YSL Nude Solo, Cacao Bounce, Pink Flow Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Nude Solo (1) YSL Nude Solo (1) Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipstick ($38.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a medium-dark peach with moderate, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It had semi-opaque color coverage that applied fairly evenly to my lips, but product settled into my lip lines noticeably. The texture was lightly creamy with moderate slip, which I could feel slide around a bit during wear, though the shine seemed to be quicker to we...
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Hermes Beige Naturel & Rose Velours Rouge Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Beige Naturel (11) Hermes Beige Naturel (11) Rouge Matte Lipstick ($67.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark pink with subtle, warm undertones and a satin finish. It had good pigmentation in a single layer, which applied somewhat evenly but had visible streaking along the edges and some product that accumulated in my lip lines. The initial settling wasn’t too noticeable, but it worsened within an hour of wear. The texture was...
Tags: Beauty, Lipstick, Christine, Naturel, Lip Products, Pigmentation, Temptalia, LE Limited Edition, Top Dupes Formula OverviewIngredients Top, Spring 2020, Rose Velours, Rouge Matte Lipstick, Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Saks Bergdorf Goodman, Hermes Beige Naturel, Ulta Nordstrom More Rose Velours, Hermes Rose Velours

7 Genius Tips to Spend Less Time and Money Ironing Your Clothes

7 Genius Tips to Spend Less Time and Money Ironing Your Clothes Thank you to Bianca from Ironing Lab for sharing these ironing hacks! The truth about ironing is that nobody really wants to do it, nor do we want to pay the hefty prices charged by laundry services. So where does that leave those of us who still need to iron clothes for work, a date, or a mother-in-law’s visit? After all, ironing is standard operating procedure to make your budget wardrobe look expensive. If your normal strategy is...
Tags: Fashion, Bianca, Fashion Advice, Clothing Care, How To Iron Clothes, Iron Clothes, Ironing Clothes

Zoeva Supreme Visionary Light Face Powder Review & Swatches

Supreme Zoeva Supreme Visionary Light Multi-Use Face Powder ($26.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark rosy plum with subtle, warm undertones and cooler pink and violet sparkle throughout. It had semi-opaque, buildable coverage with applied with a moderate hand and a denser, more buffing-style brush due to the firmer, denser texture that made it harder to pick up product. This type of formula–felt like a powder-gel hybrid–tends ...
Tags: Beauty, Smith, Christine, Blushes, Cheek Products, Pigmentation, Zoeva, Temptalia, Spring 2020, Zoeva Supreme Visionary Light Face Powder Review, Caprylyl Glycol Ethylhexylglycerin Tin Oxide

Fenty Beauty CHEEKSOUT Collection for Summer 2020

Release Date + About the Launch Our #CHEEKSOUT collection is comin’ soon! Get ready for CREAMY SHEER BUILDABLE shades of blush and bronzer to get y’all #FENTYFACEFRESH… The collection includes new Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush and Freestyle Cream Bronzer. Shade names courtesy of Hindash. Coming Soon Fenty B...
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Sonia G. Organizer Coming Soon

Release Date + About the Launch Beautylish just revealed that Sonia G. will be releasing a brush organizer shortly (early access here), which looks like it holds a fair amount of brushes and is wood-based (or else appears to look wood-like). March 2020 [Author: Christine]
Tags: Beauty, Christine, Sonia G, Spring 2020, Year: 2020 Launches

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Returns March 6th

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette is available again March 6th at 9AM ET (early access) and 10AM ET (public release).  There will be an early access code, which has been ROSE10 for both the original release and the one this past February, so I’d guess that’ll be the magic code again.  It also gives you 10% off and free shipping on the Divine Rose palette. You can sign-up for early access here. You can find my review here. [Author: Christine]
Tags: Beauty, Christine, Pat McGrath, Spring 2020, Year: 2020 Launches, Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership

New Line From Alexandre J - The Art Deco Collector

The house of Alexandre J has just presented a new collection of fragrances inspired by the Art Deco movement, going back to the beginning of the 20th century, the so-called 'roaring twenties' and all the glamour of the time, but also the taste for oriental elements, feminine emancipation, urban nights and the innovations in perfumery of that era. Alexandre J. created six scents celebrating a cent... Read full article: New Line From Alexandre J - The Art Deco Collector from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
Tags: Fashion, Art Deco, Alexandre, Fragrantica Perfumes, Alexandre J

13 Top-Rated R+Co Products That Will Clean Your Scalp and Make Your Hair Shiny AF

R+Co is more than just pretty packaging. Yes, the bottles are beautiful, but as my mom says, it's what's on the inside that really counts. (That's a lie - my mother is way too cynical to say something that mushy.) In this case, the inside is composed of ingredients like micellar water, fruit extracts, vitamins B and E, and coconut oil. The brand has perfected every product that belongs in a healthy hair routine, including some steps you didn't know you needed, like dry shampoo mist. I've been u...
Tags: Beauty, Dry Shampoo, Conditioner, Lake Oswego, R+Co, Shampoo, Hair Products, Beauty Shopping, Beauty Review, Steph Hoppe, Trent Edward Salon

