Gucci Sheer Lipstick Swatches

Here are swatches of all 18 shades of Gucci Sheer Lipstick ($38.00 for 0.12 oz.) currently available. The brand has three different finishes and at $42 a pop, that’s a bit above my budget to buy all of the shades across the three ranges, so I thought the sheerer, more luminous line would be fitting to review for spring. Gucci Sheer Lipsticks Gallery Options ...
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Finding the One Decision That Removes 100 Decisions (or, Why I’m Reading No New Books in 2020)

Donald Knuth, a renowned mathematician and recipient of the Turing Award (considered the Nobel Prize of computer science), retired from using email in 1990.  He issued a public statement on his Stanford faculty page, which I saved to Evernote 1–2 years ago. I think of it often, and my favorite portion is below: “I have been a happy man ever since January 1, 1990, when I no longer had an email address. I’d used email since about 1975, and it seems to me that 15 years of email is plenty...
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Hourglass Only You/I Hope We Confession Lipstick Duo Review & Swatches

Only You/I Hope We Hourglass Only You I Hope We Confession Lipstick Duo ($72.00 for 0.06 oz.) is a new, limited edition duo that features two full-sized lipsticks with refillable packaging. Unfortunately, the inclusion of two lipstick holders resulted in quite a bump up from the holiday duos that launched (which included just one holder). The price of the duo is the same as buying two shades individually, too. Both shades were stel...
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What do you like about eyeshadow primer? What don’t you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Eyeshadow Primer I think it’s well-worth using for someone who routinely wears eyeshadow, even if one can find formulas that are longer-wearing. I like more translucent, silicone-like primers that help smooth out the lid and improve adhesion, grip, and longevity but aren’t tacky or thick. I find the latter difficult to apply and blend out over. — Christine Join Discussion [Aut...
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How useful are brands’ promotional swatches to you?

A lot of them are heavily edited that they’ve lost meaning; when they look nearly digitally stamped on or exactly the same across three skin tones, they aren’t very useful. I like when they are well-done but still have a foot, or at least a toe, in reality. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Viseart Moisture Boost Oil Lip Shine for Spring 2020

Release Date + About the Launch Introducing the Moisture Boost Oil Lip Shine Collection from Viseart Paris – a vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, and petroleum-free hydrating oil-gloss in four universal core shades. Resveratrol and Grapeseed oil rejuvenate, repair, and renew with powerful antioxidants while Jojoba and Sunflower seed oil provide plumping peptides for a luscious pout. Universal in every se...
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NARS Savage Blush Review & Swatches

Savage (2020) NARS Savage (2020) Powder Blush ($30.00 for 0.16 oz.) is a medium, reddish-brown with warmer undertones and a luminous sheen. The texture was smooth to the touch with light slip–it was creamier than most of the brand’s blushes but still thin and a bit “drier” (not in a bad way), which made it easier to pick up less product if desired as it wasn’t powdery so it was more controllable. The pigmentation was opaque in a ...
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A Better You

Perfume PosseA Better You As part of my Happy Nude Year research for my last post, I wanted to smell Glossier’s You, another close-to-the-skin scent.  Glossier is an on-trend makeup/skincare brand appealing to a younger, sleeker, more fresh-faced consumer, and You is its signature… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseA Better You
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Come Play With Me!

Perfume PosseCome Play With Me! Y’all are killing me.  Where is everyone?  Here I am, waxing all poetical and sh!t about Art and Feeling and whatnot and …. crickets. Throw a b!tch a bone!  Tell me about your favorite CB I Hate Perfume fragrance.  Or,… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseCome Play With Me!
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10 of the world’s best queer film festivals

Gay and trans films have gone mainstream, and win awards at major festivals like Sundance and Berlinale (the Teddy Award!), but the best films can be seen at queer film festivals around the world
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Calvin Klein CK EVERYONE

The house of Calvin Klein launches the new CK Everyone fragrance in February 2020, opening a new chapter in the history of the cult unisex fragrance CK One from 1994, inspired by the then generation of youth and their way of self-expression. At the height of its glory, CK One was sold in 20 bottles every 20 seconds.   CK ONE ad from 1994 with Kate Moss and Jenny Shimizu. CK Everyone symboli... Read full article: Calvin Klein CK EVERYONE from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Perfume Re-Creation Part 2: Rebranding — What's the Objective?

Rebranding is a process which we often stumble upon when a fragrance line reimagines itself. Different elements highlighted, a new presentation, a novel design, maybe even a marketing repositioning reflected in price, distribution, and placement. Let's face it: The law of nature, but also of the market, dictates that anything that doesn't adapt dies. It's survival of the fittest, not the smartest... Read full article: Perfume Re-Creation Part 2: Rebranding — What's the Objective? from Fragrant...
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Preservationists want Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion to be a museum

Groups fighting the Frick Collection's expansion want the institution to purchase the mansion as an alternative to their current plans.
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Bestiality was not socially acceptable in medieval Europe

Sweary historian Eleanor Janega writes on her Going Medieval blog (previously) that there was never a time in medieval Europe when bestiality was socially acceptable, and brings the receipts in the form of eyewatering details on the punishments for having sex with animals. Janega mentions that, of course, any non-procreative sex was doctrinally suspect in the Christian tradition of the day, because sex was what got humankind kicked out of Eden, so the only time you should be getting it on i...
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Lancome L’Air de Teint Foundation Review

