MAC Blush, Please Glow Play Blush Review & Swatches

Blush Please MAC Blush Please Glow Play Blush ($30.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a dusty, deeper pink with warm undertones and a satin finish. It had buildable coverage from semi-opaque to opaque coverage with fingertip and more semi-sheer to semi-opaque when applied with a synthetic brush. The texture was smooth to the touch, more like an airy clay as it could be indented with light pressure but didn’t feel overly thick or firm in the pan....
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ColourPop Powder Room Lux Liquid Lipstick Duo Review & Swatches

Powder Room Colour Pop Powder Room Lux Liquid Lip Duo ($14.00 for 0.34 oz.) includes a darker peach and a deeper rosy beige. Both had medium or greater coverage that went on evenly, though there was a bit of product that settled into my lip lines (as specified below). They had decent wear time and weren’t drying to wear. Powder Room LE Limited...
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Fenty Beauty Lady Lagoon, Sea About It, Purp-a-Trader, Purple Stuff Flypencil Eyeliners Reviews & Swatches

Lady Lagoon Fenty Beauty Lady Lagoon Flypencil Longwear Eyeliner ($22.00 for 0.01 oz.) is a bright, medium blue with cool undertones and a matte finish. It had opaque pigmentation in a single, fluid stroke that applied evenly and smoothly across my lash line without tugging. The consistency was creamy without being overly emollient, so it didn’t slide around (though it doesn’t smudge easily, even when working quickly, as it dried ...
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‘And Then We Danced’ Director Levan Akin on when a movie gets you death threats

Director Levan Akin on set with Levan Gelbakhiani “Can we sit outside? I need to smoke.” Levan Akin makes the request when we greet him outside a bookstore in Park City, Utah. The two of us find a cafe table nearby overlooking the street, where we watch a light powdering of snow begin to fall as the mid-week lull of the Sundance Film Festival begins. Normally we might object to Akin smoking, but in his case, it somehow makes sense. His Sundance entry, And Then We Danced, has incited protests ...
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‘Buck,’ ‘Disclosure’ and ‘My Mom’: Meet the winners of Frameline’s film competition

Frameline, the San Francisco-based queer media arts foundation, just handed out $30,0000. The lucky recipients: queer filmmakers, all of whom will receive the money as completion funds for their soon-to-be-released projects. “We are thrilled with this year’s outstanding slate of grantees, all of which will make their Bay Area premieres at Frameline,”  in June, James Woolley, Frameline’s new Executive Director, said in a statement. “To celebrate 30 years of the Completion Fund, we increased the ...
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Sunday Firesides: Make Decisions Based on the Rule, Not the Exception

Sometimes a growing family will move farther away from their workplace in order to purchase a bigger house in a different area. Maybe they want a guest room. Or a bigger yard.   Yet they frequently find that this exchange in circumstances feels more like a loss, than an improvement. They only end up using the guest room or the extra lawn space a couple times a year. Meanwhile, their commute to work, which doubled after the move, is something they feel the impact of every single day.   Sometime...
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"In 1920, Americans spent more than half their income on food (38 percent) and clothing (17 percent)..."

"... and almost all of that was through traditional retail stores. Today, food eaten outside the home and in it accounts for 10 percent of spending and clothing just 2.4 percent. Economists debate theories of why we have shifted to services and away from goods but no one questions that it has happened."From "Never Mind the Internet. Here’s What’s Killing Malls/Yes, the internet has changed the way we shop. But taken together, other factors have caused greater harm to traditional retail stores, a...
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The Real Reasons Women Are Choosing Magnetic Lashes

When we talk about lashes, if we’re not informed about magnetic lashes, the conversation will probably drift to the latest expensive mascara, scary eye curlers, lash extensions, or even dangerous chemical procedures like lash lifting. Unfortunately, most people are not yet familiar with magnetic lashes, one of the latest safe developments of the decorative cosmetics industries. Not all of us were lucky enough to be born with stock photo-grade eyelashes. Even people with beautiful and lo...
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Urban Decay Wired Palette Swatches

Urban Decay Wired Pressed Pigment Palette ($39.00 for 0.40 oz.) is a new, limited edition palette that takes inspiration from the brand’s original Electric palette, which came out in 2014 (and has since been discontinued). The new version includes Chaos, Savage and Slowburn, which are repeated shades from the Electric palette, while shades like Jolt and Gravity are extremely similar to Thrash and Urban (respectively) from the Electric palette. Based on the images abov...
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Creed's Four Vetivers

My collection began, like everyone's else, with the acquisition of a wide variety of masculine colognes, but collecting became conscious when I found that I like vetiver-based fragrances more than others. And this note took me on a wonderful journey, brought me to an opportunity to try so many great manly compositions, find some common patterns and understand a couple of things about it along the... Read full article: Creed's Four Vetivers from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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New Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer Video

Here’s the Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer in action, with their Velvet Noir Mascara.  If you like long fluffy lashes, these two together are fire.  Let me know what you think of this video.  And... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

It’s a mascara that I keep going back to because it gives me those luxe thick lashes that I love.  The wands seems to grab the lashes, and the thick waxy formula layers so well. The brush is curvy... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Leopard Three Ways — An Indie Brand Lookbook with Coldesina and Pari Passu

I went to the desert outskirts of Las Vegas to do this unforgettable photo shoot, just me, my husband and my mother-in-law, It was a chilly afternoon, right after Christmas. As you can see in the background, it was snowing that weekend and the mountaintops were still white. Such gorgeous juxtaposition and such a beautiful... Read More The post Leopard Three Ways — An Indie Brand Lookbook with Coldesina and Pari Passu appeared first on Afrobella.
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Leopard Three Ways — An Indie Brand Lookbook with Coldesina and Pari Passau

