2020 Foresight

Perfume Posse2020 Foresight Welp!  I was gonna get all philosophical about humans’ obsession with Ritual and how it’s nothing but a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning – but y’know what?  Feck that!  Happy New Year!!!!!!!  I’m feelin’ it – FEEEELIN’ IT, I say!  2019 was… Continue Reading → Perfume Posse2020 Foresight
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Budget-Friendly Celebration Plans

When there is an occasion to celebrate, this does not mean you have to spend more money than you have. It is possible to celebrate your event on a budget without others being aware that is the case, all you need is a little creativity and some of our ideas below: Scavenger hunt A scavenger hunt is where individuals are looking for a number of items. Players are given the first clue card which has a riddle on it, such as “search for your next hint where you would find a pair of shoes or two”....
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Alicia Keys Finally Dropped Her Skincare Routine - Her Secret to Clear Skin? Sulfur!

It's difficult to ignore how radiant Alicia Keys's skin is pretty much 24/7. As a special gift for the New Year, the "Raise a Man" singer did us all a favor and dropped her nighttime skin routine, which includes her secret for fighting off blemishes - finally. In a video shared to her YouTube channel on Monday, Keys walked us step-by-step through the routine, and it was basically the equivalent of creating her own personal spa experience. After lighting a candle and making sure she had...
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The Year that was 2019

I have a mixed feelings about 2019. This is the year that had made me rethink about many things so many times. Thankfully I had to change nothing much. But here are the highs and lows my life in 2019. Max is no more. I will write a better eulogy once I fully understand the situation. Until then thank you max for all the love you showed us. I was forced by the administration to get an Aadhaar. It has not improved my life one bit. Like I wrote in 2018. Freedom struggle is a continuous process. ...
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Finally - a Supereasy Trick to Stop Your Glasses From Breaking Up Your Foundation

@glamnanne1 Please someone duet this and let me know if it works for you! #makeup #makeuptips #fyp #viral #foryou #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - glamnanne1 Glasses wearers know the frustration of watching the nose pads on your specs start to break up your foundation, leaving it cracked or even rubbing it off completely. In a video shared to TikTok, user @glamanne1 shared a supereasy solution to this beauty struggle - and it only takes two steps. The trick? Apply a little bit of you...
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Hedonist Series: We Review the New Viktoria Minya Absolutes

Four years after the launch of Hedonist Cassis, the talented independent perfumer Viktoria Minya who resides in Paris, but is of Hungarian extraction, is presenting the Hedonist Absolute Series of three new fragrances that are "richer and more opulent and intense than her previous creations," as Fragrantica first presented them. Her talent was revealed to me with her original Hedonist in 2013, ... Read full article: Hedonist Series: We Review the New Viktoria Minya Absolutes from Fragrantica Pe...
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Where Are You Still Using Single-Ply?

I recently had an epiphany. It wasn’t in the shower. It wasn’t while meditating under a tree. It was while sitting in the bathroom. As I held the toilet paper in my hand, I realized that it was single-ply. Clearly, I had long ago decided to save money by cutting this corner. “We are not in a position to indulge in such excesses!” I imagine I might have thought, shifting my shopping gaze from comfy double-ply Charmin to a war-ration house brand of single-ply. Of course, here’s the proble...
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Maye Musk on how to make resolutions for a meaningful life

Maye Musk is a fan of New Year’s resolutions. After all, the 71-year-old fashion model and dietitian who has a new self-help book called “A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty and Success” (Penguin, out Tuesday), is devoted to self-betterment and empowerment. Yet throughout her life, Musk has rarely waited...
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The year in pictures: a look back at our favorite moments of 2019

Pride parties, Halloween costumes, and celebrities: 2019 was a year filled with excitement, celebrations, and a bit of drama. Here are the most popular topics on GayCities of each month during the past year.
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Gabrielle Union Shared a Gorgeous No-Makeup Selfie, and Her Freckles Are Poppin'

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on Dec 29, 2019 at 7:47pm PST Gabrielle Union skipped her morning cup of coffee to share a no-makeup selfie on Instagram, and her skin is so flawless that it's practically glowing - she looks more awake first thing in the morning than we feel all day. (Can she please drop her skin routine ASAP?) "Before caffeine. Just me...
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Books I’ve Loved — Steve Jurvetson (#404)

“If disruption is what you seek, cognitive island-hopping is a good place to start, mining the interstices between academic disciplines.”  — Steve Jurvetson Welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, where it is my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types — from startup founders and investors to chess champions to Olympic athletes. This episode, however, is an experiment and part of a shorter series I’m doing called “Books I’ve Loved.” I’ve invited some ama...
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Cutout swimsuits you’ll see everywhere in 2020 thanks to Bella Hadid

Leave it to Bella Hadid to make a one-piece swimsuit sexier than a bikini. Earlier this month, the supermodel, 23, strode through the St. Barts surf — martini in hand — wearing not a skimpy two-piece, but a cutout orangey-red monokini that showed just as much skin. Just a few weeks earlier, Kylie Jenner rocked...
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Podcast #572: The Unexpected Upsides of Being a Late Bloomer

There’s an unspoken timeline that people supposedly need to follow to have a successful life: be a good student in high school, get into a good college, and then get a good job right after you graduate.  But you’ve probably met successful people whose lives didn’t follow this kind of linear arc and neat timeline, and maybe yours didn’t either. Their young adult years weren’t very auspicious, and they didn’t come into their own and find their bearings until after college, or even much later. M...
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HomeVestors wants to know: What’s the ugliest house of the year?

