Chanel Au Fil des Fleurs (356) Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

Au Fil des Fleurs (356) Chanel Au Fil des Fleurs (356) Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow ($65.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a new, limited edition quad for spring featuring two shades of pink, an iridescent lavender, and a muted purple; all featured some level of shimmer to them. The lightest shade (#2) was sheerer and would be more of a brightening or layering shade (based on opacity and type of color), while the other shades were p...
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Jouer Deep to Dark Sunswept Bronzer Duo Review & Swatches

Deep to Dark Jouer Deep to Dark Sunswept Bronzer Duo ($30.00 for 0.39 oz.) is a new, permanent bronzer duo designed for deeper skin tones. As both shades are more matte and slightly thinner in consistency with the deeper shade taking a little extra effort to diffuse and blend out, particularly over bare skin, due to its inclination in darkening a touch when it came into contact with the natural oils on my skin. Otherwise, both shad...
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Main Quest, Subquest, Side Quest, or Minigame

This was an idea that came up in a discussion thread in Conscious Growth Club this week, and I thought it might make an interesting article. You may like this way of thinking if you’re into video games, especially games that involve different types of quests. Main Quest Your main quest is whatever you consider most important in life right now. This could be your life purpose or mission. It could be your alignment with certain values that you consider sacred. It could be a major transitio...
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Timothée Chalamet wins Paris Fashion Week in a T-shirt and backpack

Timothée Chalamet just won best dressed at Paris Fashion Week in the most low-key look ever.
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Diable Au Corps: Devil in The Flesh Or The Temptations of Royal Life

I found out about the pretentiously-named fragrance Diable Au Corps Donatella Pecci Blunt by accident. Firstly, this little-known fragrance was compared (by its proud owners) alongside some of my favorite leather chypres of the 80s, such as Bel Ami Hermes and Paloma Picasso Mon Parfum. Secondly, its name - Devil In the Flesh, which is quite defiant for a feminine fragrance - recalls the scandal... Read full article: Diable Au Corps: Devil in The Flesh Or The Temptations of Royal Life from Frag...
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Mumbai: Daughter of dentist killed in BDL lift mishap gets BMC job

Ten months after Dr Arnavaz Havewala was killed in an accident at the Bhau Daji Lad museum, her daughter posted as house officer in the dental department at Sion hospital Article by Arita Sarkar | Mid-Day Dr Arnavaz Havewala After a long wait of almost 10 months, the family of noted dentist Dr Arnavaz Havewala, who died after sustaining severe injuries in an accident when the elevator she was in at the Bhau Daji Lad museum collapsed, received financial help. Early this month the ...
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Sunday Firesides: What Would Disappoint Your 16-Year-Old Self About the Current You?

Your 16-year-old self had hopes, values, dreams — a vision of what your life would be like in the future. What would disappoint him about who you’ve actually become? It’s easy to dismiss such a question out of hand, arguing that it doesn’t matter what your 16-year-old self thinks, since he was immature, ignorant, and something of a wanker. Which is probably true. But these rationalizations can be ex post facto justifications created to cover the cognitive dissonance of failing to live up to you...
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How one couple said 'I do' to romantic Leap Year traditions

And a great-great grandmother enjoyed her 100th birthday with only her 25th party on the dayWomen may well feel free to propose to their partners any day of the week these days, but the Irish tradition of female proposals on Leap Day is in full swing after a man was left “gobsmacked” when his girlfriend popped the question 450ft above Brighton beach.“It was 9am and a leap year so Bobby didn’t hang about,” said lighting designer Steve Haw, who described how they had ascended the British Airways ...
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What’s your favorite type of finish for your highlighter?

