Roses and Geranium in the New year – Miss Dior Rose N'Roses Aerin Wild Geranium

  Miss Dior Rose N'Roses sounds like a spell. And even more so when you look at the rose carpet in the ad picture. The very liquid of the fragrance, tenderly pink, draws your attention. A nice new perfume from the big brand with endless resources. I really do not like the confusion that is going on with Dior women's fragrances, which I have repeatedly expressed. I tried to find an explanation f... Read full article: Roses and Geranium in the New year – Miss Dior Rose N'Roses Aerin Wild Gera...
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Chanel Camelia Grenat & Camelia Carmin Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Colours Reviews & Swatches

Camelia Grenat (617) Chanel Camelia Grenat (617) Rouge Allure Velvet ($40.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a medium-dark plum with subtle, cool undertones and a natural sheen. It had nearly opaque pigmentation in a single layer, which adhered evenly and smoothly over my lips without dragging. The lipstick felt lightweight with a thinner, velvety texture that didn’t have a lot of slip or feel traditionally creamy, though it was comfortable to ap...
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2020 Readers’ Choice Awards: Nominate Your Favorites Now!

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These Are the Skincare Products Celebrities Love (and They're Sold at Sephora!)

Award season is in full swing, and that means your favorite famous faces are on it when it comes to perfecting their complexions. That might involve visiting a dermatologist or scheduling sessions with an esthetician - and it most definitely means developing a solid skincare regimen at home. Like everyone else, celebrities have their favorite skincare products, from cleansers to toners to face masks. (Admit it, everyone loves a good sheet-mask selfie.) More often than not, you'll find these cele...
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Natasha Denona Jeniffer, Averyl, Beatrice Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Jeniffer (22P) Natasha Denona Jeniffer (22P) I Need a Nude Lipstick ($25.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark rosy beige with warm undertones and a cream finish. It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single stroke, which adhered fairly evenly to my lips, though there was a bit of product that settled into my deeper lip lines (not enough to be noticeable in person). The texture was lightly creamy, dense without being too thi...
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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette ($75.00) is a new, just-released limited edition eyeshadow palette that features 12 shades across shimmers and mattes. Here are swatches: Pillow Talk Palette Gallery Options Products Swatches ...
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Date Night Outfit for Plus-Size Women Over 50 — Under $150

Date Night Outfit for Plus-Size Women Over 50 — Under $150 Specs: Body type: Plus-size over 50 Budget: Under $150 Occasion: Date night Pieces: standards & practices wrap dress, $43.40 (on sale), Last Call Charter Club Pave Ball Set, $20.62 (on sale), Macy’s Sam Edelman Laney Mule, $59.98, DSW more at Date Night Outfit for Plus-Size Women Over 50 — Under $150. This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista.
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Stay Moisturized, Sun-Protected, and Glowing With Sephora's New Bath and Body Products

If you made a skincare resolution in 2020, make sure you include your entire body in that, not just your face. Not only is it important to keep skin moisturized and protected from the sun year-round, creating a self-care ritual around bath and body treatments can definitely work toward any happiness or body-positivity goals this year, too. Even if resolutions aren't for you, Sephora's new bath and body products definitely are. There's something to keep your hands and heels hydrated, sun protecti...
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27 of the Hottest Hair Products Launching in 2020

Forget good hair days. We've deemed 2020 to be a good hair year. And with a new decade under way, we're keeping our eyes and ears wide open so we don't miss all of the new haircare offerings from both cult-favorite brands as well as new ones hitting the scene. Whether you're seeking a new product to help you achieve a 2020 hair trend or simply looking to make greasy hair a thing of the past, here are the best haircare products that deserve a spot on your beauty product wish list (because we all...
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Mens Short Shorts – Your Guide [January 2020]

Are men’s shorts getting shorter 2019? When it comes to men wearing shorts from the early 2000’s to now, men are going shorter these days. It was customary for men to wear shorts that came all the way to the knee. mens shorts guide for 2019 Can guys wear short shorts? Men can wear short shorts. It is advised if men go with short shorts, they should definitely wear shorts with a liner in them. They should also wear tight underwear so as there is not an embarassing situation. short sh...
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Lancôme La Nuit Tresor Nude

