CURRENT: LA FOOD Delivers Food-themed, Museum-Quality Public Art Across LA! 10/5-11/3.

     In partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles  (ICA LA), Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) recently debuted CURRENT: LA FOOD, which delivers food-themed, museum-quality public art throughout the City until November 3 for visitors and locals alike to explore! 15 artists were commissioned to take on the subject of food accessibility […]
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The "Castle Bob" Haircut Is the Only Cut You Need to Know About Right Now

Long before Kim Kardashian debuted a freshly chopped bob haircut late last week, and definitely before Hailey Baldwin, Jordyn Woods, and little sister Kylie Jenner lobbed it off a few months before that, it was Coco Chanel, Louise Brooks, and the OG trailblazer behind the bob hairstyle as we've come to know it, Irene Castle, who set the trend. The 1920s cut was a feminist nod to the fight for gender equality, a form of social rebellion that depicted both strength and power. Now, the "castle bob...
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The "Castle Bob" Is Here to Reclaim Its Stake in the Realm of Haircut Trends

Looong before Kim Kardashian debuted a freshly chopped bob haircut late last week, and definitely before Hailey Baldwin, Jordyn Woods, and little sister Kylie Jenner lobbed it off a few months before that, it was Coco Chanel, Louise Brooks, and the OG trailblazer behind the bob hairstyle as we've come to know it, Irene Castle, who set the trend. The 1920s cut was a feminist nod to the fight for gender equality, a form of social rebellion that depicted both strength and power. Now, the "castle b...
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TFWA 2019: INCC Mercedes-Benz Travel Collection

This year at TFWA 2019, INCC presented so many new novelties for the coming year. Beside these three new Mercedes-Benz masculine fragrances: The Move Express Yourself, Select Day, and Mercedes Benz Man Intense available from March 2020, the brand will include a new feminine edition and a pillar collection of five men's travel sprays in July 2020. The Mercedes-Benz brand, which defies trends ... Read full article: TFWA 2019: INCC Mercedes-Benz Travel Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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Zoey Deutch Demonstrated the Chicest Way to Style a Bob Haircut, and It Looks Familiar

Zoey Deutch just showed all of us the chicest way to style a bob haircut. The Zombieland: Double Tap actress's hairstylist Gregory Russell posted a photo of Deutch's bob in a retro '60s style that we think is a dead ringer for the late Jackie Kennedy. Her ends were curled inward (showing off her statement-making earrings), while the back portion of her hair was teased and blowdried. While this hairstyle probably takes quite a bit of effort (in the '60s, it wasn't uncommon for women to visit the...
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Sephora Has All the Skin Care We're Searching For This Season

Self-care, for us, means paying attention to our skin. It may not be the most convenient thing to do, especially after a night out, but we've only got one face, and we want it to look as radiant as possible. Plus, shopping for skin care is a blast! We love trying new products, and switching it up is important so your skin doesn't get too used to certain formulas. If you're a beauty-lover, you know the selection at Sephora is just too good to pass up, and the "What's New" section is our absolute ...
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These Halloween Stiletto Nail Art Looks Are Equal Parts Spooky and Alluring

It's pointy, long, and perfect for Halloween - the stiletto nail shape that's popular among nail-art-lovers is the perfect one for manicures inspired by the spooky holiday because of how fierce (and borderline dangerous) it looks. Awe-inspiring Halloween stiletto nail art comes in many forms including nails that use designs quintessential to Halloween like bats, blood drips, and spiderwebs. Some even transform your manicure into a small but memorable part of your costume for the evening. Check ...
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We've Narrowed Down Katy Perry's Best Beauty Looks - and There Were a LOT to Choose From

Katy Perry's beauty looks over the years have covered everything from neutrals to neons, from bold, complex styles to softer palettes. The pop star has evolved so much since her early days of retro-pinup style, but one thing has always stayed the same (even as her hair hasn't!), no matter what her beauty choices have been. In every look Perry brings to every event, there's a sense of her huge, fun personality, with creative touches that let her personal style shine through at every moment. We've...
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Tokyo stripes

A perfect 10 for matching patterns, but a considerably lower score for colour coordination.
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These Contouring Palettes Will Help You Sculpt Your Face Like a Kardashian

