Kaja Shady Beachy Stamp Liquid Bronzer Review & Swatches

Shady Kaja Shady Beachy Stamp Blendable Liquid Bronzer ($24.00 for 0.17 oz.) is a light-medium brown with moderate, warm orange undertones and fine, golden micro-sparkle strewn throughout a more semi-matte to satin finish. At glance, it seemed like it didn’t have sparkle, but it definitely did, which became more pronounced when applied and diffused over my skin. It had medium, buildable coverage, which was as described, that could ...
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Community Favorites, Looks & Color Stories, Vol. 040

First and foremost, if you’re not part of the lovely community, consider registering for an account.  This will allow you to take full advantage of all of the features available on the site! Now, let’s dive into readers’ most loved and most wanted products from this past week along with recently shared looks and color stories. Most Loved ...
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Pat McGrath Midnight Sun + Blitz Astral Quad Pairings (x15)

Last week, I shared some color combinations to try by pairing two Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes together, which I know some of you enjoyed! I thought I’d put together this post that takes Midnight Sun and extends its color story by sharing five additional combinations one can try with the inclusion of just four more shades (each of the Blitz Astral Quads). Let me know if this was interesting or helpful and whether you’d like to see the quads paired with some of the...
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The Best Workouts On YouTube

We may, or may not have thought we’d lose our mind at various points this week. But on the whole being locked down has had a couple of advantages. Firstly, we’ve learned to be more present and appreciate a slower pace of life. Without having to rush around to press appointments or evening events, we’ve had more time to plan our meals and eat alot healthier as a result. Another plus? We’ve got no excuse not to exercise. In fact working out has been a major life saver. So, we’ve been focused on f...
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'My desk isn’t usually as messy as this': Guardian readers share their work-from-home setups

What you see on a video conference isn’t always the whole story – here, readers reveal what’s really going on around themRead more in the Good Place seriesWe asked you to share photographs of the “two yous” that exist while you’re working from home – the person that appears on a video chat screen, and the oftentimes messier space space that surrounds you.
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Pushing Yourself

This morning I went for my usual run, starting before dawn. Lately I’ve been going for 45-50 minutes. This time, however, I was listening to the audiobook Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. After hearing the part about his 100-mile run and how he had to push himself to get through it, I felt like I should push myself more as well. So I kept running for an hour, then 75 minutes, and finally decided to stop at 93 minutes. This was hill running since my neighborhood is very hilly, so almost all the...
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7 Best Bike Trailers For Kids

If you live an active lifestyle or just enjoy the outdoors, then finding the best bike trailers for kids should be high priority on your list! We love using our bike trailer to go on family bike rides around the neighborhood or to the park. There are many bike trailer options on the market today.... Read More » The post 7 Best Bike Trailers For Kids appeared first on .
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The 8 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Your mom has given you the very best years of her life. Now that she is turning 50, you probably want to get her something that really expresses how grateful you are for all that she has done for you. The options for 50th birthday gifts for mom may truly seem like they are endless... Read More » The post The 8 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom appeared first on .
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Irrésistible Givenchy

  Very Irresistible Givenchy from 2003 is one of the modern pillars of the house, followed by its many flankers and variations. Keeping (a part of) the name and concept, Givenchy launches the new fragrance called Irrésistible Givenchy, housed in a completely new bottle and offering a new perfume. Irrésistible Givenchy is announced as a floral-woody and fruity fragrance that plays with the con... Read full article: Irrésistible Givenchy from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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La Nuit de l’Orchidee: Pierre Guillaume Paris x Sens Unique Collaboration

Fragrantica recently announced the new Pierre Guillaume Paris fragrances, which were supposed to be launched at the Esxence 2020 exhibition in Milan. However, Pierre Guillaume kept silent about the next new perfume, which will appear very soon. However, it hasn't appeared on the PG official website! We learned about the new fragrance from the announcement of the Sens Unique boutique, where the ... Read full article: La Nuit de l’Orchidee: Pierre Guillaume Paris x Sens Unique Collaboration from...
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Sephora I Want It All, Girl Gang, Get Ready Rouge Lacquers Reviews & Swatches

I Want It All (35) Sephora I Want It All (35) Rouge Lacquer ($13.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a rich, medium-dark red with moderate, cool undertones and a luminous sheen. It seemed to have barely-there, very fine pearl throughout that gave it an additional luminosity. The texture was creamy, smooth, and lightweight with moderate slip, and while I didn’t experience feathering/bleeding, those more prone to either may want to pair with a liner ...
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G-Spot Anatomy and How to Find It

The G-spot has been a contradictory topic for many years. The thorough research started back in the 1940s, but only in 1981, this spot was named after German gynecologist Gräfenberg and became the G-spot. Even if you like many others are still in doubt about its existence, let’s think of millions of women who have experienced that enormous pleasure and are pretty confident about the female G-spot. What is the G-spot? So, the G-spot is an erogenous area in the vagina, stimulation of which may b...
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Spring is springing?

Perfume PosseSpring is springing? It was glorious here. Then, it wasn’t. Now, it appears we’re returning to glorious. Hoping it sticks this time. Perhaps the week and a bit of sun and warm, then three days of colder and rain, and now back to… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSpring is springing?
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What brands are most reliable for cheek colors?

A lot of my favorite cheek products come from Natasha Denona, MAC, and Fenty these days. I also think Chanel remains reliable for blushes, bronzers, and highlighters with very few misses over a very long period of reviews. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Insider Trading, Ponzi Schemes, and Making the Most of Your Assets

You have far more assets than you realize or comprehend, and you need to devote your career and life to making the most of them. The more assets you use, the more you can achieve, meaning that the... By Harrison Barnes
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Superfresh and Powerful: Davidoff Cool Water Aquaman Collector and Cool Water Mera Collector

  The legendary Davidoff Cool Water editions for men and women step out this year with the attractive, themed creations Aquaman and Mera;  both collector editions with unique compositions signed by perfumer Jerome di Marino who describes the two creations as super-fresh, powerful and sophisticated. With the newest launch, we are diving into the deep seas searching for the King and his fearle... Read full article: Superfresh and Powerful: Davidoff Cool Water Aquaman Collector and Cool Water ...
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Why it’s good to be bored

Nothing to do? Frustrated? Can’t summon the energy for even the smallest task? Fret not, says Elle Hunt. There’s a point to boredom, and it can offer us a chance to shape our own livesI remember my first experience of boredom as vividly as my first kiss. The recollection is so clear I thought I must have been at least seven years old. Actually, my mother tells me, I was only three or four, which makes being bored my earliest memory. My sister and I were sitting in our family car, parked outside ...
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The secret life of an anonymous speechwriter to the stars

At work, I’m a ghost: always heard, never seen. But mastering the voices of celebrities and politicians helped me learn to speak for myselfI write speeches for people who can barely read their scripts because public speaking makes them nervous (statistically, public speaking is the number one fear, worse even than death). I write for people who are so compelling and beautiful that they could recite the alphabet and get a standing ovation. I write arguments that are recited in the House and Senat...
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Perfumed Horoscope: May 4 - May 10

  This week I hear Our Evolution speaking to us: "Dear Humans, I rocked your boat a lot over the past few months, but this week I will give you a final insight on Death (Full moon in Scorpio on Wednesday) where your focus was these days. It is really about new beginnings, so that you can move beyond your fears, and still have a decent year. Can you see the opposite poles now: The November se... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: May 4 - May 10 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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