Lancôme presents a gracious and feminine interpretation of the iconic Tresor fragrance through a new flanker of the La Nuit Tresor release, this time in a Nude version. LA NUIT TRESOR NUDE repeats the attractive shape of the diamond of all La Nuit Tresor fragrances, coloring the new creation in a delicate (and very trendy) peach color.   In the latest chapter of La Nuit Tresor's love story,... Read full article: Lancôme La Nuit Tresor Nude from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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CBS fires reporter over false HIV claims

(Photo: C. Goldsmith/CDC | Public Domain) CBS has announced the network has fired a New York reporter for passing on false information about HIV/AIDS in a recent story. The unnamed reporter published a story and social media posts in December regarding an attack by an HIV-positive man on a police officer. The story claimed that by spitting on the officer, the assailant had put him at risk for transmission of the virus. One tweet referred to the incident as an “HIV ATTACK,” and claimed the “su...
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6 Reasons You Need To Invest In Thongs Right Now

If you’ve never worn a thong, even looking at them might make you shift uncomfortably in your seat. Admittedly, they do look a little like the dreaded wedgie. But thongs have garnered throngs (see what we did there?) of loyal fans the world over since their invention in 1974, so there must be something to them, right? It turns out that despite their somewhat risqué appearance, thongs have a lot to offer in the way of comfort and convenience. So why do so many women of all ages love thon...
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Meet the ob-gyn using TikTok to teach millions of teens about safe sex: ‘We can really make a big difference’

Staci Tanouye, MD, got over 10 million views on a TikTok about safe sex. Now, she's determined to use the social media app to educate young people on women's health.
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The #1 Skincare Ingredient You Should Be Using, According to Derms

Like an anal-retentive roommate who's always after you about the dishes, retinol is extremely effective at making sure everything looks as pristine as possible - but it can also be pretty irritating. On the upside: not all formulas are created equal, and most experts would still agree that the workhorse ingredient is the best thing you can do for your skin. After all, nothing else on the market has been clinically proven to simultaneously fade fine lines and dark spots, treat acne, or reduce...
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Top 5 Secrets to Natural Beauty: Your Guide for 2020

Natural beauty does age, but that doesn’t mean it has to lose its glow. You can maintain that beautiful glow and enviable visage throughout your life. We’ve all seen what Botox botch jobs have done to our favorite celebrities over time – the Botox stays in place, and everything else sags around the corners. Sometimes, it is better to age gracefully than go down the surgical route.  To remain naturally beautiful, you need to change your routine and invest, not in plastic solutions, but i...
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Hugo Boss Hugo Now

A new fragrant adventure is awaiting us with the newest Hugo Now edition launched at the beginning of 2020; a limited edition inspired by the power of NOW. The scent is a symbol of this free-spirited and young-at-heart attitude, and HUGO partners with artist Liam Payne to inspire his peers to seize the only moment they own: NOW. #MyTimeIsNowHUGO NOW follows the success of the Hugo line started in... Read full article: Hugo Boss Hugo Now from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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WATCH: Ana Navarro of ‘The View’ hints homophobes are hiding same-sex desire

Conversation about sex education on the January 10 edition of The View derailed, as guest host Ana Navarro suggested that homophobes might actually be gay themselves. Navarro, herself no stranger to controversy, made the suggestion as the group had a debate over sex education in schools. Host Abbie Huntsman–one of the more conservative panelists on the show–suggested that children of various ages should have comprehensive and frank sex education in schools. Then Navarro chimed in. Related: The ...
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Man doused in bleach, called antigay slurs in unprovoked attack at volunteer event