Your Guide To Mens Bell Bottom Jeans [March 2020]

Are Bell Bottoms 60s Or 70s? Bell Bottom jeans were popular in the 60s and 70s. They were initially worn as an anti war statement. They were worn casually and later turned into a statement against Vietnam by sewing peace symbols. Since young men were against expensive clothing stores, they shopped a lot at army and navy surplus stores. Bell bottoms were originally made for men in the Navy so they could roll the legs up. Are Bell Bottom Pants Out Of Style? Bell bottom pants never really g...
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Toteme Jeans Review [March 2020]

Who Are Toteme Jeans? Toteme is a young company founded by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman in 2014 and based in New York Toteme is a uniform design company that offers style and shaping that are relevant to a woman’s wardrobe. There are different look for different occasions as well which is a very modern take on an age old idea. The post Toteme Jeans Review [March 2020] appeared first on DenimBlog.
Tags: Fashion, Designer Jeans reviews, Elin Kling, Karl Lindman, New York Toteme

Your Guide To L’agence Jeans [March 2020]

Who Are Lagence? The post Your Guide To L’agence Jeans [March 2020] appeared first on DenimBlog.
Tags: Fashion, Denim, Designer Jeans reviews

Womens Levis Review [March 2020]

What Is The Difference Between 720 And 721 Levis? When it comes to the 720 Levis, these are described as the jean you want to wear if you want to feel as though you are wearing comfy sweatpants. They are a bit tight around the ankle like sweat pants. The 721 Levis are skinny jeans that have a more snug tight fit. Which Levis Are Most Popular? When it comes to buying the most popular Levis, the 501’s are the most popular timeless brand that will fit all body types. They are considered the...
Tags: Fashion, Levi, Levis, Designer Jeans reviews

Womens Levis Review [April 2020]

What Is The Difference Between 720 And 721 Levis? When it comes to the 720 Levis, these are described as the jean you want to wear if you want to feel as though you are wearing comfy sweatpants. They are a bit tight around the ankle like sweat pants. The 721 Levis are skinny jeans that have a more snug tight fit. Which Levis Are Most Popular? When it comes to buying the most popular Levis, the 501’s are the most popular timeless brand that will fit all body types. They are considered the...
Tags: Fashion, Levi, Levis, Designer Jeans reviews

Japan Selvedge Denim [March 2020]

Why Is Japanese Denim Considered The Best? It is basically because of the production process. The selvedge is sewn in a way that prevents fraying and unravelling. Also the denim is a rope denim that helps with the color being uniform as well. Are Gustin Jeans Sanforized? Yes they are sanforized which gives them the indigo coloring. What Is Selvedge Denim Fabric? It is considered seflf edge denim, which is tightly woven on each end to prevent fraying. Are Selvedge Jeans Better? Selve...
Tags: Fashion, Japan, Best Jeans, HC Taylor Stitch Democratic Jeans in Cone Mills

A Comprehensive Guide to All of Hailey Bieber's 20+ Tattoos

Call it the Instagram effect or a simple appreciation of "aesthetic" things, but there's no denying that tattoo culture has shifted significantly. No longer just full sleeves and back pieces with thick black outlines, a more minimal style - aka "fine line" - look has emerged in the last decade, and celebrities can't get enough of it. The proof? Hailey Bieber. At first glance, you might never suspect that the model has over 20 tattoos and counting. While her husband opts for larger, more detaile...
Tags: Beauty, Tattoos, Bieber, Celebrity Tattoos, Tiny Tattoos, Hailey Bieber

Ganni Jeans Denim Review [March 2020]

What Are Ganni Jeans? This is a Scandinavian based company that is based in Copenhagen but represented all over the world. Their goal when they started their company in 2000 was to take runway style clothing and make it accessible and practical for women who like to wear great clothing. Their ultimate goal is to offer pieces that every woman will reach for in their wardrobe everyday. The post Ganni Jeans Denim Review [March 2020] appeared first on DenimBlog.
Tags: Fashion, Copenhagen, Designer Jeans reviews

Meet Todd Gloria, the man poised to become San Diego’s first out-gay mayor

Todd Gloria has reason to celebrate. The current majority whip in the California State Assembly just scored huge numbers in this week’s primary election to become the Democratic candidate for Mayor of San Diego. Adding to the glory of his win: he’s openly gay. Gloria grew up in San Diego in a Native American/Filipino/Latino mixed-race family. As a politician, he’s built his career on focusing on issues like infrastructure, homelessness and transportation. He finished Tuesday’s primary with more...
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What to Know Before Getting One of Those Constellation Piercings That Are All Over Instagram

With piercings and tattoos becoming more commonplace, we're seeing new trends pop up faster than ever before. From clustered cartilage piercings to high-low lobe piercings, we've come a long way from your standard earlobe bling. Moving forward with the idea that more is better (at least as far as tattoos and body jewelry go), constellation piercings are growing in popularity, too. You've probably seen the piercing trend before, whether in real life, on your favorite celebrity, or on Instagram, ...
Tags: Beauty, Earrings, Piercings, Rowan, Beauty Trends, Louisa Schneider

