Marc Jacobs Beauty Shimmy Dip, Copperazzi, Smoked Glass See-quins Liquid Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

Shimmy Dip (78) Marc Jacobs Beauty Shimmy Dip (78) See-quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow ($26.00 for 0.19 oz.) is a light gold with moderate, warm yellow undertones and flecks of sparkle over a metallic finish. It had semi-sheer color coverage that could be built up to medium to semi-opaque coverage, but I’d recommend applying no more than two layers as the product added noticeable texture and looked “chunky” close-up. From a nor...
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Sydney Grace Summer Love Blush Review & Swatches

Summer Love Sydney Grace Summer Love Pressed Blush ($9.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a bright, medium-dark orange-coral with warm undertones and fine, golden shimmer that gave it a luminous finish. It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer with a soft, smooth consistency that wasn’t too firmly nor too softly pressed into the pan. The product picked up well with a brush but didn’t have any issues with excess product kicked up in the pan. I...
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Time to Settle Down for a Long Winter’s Nap

So, this is Christmas and what have you done? Hope you think back fondly on a year that’s almost over. I hope you remember the kindness you bestowed on others as well as on yourself. I hope you can answer the question of, “What have I done?” with a positive reply. Remember, whatever it is you did be it smile at a complete stranger in the street or attended a walk for women’s rights, big or small all good things count in the large scheme of things. I only have one two wishes for myself, my famil...
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Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Prepare for Decadence (Updated 12/24)

Updates of a Frustrating Launch Latest Update UPDATE 12/24 9:00AM PT: The palettes sold through on Selfridges’ within two hours of launch (best I can gather based on when some noticed they were available for sale). At this time, the MTHRSHP palettes are out of stock, and there’s nothing that has been stated by the brand that suggests anything will be restocked etc. Decadence is still set to launch 12/26, which may or may not be accurate for Selfridges (who has bee...
Tags: Instagram, US, Beauty, Christine, UK EU, Skywalker, Pat McGrath, Twitter and Instagram, Year: 2019 Launches, Holiday 2019, Odyssey Lilac, Bronze Nebula Metallic, PMG Selfridges Pat McGrath Products, Skywalker Prepare for Decadence Updated

This Week in Dupes, Vol. 070

Did a product catch your eye this week? Check out dupes for the most loved and most wanted products between December 17th and December 23rd before you buy! Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Gucci Mémoire d'Un Odeur: Hits and Misses

  A lot has been written, said, and seen about Gucci's Mémoire d'une Odeur, and some of my colleagues have even picked it as one of the best fragrances of the year. Our readers also mentioned it in our Fragrantica Awards, but also some of them thought it was disappointing. Yes, I might see that it can be divisive and polarizing. That's why I had great expectations when it finally arrived in my ... Read full article: Gucci Mémoire d'Un Odeur: Hits and Misses from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologne...
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This fun-loving pop-up screen creates private spaces without the awkward silences!

Being introverted shouldn’t be synonymous with being boring. The Friendly Borders is a fun and engaging way to manipulate spaces, creating private zones. The Japanese-fan-inspired apparatus lets you instantly open out and create an almost-opaque screen made from Trevira fabric (a type of branded woven yarn) that’s anywhere from 1.5 to 2 feet in height, based on what size you pick.The Friendly Borders instant screen comes in a neat Birchwood case, allowing you to open it up in a matter of seconds...
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Censors nix ‘Rise of Skywalker’ gay kiss in two countries

Fresh off a critical drubbing and falling short on the opening weekend box office, The Rise of Skywalker also faces censorship of a same-sex kiss. The BBC reports that prints of the film in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates deleted the kiss–the first-ever same-sex kiss in a Star Wars film–to retain a PG-13 rating. Furthermore, it’s unclear if Disney or Lucasfilm deleted the kiss for other territories as well. News of the kiss–which appears in one brief shot–ignited immediate speculation ov...
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Scenic island becomes last place in Britain to legalize same-sex marriage

Sark is one of the Channel Islands that lie between England and France. The tiny island is just 4.5 square miles, with a resident population of around 500.
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Former Fox News producer insists gay culture at network is thriving but can’t provide any evidence