View this post on Instagram The winning picture. #newprofilepic #newprofilepicture #backgarden #backgardens #tropicalgarden #tropicalgardens #tropicalgardening #tropicallondon #tropicallovers #tropicalgardenintherain #tropicalgardeninlondon #treefern #treeferns #begoniasantacruz #begonia # #boyswithplants #boyswithglasses #menwithplants #gayswithplants A post shared by the gardening guys (@the_gardening_g...
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Foundation Friday: Urban Decay Stay Naked Collection

press sample, affiliate links I’m all about a beautiful, natural, real looking complexion, and that’s what Urban Decay set out to do with the Stay Naked Collection. The bulk of Urban Decay’s Stay Naked Collection launched late last summer with the the Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation, Stay Naked Correcting Concealer and Stay Naked Pro Customizer. They just added to the collection with the Stay Naked The Fix Powder Foundation and Stay Naked Threesome Bronze, Blush and Highlighter Palette....
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Her boyfriend refuses to properly wash himself because “touching anything between his legs is gay”

A woman says doesn’t know what to do about her boyfriend who won’t wash himself “down there” because he thinks touching his own genitalia makes him gay, so she’s seeking help from Reddit. According to the woman, her 24-year-old boyfriend simply refuses to properly wash his nether regions. “He explained that he doesn’t touch himself there, ever, because it’s gay,” she writes in the AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); “Therefore, he can’t clean the are...
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$19K pre-fab home includes artificial intelligence technology

Singapore-based startup Nestron announces the launch of four low-cost prefab home models complete with an artificial intelligence assistant, Canny.
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Inspiration Beats Procrastination

Inviting a stronger flow of inspiration kicked off by the 365-day creative challenge is helping me get more done than I expected, including completing some stale to-do items that I never felt inspired to do before. This morning I updated all of my YouTube videos (42 of them) to have end screens that invite people to visit my blog, subscribe to my channel, or check out other videos on my channel. For instance, an abundance-related video will now invite people to watch a Deep Abundance Integrat...
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8 Must-Have Qualities Needed For A Career in Journalism

The world of modern journalism, with all its celebrity gossip, seemingly inane trivia and ‘fake news,’ can seem like a million miles away from the journalism of the past. However, while the way we consume information and receive our news may have changed, it is still very possible to inspire and instigate change through journalism whether it’s published on a website or in a newspaper. To be an effective journalist, you obviously need to have a solid foundation in grammar, punctuation and s...
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“It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done” RuPaul on his new show ‘AJ & the Queen’

Michael Patrick King & RuPaul on set RuPaul & Michael Patrick King have a lot in common. Both grew up as the only boy in a family with three sisters. Both chased dreams of stardom: RuPaul as a performer, King as a writer. And both hit it big. Michael Patrick King has enjoyed a long career writing for TV series such as Cybill, Murphy Brown and 2 Broke Girls, which he also created. His biggest success came with Sex and the City, writing a full 31 episodes of the series. He parlayed that success...
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Elderly nun receives death threats, called a “b*tch” for being too accepting of LGBTQ people

A California woman has just been indicted on federal charges after she allegedly threatened to kill an elderly nun and blow up the church at a Catholic girls school for being too accepting of LGBTQ people. According to court documents filed this week, shortly after Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, a private girls school in Washington, D.C., announced it would begin including same-sex wedding announcements in its alumnae magazine, a nun who graduated from the school in 1948 received ter...
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Out of the 10 New NARS Blush Shades I Only Want Orgasm X

Did you hear that NARS Blush is now available in 10 new shades? Yup! They dropped news of the new shades for Spring 2020 late last month. I was pretty hyped! I love NARS Blush as much as the next person and ten new shades to choose from is freaking exciting to say the least. Oddly, out of ten shades, only one caught my eye! Can you guess which one? Orgasm X baby! A new version of Orgasm? I’m in! The original NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm are my ride or die. How much further can you go wit...
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Fragrance Friday: Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun

Over a year ago, I wrote about a fragrance brand called Juliette Has a Gun. In Canada, available exclusively at Holt Renfrew, the brand was started by Romano Ricci, Nina Ricci’s grandson. It... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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I Finally Found a Moisturizer That Relieves My Dry Winter Skin and Doesn't Break Me Out

For as long as I can remember, my skin has a been a turbulent rollercoaster of hormonal acne and nerve-racking skincare trials. I'm always terrified to try new products because I'm afraid they'll break me out, especially moisturizers. That's why when I finally found a serum that was moisturizing enough to use daily, I was totally relieved. I simply can't live without the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum ($48), but it wasn't the end of my issues. I have combination skin, and pret...
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