If Your Skin Feels as Dry as the Sahara Desert, You're Gonna Want to Try This Moisturizer

If you're anything like me, you either go through weeks with skin that positively glows or dreaded days where acne seems to set up a family reunion - with every pimple invited! - right on your chin. While frustrating, I've learned that I can curb my breakouts by being disciplined with my skincare routine, especially when it comes to moisturizer. Because I live in a region of the US where the temperature can fluctuate anywhere between 20 and 60 degrees this time of year (ugh), finding a dependab...
Tags: US, Beauty, Skin Care, Moisturizer, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Beauty Review, Orangetheory, Youthquake, Marc Jacobs Youthquake, Tatcha s Water Cream

Sexy lingerie video features women (not models!) ages 50 to 81

There’s no age limit on looking hot! Knix — an undergarment brand known for fashionable leakproof underwear — just released a lingerie campaign centered around women ages 50 to 81 in honor of International Women’s Day on Sunday. “The inspiration for this video is pretty simple,” Knix CEO Joanna Griffiths says on “Society as...
Tags: Fashion, Knix, Joanna Griffiths, Knix com Society

“Boro Textiles: Sustainable Aesthetics” at NYC’s Japan Society

This centuries-old craft and its contemporary influence are on show at the learning center Designed by NYC-based architecture firm SO-IL, the Japan Society‘s Boro Textiles: Sustainable Aesthetics exhibition introduces audiences to folklorist and cultural anthropologist Chuzaburo Tanaka’s personal collection of vintage Japanese pieces along with contemporary garments by pioneers of Japanese fashion like Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, Issey Miyake, and Yohji Yamamoto. The presentation …
Tags: Art, Fashion, Japan, Design, NYC, Clothing, Collage, Sustainability, History, Shows, Culture, Museums, Craft, Exhibitions, Apparel, Japanese

Keeping It Real: Why you have to take risks in business

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring podcast series on Inman, Peter Lorimer talks about why fear and self-doubt shouldn't run your business. 
Tags: Opinion, Failure, Lifestyle, Entrepreneur, Fail, Service, Radio, Fear, Agent, Columns, Emotion, Momentum, Select, Instincts, Trust Your Gut, Peter Lorimer

ShopBop Sale!

Shopbop is having another great sale! The sale runs until Monday, March 9, at 4am ET.  The Spring Event. Use code SPRING Up to 25% off full-price styles with code SPRING 15% off orders of $200+ 20% off orders of $500+ 25% off orders of $800+ Shop the sale!   ShopBop Sale!
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8 Exciting Things to Do in Interlaken During Winter

Interlaken is a popular tourist destination because there is a myriad of fun things to do in Interlaken and family-friendly activities that you can enjoy throughout your stay in Switzerland. It is a fun place where you can instantly enjoy every minute as you stay in Switzerland. The region is filled with natural beauty and enchanting landscapes that are made up of snow, lakes, valleys, and exquisite ranges. It is a perfect holiday destination for travelers of all kinds from the adventurous...
Tags: Fashion, Switzerland, Don, Interlaken, Jungfrau, Thun, Interlaken Interlaken, Höheweg, Brienz, Emmental Alps, Murren Lauterbrunnen Grindelwald Wengen, Unterseen

This Face Cleanser Has Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews on Sephora, and I Finally Tried It

There's nothing that sexy about face wash. It's kind of the saddest step in a skincare routine, especially if its sole purpose is to rinse away an impressive makeup beat you worked so hard on. Knowing this, I was intrigued to find out that the Fresh Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash was, apparently, kind of sexy to use - at least enough so that fans felt compelled to sing its praises. Now, at least 5,000 five-star reviews on Sephora are dedicated to this product, so I thought it was about time to t...
Tags: Beauty, Skin Care, Dry Skin, Sephora, Cleanser, Fresh Soy Face Wash

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Sea

Victoria's Secret is presenting the newest fragrance for the Very Sexy collection borrowing the design of the flacon from its processors: Very Sexy Eau de Parfum from 2018 (when the new flacon for this popular fragrance was redesigned and the original fragrance relaunched), and Very Sexy Night Eau de Parfum from 2019. After burgundy red and shiny black, the newest edition Very Sexy Sea arrives in ... Read full article: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Sea from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Chunky Highlights Are Making a Comeback - Here's How to Make It Current

When we hear the phrase "chunky highlights," we think of the late '90s and early 2000s, not chic 2020 hairstyles, but that's about to change. This year's biggest hair color trends are pushing boundaries, and the results are looks that will turn heads and make a statement (see: drenched hair color). If you are not ready to take the plunge on anything too drastic but still want to revamp your look, George Papanikolas, colorist and Matrix brand ambassador, is making a case for the chunky-highlights...
Tags: Beauty, Spring, Hair, Kelly Clarkson, Hair Color, Beauty Trends, Hair Trends, Spring Beauty, George Papanikolas, Papanikolas

Foot bumping, waving and bowing: How to avoid shaking hands amid coronavirus fears

People are brainstorming new ways to greet one another, in order to reduce the risk of spreading germs.
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