The timeless legacy of Parsis: One photographer’s attempt at preserving the Parsi heritage

An ongoing photo exhibition tries to highlight the rare moments of a fast dwindling Zoroastrian community of India. The exhibition showcases about fifty photographs by photographer Shantanu Das, which span over a period of six years. Most of them depict a day in the life of a Parsi.(Photo: Shantanu Das) Article by Sanskrita Bharadwaj | Hindustan Times When documentary photographer Shantanu Das was not allowed to step inside a Parsi fire temple, he thought of photographing its ongoings from af...
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Here’s why perineum sunning isn’t a good idea

The wellness trend of “perineum sunning” is all about letting in a little light where the sun literally doesn’t shine. Here's why you shouldn't.
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Patagonias Black Hole Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles

Patagonia is setting the bar for high-quality and sustainable products with its new line of bags made from recycled plastic bottles. Dubbed the Black Hole collection, the newest line offers 25 different bags, each with its own unique features and style. The Black Hole Bags are durable and stylish, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. Even better, the bags help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills every year. Patagonia’s 2019 line of these bags utilized 10 million p...
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Put a Sock in Informational Refusals?

Now that we’re back in the blogging business, I’m anxious to be able to harvest some visual trademark stories captured on my iPhone over the past 7 months: Are you surprised to see the federal registration symbol marking World’s Softest? After all, the phrase seems to communicate important information about the socks in question, as does the federally-registered slogan: Like Walking on Clouds! Turns out, not only has the sock maker registered World’s Softest Sock for socks, it has registered di...
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Brushing your teeth may help reduce your risk of heart failure

A new study from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology suggests that "improved oral hygiene care" can reduce the risk of heart failure. Here's what you need to know.
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Are you eating your brain?

I know — Are you eating your brain? — is a strange title…but stick with me here.I’m listening to an audiobook titled e and heard an interesting bit of trivia about a marine animal called the Sea Squirt. What’s interesting about the sea squirt is the following:…almost as soon as it stops moving, its brain is absorbed by its body. Being permanently attached to a home makes the sea squirt’s spinal cord and the neurons that control locomotion superfluous. Once the sea squirt becomes stationary, it...
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Cyber Monday Means Pluralsight’s Biggest Sale Yet (40% off)

That’s right: for $179 instead of $299 you get a year of Pluralsight. This is freaking awesome. When people ask me what Pluralsight is I say “have you heard of LinkedIn Learning? That used to be Lynda? Anyway…. Pluralsight is like that, but they focus more on developers and technologists.” Not a techie? Bear with me… it gets good for you, too… First, for techies. Pluralsight finds the best of the best to teach technical courses. These are people who are flown around the world and paid bank to sp...
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ALMUSBAH Oud City Collection: Pleasing Ouds for the Crowd

For years I have enjoyed exploring small perfume houses from the Middle East; it’s always a pleasure to discover their new launches and learn about their plans for the future. Almusbah, a famous Saudi house, is one of them. After their different yet simple take on musk from 2016 (a Musk Collection that combines the indulgence of musk with 7 different accords, described in detail here) the house... Read full article: ALMUSBAH Oud City Collection: Pleasing Ouds for the Crowd from Fragrantica Per...
Tags: Fashion, Middle East, Fragrantica Perfumes, Almusbah

Two New Fragrances For the Mugler Cologne Line: Blow It Up and Heal Your Mind

Mugler is presenting two new creations for its MUGLER COLOGNE line, exclusively available at the website starting December 2019. BLOW IT UP and CLEAR YOUR MIND are composed to be mixed and matched with the first five fragrances presented in August 2018 (Love You All, Run Free, Come Together, Take Me Out and Fly Away) and offered in 100ml refillable flacons. Blow It Up, according to... Read full article: Two New Fragrances For the Mugler Cologne Line: Blow It Up and Heal Your Min...
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How HR Can Help Employees With Financial Issues

The financial concerns of employees are becoming more important to businesses and their HR departments and as a result, are playing a central role in their employee wellbeing strategy. Just like we mentioned in ‘How to Make Great Employees Stay at Small Businesses’, life can be stressful and from a mental health perspective, financial stress can lead to lost productivity and time away from work. In fact, 55% of employees said they would like financial support from their employers. The best way ...
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Giving Thanks: Bach in Nothing By Chance

Seeking refuge from the gloomy, overcast skies that are growing darker as a winter storm crawls across Wisconsin, I turned to my bookshelves in the hope that the title of a tome once read would catch my eye and lift my spirits. As my eyes slid across the books written by Richard Bach, they came to a full stop on Nothing By Chance, A Gypsy Pilot’s Adventures in Modern America. Reading those words instantly recalled his word pictures of barnstorming through the Midwest in his 1929 Detroit-Parks P...
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Escada Flor del Sol

Escada has announced the limited summer edition for 2020 under the name of Flor del Sol. The previous releases included the 2018 Sorbetto Rosso and the 2019 Miami Blossom in a series that has lasted for over twenty-five years. ESCADA Flor del Sol Limited Edition will reportedly celebrate summer holidays, freedom, and friendship. It is described as a feminine and addictive scent that ... Read full article: Escada Flor del Sol from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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The Great Neil Wagner investigates

Neil Wagner (via Sky Sports video) Way, way back in the smog of time, before the rhino got its horn and when the octopus was but a quadropus, the Goddess of Creation set about building some people. These weren’t just normal people, like that guy you saw but didn’t actually notice when you were on the way to work the other day. These were exceptional people; people who embodied certain admirable but also niche qualities. When she created the person who represented indefatigab...
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