A former Fox News producer is pushing back against depictions of gay culture at the “most polarizing brand in cable news” in the new film Bombshell. Erin Gaetz was a producer at Fox News from 2013 to 2015 before leaving to work for Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign. She openly calls the network the “most polarizing brand in cable news,” but is it as horrible as Bombshell makes it seem? According to Gaetz, the answer is no. (Remember, of course, that she’s a Fox News alum, so you can decid...
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EXCLUSIVE: Jake Graf calls JK Rowling’s anti-trans comments “cruel and irresponsible”

Jake Graf & Hannah Winterbourne. Via Twitter Jake Graf doesn’t suffer fools gladly. The British writer, director, actor and activist has helped raise the profile of transgender people within the UK and abroad through his work behind the camera on the films Chance and Dusk, as well as with his roles in high-profile films like Colette, where he played a cisgender man. Alongside his wife, army engineer Hannah Winterbourne–the highest-ranking transgender officer in the UK armed forces–Graf has wo...
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WATCH: Mall’s holiday shopping promotion turns to chaos, several hospitalized

‘Tis the season… The Christmas spirit was on full display at the Westfield Parramatta mall in Sydney, Australia, as balloons filled with gift cards were dropped above a tightly packed crowd of shoppers. Even Santa himself couldn’t escape the chaos that ensued, as he was flung to the ground shortly after the drop. AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); For the record, the gift cards had as little as $5 on them. Five people, including children, were sent to...
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Tarotscopes that slay: For the solar eclipse in Capricorn

Remember that iconic scene in Moonstruck? You know the one. Where Nicolas Cage‘s character tells Cher’s character that he’s in love with her and she slaps him twice, hard. And then she says her classic line: Snap out of it! Well that is essentially the energy of Capricorn Season.  It’s a hard slap across the face from someone who actually loves you very much. It’s time to snap out of whatever magical thinking you’ve been living in and face reality. Because the Zodiac is a progression, Capricorn...
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Antigay youth pastor gets 1,008 years in prison and must pay $840,000 for raping six teen boys

A antigay evangelical youth pastor from Alabama was just sentenced to over 1,000 years in prison after pleading guilty to over two dozen child-sex charges. 39-year-old Paul Acton Bowen, a youth pastor and self-proclaimed best-selling author, entered guilty pleas to 28 counts of sexual abuse involving six victims, all young males between the ages of 13 and 16, in an Etowah County court last week. The charges included enticing a child for a sexual act, sodomy, traveling to meet a child for a sexu...
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Museum Gift Shops are the Best Place for Last-Minute Holiday & Souvenir Shopping

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - They’re normally considered souvenir shops but most museum gift stores sell products and gifts that will likely surprise you. The best trick is to open your mind and your heart (and sometimes also your wallet) and explore them as you explore the museums in which these shops are located. As our world has become more “instagrammable” and culture dictates a need for aestheticism, so have so many of our own interes...
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Liam Payne’s debut album bombs after accusations of biphobia

One Direction’s Liam Payne dropped his debut album LP1 earlier this month and the verdict is in: despite a heavy promotional campaign, the album is somewhere between a bomb and a dud. Not only did LP1 fail to hit the UK top 10, which is pretty crazy considering that just a few years ago Payne was one of the biggest pop stars in the country, but it only reached #111 on the US Billboard charts. It has also received mixed reviews by the few critics who have bothered to write anything about it. Muc...
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Veteran wakes from months-long coma days before Christmas: ‘It was just his will'

The father of three fell in a workplace accident on Sept. 26, but has had a breakthrough in time for Christmas.
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Timothée Chalamet learns he’s the ‘straight prince of twinks’

Despite being straight (as far as we know), Timothée Chalamet has exuded twink energy even before he starred in the big-screen gay love story Call Me By Your Name. Depending on which Twitter user you ask, Chalamet “invented being a twink,” he’s “everyone’s twink crush Tuesday,” he “created twink rights,” or he’s “twink Christian Bale.” Related: Harry Styles was shook by Timothée Chalamet’s intimate peach scene And during a press junket for Chalamet’s new film, Little Women, an interviewer from ...
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Homage to Emanuel Ungaro (1933 –2019)

It is with sadness we learn that French fashion designing legend Emanuel Ungaro passed on at the age of 86 in Paris last Saturday, according to his family reporting to the French news agencies. He had already departed from the active field since 2004, and for the last two years his health had been greatly stressed.  Ungaro was the son of Italian immigrants to France, born in the South of Frag... Read full article: Homage to Emanuel Ungaro (1933 –2019) from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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“Dad bods” used to be body-positive, but are they anymore or are they just sexist?

