Lisa Ling — Exploring Subcultures, Learning to Feel, and Changing Perception (#388)

“It requires time and energy to get invested in other people’s stories, but I do in my heart of hearts believe that you emerge a better and smarter human as a result of taking that time.” — Lisa Ling Lisa Ling (@lisaling) is the host and executive producer of the CNN Original Series This Is […]
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Moncler ups its puffer game

Just two days after Labor Day, menswear designer Sergio Zambon is boldly wearing white pants, detailed with the map of a dizzying mountain travel route. Behind him, a neon red “1952” sign illuminates an otherwise blank white wall, referencing both the year Moncler was founded as well as the name of the new 2 Moncler...
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CDC says it’s flu vaccine time — here’s what you need to know

Get your tissues ready — flu season is coming. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting the flu vaccine by late October.
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New in Niche: How About a Slow Dance With Byredo?

The house we recently featured in one of our Best in Show articles, Byredo, enriched their line with a new edition to be available this fall; a fragrance called Slow Dance. The composition was signed by perfumer Jérôme Epinette (his sixth for the house) who plunges us in the midst of a slow dance; one of those thrilling moments tinged with candor where boys and girls are about to become adults. ... Read full article: New in Niche: How About a Slow Dance With Byredo? from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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Link Love: Sweater Weather

Many of us are currently looking for a new Fall sweater or two, so let’s have a look at what the fashion sites are rounding up for us: 27 Fall sweaters for $50 or less from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s. POPSUGAR also reports that polar fleece sweaters and jackets are trending. 12 sweaters made for women with curves. Here are 27 more plus-size sweaters for Fall 2019. From a chevron pattern in bright pink and red to a striped jumper that mixes cobalt and cinnamon, here are 50 options under $...
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Model’s dramatic runway stomp even made Anna Wintour smile

It’s a walk-off that would put Derek Zoolander to shame. A male model with an incredibly intense strut stormed Paris Fashion Week and garnered heaps of praise online — including a smile from ice queen Anna Wintour. German model Leon Dame — clad in hot pants, a thigh-grazing leather jacket, platform knee-high boots and a...
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6 Awesome New Bars in Berlin

It’s been a while since we shared a new selection of Berlin bars. But especially for the cold months, being aware of some cozy place that serves nice cocktails and drinks is especially practical. So check out the list below, including recommendations from Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, and of course Kreuzkölln.   Dream Baby Dream   Dream Baby Dream, which opened just a little over a year ago, is one of our favorites in Prenzlauer Berg. With their handcrafted cocktails,  they reinvented the space t...
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Calvin Klein Euphoria Blush

Calvin Klein (Coty) presents Euphoria Blush, a new addition to the Euphoria  perfume line. Euphoria Blush is announced as a sensual gourmand scent, developed by IFF perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan and Yves Cassar, who describe it as a "fresh and intoxicating fruity floral scent, with sensual nuances in the background." It will enter the world-wide market in February 2020. Euphoria Blush follows... Read full article: Calvin Klein Euphoria Blush from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Bathmate HydroVibe Review

If you follow our blog, you may already know that I’m a huge Bathmate fun. If not, check my Bathmate review. I’ve been pumping for about 18 months now and while Bathmate sessions are relatively short (15 minutes), it still gets boring sometimes. That’s why Bathmate developed HydroVibe – to make pumping sessions more fun. While there are other benefits you can expect from this product like “release of serotonin and anti-pain chemicals like encephalin” and blah blah, the main idea behind HydroVibe...
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CDC reports 52 percent increase in vaping-related illnesses amid shakeup at Juul

As the CEO of Juul steps down, the principal director of the CDC is warning about the dangers of the "nicotine salts" it contains.
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28 Ways to Find the Stillness You Need to Thrive

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The following is a guest post from Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday). Ryan is one of the world’s foremost thinkers and writers on ancient philosophy and its place in everyday life. He is a sought-after speaker and strategist and the author of many bestselling books, including The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego Is […]
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How to Make a Lantern Out of an Aluminum Can (And a Candle Out of Bacon Fat)

