofra Archer short ball at Old Trafford. It was shot by Bert’s Australian mate, “so technically the copyright is now owned by the Queen.” Bert said he had a word with the Queen and it’s fine for us to publish it. Related posts: Video: Steve Smith tries to counter Wriddiham Saha’s ball-delving Video: The Barmy Army goad Steve Smith about his use of DRS What do you make of Steve Smith...
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#untitled - 20092019

Yo Fam (see am a hipster - I call readers "fam". If you are old like me, you may want to read what fam means here)!Trust you are well. I am ok. I could be better though. Such is life. You know, ups and downs. Ebbs and flows. Light and darkness. Yin and yang. Yes and no. Fuck I can make a long list of dualities that us humans are subjected to all the time! But that's not the point of this post. The point is, well, no point.Thing is, I haven't written for a while - not here, not on book2 (which is...
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