Sunday Firesides: Build Your Life Upon Multiple Pillars of Support

The project of building your life can profitably be compared to the construction of an edifice. When its architecture is held up by only one or two “pillars,” these columns are forced to bear far more stress than they were made to sustain. For example, a marriage becomes strained and unhealthy when one’s spouse is relied on as one’s sole source of friendship, entertainment, and affirmation. The pressure of placing almost all of one’s needs on a single area or person often ironically destroys t...
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Petite Fleur Bleue by Godet

  While gathering information for my article on Chypre perfumes of the French brand Godet, I got acquainted with several fragrances of this brand and the perfume Petite Fleur Bleue caught my attention. I was intrigued, what kind of “blue flower” is hidden behind such a name? Petite Fleur Bleue appeared during the year 1921, when Godet, which was established in 1901, was already well known. ... Read full article: Petite Fleur Bleue by Godet from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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5 Expert Tips On Staying Safe During Flu (& Coronavirus) Season

Washing your hands should be a natural part of everyday life, but with flu season in full swing and concerns about COVID-19, personal hygiene is on over-drive. This hyper-focus on hand washing to avoid the flu is just as important as boosting your immune system. We’ve got 5 tips below on staying safe and avoiding the flu and coronavirus. 1. Wash Your Hands Properly It’s not enough to just “wash your hands”. If you aren’t a surgeon, a molecular biologist, or work in the f...
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The New Perfumes from Prin Lomros: PRIN

  Prin Lomros is a perfumer from Thailand who has gained international recognition for his singular concoctions which defy easy categorization. Trained initially as a filmmaker and then finding his way organically to the world of perfume, he’s allowed his love of film and filmmaking to liberally and directly influence his work, sometimes drawing from specific films and film characters as a way... Read full article: The New Perfumes from Prin Lomros: PRIN from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Hair Nostalgia – Glam Bob Hairstyles From The 1960s

Hair Nostalgia – Glam Bob Hairstyles From The 1960s Hair Nostalgia - Glam Bob Hairstyles From The 1960s - Hair Nostalgia sometimes triggers a sentimental longing in some people for glam hairdos from the 1960s which were very different than they are today in 2020. Hair, Health, Beauty blogs by
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L.A. Restaurants, Caterers Adapt to Coronavirus With More Takeout, Delivery Options

As entire restaurant groups shut down in New York (Momofuku) or transition to takeout-only options like Seattle’s Canlis, Los Angeles restaurants are starting to follow suit to help stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, some are exploring other ways to deal with coronavirus precautions, and catering companies are stepping up to the plate […]
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We Need to Align With What’s Coming Next

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the world this week due to the coronavirus situation. I think what many people don’t yet realize is that the rate of change isn’t going to be linear. It’s going to accelerate. Despite all the changes you’ve seen this week, next week’s changes will be bigger still… and the changes coming the week after that will be even bigger. So if your head is spinning now, it will spin twice as hard next week. In the USA I see people making some adaptations, but they seem ...
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2 Awesome Cleansers For All Skin Types

Cleansers abound, but it’s all about finding those ones that remove all your makeup and don’t leave any residue. Here are 2 of the very best for all skin types and budgets. 1. Nars... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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How Much Does South Beach Diet’s Frozen Food Cost in 2020?

After 20 years, the South Beach Diet, which was introduced by Dr. Arthur Agatston, is still one of the most trusted and effective diet programs available. A lot has been built around what started as a diet book centered on eating healthy carbs and good fats. Meal-delivery diets have been created based on the diet principles established by Dr. Agatston and the industry has profited a great deal.  It is interesting to note that full-service delivery meals are already available these days ...
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Learn How to DIY the Waterfall Braid Once and For All With This Step-by-Step

Out of all the amazing hairstyles filling up our Pinterest feeds these days, braids tend to be the one style that stops us in our tracks most often. The specific look we've been wanting to learn the most, however, is the waterfall braid. This romantic braid has a whimsical feel with draping pieces that make it appear to be more challenging than it really is - and we want to prove how easy the style is to DIY. We asked hairstylist Olivia Halpin of DreamDry to show us how to do a simple waterfall ...
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How To Make the Most of Your Eyelash Extensions

Do you have sparse lashes? Can’t seem to just grow lashes naturally? Or, do you hate the seemingly endless cycle of applying and then removing mascara? If so, lash extensions may be the solution you have sought. However, similar to any other beauty product, using lash extensions can get expensive. One option is to consider buying an eyelash extension wholesale, which can help you save some money. It’s also smart to use the tips here to minimize damage and other issues once the extension...
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Can You Carry a Message to Garcia?

Editor’s note: The following essay (which has been condensed from the original), was written by Elbert Hubbard in 1899. In “A Message to Garcia,” Hubbard uses a dramatized version of 1st Lt. Andrew S. Rowan’s mission to meet with Gen. Calixto García, commander of the rebel forces in Eastern Cuba, at the start of the Spanish-American war. Hubbard’s call for personal ownership and individual initiative proved strikingly resonate with the business community and public: the short essay was reprint...
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Reddit's 10 Favorite Indie Beauty Brands You Need to Try ASAP

As bonafide beauty aficionados, we've explored nearly every corner of social media to discover the latest and greatest trends and products, from TikTok to Instagram. But there was one bold frontier we hadn't yet dipped into, until now: Reddit. And dip we did, into the under-the-radar world of indie beauty with the subreddit Indiemakeupandmore. The essential brand for magnetically alluring eye shadow? We found it. What product will give you the ultimate dewy glow? We'll tell you (after Reddit tol...
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The French Side Braid Is the Perfect Updo For Spring - Here's How to Re-Create It in 5 Steps

