NABLA Cosmetics Glimmer Light Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

Glimmer Light NABLA Cosmetics Glimmer Light Cheek Palette ($26.00 for 0.42 oz.) is a new, glittering trio of blushes. This is a palette for sparkle and glitter lovers, though they buff nicely into the skin and leave a very shiny, luminous finish that’s sparkling but doesn’t look like “dirt” at any angle (that I could detect, at least). I think that they appear more sparkly initially, but the sparkles are fine and flat enough that th...
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Jean Jacques: The New Perfumer of the House of Caron

After 22 years of good and loyal services at Takasago, Jean Jacques has become the house perfumer of Caron. You may know the perfumer from creations like L’Or de Torrente (2001) by Torrente, Gentleman Only by Givenchy (2013) and its variations, or more recently Hyperbole de Courrèges which he composed with Antoine Lie, and the last opus of the L’Orchestre line, Piano Santal.    Jean Jacques... Read full article: Jean Jacques: The New Perfumer of the House of Caron from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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Pat McGrath Decadence | 5 Ways to Dupe the Vibes

In light of a very frustrating launch that’s been fraught with communication issues (from announcing the wrong time publicly to Selfridges’ release date coming and going TWICE!), slow response times (from what I’ve heard from readers re: emails for status updates), and a quick-to-sellout collection… here are some ways to dupe the vibes of the Decadence palette, which will be re-released on 12/26 (reviewed here). I tried to “dupe the vibes” using Anastasia singles and popular palettes (newish and...
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What do you like about cream eyeshadow? What don’t you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Cream Eyeshadow I love them for adding a shinier, more sparkly finish (with less falout) and just having a more intense finish overall. I know others love ’em for one-and-done looks, but I love creating color combos so I tend to reach for cream eyeshadows as bases or to use on the inner tearduct/lower lash line or on the lid. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Pat McGrath Galactic Gold Palette Swatches

Pat McGrath Galactic Gold Palette ($65.00) is a new, limited edition eyeshadow palette that includes six shades (three new, three previously released). It launched earlier this month, and someday, perhaps by December 21st, 2020, it will eventually launch at Selfridges. I ordered this through the Instagram early access, and it went via two-shipping so it came sooner than my order for the set of palettes (which might arrive at the end of this week… if I’m lucky). The ...
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Natasha Denona Glam Mini Eyeshadow Palette Launches 12/24

Release Date + About the Launch The NEW MINI GLAM EYESHADOW PALETTE is launching TOMORROW ✰✰ Featuring 5 cool-toned shades in matte, metallic & sparkling finishes! Exclusively available online on 12/24 and will be available in all Sephora stores on January 10th! 12/24 online, 1/10 in stores Sephora ...
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For the Clueless: How To Apply Night-Out Makeup That Looks Amazing

For the Clueless: How To Apply Night-Out Makeup That Looks Amazing You’ve got places to go, people to see…and absolutely no idea how to do your makeup for a big night out. Whether you’re headed out for New Year’s Eve or meeting up with friends to start 2020 off right, it’s a good time to brush up on your beauty know-how so you can achieve the easy makeup look of your dreams. Use these five steps to bring your ultimate night-out look to life. Easy Makeup Look in 5 Steps 1. Get glowing What sets y...
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Starlings in Winter

Perfume PosseStarlings in Winter Hey, everyone.  Like a lot of people, I welcome the solstice.  It’s a magical, powerful time.  The longest night is a time of stillness and reflection.  When my kids were younger it was always such a mad dash to the… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseStarlings in Winte
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This Cleansing Butter Has Nearly 300 5-Star Reviews and Costs Less Than $10

When you find a product good enough to repurchase three times and counting, there's only one thing to do: rave about it, which is exactly what I'm going to do when it comes to The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ($10). I've tried many a gel, balm, and oil cleanser in my time, and this is by far my favorite cleansing balm, and best of all, it only costs $10. The balm doesn't boast a solid five-star rating for nothing, and it's been a favorite of skincare expert Caroline Hirons for ...
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Evah Destruction from ‘Dragula’ dishes on Dallas, eating bugs, and beating that ‘filthy entertainer’

'Dragula' has been picked up by Netflix, and contestant Evah Destruction explains why she ate a cockroach on the show. Plus, she gives fun tips for where to go shopping in Dallas!
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She lost her gay son to suicide. Now she’s reaching out to LGBTQ teens.

