Moschino holds fashion show on NYC subway with ‘It’s Showtime’ dancers

It’s showtime! Everyone’s dreaded words during morning rush-hour became the centerpiece of the Moschino Pre-Fall 2020 collection show, held on the subway cars Monday at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. As models walked the runway before a front row — including Kacey Musgraves and Amanda Lepore — sitting in subway seats, dancers also...
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Why Do Animalic Scents Attract Us?

Ever since my fragrance obsession began four years ago, my taste has narrowed down and only a few genres of fragrances now excite me, particularly the ones with animalic components. Vintage perfumes often carried these components as part of their formulas and are now heavily replicated by “new on the block” indie brands who saw a gap in the niche perfume industry.   Indie perfumers who are... Read full article: Why Do Animalic Scents Attract Us? from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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An Elusive Travel Set, and A Little Trashy

Perfume PosseAn Elusive Travel Set, and A Little Trashy I tried to buy this 4-bottle travel set a few months ago – the Maison Lancome travel set which holds 2 bottles of the Jasmins Marzipanes, plus the Lavandes Trianon (lavender, which I liked way more than I thought I… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseAn Elusive Travel Set, and A Little Trashy
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The best holiday gifts for her: From city-chic to country-cool

No matter if she's a city girl or a little bit country, these gift ideas for women are sure to check off every name on your holiday shopping list.
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3 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Weekend Routine Easier

  Working full-time can be very stressful and most people prefer to take the weekends off. Many people end up washing clothes and engaging in other routine chores on the weekend, but it’s important to take some time to enjoy you. If you work hard all week, then you should have time to go to a bar or restaurant. Some people don’t take a little bit of time to relax end up feeling crippled by stress. We have a lot of tools and technology available to make our lives easier, and people should utili...
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How birth control pills may be affecting women’s brains

A new study finds that oral contraceptives appear to change an important part of the brain, but experts say the results aren't "game-changing."
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Books I’ve Loved — Tim’s Four Must-Read Books (#400)

Welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, where it is my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types—from startup founders and investors to chess champions to Olympic athletes. This episode, however, is an experiment and part of a shorter series I’m doing called “Books I’ve Loved.” I’ve invited some amazing past guests, close friends, and new faces to share their favorite books—the books that have influenced them, changed them, and transformed them for the bette...
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The movie and TV fashion that sparked a shopping frenzy in 2019

If you see something, buy something! Check out some of the most inspirational (and shoppable) fashion moments from TV and film in 2019. Chris Evans’ ‘Knives Out’ sweater The white knit sweater that launched a thousand tweets is surprisingly wearable, and there are so many similar versions out there if you’re in the market to...
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Rachel Zoe and Eva Chen launch luxury kids’ collections

Moms of fashionable babes have reason to rejoice, thanks to Rachel Zoe, who launched a Janie and Jack party wear collab late November.
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Podcast #567: Understanding the Wonderful, Frustrating Dynamic of Friendship

Friendship is arguably the most unique type of relationship in our lives. Friendships aren’t driven by sexual attraction or by a sense of duty, as in romantic and familial relationships, but instead are entirely freely chosen. My guest today says that’s part of why friendship is both uniquely wonderful and uniquely challenging. His name is Bill Rawlins, he’s a professor of interpersonal communication, and he’s spent his career studying the dynamics of friendship and authored several books on ...
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Interview with Viktoria Minya Launching Her New Hedonist Absolutes

A new step for the talented perfumer Viktoria Minya and a new success for the Hedonist Absolut Series was recently presented to us at Fragrantica and to the public as well. So, what can we expect after the admired, delicious Hedonists creations that can be recognized by the sparkling crystals inside their lovely transparent flacons? A dark mystery or a more mature approach? The best thing is t... Read full article: Interview with Viktoria Minya Launching Her New Hedonist Absolutes from Frag...
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Fashion contributes to 10 percent of humanity's carbon emissions

The fashion industry is responsible for an alarming 10 percent of all of humanity's carbon emissions.Eighty-five percent of all textiles are trashed each year, ending up in a landfill or incinerated.By wearing one item of clothing for 9 months longer a person can actually reduce his or her carbon footprint by 30 percent. None 'Tis the season to be shopping. Across the country, Americans are flocking to malls, outlets, department stores, as well as online retail sites to get their loved one's g...
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Holiday Joy: Flowery Patterns

