Natasha Denona Love Story Collection for Spring 2020

Release Date + About the Launch Get ready to fall in love with the blushy pink hues of Natasha Denona’s Love Collection. Featuring romantic shades for eyes, lips, and cheeks in multidimensional finishes, the Love Story Collection is a limited edition ode to love—don’t let it be the one that got away! Now online, 2/6 in-store ...
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Pat McGrath Red Opulence Mini Lip Gloss Trio Review & Swatches

Red Opulence Pat McGrath Red Opulence Mini Lip Gloss Trio ($25.00 for 0.15 oz.) is a new, limited edition set of lip glosses with two shades from the existing gloss range and one new shade (with a new formula), Celestial Ruby. The existing glosses were consistent with their full-sized, original counterparts, while the new shade was pigmented, long-wearing, and comfortable to wear, though it wasn’t quite as smoothing as it could hav...
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ColourPop Valentine’s Day Collection Swatches

ColourPop Valentine’s Day Collection includes a new, 12-pan palette, which is swatched below, and along with a mini trio of Just a Tint Lippie Pencils (all existing shades: Gimme S’more, The Strand, Cutie Fruity) and a new gel liner (I thought it was a repromote or else I would have swatched it!), Hustla. The palette includes one Pressed Glitter (Uncensored) and one Pressed Pigment (Please Me). The collection launches January 30th at 10AM PT. ColourPop All That Pa...
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This Week in Dupes, Vol. 075

Did a product catch your eye this week? Check out dupes for the most loved and most wanted products between January 21st and January 27th before you buy! Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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ColourPop Hazy Baby Lux Liquid Lipstick Duo Review & Swatches

Hazy Baby Colour Pop Hazy Baby Lux Liquid Lip Duo ($14.00 for 0.34 oz.) is a new, limited edition duo featuring shades of pink-coral and a copper-red. Both shades were non-drying and lasted for four and a half hours, while pigmentation ranged from medium to semi-opaque but both could be built up. They were consistent in past performance with the Lux Liquid formula. ...
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The Heart of a Champion

Kobe Bryant had the heart of a champion. We share seven ways this helped him become one of the greatest basketball players ever. This show is a tribute to Kobe Bryant. It’s our way of saying “Thanks” for inspiring us all to be our best self. A summary of our conversation on this BIGG Success […] The post The Heart of a Champion appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Barbie Ferreira on Having Her Acne Accentuated on Euphoria: "It Was Grounded in Reality"

In an admission that's about as surprising as Euphoria's much-anticipated return to HBO: "I used to be bit of a maximalist with my beauty routine," Barbie Ferreira confessed with a laugh. "I was very extravagant. I wore a blue smoky eye with winged eyeliner and fake lashes all through ninth grade." Revelatory? No. But unlike her character Kat Hernandez on the show, Ferreira's approach to makeup has since evolved. (We forgot to ask where she's shifted in terms of lace-up bustiers and fishnet tigh...
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PHOTOS: Kathy Griffin appears with all-star drag cast of “Women Behind Bars”

What do you get when you mix drag legends, pop culture icons, Drag Race fan faves and just a dash of Kathy Griffin? One hell-of-a-good-time, that’s what. Griffin joined the cast of Women Behind Bars at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood over the weekend, giving a special introduction before the show. The camp classic features an all-star drag cast — Coco Peru, Ginger Minj, Poppy Fields, Chi Chi DeVayne and Eureka O’Hara — as well as Traci Lords (Cry Baby, Blade), John Waters’ star Mink Stole (P...
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FDA warns Purell to stop claiming hand sanitizers help kill the flu, Ebola and MRSA

The FDA fired off a warning letter to Purell's parent company, Gojo Industries, over their marketing claims that the hand sanitizer could kill viruses such as the flu and Ebola.
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Imagine If Your Hair Determined If You Could Walk at Graduation

Imagine if how you wore your hair determined whether or not you could walk with your classmates at your graduation. That as a high-school student - in 2020, nonetheless - you'd be forced to face the impossible decision of either getting rid of a hairstyle you've felt proud of for years or not being able to celebrate a milestone with your peers. That's exactly what's happening to DeAndre Arnold, a senior at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, TX, who's spent the last week speaking out ab...
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Kylie Jenner's Stormi Collection Nail Art Is Cloudy With a Chance of Fabulousness

