Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches (Part 2 of 2)

Here are swatches of the other four Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palettes ($25.00 for 0.21 oz.)! You can find swatches of the first four here. Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palettes Gallery Options Products Swatches ...
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Party Dress for the Hourglass — $150 or Less

Party Dress for the Hourglass — $150 or Less Specs: Occasion: Party night out Body type: Hourglass Budget: $150 Pieces: ASOS DESIGN fold front bardot midi pencil dress, $87, ASOS Faux Suede Clutch, $25.43, Amazon Fashaire Peep Toe Stilettos, $26.98, Amazon more at Party Dress for the Hourglass — $150 or Less. This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista.
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Best of Marc Jacobs Beauty See-quins Liquid Eyeshadows

Marc Jacobs Beauty See-quins Liquid Eyeshadow ($24.00 for 0.19 fl. oz.) is supposed to be long-wearing with “all-day, crease- and fallout-resistant sparkle” that you “swipe on and blend” for “instant, fuss-free dazzle.” They’re supposed to have “customiz[able]” coverage that can be sheered out or built up for “high-impact dazzle.” Some shades had more medium coverage while a few had semi-opaque to opaque coverage, and most of them were easy enough to sheer out for mo...
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Win the Eyebrow Game With This Handy Guide to the Best Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

Win the Eyebrow Game With This Handy Guide to the Best Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face Anytime you’re thinking about going for a natural makeup look, it’s important that your brows are on point. Whether you prefer a thick, full eyebrow style or something more streamlined, you can enhance your whole look by shaping your eyebrows to suit the shape of your face. Just as a belt emphasizes your waist, or round sunglasses softens the angles of a square jaw, the best eyebrow shape for you can express your...
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Pat McGrath Dark Galaxy MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Pat McGrath Dark Galaxy MTHRSHP Palette ($65.00) is a new, limited edition palette that sold out within a couple of hours. Smoked Amethyst is a repeated shade while the other five are new. Bronze Nebula is likely similar to at least one past shade by the brand, but the name itself is unique, and this was the shade that arrived shattered and was not salvageable (only what was still clinging to the edge of the pan). It was packaged fine, so I don’t know why it broke in...
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Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches (Part 1 of 2)

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palettes ($25.00 for 0.21 oz.) are new for spring 2020–I told you, the season is here! winter who!–and are available in eight variations. You can “snap” two palettes together (and as a result, the brand is offering them at 2 for $45). Here are swatches of the first four with swatches of the remaining four palettes to follow! Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palettes ...
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Natasha Denona Glam Mini Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Natasha Denona Glam Mini Eyeshadow Palette ($25.00) is a new mini palette that feature three new shades and two repromotes (Golden Flesh and Seed). Here are swatches before we get into all the year-end posts! Natasha Denona Glam Mini Eyeshadow Palette Gallery Options Products Swatch...
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Playing to One’s Strengths: 5 Job Suggestions That Are Suitable for Autistic Adults

Being an adult often requires having a steady job to earn income for living expenses. For neurodiverse adults, finding the right job can seem impossible.
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Best Sleds for Kids: Top Options for Wintery Whoopees!

Winter’s here and we all know what that means: the kids will want to be outside playing in the snow constantly. And that’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of the best sleds for kids to keep them occupied when the weather is icy. When it comes to sleds, you’ll want something that can... Read More » The post Best Sleds for Kids: Top Options for Wintery Whoopees! appeared first on .
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These 100+ Small Heart Tattoo Ideas Are Simple, Sweet, and Sentimental

Tattoos do not always have to be some large, elaborate design or some big, colorful illustration. Sometimes when you go in to get a tattoo, you might just be in the mood to get a little something. This is where tiny heart tattoos come in. Small and discreet, yet still bold and statement-making, itty-bitty heart tattoos are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get ink without the big commitment. They also can fit pretty much anywhere - on a wrist, an ankle, or even a shoulder. Here are the ...
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100+ Tiny, Chic Wrist Tattoos That Are Better Than a Bracelet

If you truly want to wear your heart on your sleeve, then the wrist should be the canvas for your next tattoo. A flat plane fairly easy to tattoo, the wrist is popular for first-timers and small designs or sayings. While a small wrist tattoo is generally a more visible tattoo than, say, one on the ribs or back, this placement allows for easy coverage with foundations or bracelets - making it an ideal choice for those who might be slightly tentative to get inked in a more prominent location. Conv...
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Tourism Australia recruits Kylie Minogue to sing in lavish new commercial

In a behind-the-scenes interview, Kylie said the project “was a dream come true.”
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A Man's Penis Started Rotting After Getting Bitten During Sex

A harrowing medical case reported by doctors this month should remind everyone to keep their teeth away from each other’s genitals. It details how an accidental love bite during sex left a man’s penis on the verge of rotting away, though thankfully doctors intervened in time to save it.Read more...
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On mental health...

Sent this email to some co-workers. Publishing it on my blog because I think this deserves a larger audience. Hi! Disclaimers first.You are getting this email because you work with me. And I work with you. In the capacity of a partner, employee, employer, friend, mentor, intern, associate, client et al. This is going to be a long email. Please DO read this. It's important to me that you do. No, you don't have to reply. So, you, of course, know me. And you know that I have always taken pride in p...
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How to Do Your Makeup Like an E-Girl, Courtesy of Doja Cat

We can always count on Doja Cat to pull off a bold beauty trend, and thankfully she just gave fans a quick master class on how to pull them off with her. In a new makeup tutorial for Vogue, the Hot Pink rapper briefly gives us a step-by-step look at her e-girl-inspired beauty routine. For those who don't know, an e-girl is a specific type of TikTok user that typically wears lots of pink makeup (like blush and eyeshadow) and "hearts under their eyes," according to an Urban Dictionary def...
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Your New Essential Deals Now Available!

