Sunday Firesides: Truth Is Found in Tension; Power Is Created in Paradox

Have you ever heard a podcast which offered an approach to tackling a problem that seemed to make a lot of sense, only to hear another which presented a different tact, and made sense too? How do then you decide between those perspectives? You don’t. We often seek to minimize conflict in our philosophy, principles, tactics. We see competing ideas as essentially antagonistic — as either/or. It’s belief vs. doubt; faith vs. science; stoicism vs sentimentality; motivation vs. discipline; individu...
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70-year old woman cyclist becomes oldest ever on Bolivia's 'Death Road'

After taking up riding to cope with tragedy, Mirtha Munoz has scaled the peak of extreme cyclingBolivia’s “Death Road” might seem an odd place for a septuagenarian on two wheels.The world’s most dangerous road spirals skyward nearly 3,300 metres, from the country’s lowland jungles to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Fog, rain, rockslides and sheer cliffs are main attractions. The road has likely claimed thousands of lives. Continue reading...
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70-year-old female cyclist becomes oldest ever on Bolivia's 'Death Road' race

After taking up riding to cope with tragedy, Mirtha Munoz has scaled the peak of extreme cyclingBolivia’s “Death Road” might seem an odd place for a septuagenarian on two wheels.The world’s most dangerous road spirals skyward nearly 3,300 metres, from the country’s lowland jungles to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Fog, rain, rockslides and sheer cliffs are main attractions. The road has likely claimed thousands of lives. Continue reading...
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70-year-old woman cyclist becomes oldest ever on Bolivia's 'Death Road' race

After taking up riding to cope with tragedy, Mirtha Munoz has scaled the peak of extreme cyclingBolivia’s “Death Road” might seem an odd place for a septuagenarian on two wheels.The world’s most dangerous road spirals skyward nearly 3,300 metres, from the country’s lowland jungles to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Fog, rain, rockslides and sheer cliffs are main attractions. The road has likely claimed thousands of lives. Continue reading...
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These Makeup Palettes Are So Versatile, You Can Stop Overpacking For Good

If you're obsessed with beauty products, chances are packing for a trip is no easy task. Aside from your hairstyling and skincare essentials, your many makeup products likely take up quite a lot of space in your luggage. Thankfully, there are a few brands that have recognized the need for versatile, travel-friendly makeup palettes. These makeup palettes are smaller, more versatile, or include a variety of makeup steps in one compact package, so you can spend less time trying to zipper your cosme...
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These Are the Best Hair Products Hitting Stores This October

October is spooky for many reasons, with Halloween being the most obvious. Less apparent is the stress that comes with it that can wreak havoc on both your hair and your scalp. You're likely knee-deep into the school year, planning for Halloween festivities, and adjusting to the newly cooled-down weather. Luckily, the start of this month kicks off a wave of damn good hair products to get you through. On this list, you'll find a heat-protecting spray that will fend off the damage you do to your h...
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These hustlers resell Supreme and Kith streetwear to pay bills

"Hypebeast" shopping is a full-time job.
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Millennials are bringing back the mustache

Goodbye, lumberjack beard: A substantial ’stache is the facial-hair trend du jour among style-conscious millennials.
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Your Complete Guide to Target's 14 Days of Beauty Sale

There are birthdays and holidays, and then there are Target's sale events. The megaretailer's latest series of deals - its 14 Days of Beauty sale - is cause for celebration as it plans to slash the prices of its many skincare, haircare, and makeup products by 20 to 50 percent off. For the next two weeks, Target will be putting select beauty brands on sale on both its shelves and website for 24 hours only. Once the day is over, the products that were discounted will return to their original price...
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This Gum Wrapper Metallic Nail Hack Looks So Easy - How Did I Not Know It Existed?