If there's anything we know about Kylie Jenner, it's that she goes all in on a theme. The latest example: her Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection launching for her baby Stormi Webster's second birthday on Feb. 1. The collection packaging is covered with butterfly decals, and the products have adorable references to her daughter like the shadow named Stormi Weather and the Little Sunshine lip gloss. For Webster's birthday and the highly anticipated release of the collection, Jenner threw her daught...
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Kelly Ripa's Diet Includes Goldfish Crackers and Half-and-Half

Honestly, everything she eats throughout the day is totally doable.
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Top 6 Products Every Household Needs in 2020

As you move into a home, you have to put into consideration some of the essentials things such as home insurance cover, home warranty to cover repairs, the neighborhood, and security among others. Then there are basic needs that would make your living smooth. These cover things like kitchenware, furniture, and bedding. These are items that would make your home look neat, clean and organized. You can add household items as you would wish to design your home. For now, let’s dive into t...
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Vispi Speaks: How Much Water Do You Really Need To Drink

Hydration is important, especially in hotter regions where people lose more water from sweating and exhalation. There are plenty of clear associations between hydration and metabolism, skin health, and general fitness.  But too much of anything isn’t good. Even water. So, how much is the right amount of water you should drink? A couple of human studies have suggested that individuals who drink very, very small amounts of fluid, significantly less than 800-900 mL/day, may be at higher risk for ...
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6 Recipes to Bring Brazil into Your Home

One of the best things about traveling is getting to taste a variety of exotic and authentic food. There’s nothing quite like going to a country and trying a new dish where you won’t find something like it anywhere else. However, unfortunately, we can’t always be traveling the world. Yet, we can still bring the great sensation of an interesting dish to our very own kitchens. Whether you’re wanting to spice up your weekly meals or throw a colorful South American dinner party at home, the...
Tags: Fashion, Spain, Recipe, Recipes, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Brazilian Food, Brazilian Dishes, Pão de Queijo This, Moqueca de Camarão This

7 Hacks To Make Winding Down The Best Part Of Your Day

Do you find winding down at the end of the day the most difficult thing to do? Perhaps you get into bed and your mind is still racing and it takes you an age to fall asleep – the advice below will help you to wind down once and for all. All you have to do is get into a routine!  Write Your To Do List For The Next Day Writing out your to do list for the next day can help you to get anything that’s making you feel stressed out of your head and onto paper. When you wake up in the morn...
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The Jos Buttler formula and the Ben Stokes toolkit – how ‘trust your defence’ and ‘play your natural game’ aren’t competing philosophies

Jos Buttler is a Test batsman who talks as if he needs to approach his innings in a certain way. Maybe taking a philosophy into the middle is counterproductive. What’s your natural game? Our natural game is a lot of tea, coffee and reading, a small amount of writing, maybe a bike ride and probably three beers late on watching something like Roadhouse, the film that taught Michael Vaughan so much. As you’d imagine, we play our natural game basically never, which is fine, bec...
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I Never Put Much Faith in Dry Shampoo, Until I Used This $5 Brand For 3 Days Straight

As someone with a slew of friends who regularly rely on dry shampoo to get them through the day, I know the power of a solid spray. But because I have superthick and pretty oily hair, I've never been able to fully embrace the dry shampoo movement. Sure, I've used it in the past to hold me over for an event here and there, but I've never considered it a product I can truly fall back on. Is it because I'm a serial hair washer who's been known to shower twice a day? Probably. (And yes, I know this...
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Oh yeah, we’re fixed!

