Tarte Good Tiding & Cheer Set of 3 Colors Collections QVC Today’s Special Value for Holiday 2019

The Tarte Good Tiding & Cheer Set of 3 Colors Collections QVC Today’s Special Value for Holiday 2019 is available now at for $59 or 6 Easy Pays of $9.99 with free shipping and handling! This set is a great breakaway set that can be used as three different gifts. Each set comes with an six shade eyeshadow palette, brown pencil mascara, lipgloss, and a gift bag already to hand out to a friend or family member. This really isn’t a set most Tarte fans will need nor want but it does make a...
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Amo Denim Review [December 2019]

intro Los Angeles bespoke denim brand with an excellent women’s collection. We’ve been huge AMO fans since they came on the scene back in 2014. The garment quality and attention to detail make their jeans much more personal and long-lasting than larger premium denim brands. They are on the high-end of premium retail, but the quality fabrics and 2% blend will give you a pair of jeans that last years, not months. Check out our favorites from the current collection below ↓ Editor’s Choice ...
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FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2019

It has been a very exciting perfume year, and we'd like to recall the best perfumes we've been reporting since the beginning of 2019. Let us start our FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2019 series. We will write in groups to embrace as many good perfumes as possible. We have also prepared presents for you – perfume samples – not necessarily the same as our favorite choices of the year, but ... Read full article: FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2019 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Can drinking coffee actually reduce dementia risk?

A new study finds that drinking coffee is associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Here's what you need to know.
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Amo Denim Review [January 2020]

Los Angeles bespoke denim brand with an excellent women’s collection. We’ve been huge AMO fans since they came on the scene back in 2014. The garment quality and attention to detail make their jeans much more personal and long-lasting than larger premium denim brands. They are on the high-end of premium retail, but the quality fabrics and 2% blend will give you a pair of jeans that last years, not months. Check out our favorites from the current collection below ↓ Editor’s Choice Sho...
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UPDATE: Big apology to gay couple, after Puerto Vallarta hotel refuses their wedding

A spokesperson at Marriott International, which includes the Sheraton brand, issued a swift statement after their hotel in Puerto Vallarta told a gay couple to take their wedding elsewhere
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Several Fab Makeup Deals at Nordy’s

Nordstrom is starting to clearance out Fall and Holiday launches and a few items have popped up with a discount of 20 to 40% Off! All of them ship free and also, free returns. Here’s a few items that caught my eye: Kopari Kiss of Coco Full Size Lip Glossy Set $12 Fresh Three’s A Charm Travel Size Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Set $21 Origins Tiny Treasures Mini Essentials $24.50 Elemis 12 Days of Beauty Travel Size Set $99 Bobbi Brown Smoke & Metals Eyeshadow Palette $30 Bobbi Brown In A Flash E...
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Harry Styles eats sperm on camera

It’s a day we didn’t ask for; it’s a day we still don’t particularly want. But it’s a day we have. Today we can watch Harry Styles eat sperm. And while the idea might spark intrigue out of context, there’s really nothing tantalizing about the reality. The sperm in question came from a fish — cod, to be specific. Filling in for James Corden as host of The Late Late Show, Styles welcomed his ex-girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, to play a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” AdBridg.cmd.push(fu...
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Syphilis: What is it and why should gay men get tested regularly?

Using condoms can help protect you from syphilis (Photo: Shutterstock) When did you last get checked for syphilis? If you’re a man who has sex with other men, it was hopefully at your last STD screening. It’s recommended that if you’re sexually active, you have at check-up at least once a year – or more often if you have multiple partners. For many reasons, syphilis rates have been soaring amongst gay and bi guys. In October, the Center for Disease Control revealed that STD rates had risen fo...
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Homophobic group ‘One Million Moms’ selects its latest enemy… Hallmark movies

Candice Cameron Bure in the Hallmark movie ‘Christmas Town’ And it today’s “Seriously?” file… Muckraking homophobes and misleadingly titled grassroots group One Million Moms has selected the Hallmark Channel as its next target.  The reason: a hint that the TV network might consider adding LGBTQ storylines to its TV movies. The controversy began with hopeful remarks from CEO of Crown Media Family Networks Bill Abbott. “In terms of broadening out the demographic, it’s something we’re always thi...
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Lalique Épines Crystal Candle