Camika Shelby. Via YouTube Meet Camika Shelby, a woman bringing the true meaning of Christmas to LGBTQ youth. Shelby hosted an event at the Birmingham CrossPlex in Birmingham, Alabama over the weekend, which provided queer homeless youth with personal hygiene supplies and plenty of love and hugs for the holiday season. Shelby spearheaded the event in honor of her late son, Nigel, whom she lost to suicide in April. Nigel had struggled in school as a gay 15-year-old, experiencing a great deal o...
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Emily Ratajkowski and husband get paid to vacate apartment after 2 years of not paying rent

Model Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard got paid to vacate the property for an undisclosed amount.
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The Best of Art of Manliness 2019

Another year here at the Art of Manliness is in the books. We launched a new site design, published great articles (and books!), interviewed a number of stellar guests on the podcast, and continued growing The Strenuous Life platform. We highlight all of those doings below.  We’re taking a break until January so we can spend the holidays with our family and friends and plan for 2020. Merry Christmas!  Articles Most Popular Articles of the Year Based on Traffic Why You Should Consider Vol...
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Yes, This Is Every Single Mascara You Can Get at Sephora (You're Welcome)

There are two types of people in the world: people who love mascara . . . and people who *really* love mascara. Now, while that's obviously a joke as there are many people out there who have no interest in that product (or in any eye-enhancing liners or shadows either) - but those people probably did not just click on an article all about mascara, right? If you're reading this right now, we're assuming you have at least a slight interest in mascara and may even be in the market for a brand new ...
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These Tiny Rose Tattoo Ideas Are All the Inspiration You'll Need For Your Next Ink

Roses have always been more than just a beautiful flower. They're intricate and full of detail while still appearing delicate and simple. This makes them the perfect artistic expression for a tiny, chic tattoo. They represent love, balance, passion, and timelessness and have been a symbol of beauty for generations. Whether they're placed on wrists, shoulders, behind the ear, or on any other spot of the body, these tiny tattoo ideas will inspire you to get your very own ink. Keep reading to see ...
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Leo Varadkar opens up about the homophobic abuse he’s suffered since being named Taoiseach

Leo Varadkar become Ireland’s first, and the world’s fourth, openly gay head of government when he was named Taoiseach in 2017. But being the leader of his country’s government doesn’t mean he’s exempt from bigotry. Speaking to the Irish Sun, 40-year-old Varadkar is opening up for the first time about the homophobic abuse he’s suffered throughout his life and over the last few years especially. “If you’re mixed race and if you’re a person of color, you do experience a degree of racism and discr...
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We Heard Sephora Shoppers Love These Lip Balms and, Whoops, We Need More Pockets

Until we run out of pockets and purses, there's always going to be room for more lip balms in our hearts and minds. A little gloss goes a long way, and a balm can work wonders on dry lips in Winter. Honestly, this love is so intense we could pretty much write an on-the-spot Dr. Seuss rhyming story about our passion - it'd start off: "Pop on that balm and keep things calm, on a plane or on a train, laying low or on the go." (Note: We never said we were poets.) But, our feelings don't matter here...
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See the bizarre CGI mistake that forced a new version of ‘Cats’ to be rushed to theaters

With the long-awaited film version of the musical Cats having just landed in theaters, patrons can’t help but notice…Judi Dench’s very human hand has a cameo in the film. The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, which has underperformed at the box office, features Dench and its other human performers as anthropomorphic cats using motion capture technology. Viewers over the weekend noted several shots where the effects didn’t look finished, including one shot that shows Dench’s hand sans fur and wearing...
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The Best End-of-Year Beauty Sale Is at Macy’s - Here's What You Should Buy

After splurging on holiday gifts for your family and friends, there's nothing better than seeing that some of the best beauty products are on sale. Starting Dec. 26 through Jan. 1, you can find tons of makeup, skin care, and hair products at a steep discount at Macy's just in time for the new year, including 25 percent off everything from the Beauty by POPSUGAR line to half off the price of best-selling products from Urban Decay and Tarte. New Year's Eve is coming up, so whether you decide on a...
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The Best End-of-the-Year Beauty Sale Is at Macy’s - Here's What You Should Buy

