How to dramatically improve your resume…even if you don’t know how

Here is the frustrating question: “I need to redo my resume because I want a new job. What should I put in it?” It’s a frustrating question…because I can’t answer it. So, I ask questions. And then I start frustrating the person asking the question, usually because they don’t know the answers. You can’t blame the person, […] Related posts: When your resume isn’t working, here are 5 ways to improve it Why soft skills should be included on your resume 2 monumental reasons for soft skills on ...
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Patient's e-cigarette habit leads to 'cobalt lung' diagnosis – an incurable disease found only in metal workers

A 49-year-old patient developed "cobalt lung," an illness typically only found in metal workers, after vaping.
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Woman's e-cigarette habit leads to her 'cobalt lung' diagnosis – an incurable disease found only in metal workers

A 49-year-old woman developed "cobalt lung," an illness typically only found in metal workers, after vaping.
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How to Learn from Your “Failures” (and Other, Not-So-Drastic Outcomes)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Cory Huff. I ran down the basketball court, looking over my shoulder. My teammate threw a perfect pass that came down just over my left shoulder, where the defender couldn’t make a play for it. I took one hard dribble and gathered the ball, stepping twice and jumping for a layup. The defender jumped higher than me, and I felt him block the shot. Even before I landed, I was silently cursing myself. I should have seen the defender coming. I know I don’t jump...
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Stories Within Stories: Malavika Sangghvi on Zoru Bhathena

In this city, every story has at least one, if not a hundred more behind it. If things had gone as planned, yesterday Mumbai would have woken up to two very different stories about the same individual, perhaps symptomatic of the fractured times we live in and a reminder, that in this city, every story has at least one, if not a hundred more behind it — and it us up to us to dig deeper and bear witness to as many of them as we can. Article by Malavika Sangghvi | Hindustan Times One story begin...
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When grandeur ruled Parsi theatre

For over a 100 years starting from 1850, a large number of proscenium theatres were built in the large cities, particularly Bombay and Calcutta. A Parsi theatre troupe (File photo) By FEISAL ALKAZI | Indian Express For over a 100 years starting from 1850, a large number of proscenium theatres were built in the large cities, particularly Bombay and Calcutta. The plays performed here belonged to the ‘Parsi’ style. Myths and legends from history were played in an over-exaggerated style, with rhet...
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New Ineke Perfume Jaipur Chai

The American perfume house from San Francisco Ineke has added the new perfume Jaipur Chai to its Alphabetical Collection. I admire the way this niche perfume house is developing, and from the letter i I try to be aware of all its launches. I remember how Idyllwild impressed me when I smelled it at Esxence, and I even included it in FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2015.     "Halfway ar... Read full article: New Ineke Perfume Jaipur Chai from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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TODAY ONLY 40% off Adidas Kids Clothing, Free Shipping Offer

This post is sponsored by We’re just weeks away from Christmas and that means time is running short on getting everything and everyone in the family ready for the holidays. Now is... Read this story on my blog...
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Beauty At Low Temperatures…

Still, winter is an abstract season: it is low on colors, even in Italy, and big on the imperatives of cold and brief daylight. These things train your eye on the outside with an intensity greater than that of the electric bulb availing you of your own features in the evening. If this season doesn't necessarily quell your nerves, it still subordinates them to your instincts; beauty at low temperat... Read full article: Beauty At Low Temperatures… from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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4 Ways in Which Automation Can Transform the HR Process

Whether you know it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more common within the business community. With new software and tech capabilities being introduced to the market on a consistent basis, innovations are being made across every industry. Some people assume that the incorporation of AI into day-to-day operations will mean fewer jobs and a decline in the economy. In reality, many of these programs, such as process automation software, are meant to be utilized as a joi...
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Here’s How Much Money You Need to Live Comfortably in America’s Major Cities

Income, expenses, and priorities all determine where you can comfortably live and work. Can you afford America’s major cities? I t should come as no surprise that living in a major city is often pricey. Your cost of living is impacted by everything from housing costs to gasoline, utilities, and even food prices–and when you live in a metropolitan area, you can expect that these expenses will be significantly higher than the surrounding suburban areas. Of course, the higher your cost of living,...
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Holiday Beauty Gifts for Her!

One of the most challenging things about the holidays is coming up with gift ideas. Although I love shopping and buying gifts, even I occasionally get challenged. You, too? I’ve put together a gift guide of some of my favorites this season; hopefully this will spark an idea or two! The Too Faced Cosmetics Gingerbread Holiday Collection is the cutest I’ve seen all season. Not only is the packaging adorable, it’s scented deliciously, too! Gift her one of the super-pigmented eyeshadow palettes…...
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Outfit Formula: Festive Skirt and Heels

This outfit formula is for the skirt and heels wearers. By all means substitute the heels for dressy flats and sparkly sneakers if that’s more your thing, because why not! It’s stylish to have happy feet, feel confident, and be at ease with your outfit. If that means no heels, go for it. Gone are the days that you have to wear heels to look and feel fabulous. The main component here is a dressy festive dressy skirt. Without it, the formula falls flat. On to to some party outfits. 1. Pretty Mode...
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Do Not Trust Appearances: My Visit to Deep Springs College

You should neither trust outward appearances, nor let them intimidate you. There is always a discord between the appearance that a person or organization projects, and their actual nature. For this... By Harrison Barnes
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