While you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “dad bod,” few folks know where it came from, what it is specifically and whether it’s body-positive or just kind of sexist. Luckily, you have us dad bod-enthusiasts to help explain it all. Mackenzie Pearson explains why people love the dad bod In March 2015, a 19-year-old Clemson University student named Mackenzie Pearson helped popularize the term “dad bod” when her article “Why Girls Love The Dad Bod” went viral. In her article, Mackenzie Pearson wro...
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100+ Roman Numeral Tattoos That Will Mark Your Most Memorable Date

Even if you think of yourself more of a word person than a number person, you could still consider getting a Roman numeral tattoo. Everyone has a number, date, or time that they find meaningful, whether it's an anniversary, a loved one's birthday, or a lucky number. Why not commemorate it permanently with a sleek and timeless Roman numeral tattoo? It's also easy to incorporate an infinity sign or arrow ink with this style, should you want to double up on trends. Read on for some pretty Roman num...
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Natasha Denona Glam Mini Eyeshadow Palette Launches 12/24 (Updated – More Photos + Info!)

Release Date + About the Launch Mini Glam palette features matte, metallic and sparkly cool-toned golden taupe and neutral shades for the ultimate glam look, also perfect to create every day looks. 12/24 online, 1/10 in stores Sephora Products in the Launch ...
Tags: Beauty, Sephora, Christine, Faye, Year: 2019 Launches, Holiday 2019, Sephora Products, Natasha Denona Glam

Last-minute gift idea: How about a piece of this 800-year-old castle

Preservation groups are leading a crowd-funding campaign to restore the Château de Vibrac by selling off co-ownership rights to the crumbling 13th century French castle.
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How much do you keep up with new launches?

I try to keep up with the major ones and a select more indie/up-and-coming brands as there are a lot of brands around, so trying to keep up with everything is overwhelming. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Fashion Designer Emanuel Ungaro Dies at 86

(PARIS) — French fashion designer Emanuel Ungaro, who was known for his use of vibrant color, mixed prints and elegant draping, has died at the age of 86. Ungaro’s death was confirmed by the eponymous Paris fashion house he founded in 1965, which said in an Instagram post that he “will remain in our memories as the Master of sensuality, colors and flamboyance.” View this post on Instagram La Maison qu...
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Festive Editions From Avon

At hoiday time, Avon released the kitchy and festive editions celebrating the magic of Christmas trees. Last years special attention was drawn to the holiday Avon Haiku Limited Edition 2018, whose bottle had the shape of a burning candle, while the outer packaging was illustrated with a trimmed Christmas tree. The green body of the bottle and the bright red color of the flame (cap) were very a... Read full article: Festive Editions From Avon from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Mixing Photography And Pictorial Elements, The Photographer Erika Zolli Has Created “A Body of Vision”, A Series Of Sensual And Ironic Portraits

The project consists of images created using various techniques of photographic manipulation and conceptual photography, obtaining images that look like real hyperrealistic and abstract watercolor paintings. More: Erika Zolli, Instagram, Facebook n the description of her series, the photographer explains: “The whole project revolves around the concept of the body intended as a privileged... Source
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11 Frugal Ways to Entertain Your Family

Quality time is a key component of any happy family. And though some of the most precious moments I’ve shared with my family have been outside the home, the costs associated with these activities used to wreak havoc on my wallet. Over the years, however, I’ve found ways to create memories without breaking the bank: 1. Family game night Who said you had to leave home to have fun with the family? If money’s really tight, grab a few of your favorite board or video games, throw a few franks an...
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Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

I’ve been wearing this perfume this winter – and I’ve definitely noticed that the trend this year is for fragrances that smell beachy.  This is one of those. Soleil Blanc is... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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