Postnatal Care: Things Women Need To Do After Delivery

Childbirth is simultaneously one of the most difficult and most fulfilling things that women can go through. And while most mothers are thinking of the wellbeing of their newborn, they shouldn’t forget to look after their own health too. This is especially true because no matter how many parenting books you might read, nothing truly... Read More » The post Postnatal Care: Things Women Need To Do After Delivery appeared first on .
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The Unpopular History of Grasse

View of Grasse (this and the following photographs are dated 1870-1913, taken from the book "Perfume Industry in Grasse (...)" (Fr. "Industrie des Parfums à Grasse. Usine Roure-Bertrand fils: Exposition universelle Paris 1900. Grand Prix")   "Grasse is a small town (20 000 inhabitants) in the Alpes-Maritimes department, surrounded by gardens, olive and orange groves, with perfume factories ri... Read full article: The Unpopular History of Grasse from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine...
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Guerlain Royal Extract II

GUERLAIN and Harrods continue their collaboration in the form of the new exclusive Royal Extract II. The name tells the story of Guerlain founder Pierre-François-Pascal, who debuted his Royal Extract of Flowers for the European courts in 1828. Guerlain Royal Extract II is to evoke a fairytale-like journey through a wild forest with notes of greenery, trees, moss, and intoxicating orange and h... Read full article: Guerlain Royal Extract II from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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A Bronzer for the Faint of Heart

If you’re the type that doesn’t like a very dark or very brown bronzer, you have got to get your hands on Pur Minerals Mineral Glow bronzer.  I’m not usually a fan of Pur Minerals... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Donna Karan Be Delicious Night

Donna Karan’s Be Delicious Night is so different from the original Be Delicious which was bright and fresh. This version is a different take from Karan’s original inspiration –... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Antique Gold Pigment from MAC

Many women and makeup artists love to shop at MAC because their products let you be as creative as you want to be.  MAC’s Chill collection is exactly in that line of thinking and offers... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Doing Right By Your Customers in a Crisis

Around the world, large companies are making unprecedented moves on behalf of their customers. Dunkin' is awarding its loyalty program members bonus points for using their drive thrus; luxury product manufacturer LVMH switched from making perfume to producing hand sanitizer. But the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantining procedures present a dilemma for business owners. How should one engage with customers during this frightening period? Is there a right or wrong strategy? Here are th...
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Apparel Companies Estimated To Lose As Much As $1 Trillion In Brand Value Due To COVID-19

Nike has again been named the most valuable apparel brand in the world — but all apparel companies are being hit hard by the pandemic.
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I Waxed My Own Legs and I Kind of Loved It?

When people ask me how I used my confinement time, I will look them dead in the eye and say, “I waxed my own legs.”Read more...
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New Skincare? Plenty to Choose From and It’s 20% Off!

I was just saying that most of my beauty budget is blown on new skincare lately! I feel like I buy more skincare than anything else lately. Maybe I’m getting older or I just feel like I have enough color cosmetics to last me for the next three life times. I probably don’t need anymore skincare either but when Spring comes a lot of new stuff launches that tempts me. The Sephora Beauty Insider Sale starts April 17th which gets Rouge members first dibs at 20% Off with code SPRINGSAVE so now see...
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The punk-rock style legacy of Trash and Vaudeville’s Jimmy Webb

"He was known for helping people look hotter and sexier but be comfortable in it."
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New Concealers To Snag During the Sephora 20% Off Sale

There aren’t a lot of new concealers popping up lately but there are enough that might tempt your interest if you’re a concealer junkie like me. April 17th, the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale begins with 20% Off at using promo code SPRINGSAVE so now is a good time as any to score a deal on some of these concealers. Do you have any concealers on your list at the moment that you might be hauling during the sale? Do share them! Here’s a few new ones you might want to take a look at! ...
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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir Is Promising To Make Me Look 93% Younger

Is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir going to make me look 93% younger? Probably not. I’m actually a big fan and supporter of Magic Eye Rescue and Magic Night Cream but I’ll readily admit I’ve called out the original Magic Cream for being bogus and promising way too much! As they say with age comes experience….! I’ve found as the years pass I become a lot less gullible when it comes to skincare promises. There are no miracle lotions and potions. We get old, we age, we wrinkle, w...
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Ja, Love Is Blind war verrückt, aber die neue Netflix-Datingshow ist noch krasser

Die Realityshow Love Is Blind von Netflix versucht zu beweisen, dass das Aussehen in einer Beziehung gar keine soo große Rolle spielt. Deswegen dürfen sich die Kandidat*innen zwar unterhalten, aber nicht sehen. Getrennt durch eine dünne Wand sitzen sie also in separaten Boxen sich gegenüber und quatschen so lange über Gott und die Welt, bis sie entweder entscheiden, dass sie nicht mehr daten wollen oder aber, dass sie heiraten wollen. Erst nach dem Antrag, dürfen sie sich zum allerersten M...
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2 Ways to Fold a Letter Into Its Own Envelope

Nowadays, if you get a message from someone, it’s likely to show up on your phone, in your email inbox, or within your social media apps. It’s all too rare to get an actual letter in your actual mailbox. That space seems reserved for bills and catalogs/coupons you’ll probably directly transfer to the recycling bin.  Getting a real letter feels like a unique moment and there is a special excitement that goes along with seeing who sent it and opening it up. In other words, handwritten letters hav...
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Lancôme La Vie est Belle Collector Edition 2020