Lalique products are always beautiful in every detail, their smell being one of them, which is proven again with the design and scent of their latest candle. It seduces with its rich berry aromas as well as with the color itself; so addictive and festive, perfectly fitting the holiday atmosphere. I had the pleasure to see it and smell it during October's expo in Cannes where the Lalique Épines Cr... Read full article: Lalique Épines Crystal Candle from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine...
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It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

It’s time to get back to basics. This blog has been dominated by podcast-related posts for quite a few years now. I’ve done very little writing. Now, please don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love doing the podcast — currently 400 episodes and counting — and I’m thrilled to make it even better in 2020. There are super exciting things planned. I’m incredibly lucky to work on something every week that gives me so much joy and fulfillment, and it won’t slow down. But that’s not what got me h...
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Nick Cannon’s bid for relevance by spewing homophobic garbage at Eminem is totally backfiring

View this post on Instagram Bullies tear down. Friends build up. @PlayworksDC uses play to encourage students to be kind to one another. I encourage you to join me in supporting @PlayworksDC in bringing awareness to the Real Player's Don't Bully Campaign. Tag a friend who has done something kind for you! #Playworks #RealPlayersDontBully #ItsCoolToBeKind #BeTheInfluencer A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nick...
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Cocaine Santa sweater is now a best-seller on Amazon

Walmart may have pulled the Cocaine Santa sweater, but on Amazon, the controversial cardigan has been labeled a bestseller. The now infamous “Let It Snow” pullover, which depicts a hopped up Santa Claus with lines of white powder resembling cocaine on a table, is sold by a third-party seller on Amazon for $31.99, but the...
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Cyndi Lauper receives special honor from the United Nations for LGBTQ advocacy

Cyndi Lauper (Photo: @cyndilauper | Instagram) Fans attending Cyndi Lauper’s annual Home for the Holidays concert last night had an epic surprise, as did the singer herself. A special envoy of the United Nations interrupted the show to present Lauper with the first-ever High Note Global Prize for her decades of advocacy to end homelessness within the LGBTQ community. Fellow performer Kesha joined Laurent Sauveur, Chief External Outreach of the UN on stage to present a teary-eyed Lauper with a...
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How to Wear Your Necklaces as a Bold Statement

When a person owns pieces of fine jewelry, they want them to be noticed when they are worn. Why would a person spend the money for necklaces and then never wear them or wear them in a way that they are not shown off to good advantage? Making a bold statement with fine jewelry such as necklaces requires a little thought and effort. Choose the correct necklace for the occasion and then pair it with the right clothing to show it off. Don’t bother purchasing cheap, poor quality necklaces. It is bet...
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Podcast #568: The Untold Story Behind the Famous Robbers Cave Experiment

In the summer of 1954, two groups of 8- to 11-year-old boys were taken to a summer camp in Oklahoma and pitted against each other in competitions for prizes. What started out as typical games of baseball and tug-of-war turned into violent night raids and fistfights, proving that humans in groups form tribal identities that create conflict.  This is the basic outline of a research study many are still familiar with today: the Robbers Cave experiment. But it’s only one part of the story.  My gu...
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PHOTOS: These ‘husband twins’ will have you seeing double

With the sheer number of “boyfriend twins” out there, it makes statistical sense that there are plenty of “husband twins” as well. (Do the math — it checks out.) And while the phenomenon of gay couples looking alike causes some to scrunch up their noses, we say let lovers love! Click through to see happy husbands who aren’t afraid of a bit of twinning: View this post on Instagram The happiest weekend of ...
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Office For Men by Fragrance One Giveaway

Office For Men is the first fragrance created by Alberto Morillas for the famous fragrance reviewer Jeremy Fragrance and his company Fragrance One. Office For Men is a fresh yet powerful fragrance based on woody, masculine, dry amber notes and stimulating spices. It lives up to its name, being non-offensive and quite transparent, and yet it lasts long and has decent projection. The fragrance doe... Read full article: Office For Men by Fragrance One Giveaway from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologn...
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Pluralsight Courses Make Me Hide

I’ve been hiding for the last couple of weeks because I’m at the point in my next Pluralsight course where I can’t do much else. I normally have a half dozen things I’m working on, all with their own levels of complexity and needs. I say I have “business ADD” because I need to work on multiple things at the same time. I also usually have multiple books I’m reading at the same time. But, I’m nearing the finish line for my 35th Pluralsight course, which is on emotional intelligence for leaders. I...
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WZCC Global Conclave 2020: Register Now

