Areez Katki: Bildungsroman at the Otago Museum

Otago Museum is thrilled to host Areez Katki’s acclaimed textile-based art exhibition, Bildungsroman, at the H D Skinner Annex opening on Saturday 11 January. The embroidered works explore Katki’s two, often conflicting, identities. Katki is a Parsi, an ethnoreligious group originally from Iran who fled to India during the first Muslim invasion between the 8th and 10th century. The Parsis are an opaque and insular population, traditionally only marrying within their community and keeping cent...
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Paul Rice went underground to meet Russia’s LGBTQ population. ‘A Worm in the Heart’ is the result.

Director Paul Rice It’s one thing to stage a film on a set. It’s another to actually live it. Paul Rice did just that. The Irish-born director, who, at 30, now lives in San Francisco, felt a moral calling to after hearing stories of the suppression of queer people in Russia. Rice grabbed his camera, his boyfriend Liam, and set off to document the lives of LGBTQ Russians. His three-week trip consisted of stops in some of Russia’s largest cities via the Trans-Siberian railroad. The resulting fi...
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Chanel Golden Light Baume Essentiel Review & Swatches

Golden Light Chanel Golden Light Baume Essentiel ($45.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a light copper with moderate, warm undertones paired with a glossy finish with subtle pearl. It has an emollient, wetter feel that leaves behind a shinier, glossier finish that doesn’t fully set or dry down, though it doesn’t slide around (surprisingly). The balmy quality seems to give it better spreadability, especially over base products, as I didn’t strugg...
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Yves Rocher Bois de Sauge Eau de Toilette

In early February 2020, Yves Rocher will introduce a new masculine scent, Bois de Sauge, inspired by nature and naturalness. According to Yves Rocher, "For men, choosing a scent is something very personal. The scent emphasizes his personality, his own style and character, but also reveals his preferences and desires. Men's scents are the answer to the longing for adventure, freedom, wildness, an... Read full article: Yves Rocher Bois de Sauge Eau de Toilette from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Chasing Clarity

What does looking for clarity actually look like? Let us first note what doesn’t qualify as looking. Waiting for clarity is not looking. Sharing your lack of clarity is not looking. Distracting yourself is not looking. Only looking is looking. How can you tell if someone is looking for clarity? What would you expect that person to be doing? What activities would you classify as “looking for clarity” if someone else were doing them? Are you regularly engaging in similar activities? I ...
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Sunday Firesides: Act on What You Have, to Get What You Don’t

Have you ever felt stuck in life? That you’re not progressing? You feel that to move forward, you need a new insight, a new approach, a new bit of direction. But you can’t seem to figure out what that might be. There’s a reason for this: you haven’t done anything with the knowledge and the nudges you’ve previously gotten. To unlock that which you don’t yet have, you have to take action on that which you already possess. When you act on the to-do’s which pop up in your head, by writing them dow...
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Tiziana Terenzi Stella Marina Collection: An Interview During the TWFA-2019 Event

The Tax-Free World Association Exhibition TFWA-2019 in Cannes last October was just gigantic and full of new launches, and now, months later, we can reveal some more information about Tiziana Terenzi's new perfume collection named Stella Marina. We interviewed Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi on board of the luxurious yacht "Superfun" where their collection was presented. Both were exhausted after Paolo'... Read full article: Tiziana Terenzi Stella Marina Collection: An Interview During the TWFA-2019 ...
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How to increase Asian Americans’ generosity

Generosity doesn’t make a lot of sense in a world of consumption and people being people. But as I learn more about generosity, through a couple of pivotal experiences in my life recently, I am finding that giving away money is a... The post How to increase Asian Americans’ generosity appeared first on @djchuang.
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The 16 Coolest New Beauty Gadgets of 2020 Will Totally Alter Your Everyday Routine

Hey, we're all busy. So if there are tools that can make our daily lives a little easier, we're all in, especially when it comes to beauty. Whether you need a little help with skin care, applying makeup, or hairstyling, brands are inventing brilliant gadgets that can make your beauty routine a million times easier. This is the year your life is going to become simpler and more efficient. From a blow-drying brush to a pocket-size hair remover, these inventions will blow your mind. Check out thes...
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Salvatore Ferragamo Launches a New Campaign Celebrating the New Fragrance FERRAGAMO

Salvatore Ferragamo will launch in February 2020 the new FERRAGAMO fragrance for him, the star of a social-media-driven advertising campaign that expresses the confident and courageous soul of a modern man who journeys through life with passion and inevitable sophistication. This is a fragrance aimed at a younger consumer, keeping in tune with the trend for "blue" modern fougères inside a sl... Read full article: Salvatore Ferragamo Launches a New Campaign Celebrating the New Fragrance FERRAGAM...
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I just had sober sex for the first time since high school and it was kinda awkward

After I quit drinking two years ago, I realized two things: 1. That I hadn’t had sober sex since high school and, 2. that I didn’t have a six pack. But after many fiber-based meals, early mornings, and long, intense sessions on my back, I finally fixed that first thing. At first, I confronted my lack of experience with sober sex in a healthy manner– by avoiding it and crying all the time. I avoided it because I didn’t want to know someone intimately, without a filter. As for the crying, it was ...
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Where do you apply your makeup?

