YSL Corail Dolman, Nude Avant-Garde, Rouge Caftan Rouge Voluptes Reviews & Swatches

Corail Dolman (12) YSL Corail Dolman (12) Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick ($38.00 for 0.11 oz.) is a rich, medium-dark pink-coral with moderate, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It had medium coverage, which was as described, that built up slightly to more semi-opaque coverage. The texture was creamy, smooth, and balm-like, so it was a more slippery formula to wear but very comfortable and easy to re-apply without a mirror....
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Making Sense of Chaotic Eyeshadow Palettes

Yesterday, I shared my methods for breaking down an eyeshadow palette into more digestible pieces to see color combinations more readily. I also shared some more advanced methods that built off of those basics. All of those techniques work across all palettes, even more chaotic ones, but let’s try it out and then take it to the next level with a “chaotic” eyeshadow palette. It’s still really about breaking a lot of colors into smaller sections and working from there! ...
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How satisfied are you with your skincare routine?

I think my skin is, generally, not that fussy. It’s rare that a product makes me break out or my skin react poorly, so I’m usually happy enough. I find that greater knowledge about serums, toners, and exfoliants has gone a long way into improving my overall routine in subtle, but meaningful... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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More, Better, Different, Purpose

In his book Road to Purpose, Kenneth Behring shared how his life went through four phases. The first phase was more – more money, more success, more friends, etc. The second phase was better – a better home, better possessions, better vacations, etc. The third phase was different – new experiences, new possessions, etc. And the final phase was purpose – meaning, fulfillment, contribution, and making a difference in other people’s lives. Behring claimed to have moved through these ...
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Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection Review

This fall, Ralph Lauren is after the younger consumer with their Big Pony fragrance collection.  As consumers increasingly want goods that seem to “fit” their own personality, Ralph... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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A313 – The French Pharmacy Retinol You Can Get off Amazon

I can’t believe I’ve had A313 in my medicine cabinet for over a year, and people are still asking me about it.  So here’s everything you need to know about it!  I’m going to... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Linda Hallberg Virgio Infinity Highlighter Review & Swatches

Virgio Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Virgio Infinity Highlighter ($21.00 for 0.39 oz.) is a soft, yellowy gold with a smooth, metallic sheen. Per the brand, it can be used with a dampened brush for an even more intense, metallic finish, which was apt, but it was fairly intense on its own and was just shy of texture-emphasizing territory on my skin. The consistency was smooth, lightly emollient with noticeable glide–it almost felt wet to...
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4 Ways to Make Your Backyard Pool a Summertime Oasis

Guest Post by Pool Troopers What is a summertime oasis? A summertime oasis is a step beyond your average swimming pool experience. It’s an environment that adds wellness and richness to simple swimming. Depending on your taste, it can be designed in many different styles. For some, an oasis could be a tropical getaway; for others, a desert hideaway, or even your very own 5-star spa resort. Based upon your vision of your swimming space, landscapers and contractors can create a vacat...
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Jean-Claude Jitrois: Wearing Dad's Leather Jacket

Jean-Claude Jitrois would not be himself if he hadn't put a leather note in his Jitrois fragrance. The designer is known for his love for leather and items made of it. His leather jackets and dresses were worn by Elton John and John Lennon, Brigitte Bardot and Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson and FKA Twigs, and the heroes of the Dallas and Dynasty TV series (Joan Collins wore his leather outfits.) He made l... Read full article: Jean-Claude Jitrois: Wearing Dad's Leather Jacket from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Dressing and Make-Up Routines During Lockdown

I loved this: “I’m trying to make working from home as fun as I can” — what readers are wearing in lockdown. This photo series is fantastic too: “With pyjamas and tracksuits becoming the lockdown look, photographer Robin Sinha invited residents of his home street in Walthamstow to put on their Sunday best and imagine they had a special occasion to attend.” At Refinery29, Christine Barberich is making the case for wearing house dresses exclusively during lockdown. 11 women share their lockdown be...
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Own Your Career – Don’t Let It Be a Covid Casualty

Don’t Let Your Legal Career Be A Casualty of the Pandemic: Strategies for Continuing to Own Your Career By Lisa B. Horowitz JD, MSOD To welcome a new decade, on January 2, 2020, I posted an article entitled: Positioning Yourself For Career Success in the New Decade.  None of us could have predicted that merely 4 months later, we would be in the middle of a pandemic wreaking havoc on our health and economy. Your career need not be a casualty of this pandemic. We are all experiencing a transformat...
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A Scent of History and Sex: Santa Maria Novella Peau d'Espagne

One can have different archetypes of different perfume families. There is not only one way to make an eau de cologne, a chypre, or an oriental. There can be key elements, but the way they combine can create subtypes within a traditional genre. The same goes for leather perfumes. You can have a handful of different fragrances and they are all traditional leather compositions. It just depends of wh... Read full article: A Scent of History and Sex: Santa Maria Novella Peau d'Espagne from Fragranti...
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Why Won’t My Wife Talk to Me when I’ve Asked Forgiveness?