I don’t know if I really have a favorite! I love highlighter in most forms. I’d say that I tend to favor something with noticeable shimmer or sheen, so anything very subtle doesn’t tend to be my vibe. I am happy to wear something more glittery/sparkly but also love something more luminous and... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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M.Micallef Jewel Collection Nectars

M. Micallef fragrance house from France has presented three special Nectars that belong to the luxurious Jewel Collection. The fragrances are rich interpretations of three famous fragrances of the house: Royal Muska, Ylang in Gold and Pure Extreme, now available in Parfum concentration. Luminous, oriental, floral and woodsy, their trail exalts opulence with unprecedented intensity.   As brand... Read full article: M.Micallef Jewel Collection Nectars from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Eau Fraîche

Kilian launched the intoxicating and sweet floral scent of Good Girl Gone Bad in 2012 to showcase "the charisma of a true temptress." For the warmer season of 2020, Kilian creates its new variant - Good Girl Gone Bad Eau Fraîche - by adding cool and aquatic fragrant accords to the original. The fragrance is inspired by Eve's figure as well as Hollywood icon Mae West with the famous saying: "Wh... Read full article: Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Eau Fraîche from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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Designer face masks hit the runway at Paris Fashion Week

The new fashion trend this spring is … masks? Designer Marine Serre turned heads Friday at Paris Fashion Week with an unintentionally coronavirus-themed spring line: it featured designs with matching face masks, created well before the illness rocked the world. This is not the first time Serre has used masks. During her September show, she...
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Steamy scenes at low prices: Bucharest’s affordable luxury spa

No ordinary spa, the Therme Bucharest is a vast temple offering pools, scented saunas and great-value wellness for allDozens of clammy bodies are crammed into the Alhambra sauna, waiting for … I’m not sure what. Then a woman places a ball of crushed ice on the coals, which releases delicious tangerine and grapefruit aromas as it melts. She uses a towel to waft the hot, fruity air around the room and makes “healing sounds” with a rainstick. She repeats the ritual with lemongrass-infused ice, then...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Building a Culture of Evangelism Takes Time, So Be Patient and Get to Work Every church ought to cultivate a robust “culture of evangelism.” Programs are events. A culture is a way of life. Programs come and go. A culture endures. Two Sets of Search Criteria Here are two descriptions of the ideal candidate for the office of Pastor. The first is taken from a large and well-known church in the West; the second is taken from Gregory the Great’s Bo...
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Rebecca Solnit: ‘Younger feminists have shifted my understanding’

It’s a myth that wisdom comes only with age, the writer argues. Young women and girls offer new tools to useAs you grow older you become an immigrant from a vanished country, a country some of your peers may remember but the young may find unimaginable or incomprehensible. You could call it the land of before; before some great change, before we did things this way, before we decided that was unacceptable, before we shed new light on an old problem. I was shaped by a world that no longer quite e...
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Scotland’s best Highland bothy weekend adventures

Explore some of the most stunning scenery in Scotland with this pick of wilderness walks from a new guide to routes that take in free bothiesWhy do it? An adventurous round of Lochnagar’s awe-inspiring north-east corrie from Gelder Shiel Stable, with grandstand views of the crags towering over the loch that gives the mountain its nameDistance 13 miles; 6.5-8 hours over two days (in summer conditions)Grade Straightforward Continue reading...
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Thigh Dimples, Gray Hair, and an Underarm Situation

We were at Burger King because my kids like Whoppers and it was baseball season and it was just easy. I reached over to the nice lady handing me our food and my sweet, precious delight of a child took hold of the skin UNDER MY ARM. You know the place, where triceps are supposed to be. The dangling place. The place that has names I shall not refer to as to not offend. That place. She squeezed it, and then she jiggled it. With her sweet little fingers, she jiggled my arm like it was JELLO. Let’s t...
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'My God, it's chaos': Lush's founder on why he is so downcast

Mark Constantine’s beauty brand is in tune with the zeitgeist: so why is his ethical approach to capitalism not bearing fruit?The badge on the lapel of Lush’s co-founder, Mark Constantine, does the talking for him today as his beauty retail empire is buffeted by one crisis after another.A potential pandemic is “closing half the bloody world”, he explains, as his lapel badge reads: “Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck”. Continue reading...
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