The contouring technique had been a drag makeup trick for years, but now that the secrets of Greenwich Village have become mainstream (in part thanks to Kim Kardashian), maybe you're curious to try it out for yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of contouring makeup kits from some of your favorite beauty brands that will help you chisel out your jawline, highlight your cheekbones, and bring your best face forward. There are tons of contouring products available, and POPSUGAR editors have tried ou...
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Link Love: This Season’s Jewellery Trends

Let’s have a look at some jewellery trends for Fall/Winter 2019. From pearls with a modern twist to beaded pieces, here are 8 jewellery trends for Fall 2019. According to The HuffPost we’ll be seeing pearl hoops everywhere this season, and they round up 11 pairs under $50. Here are 48 more jewellery pieces under $50. The Business of Fashion reports that “fashionability, uniqueness and affordable price points are driving a new wave of ‘demi-fine’ jewellery brands.” Apparently, searches for “tort...
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These Are by Far the Best Concealers For Undereye Circles

Many things - including genetics, dehydration, and late nights with your friends - can cause darkness under your eyes. If you're looking to cover up your undereye circles or find a concealer that you can use on areas of your face with more hyperpigmentation, we've got you covered. The best concealers for undereye circles are, in short, made with the right stuff. They're blended with brightening pigments and ingredients that care for this delicate area of skin, and they last through hours of wea...
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My Apocalypse is better than yours

Photo: Frank Sperling Do you have a favorite apocalypse? Imagine you could choose between, team atomic war, team climate-catastrophe or team asteroid? Or would you then rather love a real biblical Armageddon-thingy with seven plagues and at least an obese woman pretending to be a dark messiah coming for us all?  The newest dance performance light spectacle by Ariel Efraim Ashbel and friends called  no apocalypse not now  at Haut 1 is bringing all the weirdest apocalypses to the stage you ...
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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Sephora Gifts of 2019

Who has ever been sad to receive a gift from Sephora? Nobody, that's who. This holiday season, check everyone off your list with these epic beauty gifts. Whether they're obsessed with the latest makeup trends, meticulous about their skincare routine, or always stocking up on the newest hair gadgets, there's a gift at Sephora for them. If you're shopping for a serious beauty guru or someone who considers lip balm to be makeup, you can find a great gift for everyone on your list. What do we want t...
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Odorless Flowers: Perfumery's Phantoms and Fantasies

    Scientists think that flowers began to smell about one hundred million years ago – that was another way for them to attract pollinators. Throughout the many million years of nature's evolution, plants have "come up" with ever more intricate ways to seduce insects: the variety of shapes, colors, and scents is virtually infinite. In one way or another, practically everything around us h... Read full article: Odorless Flowers: Perfumery's Phantoms and Fantasies from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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Chic Fall Outfit for Hourglasses—Under $150

Chic Fall Outfit for Hourglasses—Under $150 Specs: Body type: Hourglass Occasion: Casual after-work event Styling: Subtle and sophisticated Budget: Under $150 Pieces: Burrell Sweater, $99.20, Joie Button Detail Wide-Leg Pants, $35.40, Nordstrom Acetate Cuff Bracelet, $9.99, Shoptiques more at Chic Fall Outfit for Hourglasses—Under $150. This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista.
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25 Dreadfully Romantic Makeup Looks Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you're dying to try out something new for Halloween, how about one of these Jack and Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas makeup ideas? The eerie duo from the classic Tim Burton film are perfect for a couples costume, and if you're flying solo or in a group, either character is iconic and intricate enough to make you the standout of any Halloween celebration. Doing the creepy makeup for one of these characters might seem a little intimidating, but it's definitely possible with the right suppl...
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The “Tweed” Hair Color Trend Is the Best Thing To Happen to Highlights

Pulling your tweed jacket from storage isn't the only way to add more of the texture into your life this Fall. According to colorist Rex Jimieson of the Chicago-based Maxine Salon, outfitting your hairstyle with what he dubs "Tweed" hair color is taking off as one of this season's most popular trends. "Your hair is a fiber just like fabric," Jimieson said. "Tweed uses smaller sections and exposes the natural undertones in the hair rather than removing them completely." According to Jimieson, t...
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Holiday 2019 Lipstick and Lipgloss Sets That Are $30 Bucks Or Less

