Coronavirus: Lottery-winning farmer gives away potatoes to self-isolating families

A farmer gave away her crop of potatoes to families self-isolating at home after hearing how “selfish” shoppers had emptied supermarkets.Susan Herdman offered the hand-picked vegetables from her 27-acre plot free of charge to the residents of Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, in a post on Facebook.
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These Are the Things on Sale at Sephora Now That Made Us Say Whoa

We like saving money as much as the next person; we especially love when we stumble upon products we wanted at full price that are now marked down. We've already kicked off our own Spring cleaning, so we have some new bathroom organizers just waiting to be filled up. Sephora has a sale going on right now and we've picked out our favorite items with savings of up to 80 percent. We found deals from KVD Beauty, Murad, T3, Sol de Janeiro, and more, making now a great time to try something new with a...
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Curious About Natural Deodorants? These Are Our 12 Favorites

It seems like everyone we know these days is making the switch to natural deodorants, or at least wants to know more, and it's easy to see why. Gone are the days where you can only find aluminum-free options in the back of a health food store; it's never been easier to find a product that's good for your skin and actually works. Many people are wary of making the switch to a more natural formula because of the supposed two week "adjustment period" your body goes through, but since we're spendin...
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Dark Spring

Perfume PosseDark Spring No, ‘Dark Spring’ isn’t about our Crazy World right now – at least, not a whole lot about it.   It’s mostly about …….. well, it’s about taking this time to take some time, reflect… pay attention, perhaps a bit… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseDark Spring
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Wisconsin Humane Society Finds Home for Every Animal Up for Adoption: 'We’re Near Tears'

"Despite the chaos and uncertainly of a global pandemic, you adopted 159 animals and took home 160 foster animals, all in just 5 days," they wrote
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Can't Resist Coloring Your Hair at Home? At Least Consider These 6 Expert Tips First

"We're about three weeks away from seeing everyone's natural hair color," reads a new meme circulating on Instagram and Twitter. In the midst of quarantine and social distancing, this level of lighthearted #relatablecontent is equal parts true and hilarious. It might make you want to order a few box dyes and root touch-up creams ASAP - but not so fast. Although salons are temporarily closed, hairstylists are still urging you to proceed with caution. If you already have color-treated hair, their...
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New Line From Pacifica: Natural Origins Fragrances

  The American beauty and fragrance house Pacifica was founded in 1997 by Montana born Brook Harvey, an aromatherapist by trade, and Billy Taylor, a successful photographer and filmmaker who shared her love for nature and the outdoors. They both are inspired by grass-roots methodology and keep an ever-present mindset to reduce the company's impact on the environment. All of Pacifica's fragrances... Read full article: New Line From Pacifica: Natural Origins Fragrances from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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An Easy Breakdown of How to Apply Individual False Lashes

False lashes are great, especially if you need a budget-friendly option for long, thicker lashes - and quick. But lash strips can make even the most expert beauty aficionado fall to their knees. If you've dabbled in faux eyelashes, you know that it takes practice to perfect. Mercury has to be out of retrograde. Winds have to be less than 15 mph. You have to be out of direct sunlight. (You get the gist.) It's an art! Whenever friends ask me to do their lashes or ask for suggestions on to apply t...
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Essential Elements of a Dreamy Master Bath and Their Ideal Placement

Dreaming of revamping the looks of your master bath to feel like a spa? Well, your heavenly oasis could be just a few features away. Spacious master bathrooms have become the hottest trend – these settings are often luxurious and provide the ideal refuge from our busy schedules and a quiet place for pampering. Plus, our master bathrooms’ design and finishes are a stamp of our unique identities. Their nature allows a variation in material choices and creative design solutions. Each bathr...
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Rhea Litre found a way to keep performing during the COVID-19 lockdown

Nobody can keep a good queen down. For proof, look no further than Rhea Litre, fixture of the West Hollywood drag scene. In a time of global pandemic–in which bars and clubs have shuttered, thus depriving drag queens of their audiences and livelihoods–Litre refuses to admit defeat. Last week, she launched #QuarantineQueen, a new, online drag show that puts drag artists back to work, and gives their audiences something to look forward to. Litre has assembled a broad spectrum of queens and taken ...
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WATCH: Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo have turned their quarantine into a web series