I went to the desert outskirts of Las Vegas to do this unforgettable photo shoot, just me, my husband and my mother-in-law, It was a chilly afternoon, right after Christmas. As you can see in the background, it was snowing that weekend and the mountaintops were still white. Such gorgeous juxtaposition and such a beautiful... Read More The post Leopard Three Ways — An Indie Brand Lookbook with Coldesina and Pari Passau appeared first on Afrobella.
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4 Ways Dentistry Can Impact Your Quality of Life

It is advised that people should visit their dentist at least twice per year. But many people do not subscribe to this logic. While many do not go because of trauma over a previous dental visit, some choose not to because they do not think it is a need or they cannot afford the expense.  Maybe they see that they do not have any gum disease or that they actually practice good oral hygiene, therefore there is no need for dentistry services in their life. For some, it might also feel incon...
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Black model refuses to wear ‘racist’ monkey ears and lips at fashion show

An African-American model at a Fashion Institute of Technology runway show says she was pressured to wear bizarre, “racist” accessories like “monkey ears” and oversized lips. “I stood there almost ready to break down telling the staff that I felt incredibly uncomfortable with having to wear these pieces and that they were clearly racist,” Amy...
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Areej le Doré: Treasures of the 5th Collection

Russian Adam, a perfumer who has experienced a few major life changes that have guided his destiny, found himself at an interesting crossroads some years ago when he was smelling oud oils. He’d been so taken by the depth and variety of their profiles, but was soon learning just how staggeringly expensive these oils were. The thought crossed his mind, why not distill them myself? He began that p... Read full article: Areej le Doré: Treasures of the 5th Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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Christian author says “perverted” Mayor Pete signals “death rattle of a nation”

Bert Farias, left. Via Twitter. As Mayor Pete Buttigieg continues on the campaign trail, hot off the heels of his big win in Iowa and a strong showing in New Hampshire, right-wing nutbags continue to lose their minds. The latest example: Christian author Bert Farias, who penned a lengthy homophobic essay slamming Buttigieg and obsessing over his sexuality. Farias penned columns for the far-right Christian site Charisma News as well as for his own personal website, referring to Mayor Pete as “...
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How good a six was the sliced six in Moeen Ali’s 11-ball 39 against South Africa?

Moeen Ali sliced six (via YouTube) Moeen Ali hit four sixes in England’s last ball victory over South Africa in Durban. Because he’s Moeen Ali and hasn’t even heard of ugly batting, each and every one of them was a languid, spaghetti-armed thing of wonder. In all, Moeen hit seven lovely boundaries in his 11-ball innings. Being as the last of those 11 deliveries resulted in his dismissal, this means that Moeen hit 70 per cent of his non-terminal shots for a lovely boundary, whic...
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"As Mike Bloomberg celebrated his 48th birthday in 1990, a top aide at the company he founded presented him with a booklet of profane, sexist quotes she attributed to him."

"A good salesperson is like a man who tries to pick up women at a bar by saying, 'Do you want to f---? He gets turned down a lot — but he gets f----- a lot, too!' Bloomberg was quoted in the booklet as saying. Bloomberg also allegedly said that his company’s financial information computers 'will do everything, including give you [oral sex]. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business.' At the time, some Bloomberg staffers said, they laughed off the comments in the 32-page booklet, 'The ...
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Places to Visit in Costa Rica if you are Looking to Have Sex

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Places to Visit in Costa Rica if you are Looking to Have Sex As an avid traveler who loves to visit a new place, I like to have a swell time whenever I touch down in a city for the first time. Last year, I had the... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Places to Visit in Costa Rica if you are Looking to Have Sex
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What are your deal-breakers when it comes to lipstick?

Barring being at a conference or having to talk all day (and not being able to touch-up), I would not wear a formula that was drying often, if at all. I would rather re-apply than have something that lasts eight hours but dries my lips out over time. No matter how lovely a formula is, I find it... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Carlos Acosta: ‘My mother roasted my pet rabbits. I was sad, but I ate them’

The Cuban dancer talks about food rationing, what he ate at ballet school and his father’s terrible cookingI always lived with rationing in Cuba – I was born in 1973. We used the term “the three musketeers” to mean rice, chicharos [split peas] and eggs, although at one point eggs disappeared completely.I had two rabbits as pets and I arrived home from school one day and there was that smell I’d almost forgotten, of meat. Then I realised that Mamá had roasted my pets and I cried a lot. My mother ...
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The Tangled Story of Casaque

Some perfumes fly under the radar, even in our past-reveling, nostalgizing era when everything old is new again and the price of retro fragrances skyrockets.  Casaque launched in 1951 by the firm Jean d'Albert, alongside Ecusson, "le parfum noble" (1948), and Princesse d'Albert, with the intriguing, yet a bit uncomprehensive, tagline "trois de plus grand parfums francais...and aussi de plus che... Read full article: The Tangled Story of Casaque from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche

The Baldessarini Ambre Collection has received excellent reviews for the compositions of Ambre (2007) and Ambre Oud (2017.) The seductive and masculine combination of amber, leather and crispy apples marked the intoxicating first edition of Ambre, while Ambre Oud enhanced the warmth of the key amber with oud and added shades of whiskey that splashed the chord of leather. The two masculine, mod... Read full article: Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: When the Church Apologizes for Its Beliefs In recent years, it’s become commonplace to see Christian leaders take an apologetic stand on a controversial issue. Not apologetic in the “defend the faith” sense of the word, but “apologetic” as if to say, I wish this was different, but here’s what we believe. Looking For a Church? Here’s What to Look For My list doesn’t include a gymnasium or a youth group that does a lot of fun things, since the Bi...
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