Hanging at Home Outfit — Under $75

Hanging at Home Outfit — Under $75 Specs: Body type: Plus Occasion: None! Just hanging at home, being socially distant. Budget: Under $75 Pieces: ASOS DESIGN Jogger, $29, ASOS Crewneck Cropped Sweater, $20.30, Target ChayChax House Slippers, $20.99, Amazon more at Hanging at Home Outfit — Under $75. This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista.
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Becca Ignite Liquid Highlighter Swatches

Just in time for summer, Becca Ignite Liquid Highlighter ($38.00) is here. There are five shades (though Ulta also shows another limited edition shade) available, and it seems like it will debut at retailers on April 4th (I bought mine directly from Becca). Two things I can note: 1) they’re significantly more pigmented and intense compared to the previous liquid highlighter formula, and 2) they are moderately to heavily scented (have to do more verification here). ...
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Natasha Denona Retro + Mini Bloom Swatches

Here are swatches of the just-released Natasha Denona Retro Mini Eyeshadow Palette ($25.00) and Natasha Denona Bloom Mini Highlighter Blush ($19.00). Based on how Sephora lists them, they seem to be permanent… Heads up: Galaxia in this palette is quite different from the version in the Star palette! New Natasha Denona! Gallery Options Produc...
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What are your tips & tricks for getting a flawless base?

I find exfoliating regularly (two times a week or so) helps a lot with getting an even application of product and minimizes product getting caught on flaky skin. A cleaner brush or sponge is better at distributing color–I’ve definitely noticed if I re-use a brush, the application is often a... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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MAC Shady Santa, Haute Sauce, Rose Before Bros, Finjan, Royal Rendezvous Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

Shady Santa MAC Shady Santa Eyeshadow ($18.00 for 0.05 oz.) is a deep burgundy with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture was firmer, almost stiff, compared to most of the newer-formula matte shades. It was harder to diffuse and blend out along the edges, but it was workable with some extra effort. It had good pigmentation that built up to full coverage with a second layer and was best applied by pressing and p...
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Raw Selvedge Denim [April 2020]

Selvedge denim is what is considered a raw edge denim. There is a tightly woven band on both edges on the fabric. It prevents the denim from unravelling and it is a clean look. Selvedge is stiffer and more durable than mass-market denim (hence the “raw” part). Notably, there is a huge subculture of denim aficionados that only wear selvedge, as they prefer the fit, wash, and quality. What Are The Best Selvedge Jeans? Research Into Selvedge Denim Is Selvedge Denim Better? Online Conv...
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Minois Paris: Tender Scents For the Young and Young at Heart

Minois Paris is a natural skincare brand from France, founded in 2015, offering care products for babies and children made in France with the highest standards in mind. Entrepreneur Hélène Fulchi, passionate about cosmetics, had been thinking about creating a children’s skincare brand for a long time. After her daughter Paz was born, Hélène looked for products for her daughter that were per... Read full article: Minois Paris: Tender Scents For the Young and Young at Heart from Fragrantica Perf...
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New Goals Mandate New Behaviors

Tomorrow in Conscious Growth Club, we’re having our quarterly planning review call. This is a group video call where I review the quarterly goals that some members have shared in our forums, and I look for potential issues as well as noteworthy items to share with them. It’s similar to a code review, where one or more programmers look over another programmer’s code, looking for bugs or security flaws, calling out good practices, and noting areas for improvement. We all have blind spots, bu...
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How the Beauty Industry Is Supporting Hairstylists and Salons During COVID-19

Over the course of the last few weeks, it's been inspiring to see how the beauty industry is coming together to support each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. Beauty brands are doing things like donating proceeds from sales to charity groups, giving away products to medical staff working on the frontlines, and even dedicating factory space to help manufacture high-demand items like hand sanitizer. It's no secret that the service industry, among others, has been affected greatly by the virus, ...
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Richard Simmons of 'Sweatin’ to the Oldies' is posting fitness videos ‘as a comfort’ during the coronavirus pandemic