From a man in the U.S.: I have been with my wife for 27 years, over the past 18 months we have started to drift apart a bit. I became addicted to prescription anxiety meds and started acting out on a sexual addiction I have, which caused me to cheat several times on her. I met a girl online who said she was overage age but ended up being under. I was arrested and out in jail. She refused to talk to me the entire time I was there. She filed for divorce and I was served the last day I was in befor...
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Eve Confidence Avon: She's Sweet and Confident

One of the development directions of perfumery over the last few years is the expansion of the perfumer's palette thanks to the transformation of edible flavors into scent notes. It's not only sweet caramel that can make us drool! Most perfume corporations even launched special programs to develop new perfume materials connected with taste.     Givaudan created their Project Delight, where per... Read full article: Eve Confidence Avon: She's Sweet and Confident from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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Neiman Marcus in Bankruptcy Proceedings

  The luxury retailer Neiman Marcus (Neiman Marcus Group) began its long-anticipated bankruptcy proceedings due to the Covid-19 shutdown, and "filed for Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas having lined up $675 million in debtor-in-possession financing and reaching a restructuring support agreement with a majority of its lenders," WWD announced. The company... Read full article: Neiman Marcus in Bankruptcy Proceedings from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Making Your Moods Work for You

Editor’s note: The following chapter on “How Moods Can Help Our Work” was excerpted from The Technique of Building Personal Leadership (1944) by Donald A. Laird.  “Well, that’s that. Now we have hit bottom and there is no way for us to go but up.” This was the calm comment of a business friend who had just received word that his best customer, for whom he spent more than three million dollars a year, was transferring his business to a competitor. Only a few weeks earlier I had seen this same ma...
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Zoom Fatigue: Warum sind Video-Calls stressiger & ermüdender als IRL-Treffen?

Ziemlich genau eine Woche nach Beginn des Lockdowns schaltete ich meinen Laptop ein und stieg zusammen mit ihm in mein Bett für meine wöchentliche Therapiesitzung. Es war das zweite Mal, dass die Session via Zoom stattfand. Ich hatte mich also schon ein wenig daran gewöhnt, meine innersten Gefühle und Gedanken mit meinem Bildschirm zu teilen, statt mit einem echten Menschen, während mich die kleine digitale Uhr am rechten oberen Bildrand daran erinnert, wie viel Zeit schon vergangen ist. I...
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Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal!

  The Scandal line by Jean Paul Gaultier has just been extended with the attractive edition So Scandal as the fourth fragrance of the line, the most fruity and flowery of all editions. The new flacon follows the design of the Scandal line, and is closely connected with the La Belle creation when it comes to the pleated glass shape and the rich red color of the juice. What can we expect from So S... Read full article: Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal! from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Dress Like a Woman : Working Women and What They Wore Book Review

Dress Like a Woman : Working Women and What They Wore explores the myriad of different costumes worn by women all over the world, a fascinating intersection of gender, fashion, politics, culture, class, nationality, and race. You’ll see some familiar faces, including trailblazers Shirley Chisholm, Amelia Earhart, Angela Davis, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Michelle Obama, but the majority of photographs are of ordinary working women from many backgrounds and professions. Pioneering scientists and mat...
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Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition 2020

  Gucci is coming out again with the annual limited edition of Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia, which is coated in a lavender color for the 2020 season. The 2018 edition was celebrated in a bright yellow bottle, while the 2019 edition was presented in emerald green. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia retains the distinctive composition of red berries, white gardenia, frangipani, patchouli and bro... Read full article: Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition 2020 from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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The 1990s-est Ashes Rematch Down Under

Last month we ran The 1990s-est Ashes, an exhibition match between a 1990s England Test XI and a 1990s Australia Test XI played out using Cricket Captain’s ‘All-Time Greats’ mode. It was both a nail-biter and also a sizeable defeat for England. Michael Atherton’s men were just minutes from securing a draw, but ultimately lost by 103 runs. A number of readers have pressed us to run another Sim Series. With the whole of Test history to draw upon, there are all sorts of new and exciting thi...
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Coronavirus Confrontation: How to Deal with Conflict when Working Remotely