Perfume PosseOh yeah, we’re fixed! The permissions thingamajingle in wordpress got unchecked somehow, looks like comments are okay now…. sorry about that!  Please go comment on Anita’s post if you didn’t get a chance. Perfume PosseOh yeah, we’re fixed!
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Five Fun Facts about Kansas City, a city that is having a moment

As Kansas City faces off against San Francisco in the 2020 Super Bowl, it is just one appearance among many recent moments in the spotlight for this Midwestern city. Why do they get so much attention?
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Digital Zoroastrian at the British Library

The British Library is fortunate in having an unparalled collection of over 100 Zoroastrian works ranging from the oldest, the ninth century Ashem Vohu prayer written in Sogdian script discovered by Aurel Stein in Central Asia in 1907, to, most recently, manuscripts collected especially for the Royal Society in London during the late-nineteenth century. Although Zoroastrianism is Iranian in origin, most of our manuscripts in fact come from India. They are written in Avestan (Old Iranian), Middle...
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New doc explores the super-gay history of the International Male Catalog

Before there were Instagays and overtly gay underwear brands, the International Male catalog offered a somewhat coded window into homoeroticism, and the company behind it was happy to reap the rewards. A new documentary titled All Man: The International Male Story explores the catalog’s history, beginning in the 1970s and peaking in the ’90s when roughly three million copies were mailed out each quarter. At that time, annual revenue exceeded $100 million. Watch the trailer below: AdBridg.cmd.p...
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I Thought I'd Sworn Off Concealer Forever, but This $10 Formula Changed My Mind

I've had an up-and-down relationship with makeup. Growing up as a dancer, it was a requirement on stage from an early age, which ultimately piqued my interest as a tween. I can specifically recall piling on every shade from a neutral CoverGirl eye shadow palette and applying perhaps one too many coats of Maybelline's classic Great Lash mascara at every chance I could, even if I was just going to the grocery store with my mom. The novelty was real. Cut to my early 20s when putting on makeup star...
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Gay adult film performer blasts studio for paying bottoms less than tops

Adult entertainer Armond Rizzo claims that a studio called Blacks on Boys — the self-proclaimed “home to the best interracial” gay content — pays bottoms “way less” than tops under the rationale that the site is “more top dominant.” “This has never happened to me but there’s a studio who is interested in me and what I found out about them is mind blowing,” Rizzo tweeted on January 25. “They pay bottoms way less than tops [and their] excuse [is] the site is more top dominant. I don’t give a f*ck...
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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Impress Your Spouse

We always want to spoil our spouse and we always want to give them what they want whether they asked for it or not. The worst part is realizing that you may be playing catch up on an important date. Anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day, you never want to be empty-handed! Luckily, these are some last-minute gift ideas that can get you out of that sticky situation. You will not feel like you are going to be on the hot seat by not getting them something thoughtful if you consider thes...
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WATCH: Lil Nas X’s pink leather harness look took 700 hours to make

The ratings for the 2020 Grammys may have been at an all-time low, but some of the red carpet fashion was at an all-time high. Leading the pack of contenders for ‘best dressed’ was Lil Nas X, who also walked away from the ceremony with two Grammy statues for his 2019 hit “Old Town Road.” Related: Jaden Smith congratulates boyfriend on his Grammy win AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); His head-to-toe Versace pink leather harness cowboy ensemble left fa...
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Using the logic of neuroscience to heal from a breakup

According to a study from anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, when humans fall in love, regions of the brain that are rich in dopamine (a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in feeling pleasure) light up and parts of the brain that are used in fear and social judgment are operating at lower rates. The surge and decline of hormones in our brains when we experience a breakup are also similar to those felt when withdrawing from an addiction to drugs - and the pain felt during a breakup has appeared...
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6 Makeup Bag Essentials You Need To Own

Now and then it’s good to look through your makeup bag and make sure you have all essentials. Imagine not having the right brush or running out of lipstick?? It may seem a little dramatic but none the less it’s pretty important. So here are the top 6 makeup bag essentials: 1) The Necessary Tools Applying makeup the right way, is just as important as having good quality makeup. Brushes are very important because they do so much; you can apply foundation, blush, eye sh...
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Should You Be Rinsing Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar? (For Most, the Answer Is Yes)

As someone who can only wash her hair once a week, I know all too well that sometimes I need a little more than shampoo to get rid of the grease and product buildup on my scalp. To add to that, my hair also has a bit of a dryness problem thanks to my highly porous strands that sometimes make it impossible for moisture to retain itself. Thankfully, I've spent the past few months listening to my hair needs and trying to figure out what kinds of products it benefits from the most, one of which is ...
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