Let’s Talk About Glitter!

There are two primary concerns that I routinely see from consumers in the online beauty community and from readers with respect to glitter: 1) whether cosmetic-grade glitter is eye safe, and 2) concerns about plastic glitter and its impact on the environment.  Those concerns continue to be expressed more frequently as more brands include glitter in their product offerings, including products that may or may not be explicitly marketed for eyes but often are included in palettes that otherwise loo...
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How to Develop a Talent Pipeline

Replacing employees is expensive.  The 2017 retention report says that it costs about $15,000 to replace an employee making $45,000. To save on high costs, energy and resources, your team needs a talent pipeline. A talent pipeline is a group of professionals who are ready to fill future positions that your company will need. It requires the act of switching from passive recruitment to active recruitment. Meaning, instead of waiting until an employee gives their two weeks, you are consistently ...
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Pat McGrath OpuLUST Gloss for Spring 2020

Release Date + About the Launch LUST FOR LIFE ⚡⚡⚡ Discover the *NEW* #OpuLUST: Gloss. This lavishly luxurious gloss coats your pout in multidimensional sparkle, seamlessly gliding onto the lips. Sign up for early access + exclusive offer here. January 31st Pat McGrath Sepho...
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ColourPop Sweetest Thing Just a Tint Lippie Tint Duo Review & Swatches

Sweetest Thing Colour Pop Sweetest Thing Lip Duo ($11.00 for 0.14 oz.) contains a light, warmer pink and a medium, pink-coral. The shades might look more or less the same depending on one natural lip color as they had semi-sheer to medium coverage (though they’re marketed as a sheer wash of color). The formula was comfortable to apply and to wear as it was like a tinted lip balm, so wear time was decent but a product that will sui...
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ColourPop You’re a Catch Super Shock Highlighter Review & Swatches

You're a Catch Colour Pop You’re a Catch Super Shock Cheek (Highlighter) ($8.00 for 0.15 oz.) is a light, golden beige with warm undertones and subtle, pink shimmer throughout. It a glance, it sometimes looked almost cool-toned when the light hit it due to the pink shimmer in it. It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer when applied with fingertips and more medium, buildable coverage applied with a brush, though it could be dif...
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Evelyn Yang, wife of presidential candidate Andrew Yang, tells CNN she was sexually assaulted by her doctor

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed Thursday to CNN that she was sexually assaulted by her obstetrician-gynecologist.
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What products are in your shower/bath right now?

Fresh Lemon Shower Gel, Olaplex Conditioner/Shampoo, Briogeo Charcoal Shampoo, Fresh Soy Cleanser, Origins GinZing, Skinfix Eczema+ Body Wash. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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7 Tips for Building a Fashionable Home Office

If you are one of the lucky people who have the opportunity to work at home, consider renovating your house and building a fashionable home office. This will help you stay focused and make you more productive. If you need ideas on how to build a fashionable home office, keep on reading and we’ll share some tips in this article.  Invest in Ergonomic Furniture  Whether it is a table or a chair, pick furniture with an ergonomic design. This will make you more comfortable while wor...
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My First Facebook Live

I just did my first ever Facebook Live video within the past hour, speaking about character sculpting versus traditional goal setting. Here’s a recording of the video if you’d like to watch it: Enjoy the video! Note that the Stature character sculpting course launch discount (save 70%) is good for another 7 hours, so if you’d like to join us for it, now is a good time. More than 300 people are already signed up. Read My First Facebook Live by Steve Pavlina
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These 100 Hidden Tattoos Ideas Will Satisfy Your Craving For New Ink

Even if your body is a tattooed wonderland already, there's something fresh and rebellious about getting new ink in a hidden place. On the flip side, if you're still easing into the idea of your first tattoo, getting something undercover could be just the way to make it all seem less stressful. Either way, hidden tattoos are a great way to ink your body just for you (though don't be surprised if you suddenly feel the need to post it all over Instagram). The best part is you can choose to play pe...
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Can you get a career back after your kids grow up?