Stress and uncertainty can bring out the ugly sides of some people. Faced with fight or flight, some of our colleagues, unfortunately, choose to fight, lashing out at others to impose a sense of control.  This behavior might not look like a full-blown shouting match, but you might have noticed an increase in mean, insensitive […] The post Coronavirus Confrontation: How to Deal with Conflict when Working Remotely appeared first on Showit Blog.
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Kribbeln im Intimbereich? Das könnten die Gründe dafür sein

Manchmal ist deine Vulva feucht oder geschwollen. Und in manchen fällen juckt und brennt sie sogar. Solche Symptome können verschiedene Ursachen haben. Zum Beispiel deutet eine juckende Vulva oft auf eine Pilzinfektion hin. Aber in einigen Fällen ist eine Veränderung einfach auf natürliche Faktoren zurückzuführen. Wenn du erregt bist, wird deine Vagina automatisch feucht, das ist ganz normal. Und dass dein Scheidenausfluss während deines Menstruationszyklus sich verändert, ist kein Grund z...
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YSL Buy 1, Get 1 Free, 20% Off, 40% Off Stackable Offers

Good morning! YSL has restocked some of their beauty buys section and is offering 40% Off select items with code HAPPY. Some prices show original retail until the code is applied at checkout. Includes: Vinyl Cream Lip Stain Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in Stick Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Volupté Liquid Balm Volupté Tint-In-Balm The HAPPY promo code also works on all regular priced items and provides 20% Off your total. Lastly, you can also stack coupons. Use the code HAPPY first and stack i...
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Money Diaries: Wie man eine Woche als Beamtin für Migrationspolitik in London mit 2160€ netto lebt

Willkommen bei Money Diaries, wo wir das letzte Tabuthema angehen, das moderne Frauen von heute wohl noch haben: Geld. Wir fragen verschiedenste Frauen, wie sie ihr hart erarbeitetes Geld in sieben Tagen so ausgeben – und wir verfolgen dabei jeden Cent.Diesmal: „Nachdem ich schon immer davon geträumt hatte, mit meinem Freund in London zu leben, bin ich 2018 von meiner Heimat endlich hin gezogen, als ich einen Job als Beamtin für Migrationspolitik in einer der Europäischen Botschaften ergatterte....
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5 leckere Rezepte, die die kulinarischen Highlights deines Grillabends werden

Die Grillsaison hat begonnen! Und auch, wenn wir dieses Jahr leider auf große Grillpartys mit all unseren Freund*innen verzichten müssen (danke Corona), können wir zumindest ein paar unserer Lieben zum kleinen BBQ einladen – und die freuen sich bestimmt schon riesig auf saftige Spieße, leckere Salate und einen tollen Abend zusammen.Wenn du allerdings keine Lust mehr darauf hast, Cevapcici und Kartoffelsalat zu servieren, sondern dich mal an neuen Grillrezepten ausprobieren willst, bist du hier a...
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Raincry Volume Collection

Brand new at department stores is Raincry, a haircare brand that uses the best ingredients in its hair care formulations. I’ve been loving using the Volume collection right now, because... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Outfit Formula: BIG Shirt Dress Fabness

I’m continuing this week’s shirt dress theme because they are my all-time favourite frocks. And it’s good to know that others bat for Team Shirt Dress too. Tailored and belted shirt dresses are one way to go. A shirt dress with a straight and fluid waist surrender is another. And last there’s the extra voluminous version that’s big, boxy, tiered, flounced and drapey from collar to hem.  These are the renditions that hide most of your figure and are beyond body type, which you either enjoy wearin...
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Never Go for the “Quick Advantage”

Direct your efforts to creating the most long-term value in everything you do, rather than taking from people every chance you get. The people who have and achieve the most are those who contribute... By Harrison Barnes
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Warum geschältes & gewürfeltes Obst für mich ein Symbol der Liebe ist

Um den Geschmack ging es bei den Mahlzeiten, mit denen ich großgeworden bin, eigentlich nie. Viel wichtiger war, dass sie sättigend, schnell und kostensparend waren. Und wenn sie rein zufällig nährstoffreich waren, umso besser. Aber lecker? Das wäre schon ein kleines Wunder gewesen. Zum Abendessen gab es so gut wie immer ein Stück Fisch aus dem Gefrierfach und eine große Schüssel Reis. Gewürzt wurde das Ganze ausschließlich mit Sojasoße. Zum Frühstück gab es irgendwelche Billig-Cornflakes und un...
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