This @LancomeCanada foundation is from 2014 but it’s what I’m wearing right now. I layer it on top of a moisturizing sunscreen and the matte formula stays on my skin so well. This... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Runway de Waratte Not Ashamed At All

Runway de Waratte has spontaneously gotten sexy as several girls can be seen stripping down to get ready, a highly erotic moment that watchers will likely wish to be a frequent occurrence. Runway de Waratte stars aspiring model Fujito Chiyuki who had her dreams crushed due to having too short a stature; together with a […]
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Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus Perfecting + Smoothing Primer Review & Swatches

Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus Perfecting + Smoothing Primer is a new makeup and skincare primer that’s available in three formulas which launched with the Revlon Spring 2020 recently. As you may already know I’m a fond fan of the original Revlon Photoready Primer and I have hopes this new line of PhotoReady Prime Plus Primers won’t replace those formulas but I have a feeling that might just happen. The new formulations address a series of not only makeup issues but also skincare ones and act to ...
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Bath and Body Works Daydream Eau de Parfum Arrives for Spring 2020

Bath and Body Works is keeping busy for Summer! Earlier this month they launched a new perfume called Saltwater Breeze and now yet another new fragrance arrives today! Bath and Body Works Daydream Eau de Parfum is a new sweet fruity scent with notes of fresh raspberries, sparkling pear and pink lily petals. I had expressed some doubts about Saltwater Breeze as I’m not a big fan of aquatic or beach-y fragrances but sounds like Daydream will be right up my alley! I do so love a good sweet, fru...
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Revitalize Your Living Room Without Splashing the Cash

Your living room is in need of a makeover. It could be due to the worn-down furniture, the outdated décor, or the drab lighting. Whatever the reason, you have decided now is the time to act.  There’s just one big problem: you don’t have the budget to revamp the living room.  At least, that might be your initial thought. This is because it’s not mandatory to splash the cash. It is a realistic possibility to revitalize your living room on a budget. All you need is a spot of creativity,...
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Chrysler legend Lee Iacocca’s Bel Air home hits the market for $26M

The 11,000-square-foot Tuscan-style home has hosted greats such as Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra.
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3 tech giants are teaming up to make smart home devices easier to use

Amazon, Apple, and Google have teamed up with the Zigbee Alliance to create a single, royalty-free wireless protocol that will make smart home devices easier to connect and use.
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3 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Should Be Using

While the kitchen is evolving into a family gathering place and is quickly becoming the center of the home life, it’s primary goal is still the preparation of food. While many people love to cook and eat homemade meals, there is no doubt that some of the processes and tasks are time-consuming and daunting. This makes cooking a little more difficult for those who are very busy. Thankfully, there are a variety of cool kitchen gadgets out there that aim to optimize your experience and make...
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Heather Parry and A Star is Born – What You Didn’t Know

Heather Parry joined Live Nation Productions in December 2015 as the president of production. Soon after arriving at the company, the goal-driven producer quickly dived into work that would see the production of various movies and artist-based documentaries. One of the films Heather Parry has worked on is the critically acclaimed A Star is Born, of which she was the executive producer and worked alongside, Bradley Cooper who made his directorial debut. This movie, a musical drama remake...
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Podcast #577: An FBI Agent’s 6 Signs for Sizing People Up

Every day, we have to make choices on whether we can trust someone or not. If we make the wrong choice, it could mean a failed relationship or business partnership and all the emotional and financial costs that follow.   My guest today has spent his career sizing people up in high stakes situations. His name is Robin Dreeke, he spent two decades working as a behavioral analyst for the FBI, and in his new book, Sizing People Up: A Veteran FBI Agent’s User Manual for Behavior Prediction, he sha...
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How do I apologize to other gay men for being homophobic when younger?

Photo posed by model (Photo by Jake Young on Unsplash) A man has prompted a big response online for acknowledging he acted in a homophobic manner when younger. He now wonders if there’s any way he can suitably make amends. The Reddit user posted on the weekend in the gaybros sub-Reddit: “When I was young I used to hate gay guys and make fun of them because I was afraid to admit to myself that I’m gay.” He says he even joined protests against Pride parades. He’s now had a change of heart. AdB...
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24 Next-Level Drugstore Beauty Products You Won't Want to Miss in 2020

In the all-pervasive digital world, buying beauty products online is as easy as the click of a button. And yet, there's something oddly satisfying about finding a breakout-busting face wash or lipstick in a just-right shade of pink nestled between the soda and toilet paper aisles at the drugstore - for less than what you'd pay for a 12-pack of Charmin. You don't have to subscribe to the same products you've been seeing for years, either; 2020 is already brimming with a handful of new and afford...
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Beautyblender Lunar New Year 2020 Blend and Store Duo

This is the latest Beautyblender that’s available at Sephora Canada right now. This is a limited edition ruby red Beautyblender which comes with a cute gold plastic stand. Just a reminder that... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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How Dash Longe shredded his path from skiing to real estate

Professional skier Dash Longe shares his unique journey from globetrotting full-time skier to Park City luxury real estate agent.
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4 Ways Apricots Can Benefit Your Skin

As a housewife, you no doubt enjoy filling your fruit bowl with a variety of fruits that bring color to your table. While you may enjoy the juice that bursts from apricots and the flavor it adds to your home-made desserts, you may be surprised to learn that this peachy-colored fruit also can benefit your skin. The most potent ingredients for treating skin problems are the unrefined chemicals stored in plants, flowers, and trees. Apricots are no exception. Products that contain apricots ...
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