Isn’t this knit jacket just fab (40% off)! Hope you had a joyful and peaceful Xmas.  Yes, if you haven’t yet noticed, Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale is happening right now!  Nordstrom is one of my favorite online shops thanks to their great customer service and free shipping & returns policy. I shop most of my beauty brands here.  I know they carry authentic, genuine designer brands that you can count on.  Also, you can shop a various items on a big range of prices which serves well for those who...
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W/ood Collection by Jean-Michel Duriez

Whenever I try the perfumes created by Jean-Michel Duriez, the word "poetry" invariably appears in my head. Not in the sense of rhymed lines, but in the sense of the ability to select the necessary from all known words/ingredients and arrange them so as to affect the soul, change the mood, make you escape from the ordinary world. The ability to find and show beauty in ordinary things. Jean-Michel ... Read full article: W/ood Collection by Jean-Michel Duriez from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologne...
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Hourglass At Night No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil for Lunar New Year 2020

Hourglass Cosmetics At Night No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil for Lunar New Year 2020 arrives today! I just mentioned in my Becca Year Of The Rat Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter post that I was disappointed they didn’t do a new shade for the highlighter so I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that Hourglass did a new shade of No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil for Lunar Year! This is one of my favorite formulas as it’s very hydrating, glossy, and really keeps my chapped, dry prone lips moist....
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5 Ways to Bust Your Familiarity Bias and See What’s Possible

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jeffrey Davis. Imagine you’re at your favorite coffee shop. While you glance over the menu, you probably know what you are going to order before you even arrive. Maybe an inner voice encourages you to be adventurous and try the maple bacon coffee, but then another voice overrides that one and tells you to go with the safe, familiar bet. Before you know it, the barista has your “regular” — a skim latté with a dash of hazelnut syrup — ready by the time you r...
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Becoming a Person of Stature

The word stature can mean your physical height, but here I’m more interested in a second definition. Your stature is the quality of character you’ve developed as a result of your achievements, experiences, and personal growth. I know this word may seem a bit old-fashioned to some, but there’s something I really like about it. You might think of stature as a reference to one’s social status, and it can be used in that way, but let’s focus on your own private, personal sense of stature first. ...
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Director Carter Smith rings in the New Year with gay horror in ‘Midnight Kiss’

The path to becoming a filmmaker often takes detours. For Carter Smith, the road to Hollywood led through the world of fashion. Having grown up in Maine, Smith first enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology before finding his true calling with photography. After a successful career as fashion photog and directing commercials, Smith tried his hand at storytelling with the 2006 queer-themed short film Bugcrush. Positive notice led to a job directing the horror feature The Ruins in 2008. No...
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F1 Perfumes: Advanced Technology Inspired by Haute Perfumery

Under the license of Designer Perfumes, F1 is presenting a Haute Perfumery collection of three fragrances which will be launched and for sale from March 2020, while starting April 2020 the collection will start reaching retailers globally. Inspired by Advanced Technology – Powered by Haute Parfumerie, F1® launches their exciting new fragrance brand using 3D printed art, and the brand has ch... Read full article: F1 Perfumes: Advanced Technology Inspired by Haute Perfumery from Fragrantica P...
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Becca Year Of The Rat Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Celebrates the Lunar Year in Style

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Year Of The Rat is now available at Sadly this isn’t a new shade of Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter! It’s actually Moonstone which is a lovely luminous warm golden shade! I do wish when brands released special edition Lunar Year products that the products were actual a new or limited edition shade. Le sigh! Sadly, I already have a Moonstone compact in my collection and can’t justify purchasing another but I’m temp...
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Real estate industry rallies for agent who lost sons in Christmas car crash

Twin 16-year-olds Mark Anthony and Michael Angelo Urista were two of three teens killed when the Hyundai sedan they were in veered into a northbound lane and hit a utility pole.
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Bath and Body Works Confetti Cake Pop, Strawberry Pound Cake, and Margarita Cupcake Coming Soon

Yasss! Bath and Body Works continues their gourmand streak for Spring 2020 as they are releasing three new scents called Confetti Cake Pop, Strawberry Pound Cake, and Margarita Cupcake! Sign me up because Cocoa and Mint, Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread, Christmas Cookies, and Bright Lemon Snowdrop that launched for Holiday 2019 were amazing. Truly these were keeper fragrances and I was delighted they finally created scents that actually contained notes and smelled like their names. Bath and Body...
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December linkfest

The Namerology blog picks the defining baby names of the last decade—“The names that were not just hugely popular from 2010-19, but vastly more popular than in decades past…and future. They’re flying high, yet as the ’10s draw to a close they’re already starting to decline from their dizzying popularity peaks.” * Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn combed his newspaper’s archives for the first mentions of products, technologies, ideas, and terms that have become part of life since late 2009...
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The best fashion trends and transformations of the 2010s

Fashion moments come and go, but the past decade offered some game-changing breakthroughs. Instagram shattered industry norms. Streetwear proved it could hold court with couture, while celebrities peacocked on the red carpet in over-the-top threads destined to go viral online. Sneakers replaced stilettos as the footwear of choice, and hipsters started wearing dad jeans. Royal...
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The puzzling anger of Elizabeth Warren's brother.

I'm reading "Elizabeth Warren’s Brother Reportedly ‘Furious’ She Claims Their Father Was a Janitor" (Mediaite). I'm picturing him getting red in the face. His name is David Herring, so that would make him a red herring.A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion. A red herring may be used intentionally, as in mystery fiction or as part...
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What’s your favorite fragrance for winter?

I’ve been really enjoying Tom Ford Amber Absolute! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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