Holiday 2019 Lipstick and Lipgloss Set Season is upon us my friends and there are plenty of options available this year that start as low as $9 bucks! I just got my Bite Beauty Creamy Color 4-Piece Mini Amuse Bouche Supercharged Lipstick Set in the mail and I’m just here to say I love it. You need it! It’s $21 bucks and it has some beautiful reds not to mention some great MLBB pinks! I hope these launch in full-sizes soon because I have a feeling I’m going to need them all! I just posted a ...
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Estee Lauder Oblivious, Knockout Nude, Secret Life Pure Color Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Oblivious Estee Lauder Oblivious Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a lighter, rosy beige with subtle, warm undertones and a natural sheen. It had semi-opaque color payoff that applied fairly evenly, but it was one of the less-flattering shades in the formula I’ve tried. The color sank into my lip lines a bit, and the product seemed more prone to highlighting imperfections of my lip texture. The lipstick ...
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How to Make a Paracord Rock Sling

Slings are an ancient weapon. Often called shepherd’s slings or rock slings, these primitive devices may date back as far as 40,000 years, when bows, arrows, and spears were first making their debut. Perhaps most famously, it was a sling that allowed a pint-sized David to take out Goliath. But they weren’t just for taking out giants and other human enemies; they were also used for hunting small game.  The mechanics of a sling are relatively simple. At the center is a piece of woven cordage or fa...
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Our Struggles – Mental Health And Muslim Communities | The Family and Youth Institute

By Elham Saif, Sarrah AbuLughod and Wahida Abaza Fariha just started her freshman year at university. Overnight, she was separated from her support system of family and friends and thrust into a foreign environment. She was facing many new challenges, including a heavier workload, new friends, student clubs and organizational responsibilities. She was drowning in endless assignments, exams, and meetings. Fariha never thought much about mental health issues beyond the few “mindfulness” pos...
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Advocates see discrimination against older workers, the fastest-growing group in the labor force

Mark Kirschblum, an application developer and quality assurance tester, suddenly found himself out of work after an 18-year-run at a company that had been sold.
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Colourpop Over Dramatic Super Shock Cheek Review & Swatches

Colour Pop Overdramatic Super Shock Cheek ($8) is a new blush shade that launched with the Whatever Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2019. There are actually six shades and I was able to get all of them in the Call It Whatever Vault they have available for $99. I got a coupon for a few bucks off and I really just loved this collection so I went all wild and crazy and hauled the complete collection. Let’s take a peek at the Overdramatic below! Colourpop Over Dramatic Super Shock Cheek comes in lim...
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Kate Middleton's Subtle Pumpkin Spice Hair Color Is the Perfect Fall Update

Leave it to Kate Middleton to give us the ultimate Fall hair color inspiration. The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for a visit to London's Natural History Museum with a new hair color that was lighter and warmer than the previous medium-brown shade she wore over the last few months. Her pumpkin spice highlights brightened up her hair's brown base and suited her complexion so well, it almost looks like it could be her natural hair color. While many people choose to go darker in the colder mont...
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Tee: You can't fix democracy by turning it off and on again

Cartoonist Phil Foglio (previously) writes, "I designed a cool t-shirt!" They're $22 from Offworld Designs.
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Dragun Beauty's Latest Launch Is Basically Magic in the Form of a 6-Pan Face Palette

Nikita Dragun has left me inspired on many occasions. I don't say that as a fan of the YouTuber, even though I've watched her greet her "draguns" from her bedroom since, well, I was in my dorm room. I say that as a beauty editor, makeup-lover, and woman who believes in the power of makeup as a way to help others feel like their best selves and express themselves creatively. Dragun recently released what she called her Dragun Beauty Face Palette ($45) and credited her journey as a transgender wom...
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24 Better Questions to Ask Kids About How Their Day Went

It used to be that when my kids would come home from school, I’d ask them the two questions parents have been asking their children since the dawn of mandatory education:  “What did you do in school today?” And: “How was your day today?” Their answers to these queries were as invariable as the rising and setting of the sun: “Nothing” and “Good.” I was bugged by those content-less replies, but I don’t know why I expected anything different. After all, that’s what I told my mom when I...
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Q&A With Tim — On Happiness, Dating, Depressive Episodes, and Much More (#390)

Welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, where it is my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types to tease out the habits, routines, favorite books, and so on that you can apply and test in your own life. This time, we have a slightly different episode. As many […]
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Next big luxury design trend? Think dinosaur fossils

Homeowners are showing interest in dinosaur fossils as one-of-a-kind fixtures sure to spark interest and envy, or as part of their mission to establish private museums.
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