  For Mother's Day this year (2020), Lancôme is presenting a special collector edition of their bestseller La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum from 2012, the fruity - floral - gourmand composed by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo.   The women's fragrance La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme leaves a sensual and feminine impression, as a modern gourmand; intense and addictive. ... Read full article: Lancôme La Vie est Belle Collector Edition 2020 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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Frozen Heart: Tuman, the New Fragrance by Holynose Parfums

  We would like to assure Muscovites and visitors to the capital that cleanliness and public order in Bitsevsky Park are always maintained up to the mark and the militia of Moscow stand guard over the peace and security of citizens walking there day and night. — Victor Pelevin, ‘The Sacred Book of the Werewolf’   I’ve thought a lot lately about how all good perfumes fall into two categ... Read full article: Frozen Heart: Tuman, the New Fragrance by Holynose Parfums from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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Your Most Daunting Open Loops

And open loop typically refers to an unfinished project, task, or assignment. Sometimes people will extend the definition to include their major goals as well. I’ve been finding a lot of value in extended this concept to include anything that pops into my mind where I don’t feel that I’ve achieved sufficient closure. If my mind is dedicating some internal processing cycles to a thought pattern that isn’t aligned with what I’m doing in the moment, that’s a distraction. And many of those distra...
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So färbst du deine Augenbrauen & Wimpern sicher zuhause

Die Corona-Beschränkungen haben uns schnell gelehrt, was unsere wahren Prioritäten in Sachen Schönheit sind. Normalerweise ist eine Fönfrisur mein Go-to. Und doch vermisse ich sie nicht wirklich – vielleicht, weil ich sowieso nirgendwo hingehe und mich somit auch niemand sieht. Ich habe ziemlich schnell angefangen, mich zuhause zu waxen, also ist das in Ordnung. Aber meine Nägel … oh Gott, wenn das alles vorbei ist, werde ich direkt in das nächste Nagelstudio rennen, um mir eine schöne Schicht S...
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Boston-area police warn locals to wear pants outside

A Boston-area police department issued a request to locals to remember to wear pants when picking up their mail, but the posting appears to have someone in particular in mind. "You know who you are," Taneytown police wrote on Facebook. "This is your last warning."
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Can College Graduates Still Find Jobs during the Coronavirus Shutdown?

As a college senior, your summer job outlook has likely turned on its head because of coronavirus. In January, you were looking forward to finishing your last round of finals and celebrating with friends and family. Now, social distancing has canceled graduation ceremonies and shut down most businesses across the country. I want you to […] The post Can College Graduates Still Find Jobs during the Coronavirus Shutdown? appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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We Asked A Lighthouse Keeper About Loneliness And Social Isolation

We're all going through this together — apart.
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Ford Ranger gets extra power from Ford Performance engine tune

While we wouldn't call either the 2020 Ford Ranger or Ford Mustang GT lacking in power, we certainly don't complain when we can get more. The Ranger's kit is more noteworthy, as it's the first for the truck from Ford directly. Ford didn't specify if that's at the power and torque peaks, so we reached out for details and will update this post when we hear back.
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Woman proposes to jigsaw-obsessed fiancée with personalised puzzle

The puzzle had the words 'will you marry me?' on it.
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How To Get A Failing Grade In Homeschooling

A day in the life of your child’s worst teacher ever.
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Guerlain Eyebrow Kit

This is what I’m using to do my eyebrows right now. Take an eyebrow brush, dip into the powder, and fill in where your hairs are sparse. So easy to do and still looks natural. Even though I... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Nein, du musst in der Selbst-Isolation kein Buch schreiben

Wenn die Selbst-Isolation ein Mensch wäre, dann wäre sie eine junge erfolgreiche Frau mit etwa 300,000 Instagram-Followern. In ihren Posts würde sie davon erzählen, wie sie es endlich geschafft hat, den Roman zu schreiben, den sie schon seit sie 19 Jahre alt ist im Kopf hat. Darüber, dass sie vorhat, einen Karrierewechsel zu machen, wenn alles vorbei ist – von Marketing zu Reiseblogging. Und darüber, dass sie jetzt regelmäßig meditiert, eine komplette spirituelle Transformation durchläuft, Itali...
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'Proust in streetwear': punk rock stylist Jimmy Webb dies at 62

New Yorker helped fashion looks for the likes of Iggy Pop, Madonna and Beyoncé Jimmy Webb, the New York stylist who helped dress the likes of Debbie Harry, the Ramones and Iggy Pop, has died aged 62.Webb was a salesman and a buyer at Trash and Vaudeville, a shop located in New York’s East Village, which came to define a punk rock style with skinny silhouettes and leather goods. Continue reading...
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Fab Find: Slip Sleep Mask

Some of of my clients and friends swear by the slip sleep mask to help them fall asleep at night. It’s especially effective when light keeps you awake at home, or when you travel. The soft, silky fabric is comforting so once it’s on, your brain equates it with rest, relaxation and sleep. I’ve seen people wear them at the end of a restorative yoga class too. You can buy it with a scented lavender and chamomile room mist that is supposed to create a calm environment for sleeping, but I don’t know ...
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Komische Träume: Wie die Corona-Krise deinen Schlaf beeinflusst

Serenas komische Träume fingen erst an, als der Begriff “Social Distancing“ schon in aller Munde war. Je länger die 24-Jährige allein zuhause war und je mehr Zeit sie damit verbrachte, sich Gedanken über die Bedrohung durch COVID-19 zu machen, desto intensiver und seltsamer wurden ihre Träume. Und alle hatten ungefähr das gleiche Schema: Sie befand sich an einem sicheren Ort, aber aus irgendeinem Grund erkrankte sie trotzdem an dem Virus. Und dann wurden die Menschen um sie herum wütend un...
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