The 71-year-old fitness icon wanted to inspire people exercising at home during the quarantine.
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The Weekend Binge: The show that redefined sci-fi and the War on Terror

Welcome to Queerty’s latest entry in our Queerantined: Daily Dose series. Every day as long as the COVID-19 pandemic has us under quarantine, we’ll release a suggested bit of gloriously queer entertainment designed to keep you from getting stir crazy in the house. Each weekend, we will also suggest a bingable title to keep you extra busy. The Addictive: Battlestar Galactica Scary how a reality show presidency and a global pandemic can make us opine for the bygone awful days of George W. Bush, n...
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Want to Learn How to Install Your Own Passion Twists? These 3 Tutorials Make It Easy

Now that we've officially been social distancing for a few weeks now, it's safe to say that it's going to be a while before many of us are able to make hair appointments again. If you have natural hair, chances are you're already used to following an extensive at-home hair routine, but the one area you probably enlist a little help is with a protective style like braids or twists (especially in the spring and summer months). Convenient as they are, box braids and twists styles - specifically pas...
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Fashion addicts use Animal Crossing to create hilarious virtual outfits

Animal Crossing — the world-building video game sweeping social media — has turned into a fashion paradise in the age of social distancing. Hypebeast players trapped at home during the coronavirus lockdown are using the game’s design tools to build wardrobes that put Cher Horowitz’s “Clueless” smart closet to shame. They’re creating virtual replicas of...
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Why My 10+ Year Love Affair With Self Tanner Hasn't Stopped While Social-Distancing

Like many of you reading this right now, I've been social distancing for three weeks and counting. I've been outside four times in the past week, and, in that time, I haven't spoken to anyone else face-to-face, in the flesh, but my partner. So why would I bother going to the effort of self-tanning while social-distancing? There are a few reasons, but the main one being, because I f*cking can. I've been a self-tan devotee since I was about 14 years old. In my teens, I was a competitive Irish danc...
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I Didn’t Realize How Dry My Lips Were Until I Tried Summer Fridays’ New Lip Butter Balm

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez Out of all of the beauty products I use on a daily basis, there is one beauty product I can't live without: lip balm. I carry a tube with me everywhere, without fail. I keep one in my car, in my coat pockets, and most recently, at my desk while I work from home. Because I use lip balm so frequently, I've tried out quite a few different brands. I'm always searching for the one product that will leave my lips feeling hydrated without having to ...
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Good news still thrives amid coronavirus pandemic: Doctors dance, dogs bring joy and more

Doctors, dogs and other unexpected heroes are popping up around the world, bringing light and goodness to people during a difficult time.
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Kid Craft of the Week: Mirror Periscope

While much of the world is in quarantine of some form, and often sequestered with children who are itching for something to do, we thought it would be fun to offer a weekly craft/project idea you can work on together to help while away the time. If you make the craft, we’d love to see it; share on social media with the hashtag #aomkidcraft.  When I think of periscopes, the first thing that comes to mind is a submarine, cruising through dark waters, scanning the horizon for enemy ships. But as ...
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Full Face Care from Spectro

Everyone wants to know what kind of cleanser they should be using and I guess it makes sense. Although switching your cleanser shouldn’t really make a huge change change in the condition of your... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Make Your Own Beauty Products

Every once in a while a friend will suggest that we have some kind of get together where we make beauty products. You’ve seen the kits that help you make your own lip products and the like and... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Divorced and co-parenting through the coronavirus pandemic: 'One of the most challenging times in my life'

Family tensions have ratcheted up during the crisis — and that’s been especially true for ex-spouses who co-parent, many of whom have very different notions of social distancing and appetites for risk.
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Laundry Alternatives for the Covid-19 Pandemic

Safe at home means not leaving your house for an unknown amount of time because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For people like me who’s everyday lifestyle is already self-sufficient and reminiscent of hermit life, not much has changed. For other’s, this stay-at-home order is a nightmare. If you are used to going to the laundromat to do your laundry, things are probably getting pretty stinky right about now! Laundry Alternatives Nothing is more fashionable than being “green”, especially ...
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4 DIY Hair Masks You Can Whip Up at Home to Hydrate, Restore, and Detox