The WZCC Global Conclave is less than a month away. With amazing talks, interactions with industry titans, 2nd Zoroastrian Shark Tank, Bike and Car Rally, Gala Awards Night, visits to Tata Central Archives and the Serum Institute of India, and a youth day at Della Adventure… are missing out if you have not already registered. This is all happening in the backdrop of WZCC’s Global Annual General Meeting. All of the above is packed into the very first weekend of 2020. What a way to start t...
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How to: Dank dieser Tipps könntest du heute einen heißen Sextraum haben

Heute Morgen hat mich mein Wecker nicht nur aus dem Schlaf gerissen, er hat auch einen ziemlich guten Sextraum vorzeitig beendet. Der Mann meiner Träume? Ein Ex. Der Inhalt? Halb Erinnerung, halb Fantasie. Eigentlich hatte ich in letzter Zeit nicht wirklich an ihn gedacht, obwohl er vor ein paar Monaten versucht hat Kontakt aufzunehmen (und dann direkt wieder verschwunden ist … typisch Schütze). Und das letzte, woran ich vor dem Einschlafen gedacht hatte, war wahrscheinlich mein übervoller...
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Loewe launches its first NYC store

Has any brand ever reinvented itself quite as dramatically as Loewe? Ten years ago, the storied Spanish house was a sleepy leather-goods company, quietly churning out exquisitely made purses for a tiny audience. Now — at nearly 175 years old — Loewe is one of the hottest tickets at Paris fashion week, offering not just...
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GQ’s Jim Moore on his book of ‘hunks’ — and his winter essentials

The magazine GQ has been known for decades as the sartorial handbook for guys. And the man behind much of the glossy’s rich history is Jim Moore. As GQ’s creative director at large, he’s spent 40 years curating the look of American men — from fitted suits to couture sneakers. Now, he’s sharing behind-the-scenes stories...
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‘Love, Actually’ star Rodrigo Santoro goes rogue in Hulu’s ‘Reprisal’

Rodrigo Santoro walks into a cafe on New York’s West Side at 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning, wearing dark denim jeans, a NASA bomber jacket, sunglasses and bedhead. Seeing as it’s an obscenely early hour by Manhattan standards — the city that never sleeps is definitely still slumbering and the normally bustling Meatpacking District...
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Weihnachten als Single: die traurigste Zeit des Jahres? Nicht mit mir!

Nope, dieses Jahr wird nicht so ablaufen wie letztes. Nicht, wenn ich ein Wörtchen mitreden darf! Dieses Jahr werden wir nicht den kompletten Dezember damit verbringen, traurig zu sein, nur weil wir single sind. Weil das nämlich totaler Schwachsinn ist.  Scheiß auf “Survival Guides“, die vorschlagen so zu tun, als müssten wir Tante Eva in der Küche helfen, sobald uns jemand nach unserem Liebesleben fragt. Scheiß auf Social-Media-Detox, den wir machen sollen, um die romantischen Momente der an...
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Zara Emotions Ft. Jo Malone: High-to-Low Brow Impressions

Zara (a member of the Inditex Group of companies) is famous for its quick, trendy fashion which took the planet by storm, but also for its affordable fragrances collection, which often end up smelling incredibly close to high-end products. No wonder: The Puig company that is behind the creation process is a seasoned player in the field of fine fragrance. Zara, for instance, features Black P... Read full article: Zara Emotions Ft. Jo Malone: High-to-Low Brow Impressions from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Double-Breasted Jackets and Coats 101

A double-breasted jacket or coat has wide overlapping fronts with symmetrical buttons. There is usually a double, triple or several more rows of buttons, and sometimes a single row. Double-breasted jackets and coats come in tailored, fluid and oversized fits. Their silhouettes can be very waist-defining, or comfortably and fashionably boxy. Some styles have an additional belt fastening for design detailing and structure. Here are some double-breasted topper examples. The double-breasted jacket ...
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Mickey Mouse x Kith is trending with cool guys

Tis the season for tartan, houndstooth and — according to some of menswear’s heaviest hitters — cartoons, cartoons, cartoons. As a gift to fanboys everywhere, streetwear emporium Kith has joined forces with Disney on a playful collaboration celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary. The chance to make retail magic was a dream come true for Kith...
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