This sideswept braid is something of a cross between a waterfall braid and the french braid Katniss Everdeen wore in The Hunger Games. Not only is the french side braid a chic take on your average braided updo, but it's also still elegant enough to sport during a night out on the town. As a bonus, braided hairstyles like this one really come in handy for those of us who'll be looking to keep our hair up and out of our faces as the weather warms up in the coming months. That said, not all of us a...
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The French Side Braid Is the Perfect Updo For Spring - Here's How to Recreate It In 5 Steps

This sideswept braid is something of a cross between a waterfall braid and the french braid Katniss Everdeen wore in The Hunger Games. Not only is the french side braid a chic take on your average braided updo, but it's also still elegant enough to sport during a night out on the town. As a bonus, braided hairstyles like this one really come in handy for those of us who'll be looking to keep our hair up and out of hair faces as the weather warms up in the coming months. That said, not all of us ...
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3 Tips for a Stress-Free House Move

Moving home is exciting – it’s the chance to have a fresh start, enjoy new experiences, and create your ideal living environment. However, moving to a new property can also be a stressful and daunting experience. Luckily, some simple planning and organization can make moving easier and ensure that things run smoothly on the day. To help you enjoy a relaxed relocation, here are three tips for a stress-free house move after selling your property. 1. Choose a removal company in advance  ...
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5 Easy, Natural Ways to Lighten Dark Hair

When temperatures begin to rise, I feel a pang of envy when seeing my blond-haired, beach-waved friends. It feels like chic braids are so much more flattering on them - but I'm too scared to lose my hair-color virginity. I've never processed my straight, light-brown strands, and colorists constantly try to convince me to try dye. Instead of giving in to the pretty peer pressure, I'm turning to natural remedies to brighten my hair. If you're also brunette (and bored!), I suggest you do the same -...
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Do you seek out scent in makeup products?

No, definitely not. I prefer unscented in all products – I don’t necessarily want to smell the actual formula, but I don’t want added fragrance by and large. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Natasha Denona Light (01) Face Glow Cream Shimmer Review & Swatches

Light (01) Natasha Denona Light (01) Face Glow Cream Shimmer ($38.00 for 0.32 oz.) is a very pale, golden beige with moderate, warm undertones and a dewy, pearlescent sheen. It had a smooth, moderately emollient texture that spread easily across bare skin as well as patted over foundation as it wasn’t prone to lifting up my base. It had buildable coverage that ranged from higher medium to mostly opaque applied directly from the t...
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Red-carpet fashion: Cynthia Erivo, Kim Kardashian West, Alison Brie

HAUTE HUE: Citrus crush When life gives you lemons — wear them! That goes for oranges, too. Take a page from Hollywood’s golden girls, and pucker up to the bright side in citrus-hued creations. CELEB SPOTLIGHT: Cynthia Erivo After her Oscar-nominated performance in“Harriet” and a diva turn in National Geographic’s upcoming “Genius: Aretha,” Cynthia Erivo...
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A cat being conspicuously indifferent to the Boxing Day Test

AP Webster writes: “Please find attached two pictures of my parents’ cat, Dusty (sadly not named after Dusty Rhodes), being conspicuously indifferent to the Sky pundits at lunchtime in the First Test at Centurion. “He is also showing considerable indifference to the pile of Christmas presents in front of the TV, and does not appear to be showing the Christmas crib the level of respect that some would say it deserves. “Feel free to choose your ‘favourite’ to use, based on which you fee...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Love in the Time of Coronavirus How will we move the horizons of possibility, not just for those we directly lead, but for our whole culture, in the time of coronavirus? God Made Sex, and His Rules Are Good God cares who we sleep with because he cares deeply about the people who are doing the sleeping. He cares because sex was his idea, not ours. Five Ways to Lead Your Kids to Ditch the Church Regardless of what the specific figures happe...
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Making Others Aware of Your Weaknesses Can Make You More Trusted

Address your weaknesses, and offset them complementary strengths when they become an issue. You want to be trusted and your weaknesses to be overlooked. When interviewing, you must bring up and... By Harrison Barnes
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Teen models, powerful men and private dinners: when Trump hosted Look of the Year

In the early 90s, Donald Trump judged the world’s biggest modelling competition - since hit by allegations of abuse. This is how the people who were there remember it. Special investigation by Lucy Osborne, Harry Davies and Stephanie KirchgaessnerOn 1 September 1991, a large private yacht cruised towards the Statue of Liberty. It was a clear, breezy evening, and from the upper deck of the Spirit of New York, a golden sunset could be seen glinting off the Manhattan skyline. Downstairs, a party wa...
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Bag firm adds ‘unique’ appeal by stitching in historical figures’ letters

Antiquarians voice growing anger at the breaking up of original letters by famous names from Queen Victoria to Charles Dickens and even NapoleonLove historic documents signed by figures such as Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens? Love luxury handbags? A new company is targeting this novel crossover market with exclusive bags containing snippets of authentic manuscripts by famous figures – to the fury of antiquarian booksellers, who say they are destroying cultural assets.Sekrè, a German-Swiss st...
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When a Virus Derails Your Plans

This will be a quick add-on for the recent post on framing the coronavirus. Obviously this situation has derailed many people’s plans, some more than others. So how do you frame a situation like this where reality seriously derails your plans? First off, reality can do that, as it’s obviously demonstrating right now. This is true whether you use an objective or subjective framing. The simulation doesn’t have to obey your intentions. It has a mind of its own. This is why I like to vie...
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