At some point in the future there will be some fascinating documentaries about how the world adjusted to life under the threat of COVID-19. Until then, we’re all watching it in real time as folks take to social media to document their isolation. So. Many. Shirtless. Workouts. YouTuber Max Emerson and his boyfriend, Andrés Camilo, have decided to experiment with turning their experience of isolated cohabitation into a web series. Check out the first episode of Isolation Station below — new episo...
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7 Hair Products That'll Give You the Best Wash and Go of Your Life

No one said perfecting a wash and go was easy, but boy, is it a satisfying feeling once you do. The thing about wash and gos is that, while they're one of the most popular styling methods in the natural-hair community, they can sometimes be a little tricky to pull off. That's because, contrary to what the name suggests, there's a lot more to it than just . . . well, washing and going. For most of us, wearing a wash and go doesn't mean submerging your hair in water and wearing your freshly washe...
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There Are 2 Beauty Sales Happening Simultaneously at Nordstrom Rack Right Now

What's better than 70 percent off bestselling beauty products? How about an additional 20 percent off on top of that 70 percent off? Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? That's exactly what Nordstrom Rack is offering during the End of Season Sale, but the double deal is only happening for a limited time. Nordstrom Rack's End of Season Sale is offering up to 70 percent off select items from now until March 29. On top of that, for a limited time only, there's also a 20 percent off sitewide sal...
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There Are Two Beauty Sales Happening Simultaneously at Nordstrom Rack Right Now

What's better than 70 percent off best-selling beauty products? How about an additional 20 percent off on top of that 70 percent off? Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? That's exactly what Nordstrom Rack is offering during the End of Season Sale, but the double deal is only happening for a limited time. Nordstrom Rack's End of Season Sale is offering up to 70 percent off select items from now until March 29. On top of that, for a limited time only, there's also a 20 percent off site-wide s...
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Daily Dose: The queer rockfest that brought back musical movies, just when we need to wig out

Welcome to Queerty’s latest entry in our Queerantined: Daily Dose series. Every day as long as the COVID-19 pandemic has us under quarantine, we’ll release a suggested bit of gloriously queer entertainment designed to keep you from getting stir crazy in the house. Each weekend, we will also suggest a bingable title to keep you extra busy. The Origin of Love: Hedwig & the Angry Inch One week into total lockdown, and we need comfort food. What better to dish up than John Cameron Mitchell’s semina...
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3 Ways To Protect A Strong Family Unit

It’s normal to get caught up in everyday issues, sometimes believing that a problem at work, or a broken washing machine, is a significant issue that ends up causing stress and anxiety. However, sometimes there can be an event that focuses the mind on what’s crucial in life. Family and health are what is most important to the majority of people. Even though we can get caught up in our daily lives, everything we do is usually for the benefit of our families. There are a multitude of step...
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Broadway stars cheer on talented teens whose musicals, performances are canceled amid coronavirus outbreak

Laura Benanti's message has inspired kids and teens from around the country to post videos of themselves dancing, playing instruments and singing, inspiring lots of love from celebs and fans alike.
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Coronavirus Adaptations for Local Businesses

In Conscious Growth Club, we’ve been discussing the coronavirus situation since February 26, and our discussion thread called “Coronavirus preparation” is now up to 325 posts and still growing. Perhaps a half-dozen related threads have been started as well, as members are discussing topics like self-care in isolation, immunity boosting tips, and sharing updates on what’s happening in different countries. So we’ve had some visibility on it this sooner than most, which gave us a head start on ment...
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5 Ways Parents Can Benefit From CBD Gummies

Cannabidiol—otherwise known as CBD—is making waves in the wellness industry as one of the most versatile substances on the planet to treat a number of symptoms and diseases. It shows promising effects in promoting general health, and people are taking CBD gummies for anxiety as well as a host of other problems.  Before we get into why CBD is beneficial for parents specifically, let’s answer a couple of general questions newcomers may have: What is CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid deriv...
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Deborah Birx is the maternal fashion icon America needs right now