While some brands offer us glitter and glam for the holidays, others are inspired by flowers. I am referring to fashion itself, not just the fragrances. Many designer brands this year matched the floral spirit of popular creations with attractive designs including snowflakes, shimmer, and glitz that usually follow the festive, bright, and kitschy thrills. Christmas tree ornaments are now... Read full article: Holiday Joy: Flowery Patterns from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Hot Oil Concentrate

This is what I’m using to try to fix my dry and damaged hair. And it’s pretty damaged right now because I keep straightening it. And I don’t think I’m going to stop right now.... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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My Picks — 8 gifts Under $25 from Cost Plus World Market

There are plenty of stores I barely remember visiting for the first time. But I will never forget the first time I stepped into a Cost Plus World Market. I was absolutely amazed by the range, the character, the quality of stuff they had for sale. Furniture with style! Cool home décor and kitchen goods!... Read More The post My Picks — 8 gifts Under $25 from Cost Plus World Market appeared first on Afrobella.
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How to Help Employees Stay Focused and Productive in Open Offices

Employees are people too, and disregarding this simple fact when planning your office can have repercussions down the line. You know what we are talking about. Open offices. source: Open offices have been around for a long, long time , but it is only recently that they have gained some serious traction and become the layout for choice for many companies. This is partly the fault of the trends set by the hipster companies of the Silicon Valley, and partly due to the cost savings a...
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L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Contour Palette

I posted about a great mascara being on sale a couple of days ago, and now I know that my favourite contour palette is on sale too.  It’s $13.99 at London Drugs down from the usual $20.  The... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Trend: Statement Headbands

Headbands are more on-trend than ever, and the bulkier they are, the more dramatic the fashion statement. They come in all sorts of fabrics, colours and patterns, and some are embellished with beads, ruched roses, and sequins. The collection below shows some good examples.  These headbands take me back to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. I wore them a lot back then, and particularly in velvet. I liked their classic and dressy appeal, although this time round they are far from dressy and classic. T...
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2020 Best Practices in Workforce Management

The global workforce today is anything but static. Both HR professionals and individual managers must continuously adjust employment configurations in response to evolving business conditions and increase their applied technology skills – meaning they understand how to leverage available software to manage their workforces more efficiently. At the same time, 21st century business developments have mandated a focus on a more sophisticated employee experience that provides meaningful interaction f...
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The King Cricket Retired Cricketer From Several Years Back Crossword

PDF version . Answers to follow in a few days. Official King Cricket crossword compiler, Bert, writes… I was in a bar recently when I was accosted by three burly toughs. “Oi,” they said. “Aren’t you a contributor to that King Cricket website?” I confirmed that I was. They sat threateningly around me. One of them adjusted his cravat. “Listen chummy,” the especially nasty one said. “You’re going to do exactly what you’re told, and nobody will get hurt. We’ve been v...
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10 Skincare Tips That’ll Transform Your Skin

You're reading 10 Skincare Tips That’ll Transform Your Skin, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Taking good care of the skin and maintaining it can be difficult with the fast-paced lifestyle, pollution, and stress. The skincare industry is flourishing with all types of skincare products that promise to be the solution to all your skin problems. The skincare products swear to...
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Chanel Chance Fragrance Pens Chance Eau Tendre Hair Oil

In 2020, CHANEL brings out new fragrance experiences to the CHANCE line with two new practical formats available in limited edition: CHANCE FRAGRANCE PENS and CHANCE EAU TENDRE Hair Oil. The novelties are announced as practical products that you can tuck into your bag and carry with you like lucky-charm items to discretely refresh your CHANCE fragrances on your skin and hair. CHANCE FRAGRANCE ... Read full article: Chanel Chance Fragrance Pens Chance Eau Tendre Hair Oil from Fragrantica Pe...
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Upgrade Your Career and Life by Finding Work to Be Done

If you can learn how to create work for yourself, you will never be unemployed or lacking for excitement in your life. You must learn to use your mind to create work; if successful, this ability will... By Harrison Barnes
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