There’s a bonus room that connects the main hallway to the guest bedroom, and this is the space I use for my makeup room, which contains long-term storage and my vanity–the vanity is where I sit down to do my makeup! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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NFL hopeful Scott Frantz says his gay identity isn’t ‘a burden at all’

Gay football fans are still waiting for the day that an openly gay athlete plays in a regular season game, and with any luck, Scott Frantz will be the guy to make it happen. The former Kansas State offensive lineman is gearing up for the NFL draft — and explaining why his gay identity isn’t holding him back. “I don’t think it’s a burden at all,” he explained to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in an interview published on January 12. “If there’s people that look up to me because of that, I think th...
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His boyfriend’s ex is ‘hot AF’ and now he’s feeling insecure — help!

A guy was racked by insecurity after realizing that his boyfriend’s ex is “hot AF,” but his fellow Redditors are doing their best to save his relationship and peace of mind. Related: “Yesterday, while talking to my BF, he showed me his Instagram feed and some funny memes, but after I see him scrolling for a while, I see a man I thought was a model, and then he said, ‘I shouldn’t have this,’ and he unfollowed the guy,” the advice-seeker wrote in a recent thread. AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { ...
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The HIV “bug chaser” who changed his mind

The gay men online who get off on seeking HIV infection (“bug chasers”) aren’t exactly known for their thoughtful introspection. After all, they are eroticizing something that works exactly once — and has life-long consequences. So, a tweet posted a few weeks ago from a self-titled bug chaser stunned me with its honestly and vulnerability. The Twitter account name is Bug Chaser [4.4k], with a profile that describes him as an “AIDS worshipper and death-dick glorifier.” His feed is definitely not ...
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We’ve got your back: a yoga and pilates weekend in Sussex

Our ‘yoga-phobe’ was a nervous novice on a weekend retreat but leaves feeling more flexible, both physically and mentallyI approached the mindful pilates and yoga weekend in the West Sussex countryside with a fair degree of trepidation. I wasn’t even mindful of the difference between pilates and yoga, and then there was the dread of being locked into something I could not do and would have to endure rather than enjoy.In preparation, my reading on the 90-minute train journey down from London to A...
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Freddie Mercury’s ‘trick’ that helped him win over Live Aid crowd

Rock band Queen’s performance at Live Aid in 1985 has often been hailed as one of the greatest gigs seen at Wembley Stadium. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has heaped praise on Queen’s late lead vocalist Freddie Mercury for winning over the crowd at Live Aid with a simple “trick”. Rock band Queen’s performance at Live Aid in 1985 has often been hailed as one of the greatest gigs seen at Wembley Stadium. While the 2018 film “Bohemian Rhapsody” pointed at the band secretly turning up the volum...
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‘She said she’d be babysitting our embryo’: what’s it like to carry a child for a friend?

Surrogacy between friends can be life-changing. The people who have done it talk emotions, legal hurdles – and WhatsApp birthing groupsIn a flat in north-east London, Abi is cradling her best friend’s baby. At 15 weeks old, the little boy is smiling up at her, testing out his first sounds. His mother, Rachel, prepares his bottle while Abi rocks him, showing all the love she would to any of her friends’ children. The only difference is that Abi gave birth to him.Abi and Rachel, both 35, met on th...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Not Christian Anymore A major new EFC survey suggests half of Canadians are either agnostic, atheist or unreligious. And only a tenth attend religious services weekly. How will the church respond? Give Us God What churches and pastors need more than anything else is a great big vision of a great big God. This Leftie Is Right About Church In a fascinating article in The Canberra Times, climate activist, Michael Bones, writes about how prog...
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Ann Yeardye Asks $19.5 Million for Ultra-Secluded Beverly Hills Villa

A remarkably private estate tucked into the mountains above Beverly Hills has debuted on the market, packing an aggressive but perhaps not entirely unreasonable $19.5 million pricetag. Long owned by the 1960s Chanel model Ann Davis Yeardye, the house is sited in a celeb-friendly pocket of the Beverly Hills Post Office area and is totally […]
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Test page for Quiz Experiment

We’ve all done it. It’s late at night, you’re flipping through tv channels and you see a commercial for a seemingly miraculous product. As you watch the transformations unfold, it seems almost too good to be true. Frizzy, dry hair is transformed into sleek, shiny waves with the right shampoo, and...
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My happy place: where European locals immerse themselves in nature

From hiking and cycling in the mountains to sitting in a serene spot, 12 people tell us where they unwind and find peace of mindJannet Aksnes, 46, from Flåm Continue reading...
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Lowering the Price of a Transition

Why do so many transitions have annoyingly high price tags? Why can’t we just transition with ease whenever we want? Imagine the opposite for a moment. Suppose that major transitions could always be made with grace and ease, and none required a price to be paid. Suppose you could make big changes whenever you wanted. Switch jobs. Switch cities. Switch relationships. Switch anything at the push of a button. If transitions could be undertaken at little or no cost, it stands to reason that pe...
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Kylie Jenner Releases Adorable Promo Video For Upcoming Beauty Line Dedicated to Stormi

Kylie Jenner shared a sneak peek into Kylie x Stormi, an entire Kylie Cosmetics collection dedicated to her almost-2-year-old. And, the announcement came courtesy of an adorable promo video full of flowers, gently-falling pale pink confetti, and Stormi smiles. "I think I've been waiting for this moment since the day i found out i was pregnant.. An entire collection by @kyliecosmetics dedicated to my beautiful daughter," Kylie wrote on Instagram. "i can't wait for the reveal!!!! You will fall in ...
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Protected: Table of Content Design B

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Table of Content Design B appeared first on The Dermatology Review.
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