After splurging on holiday gifts for your family and friends, there's nothing better than seeing that some of the best beauty products on sale. Starting Dec. 26 through Jan. 1, you can find tons of makeup, skin care, and hair products at a steep discount at Macy's just in time for the new year, including 25 percent off everything from the Beauty by POPSUGAR line to half off the price of best-selling products from Urban Decay and Tarte. New Year's Eve is coming up, so whether you decide on a shi...
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Netflix hopes to get to the bottom of those Aaron Hernandez bisexual rumors once and for all

Nearly three years after his death, the ghost of former NFL star/convicted murderer with an alleged bisexual past Aaron Hernandez haunts us still. Just to recap: The 27-year-old former Patriots star was serving a life sentence for murder when he was found dead in his prison cell in 2017. The cause of death was ruled a suicide. Afterwards, rumors quickly began circulating that Hernandez was either gay or bisexual and that he had had a jailhouse lover. Related: Aaron Hernandez bisexual rumors rek...
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Podcast #571: The Voyage of Character

Good character is hard to define in the abstract, but easy to identify when it’s embodied in the lives of great individuals. In order to illuminate what worthy character looks like, my guest today has written a book which consists of profiles of 10 of history’s most notable admirals, marking out both their inspiring and flawed qualities, as well as how these qualities intersected with their ability to lead. His name is Admiral James Stavridis, he served as the commander of US Southern Command...
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Milani Spring 2020 Arrives at Ulta

I’m happy to see Milani Spring 2020 arriving at Ulta because I still have my 20% Off coupon and can indulge. If you used yours already you can still snag $10 off your $40 purchase with code LASTCALL2019. As with most brands lately, Milani Cosmetics is jumping on board the cannabis train with a new range of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil skincare. This isn’t the brand’s first venture into skincare as they did a few different facial oils in the past including Prep + Brighten Rose Face Oil. It seems ...
Tags: Beauty, Ulta, Milani, Milani Cosmetics, Spring Collections 2020, Prep Brighten Rose Face Oil, Cheek Kiss Blush Liquid Blush, Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel Cream Blush, Milani Green Goddess Transforming Lip Balm, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Coconut Oil

Women concerned all the men she’s dating have “effeminate” voices and “sound completely gay”

A woman says she keeps meeting great guys, but they all have the same problem: They say they’re straight, but they sound totally gay. She isn’t sure what to make of it, so she’s seeking advice from our pal Rich Juzwiak over at Slate. The woman is currently dating two different guys, both of whom have voices she finds troubling. “They both sound completely gay—like, out-of-the-closet, effeminate-speech gay,” she writes. “This is kind of a libido killer for me, and it makes my brain spin.” AdBri...
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The Top 25 Episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show from 2019

Happy holidays! Thanks to all of you, The Tim Ferriss Show crossed more than 400 million downloads this year, and it’s fast approaching 500 million. In case you have some extra time over the holiday season, perhaps after a pumpkin pie or cookie coma, below are my most popular episodes of 2019. It’s a fun list. We used an imperfect methodology—number of downloads one week after publication—but it’s good enough to surface the episodes y’all felt were the most exciting. Please enjoy, an...
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Vanilla Ice, Briny Breezes and an agent’s bid to build Donald Trump’s presidential library on a trailer park

Florida agent James Arena wants the president to acquire the park for $1B and name it "Trump Town." Rapper Vanilla Ice, he of "Ice, Ice Baby" fame, has been enlisted to help.
Tags: Florida, Lifestyle, Radio, Trailer Park, Agent, Donald Trump, Presidential Library, Donald Trump Jr, Select, Vanilla Ice, Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago, Briney Breezes, Vanilla Ice Briny Breezes, James Arena, Trump Town Rapper Vanilla Ice

California agent pairs with indie folk duo for holiday listing video

"We wanted to give the 'You & Me & You' song and video as our holiday gift to the local community," said Tim Allen, founder of Coldwell Banker-linked Tim Allen Properties.
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What was the last product you bought that was poorly reviewed (or received by others)? How did it go for you?

I bought Lancome’s Le Monochromatique Eye & CheekMini palette, but the reviews were dismal across multiple retailers, so I ended up giving it a lower priority… to the point where I ended up donating it altogether (never swatched at all). — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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