I coach lots of parents who look at scaling back work and worry about what they’ll do when their kids grow up. If you are one of those people, you are about to save the $350 coaching fee. What you want to do for work when your kids are young is not what you want to do for work when your kids are grown. For one thing, you can’t imagine what will be available when your kid is 18. Also, you can’t imagine what you’ll be like when your kids grow up. Shortly after I raised $500,000 for Quistic, I rea...
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Must-Have Styles for a Child’s Western Chic Wardrobe

One of the best things about Western clothes for children is that they keep up with an active lifestyle. They’re constructed from durable, usually natural, materials that wear well and aren’t fussy. But the durability isn’t the only benefit to wearing Western clothes. Kids love the adventure theme, and these styles are very popular on the runways. Here are a few must-haves in a chic Western wardrobe. Cowboy Boots Kids are naturally drawn to cowboy boots and often want to wear them...
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100+ Back-of-the-Neck Tattoos That Are Easy to Hide and Fun to Show Off

If you're searching for the perfect location for your next ink, consider getting a back-of-the-neck tattoo, which can easily be hidden by hair or shown off depending on your mood. The location is a relatively small canvas, making the neck an ideal spot for a little ink art that may look out-of-place against larger areas of the body. And while any tattoo will come with a certain level of pain, this spot is considered to be one of the less-painful ones, making it a friendly first-time spot. Additi...
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10 Things First Time Pet Owners Need To Know

It can be quite exciting to become a pet owner for the first time. It is the start of an adventure that includes care, companionship, and love. If you are thinking of getting a pet, there are a few things you need to know. But one should not rush into adopting a new pet without making sure that you will able to provide what the animal needs to live a happy life when you bring it home. Choose a pet that will fit your lifestyle. Remember they need to be exercised, fed and groomed too. Al...
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These Are the Most Head-Turning Hair Moments Debuted at the Oscars

With the 2020 Oscars in close reach, it's hard not to daydream about what exciting new looks will be debuted on the red carpet this year. But before we look forward, we want to look back and remember some of the best hairstyles in the history of the Academy Awards. Complete with side-swept curls, edgy new cuts, and groundbreaking bangs, the stars who have attended the Oscars have left us with more inspiration than we deserve. From Lupita Nyong'o's diamond-accented curls to Kate Winslet's faux bo...
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More Libido, Less Ego: A Reparative Journey with Fray Ardens

Marfa, Texas is a desert destination in the westward facing southern United States. It draws visitors curious about the phenomena known as the ‘Marfa Lights,’ and since Minimalist sculptor Donald Judd began making monumental outdoor works there, it’s become a remote hub for the arts. In the late 1970s, supported by the Dia Art Foundation, Judd began renovating a military fort’s facilities ... Read full article: More Libido, Less Ego: A Reparative Journey with Fray Ardens from Fragrantica Perfum...
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100+ Bittersweet Memorial Tattoos to Honor Your Loved Ones

Nothing can replace being with a loved one, but if they've passed on, a tattoo is a lovely way to keep their legacy alive. Getting inked in honor of someone you love and admire can also be a therapeutic part of the grieving process. For many, it's the only way to keep a loved one close when they can't be there in person anymore. Need inspiration? Think of something that always stuck with you or a symbol that represents what they mean to you, or consider a vivid memory you have of them. Here a ...
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20 Game-Changing Makeup Launches You're Going to Want This Year

It's 2020 - have you updated your makeup bag yet? If the answer is no, you've come to the right place. Now is as good a time as any to check out all of the game-changing beauty products that'll be available for your consumption in the new year. Looking for a full-coverage concealer that feels practically weightless on your skin? There a new product for that. What about a hydrating lip oil that provides a hit of color and maximum moisture to your lips? There's a product (or two) for that, too. Th...
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10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for a good way to set the stage for a hot date on Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to start with what you wear! And, with all the potential for romance, there are so many fun ways to take this year’s V-Day look. Whether you go lacy, silky or classic red, there’s an outfit for this holiday that totally suits you and your personal style of romance. We’re here to help arm you with some of the best outfit ideas so you can head over to your fave fashion boutique and plan an evening y...
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Customers Are Praising These 17 Top-Rated Makeup Products at Urban Outfitters