Your hair, just like your face, deserves a little extra TLC every now and then. It goes through a lot of stress from heat styling and coloring, not to mention other environmental factors, and can benefit from an intense leave-in treatment. But if you don't already have a hair mask in your hair-care collection, you don't have to go to the store or shop online for one. A hair mask is an easy thing to whip up with ingredients found in your kitchen. Similar to DIY body scrubs and face masks, you'll ...
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Givenchy La Collection Particulière

  Givenchy announced the launch of the new prestigious La Collection Particulière  line for April 2020. The line is biographically inspired, with perfume names signifying important additions to the fashion world or symbolizing different moments in the life of designer Hubert de Givenchy.   The nine new fragrances evoke the emblematic characteristics of a Givenchy woman, each based on the con... Read full article: Givenchy La Collection Particulière from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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5 DIY Hair Masks You Can Whip Up at Home to Hydrate, Restore, and Detox

Your hair, just like your face, deserves a little extra TLC every now and then. It goes through a lot of stress from heat styling and coloring, not to mention other environmental factors, and can benefit from an intense leave-in treatment. But if you don't already have a hair mask in your hair-care collection, you don't have to go to the store or shop online for one. A hair mask is an easy thing to whip up with ingredients found in your kitchen. Similar to DIY body scrubs and face masks, you'll ...
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Bath & Body Works Just Launched Over 150 Products, Including 8 New Fragrances

Now that most of us have gotten used to spending a little more time at home lately, Bath & Body Works knows that we're all in need of a little stress relief and TLC. We've been focusing so much of our energy on self-care these days, so the brand's new spring collection of moisturizers and bath goodies really couldn't have dropped at a better time. The company recently launched over 150 new products on its website, ranging from moisturizers to home scents, and even eight brand-new fragrances, in...
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Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer will be lovers again if all goes according to plan

Director Luca Guadagnino just made an announcement that a Call Me By Your Name film sequel staring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer has been in the works, but is unfortunately on pause. Due to COVID-19, production on the film has gone on hold. It’s also sadly possible that the film will not go before the cameras at all. Guadagnino, who also directed the first Call Me By Your Name, had long expressed enthusiasm about doing a follow-up. Both actors have said they would return for the sequel, as...
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Former Everlane Employees Claim They Were Unlawfully Fired After They Tried To Unionize

They say the brand used the global pandemic as a cover-up to quietly dismantle unionization efforts — and they've attracted the support of Bernie Sanders along the way.
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Sean Hayes revives oddball, indie comedy in his new movie ‘Lazy Susan’…as a woman

“In the face of disaster, we have entertainment.” So says Sean Hayes, waxing philosophical in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Hayes, of course, has a reputation for making the world laugh, having achieved megastardom as the flamboyant Jack McFarland on Will & Grace for 11 seasons, and for which he won an Emmy Award. In addition to his work on the sitcom, Hayes boasts an impressive theatrical resume, having appeared on Broadway in An Act of God and the musical Promises, Promises, for which h...
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15 Hair Ties That Look Just as Nice on Your Wrist as They Do on Your Head

Whether you call it a hair tie or a ponytail holder, if you want your hair out of your face, you need one of them to make it happen. Plus, like any accessory, choosing one can be a small touch that has a big impact on your look, be it a quick bun or something more elaborate. These hair accessories from Sephora can add flair to your updo, boost a ponytail, or maybe hide a DIY cut . . . that didn't quite turn out as planned. Ahead, check out the best scrunchies, slim elastics, and spiral hair ties...
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Lindsay Lohan returns with her latest single…and it doesn’t suck

Actress, songstress and tabloid darling Lindsay Lohan has just dropped her latest single, “Back to Me.” Lohan, best known for films like Mean Girls, or that time she tried kidnapping refugee children outside a Moscow nightclub, has found some success as a recording artist in the past. Her 2004 debut album Speak sold over 1 million copies in the US, and spawned two hit singles, “Rumors” and “Over.” Her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw) was also certified gold. Lohan had teased new music...
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