Giving ourselves a shiny new manicure just got so much easier, thanks to this unexpected gum wrapper nail hack, and we're a little bit mesmerized. In a TikTok video, user @jeainediep transfixed her followers with a metallic nail tutorial that lets you give yourself a full manicure for less than a dollar. (Yes, please.) The lustrous beauty hack can be applied at school, at home, or while you're chilling and binging TV on your laptop. It's not exactly salon quality, but it'll do in a pinch or for ...
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What Does Your Kiss Print Say About You? A Lot, Actually, Says a Lipstick Reader

Describing a kiss is not always entirely subjective - "good" tends to mean you kept the slobber from reaching peak French bulldog, or that you refrained from baring teeth because you are aware this is not the time to show off your dental work. A kiss print, made of etched lipstick, on the other hand, tells a completely different story - and it's exclusively yours. "Kiss prints can change based on our energy levels, emotions, and what's going on in our life," said lip and face reader Beth Bongar...
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These Cat-Eye Manicures Are a Meow-sterpiece

Cat-eye nails are taking over Instagram just in time for Halloween. The trend involves a metallic polish running through the center of the nail, creating an effect that resembles a cat's eye. If you're baffled by this trend, we don't blame you. Re-creating the look requires some unique nail tools. First, paint your nails with a color of your choosing. Next, you'll need a special polish designed for this trend that contains a lot of metallic pigments to paint over your base color. The key to maki...
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Classical Hebrew Wedding Rings To Make Your Special Day Even More Special

In a Jewish wedding of the traditional kind, the Hebrew wedding ring is sacrosanct. It goes one step beyond the declaration; the handing over of the ring represents a formal consecration, moving the marriage into the realm of the sacred. It is customary for a classical Hebrew ring ceremony to consist of an elegant gold band. According to Jewish beliefs, smooth rings bring prosperity and well-being to one’s married life. The presence of Hebrew wedding rings symbolizes a lifelong commitme...
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L’Interdit then vs. L’Interdit Now: Generous Beauty

In the history of Givenchy, the perfume L’Interdit is like a ghost of a grand dame that returns again and again. Suddenly, in 2018 her great granddaughter, the heiress to the former lady's fortune, appears - she is very much alive, looks nothing like her great grandmother, but she is also a beauty. However it would almost be in bad taste to recognize her merits right away. How could we, whi... Read full article: L’Interdit then vs. L’Interdit Now: Generous Beauty from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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Best of Hourglass Holiday 2019 – Ghost Collection

Freshly reviewed! Here’s a roundup of my Hourglass Ghost Holiday 2019 Collection reviews so you can easily check out any reviews you might have missed or just get a better sense of how well the collection performed at high level. 01. ...
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Lady Gaga Just Debuted a Bold New Hair Color, and We're Tickled Pink Over It

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on Oct 5, 2019 at 10:00am PDT Lady Gaga said "bye bye" to her platinum blond hair and debuted a shade of bright pink while celebrating the anniversary of A Star Is Born on Oct. 5. The singer - who recently released her Haus Laboratories beauty line - posed with a massive multi-platinum plaque, but that won't distract us from her ne...
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Get All Your Makeup Off Fast With the Best Makeup Removers Around

One of the most important steps in your skincare routine is properly cleansing your face before you head to bed, making sure that every last bit of makeup has been removed from your face. Using one of these best makeup removers will ensure that leftover mascara, foundation, concealer, and more don't clog your pores and create acne. Plus, you won't ruin your expensive silk pillowcases. There are plenty of makeup-removing options to suit your preferences, too. Like a simple wipe-and-go? There ar...
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Anastasia Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Anastasia Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette ($45.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a new, limited edition palette for the holidays with 14 shades. The palette launches on October 7th on Anastasia’s website and then to retailers on October 10th (view full launch details here, including more sets for the holidays). Dillard’s put the palette up for sale earlier this week, and surprisingly, they fulfilled my order and thus, early swatches for you… I hope to get the review up by the 7th. As...
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Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Release Date + About the Launch Created in collaboration with iconic beauty influencer Carli Bybel, Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Eye Shadow and Pressed Pigment Palette is a limited-edition palette featuring 14 of Carli’s can’t-live-without shades. This versatile collection lets you achieve everything from your go-to daytime looks to shimmery nighttime smoky eyes using Carli’s favorites mattes and ...
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Fenty Beauty Holiday 2019 Collection – Tinsel $how

Release Date + About the Launch Meet Fenty Beauty’s new Tinsel $how Collection, featuring covetable new shades of Fenty Beauty cult-favorites Gloss Bomb, Stunna Lip Paint and Killawatt Foil. Plus, best-selling shades you know and love like Body Lava in Who Needs Clothes?! now in mini form! This limited edition collection is sure to have you shimmering from head to toe in lustworthy formulas that’ll never...
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How Queen Elizabeth uses fashion to secretly throw shade