You probably know Urban Outfitters for its trendy apparel and cool home decor essentials, but the retailer offers incredible cosmetics as well. We are particularly impressed by the array of makeup the site offers, so we rounded up our top picks. From Benefit concealer to NYX eyebrow pencils, we curate a shopping guide to the best makeup from Urban Outfitters with the highest ratings. These formulas have been tested and approved by thousands of customers. That seems like a pretty good reason to s...
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How To Find The Perfect Baptism Gown For Baby

When it came time to baptize our 5th child and welcome him into the Church, it was important to find the perfect baptism gown for baby. The first brand I thought of was Feltman Brothers. They are known for their vintage-inspired and classic baby clothes, so I knew they would have exactly what I was looking for. Feltman Brothers have been a go-to for anyone seeking special occasion wear, gifts, and accessories for their children, since 1916.  They recently added Preemie Clothes for boys ...
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These Trending Celebrity-Adored Nail Colors Are Easy to Find at Sephora

Whether they're stepping onto a red carpet or doing a flurry of press appearances, stars aren't fully dressed without a manicure. For some, that means choosing a bold color to make a subtle statement during award season. Others prefer a low-key, barely there bit of polish (y'know, all the better to show off a few carats' worth of diamonds). So chances are, there's a famous face whose nail style might inspire your own, no matter whether your own manicure M.O. involves nail art or minimalism. And ...
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ESPN reporter who died at 34 didn’t know he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma — how common is it to not know?

ESPN reporter, Edward Aschoff, died at 34 years old. It wasn't until after his death that a lung biopsy revealed he had stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
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Link Love: Taking Good Care of Your Clothes

In forum member Kari’s recent thread we shared tips for taking care of and making clothing items, footwear and accessories last as long as possible. Here are 3 other articles with good suggestions: Research has shown that a 25C wash is greenest, but can it really clean dirty clothes? From socks to shoes and leather, how to mend more and buy less. How to keep your favourite clothes forever, from laundering to moth-proofing. Fab Links from Our Members Suz thought this Guardian article is very re...
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Cult favorite fashion brand Opening Ceremony is closing

Sounds more like a closing ceremony to us. Clothing brand and retailer Opening Ceremony will shut down all of its multi-brand stores in NYC, Los Angeles and Japan by the end of 2020. Since opening its first brick-and-mortar location in 2002, Opening Ceremony has become a staple store of lower Manhattan with a cult following....
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An Introduction to Rope: Construction and Materials

You can do a lot with rope.  Tie stuff down; pull stuff out; hoist things up.  Without rope, humans wouldn’t have been able to sail across the globe, climb the tallest mountains, or build epic monuments and skyscrapers.  It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that rope made civilization possible.  Yet despite the profound impact rope has had on humanity, and the use you’ve likely gotten out of it personally in the mundanities of your own life, you probably know very little about these m...
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Bob Iger — CEO and Chairman of Disney (#406)

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, Robert A. Iger (@RobertIger) is the steward of one of the world’s largest media companies and some of the most respected and beloved brands around the globe. Since becoming CEO in 2005, Iger has built on Disney’s rich history of storytelling and innovation with the acquisitions of Pixar (2006), Marvel (2009), Lucasfilm (2012) and 21st Century Fox (2019), and the landmark opening of Disney’s first theme park and resort in Mai...
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Kat Von D Announces Her Official Departure From Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D is leaving her self-titled makeup brand, Kat Von D Beauty. The founder and tattoo artist announced on Jan. 16 that after 12 years, she has officially sold her shares in the cruelty-free cosmetics company and will be departing to focus on her vegan shoe line and the release of her upcoming album. "This past year has been one of great change for me," Von D explained in a statement. "As many of you know, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, launched my vegan shoe line, and am now busy...
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16 New Drugstore Skincare Products That'll Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best in 2020

New year, new skincare routine? Fine by us. One good thing about giving your skin regimen a good ol' re-up around this time of year is knowing that you don't have to completely wipe out your bank account to do so. If you take a step in the beauty aisles of any Walgreens or CVS closest to you, you'll find that drugstores are actually treasure troves for simple and affordable skincare products that are just as effective as their fancier and slightly more Instagrammable counterparts. In 2020, the ...
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