Nowadays, lighting up your campsite or backcountry getaway typically means flicking on an LED headlamp or flashlight. These modern torches are undeniably convenient and efficient, but in some ways they can’t hold either a metaphorical or literal candle to an old fashioned lantern. Lanterns not only throw light in multiple directions rather than concentrating it in a single beam, but they also have an alluringly warm glow. Lanterns conjure up images of old railroad days, covered wagons, and lon...
Tags: Cook, Camping, Life, Survival, Manly Skills, Fire Building, Bacon Fat, Cook Bacon Yum Cut

Jenna Jameson loves how she looks with thick thighs: 'Super skinny isn’t goals'

Jenna Jameson has famously documented her post-baby weight loss and maintenance, which she attributes to the popular keto diet.
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The Mystery of Coromandel

Cold, early spring and warm early fall are two periods within the four seasons when my favorite creations from Les Exclusifs de Chanel develop in the best way on my skin.  These eaux de toilette — gentle and ethereal like Nymphalidae butterflies with their transparent wings that are incapable of surviving in either heat or cold — all of those creations finally blossom in all their gl... Read full article: The Mystery of Coromandel from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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How I, an anxious person, deal with an anxious puppy

There is no one solution to curing puppy anxiety, but creating a happy, healthy and safe environment for your puppy to feel loved and supported is a step in the right direction.
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‘I flat-lined 5 times during open heart surgery’: How a heart transplant gave one father a positive outlook on life

“I’ve been through my fair share of health issues, but I’m now able to do the things I want to do — and that’s incredible,” Jason Pablo tells Yahoo Lifestyle.
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Better Schools Are Not Enough (Part One)

My wife, who consulted and taught in both upper-middle class schools (Littleton, Colorado) and numerous inner-city schools (Detroit and Minneapolis), was the source of many insights that would never have crossed my mind or appeared in policy articles. One of her deep-seated insights was that merely fixing the schools could never heal many children’s educational problems, much less significantly impact achievement. And she had the breadth of experience and political wisdom to support her conclusi...
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Puffy Sleeves: Yay or Nay

With the massive resurgence of ‘80s fashion, and hints of the ‘70s thrown in for good measure, puffy sleeves are on-trend. For the most part, without the shoulder pad. We saw puffy sleeves return in the early ‘00s, but not for long. This time I suspect they’ll gain more momentum because we’re living in a fashion era where almost anything goes. Puffy sleeves are gathered at the crown of the sleeve to create volume and interest. The crown of the sleeve is at the top where the armhole attaches to t...
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How Managers Can Bridge The Instant Messaging Generation Gap

Managers have to help their older workers keep up with changes in communication Image Credit: Markus Koller How the members of your team communicate with each other is changing. There is a new wave of instant messaging applications that is in the process of changing how the members of your team communicate with each other. This change may be causing the older members of your team to scramble in order to keep up. As a manager, you are going to have to take steps to use your manager skills to...
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Sticky Sweet Launches from Urban Decay featuring NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette

press sample, affiliate links Urban Decay’s NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette was just the beginning when it comes to the sweet new launches from the brand for fall. You see, UD dreamed up some yummy treats that are sticky sweet and will have us glowing like a gilded goddess; I am not complaining. I am obsessed with the NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette (see my NAKED Honey review here) but there is more. If you like the sound of tantalizing lip plumpers and shimmering body powders, then listen up. ...
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Why You Should Use Association Websites in Your Job Search

--> The focus of my career has been researching jobs from employer career pages, job sites, association sites and consolidating these jobs in one place. Through the course of this work I have learned how to track down jobs that few people know about and where applicants are likely to have a good chance of getting hired when they apply. One of the best places to track down jobs which (1) few people know about and (2) you stand good odds of getting an interview if you apply, is association website...
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Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne: Portia’s Birthday Fragrance 2019

YAY Perfume Posse! It’s my BIRTHDAY! Well, yesterday was technically my birthday but you can bet your life I’m still celebrating today.BFF Kath has organised a small crew of us to go see Australian actor, writer and comedian Celeste Barber. Most… Continue Reading →
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