The parent company of the "We Buy Ugly Houses" brand is asking people to vote on which rehab project was the ugliest house of the year.
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3 Reasons To Consider Juvederm Treatments in 2020

The New Year is on the horizon, along with the new decade, so it’s time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions dor 2020. It’s time to start fresh and new! You probably want to finally complete a degree, tackle a project, or advance your life somehow. But what about taking care of yourself? If you don’t take time for self care, first and foremost, you won’t be healthy enough to do everything else in life. So, think of 2020 as your year to look after other aspects of your life...
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Aerin Wild Geranium

  The perfume brand Aerin has introduced the new perfume Wild Geranium, which is the latest addition to the line this year, after Limone di Sicilia and the limited festive Rose Cocoa.   "Wild Geranium is happiness. It's a colorful, whimsical escape to a field brimming with wildflowers." – Aerin   Get lost in a blooming field of wildflowers. A fresh cut Geranium note and a sparkling touch... Read full article: Aerin Wild Geranium from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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20 Uncomfortable Things You Need to Start Doing for Yourself in 2020

When you look back on 2019, don’t think of the pain you felt. Think of the strength you gained, and appreciate how far you’ve come. You’ve been through a lot in the past year, but you’ve grown a lot too. Give yourself credit for your resilience, and then step forward again with grace. The next best step forward? Start doing something uncomfortable today that will move your life forward in 2020. Let me explain… (more…)
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Creating a More Action-Oriented Character

Do you ever feel that your character is too hesitant and self-censoring? Maybe you get an idea to take action or to share something, and then another voice pops in your head and talks you out of it. Perhaps you straddle the fence for a while, pondering whether it’s wiser to take action or hold back, and much of the time you hold back. Perhaps you start to take action and then undo or delete what you’ve done because of that voice chiming with objections like these: I don’t really need to sh...
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Banish these 5 secretly sugary foods in 2020 to lose weight, fast

Food companies are tricking you into eating more sugar, and these five foods are the top culprits.
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The Sweetness of Forbidden Love: Roja Dove Lakmé

Roja Parfums’ Lakmé, the new limited edition created in 2019 by Roja Dove, was announced and described as "the sweetness of forbidden love." This offering in the concentration of pure perfume is just as romantic and enchanting as the French opera after which it is named. As announced by Roja Dove, "Lakmé is like a fragrant opera comprised of Rose and Iris, evocative of ‘The Flower Duet’, ... Read full article: The Sweetness of Forbidden Love: Roja Dove Lakmé from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Armani Sì Passione Intense

The new fragrance from the house of Armani - Si Passione Intense – is announced as an even more exciting interpretation of the 2017 Si Passione. Armani Sì Passione Intense comes out on the market in early 2020. Described as a bright, rich and elegant floral arrangement, it is enhanced by the energy of woody and musky notes. According to perfumer Julie Massé, this combination embodies the ... Read full article: Armani Sì Passione Intense from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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The "Twilighting" Hair Color Trend Is Going to Be Huge This Year - Here's Why

"Twilighting" sounds like something you'd get from putting Edward Cullen and Fenty Beauty's Killawatt highlighter in the same deliberation room, but alas: it's actually a cool new hair color technique - and it's about to blow up this year. (Sorry, Twihards. We don't make the rules.) Still, the trend is equally enchanting: "Twilighting is a brunette shade with warm undertones, meaning the color reflects golden hues," said Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. (She also adds that, ...
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Millions of homeowners exposed after smart-home camera data leak

Wyze Labs, a startup that makes smart home cameras and other home security devices, has confirmed a data breach that may have exposed 2.4 million customers.
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"There’s a clear irony here, given how much thought I’ve put into what things — art, interiors, people — should look like, that I’ve come to a place..."

"... in which I no longer know what my own life should look like. I literally do not know what to do with myself and what I should believe in anymore, and this does, in fact, seem kind of frivolous, given the very urgent concerns of the society we live in.... (I chose a career in the dying industry that is print journalism and it’s too late to choose a new one). I’m unable to save money for retirement and I get very anxious when I think about the future. Worse, I’ve lost my sense of meaning to m...
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Why some gay men are getting this test to detect the early signs of a specific cancer

(Photo: Shutterstock) Have you ever thought of having an anal pap smear? Gay and bi men have a higher risk of getting anal cancer – especially if they bottom during sex. Because of this, many experts believe it worthwhile for men who have sex with men to be screened for the early stages of the disease. Know nothing about anal cancer screening? Let’s answer a few basic questions! What is anal cancer? AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); Well… as the na...
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Capsene Helio: Perfume or Pickles?

Do you want to try a new fragrance that is “Fresh and Clean, and Crisp and Green”? Which is made according to all the ethical rules of our time: vegan, gluten-free, no cruelty to animals, created from sustainably reproduced components? A non-gender perfume composition which is dissolved in distilled water and natural sugarcane alcohol? The greenest fragrance in all senses is named Capsene, and... Read full article: Capsene Helio: Perfume or Pickles? from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Pat McGrath Golden Opulence Collection Launches 1/2 + Swatches (Updated 12/30)

Six sublime shimmers & mesmerising mattes summon the ravishing resplendence & hypnotic hedonism evoked by all tomorrow’s parties. With provocative pigments ranging from glitterati golds & notorious nudes to risqué roses, this cult-covetable starchild palette delivers sensuously saturated shades in futuristic formulations, gilding eyes in sparkle that shimmies from scintillati...
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Has The Proliferation Of Watchdog Accounts Built A ‘Good Samaritan’ Culture In Fashion?

It's falling on individuals to take the oft-problematic industry to task.
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Make 2020 Sexier

Welcome to 2020 … almost. One of the main reasons people flock to the SMR Nation and our shows is they are looking for ways to create a sexier married life, or to get sex happening again in their marriage. If sex is an area of conflict and struggle in your marriage then my hope […] The post Make 2020 Sexier appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.
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