She was the chic — but not too chic — maternal presence I didn't realize we needed until she appeared.
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Planned Parenthood To Stay Open During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the weekend, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, officially directed all non-essential businesses in the state to shut down to help control the spread of COVID-19. Other states have already issued similar orders, and more are sure to follow. Of course, many healthcare providers will be keeping their doors open — and Planned Parenthood is included in their ranks, reports BuzzFeed News. “Our doors will stay open because sexual and reproductive health care is extremely important, and we ha...
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Brighten up your WFH wardrobe with these It pieces for spring

There’s nothing like working from home in wearable art. Amsterdam-based cult label Daily Paper just launched a collab with the Van Gogh Museum, a 21-piece collection featuring the famous 19th- century artist’s work. Drawings scale across denim trucker jackets, while T-shirts are adorned with self-portraits. We’re partial to this “Van Hajo” short-sleeved shirt with a...
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People are really confused about whether or not this reality star just came out as bisexual

View this post on Instagram “Caption this” .. .. .. #90dayfiance #sojaboy #tlc A post shared by S O J A B O Y?? (@officialsojaboy) on Mar 9, 2020 at 4:11pm PDT Nigerian rapper Usman Umar currently appears on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, where he’s navigating a relationship with Lisa “Babygirl” Hamme. During a recent Q&A with fans on Instagram, Umar left everyone scratching their heads when he seemed to c...
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These Supersmart Makeup Swaps Can Make Your Beauty Routine More Sanitary

If you took mental stock of your beauty bag right now, how many of your most-loved items require you to touch your face? Chances are there's at least one in there and, while keeping our bodies healthy and products clean is on everyone's minds right now, we decided to think about different makeup formats that are inherently more sanitary. From foundation in stick form to all sorts of beauty goodies that are available in a tube, these products from Sephora require little to no hand-face contact, a...
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Your Complete Guide to Every Ear Piercing Under the Sun

If you can remember begging your mom to let you pierce your ears for the very first time, you know that your first piercing can be a transformative experience. From the jewelry you had secretly picked out months in advance, to the moment of panic right before the needle is pushed through your ear, getting your first ear piercing is practically a rite of passage. But now that you're out of middle school and your mom doesn't have as much of a say, it might finally be time for a major piercing upgr...
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American couple returns home after being stranded in Peru as president closed borders over coronavirus pandemic: 'Thankful'

Within a few days, this couple became two of about 1,500 Americans who have found themselves stranded in Peru following President Martín Vizcarra’s sudden announcement that he was closing the country’s borders. This is their story.
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PHOTOS: Harry Styles shows off his gay sex shirt

Harry Styles has received his fair share of queerbaiting criticism, but we’re still giving his recent fashion choice a definitive “toot.” While doing an interview with a New Zealand news outlet, the journalist noticed the shirt underneath Styles’ outer layers. He asked the former One Direction member about it, and Styles gladly pulled his button-down open to reveal the full shirt. Related: Keith Haring’s greatest erotic masterpiece is hidden in an old men’s room in NYC AdBridg.cmd.push(functio...
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A&F cuts ties with gay plus-size model Michael McCauley over racist social media posts

(Photo: Abercrombie & Fitch) Abercrombie & Fitch says it’s no longer working with gay plus-size model Michael McCauley after problematic social media posts he wrote resurfaced on Twitter just as he was being profiled in the company’s new ad campaign about inclusiveness. Quick backstory: Queerty ran an interview with McCauley earlier this month during which he touted the importance of diverse representation. Shortly after the interview published, however, a number of racist social media posts ...
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Call Your Stylist: These Are the Biggest Haircut Trends to Try At Some Point in 2020

Of all the things you might "cut" from your life in the new year - certain foods, old mindsets, that god-awful ex - your hair often feels like the least dramatic, perhaps most cathartic clean break you can make. (Unless, of course, your ex happened to be awful and clingy, in which case: snip snip.) In truth, there's nothing like stepping into the decade with a fresh new haircut that makes subzero temperatures and overcrowded yoga classes seem somewhat more bearable. The good news about trends i...
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