“What she cannot overtly say with language she secretly says with clothes,” writes London journalist Sali Hughes in her new book, “Our Rainbow Queen: A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II and Her Colorful Wardrobe.”
Tags: Fashion, London, Elizabeth Ii, Elizabeth, Sali Hughes

Is architecture at last breaking through its own glass ceiling? | Rowan Moore

A welcome gold award, and now the RIBA has begun to recognise that what matters is the teamSome kind of congratulations are due to the Royal Institute of British Architects for choosing as this year’s winners of the royal gold medal for architecture the Irish practice Grafton. For Grafton Architects is run by two women, Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell, which means that for the second time since Queen Victoria awarded the first such medal in 1848, it has gone outright to members of the same s...
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The New and Surprising Chloé L'Eau

I have had a soft spot for Chloé fragrances for quite a while now, ever since their then-new pillar Chloé Eau de Parfum was added to the brand's product lineup (lest we forget that their previous perfume history has proved to be very successful, too.) The romantic, feminine fashion house and the eponymous fragrance line has a very delicate name, and that's where the magic begins. The n... Read full article: The New and Surprising Chloé L'Eau from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Whoa, This Stranger Things Demogorgon Lip Makeup Is Equal Parts Terrifying and Hypnotizing

Steve Harrington may know what's up when it comes to '80s hairstyling, but these Stranger Things-inspired demogorgon lips have us considering Halloween makeup possibilities from another dimension. In a video posted to TikTok, user @caycesilversmith shows off their disturbingly gross yet cool as hell demogorgon lip art - they look like they're dripping with goo. The lip art looks just like the inside of a demogorgon's mouth (aka, full of fangs and blood) in the best way imaginable. The look, whi...
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These Are the Hottest Fall Hair Color Trends in London, According to Colorists

Whether you're going back to school or just headed to work after the Summer holidays, Fall is a great time to change up your hair color. And while no color is ever really "in" or "out" anymore (you should wear your hair however you want it, whenever you want), we wanted to help anybody out who's looking for some ideas and inspiration. That's why we reached out to some of the top colorists in London to share the hair color trends they're loving right now. Many of the shades they chose feel quinte...
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Support Breast Cancer Awareness This Month With Your Favorite Beauty Products

All shades of pink fill the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. People show their support by wearing ribbons, donating wigs, rocking pink nails, or changing their everyday wardrobe to any shade of the color. Another way you can support the cause includes self-care - and beauty products. In the upcoming slides, we've rounded up some of our favorite beauty brands that have launched products for BCA that enhance your skin, hair, or lips, have limited-edition packaging, and most im...
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18 Spiderweb-Themed Makeup Ideas That Will Turn Heads on Halloween

If there's one everyday product that can be considered the MVP of DIY Halloween makeup, it's eyeliner. Whether you need stitches to transform into Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a dramatic feline flick for Catwoman, or decorative details for Cleopatra, there's no other product that seems to do double duty when it comes to costume makeup - especially if it's swiderweb-themed. There are certainly a variety of creative makeup ideas that incorporate eyeliner for your Halloween look, but...
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Tom Ford Holiday 2019 Swatches: Soleil Neige Collection

Here are swatches of the Tom Ford Soleil Neige Collection, which is the brand’s holiday release. It features three eyeshadow quads, three cream highlighter/blush duos, two liquid highlighters, two cream/powder eyeshadow duos, and four lip balms (these aren’t included below). It’s listed as coming soon on Sephora, and I imagine the launch will be sooner rather than later but don’t have a specific date. Soleil Neige Collection ...
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Wet n Wild's Halloween Collection Has 95+ Products to Make Your Costume Dreams a Reality

Good Halloween makeup can be the difference between a lackluster outfit and coming in first place at the party's costume contest. Luckily, Wet n Wild is here to help you design the best Halloween costume ever with its Fantasy Makers collection. The extensive line has everything you need to create the makeup of your dreams regardless of what you're going as this year, and you don't need any artistic skills either. The brand has released more than 95 products ranging from creamy pencils and face ...
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Fall Housekeeping at Perfume Posse

testing….. testing……  we’re tweaking the Posse in various ways and I’ve already accidentally sent one tweet, derp. Anything could happen as I fiddle with the widgets and updates.  The comments plugin is fixed, readability is being enhanced, and there are… Continue Reading →
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